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Competition Reports

Written by Ayako Murao    Sunday, 26 April 2009 17:17    PDF Print
Japanese Olympians Defend National Titles
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Japanese Olympians Kohei Uchimura and Koko Tsurumi successfully defended their all-around titles Sunday at the 63rd Japanese National Championships in Tokyo.

Kohei Uchimura (Japan) successfully defended his national title.

Uchimura, the 2008 Olympic all-around silver medalist, became national all-around champion again following last year's win, while Tsurumi took her fourth consecutive title. Both gymnasts led the qualification competition Saturday.

Uchimura got a good start with sticking all his landings on floor (16.250). On rings although he bent his back slightly at his handstand with straight arms, he ended his routine with an excellent double-double. At vault his landing of a Yurchenko 2 1/2 was perfect. His lowest score (13.550) was on parallel bars, where his D score was 6.1 Sunday. He didn't complete his peach 1/2 twist to handstand and his right leg touched the bar after straddling a Tippelt.

"When I started my routine, the E element was considered a C and my leg touched the bar on the Tippelt. This is why I got that D score," Uchimura explained later at the press conference. "I knew I didn't get the E credit and the rest of the routine didn't go well."

Uchimura also picked the parallel bars when asked which apparatus was the most difficult for him to adopt to the new Code. "Now we can't do the same element tucked and piked in a routine. I have to add new elements and I looked at other people's routines and copied them! When I tried a Dmitrenko and a Tippelt, it went well. I am not so good at the Tippelt, though."

After five rotations, Uchimura trailed Kazuhito Tanaka, but pulled ahead after a 15.700 on high bar.

"I thought I should stick my landing at high bar," Uchimura said. "I was glad when I made it."

Tanaka, third in Saturday's qualification, won the silver Sunday, finishing just .15 behind Uchimura.

"When I saw my name was on top of the display in the arena, of course I felt good," Tanaka said of leading with one event to go. "However, the gap wasn't so big and I tried to concentrate on my last routine."

Tanaka is well-known for his ability to pull high E scores for his execution. Uchimura told Tanaika that he admired him on that point, and Tanaka replied that wanted to raise his D scores, too.

Veteran Hisashi Mizutori, eighth Saturday, did a great Cassina on high bar on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday he also showed a stoop in, shoot full twist to Yamawaki, Kolman and Kovacs. He got 16.150 and placed third all-around. However, as the team for the Japan Cup was selected according to the two-day result, he was not selected, as he was sixth in the combined results.

The men's team members for Japan Cup are Uchimura, Tanaka, Koji Yamamuro, Eiichi Sekiguchi and Koki Sakamoto. The members for the Universiade in Belgrade are Takuya Nakase, Kyoichi Watanabe, Makoto Okiguchi, Yosuke Hoshi and Takuya Niijima.

Tsurumi scored her highest mark of 15.000 at beam. She lost her balance a little after a sheep jump but the rest went well. This made up for her break on uneven bars.

"When I moved from low bar to high bar and went to handstand, I didn't complete it. I couldn't get enough speed to round," Tsurumi explained. "At the new Code, a fall means a point deduction, so I tried not to fall at least. I was nervous because I shouldn't make any more mistakes later apparatuses."

Tsurumi is training a Tkatchev but didn't show it in the competition due to the lack of stability, but said she hopes to do it at the NHK Cup, June 6-7. Recently Tsurumi trained with a coach from track and field to improve her running technique.

"I got more speed but haven't gotten used to it, and have to adjust the timing," she said.

Rie Tanaka, a fourth-year student at Nippon Sport Science University, placed second over Beijing Olympian Yuko Shintake.

The competition also saw great performances from juniors. Yoshino Taniguchi, who placed sixth, and Natumi Sasada are both in the second year of their junior high-school. Sasada, whose mother was former Japanese national champion Yayoi Kano (now Sasada), showed a G mount on balance beam (round-off to layout full on).

After the NHK Cup, the teams for the 2009 World Championships and the women's team for the Japan Cup will be announced.

63rd Japanese National Championships
April 26, Tokyo

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXAA
1.Koko Tsurumi14.30014.10015.00014.30057.700
2.Rie Tanaka13.95014.30014.35014.15056.750
3.Yuko Shintake13.60014.50014.70013.90056.700
4.Yu Minobe13.55014.40014.55014.00056.500
5.Yoshino Taniguchi14.95013.40013.80013.95056.100
5.Kyoko Oshima13.45014.50013.85014.30056.100
7.Miki Uemura14.30014.15014.05013.40055.900
8.Momoko Ozawa14.85013.45013.40013.05054.750
9.Shizuka Tozawa13.70013.65013.55013.75054.650
10.Mai Yamagishi14.00013.80012.70013.45053.950

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBAA
1.Kohei Uchimura16.25014.75015.05016.10013.55015.70091.400
2.Kazuhito Tanaka14.80014.75015.00015.90015.60015.20091.250
3.Hisashi Mizutori14.95014.15014.35015.65014.40016.15089.650
4.Koki Sakamoto15.10015.60014.50016.20013.85014.35089.600
4.Koji Yamamuro14.40014.60014.95016.35014.70014.60089.600
6.Kyoichi Watanabe14.95013.85015.20015.15015.00015.35089.500
7.Yosuke Hoshi14.70014.60013.95015.40014.70015.40088.750
8.Takuya Nakase14.95011.90015.00015.45015.25016.10088.650
8.Eiichi Sekiguchi14.70014.35014.60015.85014.30014.85088.650
10.Takehito Mori14.70013.85013.90015.60014.85015.00087.900
Written by Ayako Murao    Saturday, 25 April 2009 21:19    PDF Print
Uchimura, Tsurumi Lead Japan Championships
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Olympians Kohei Uchimura and Koko Tsurumi led the first day of competition at the 63rd Japanese National Championships, which began Saturday at Yoyogi in Tokyo.

Koko Tsurumi (Japan)

This year the Japanese National Championships are divided into two parts, with the individual portion in April and the championships for team and apparatus in November.

This competition is also serving as the trials for the 25th Universiade in Belgrade, the 41st World Championships in London and the Japan Cup.

Using Saturday's results, Japan selected its women's team for the Universiade, July 2-5 in Belgrade. The men's team for both the University Games and the Japan Cup will be picked following Sunday's competition.

The women's squad for the Japan Cup and both teams for the World Championships will be selected using results from this weekend and the NHK Cup in June.

The Japan Cup, to be held July 18-19 in Makuhari, is an international team and individual competition featuring gymnasts from Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia and the U.S. The roster so far includes Olympic high bar medalists Fabian Hambüchen (Germany) and Jonathan Horton (U.S.), and Russian Olympians Sergei Khorokhordin, Maxim Devyatovsky and Ksenia Semyonova. The Japan Cup will be the first team competition under the new 5-3-3 system.

On Saturday, some 200 selected male and female gymnasts competed. They were selected after various earlier competitions, including juniors. Thirty-six males and 24 females qualified for Sunday. At the NHK Cup in June, half of the results of two days will be taken into consideration.

At the press conference after the competition Uchimura confirmed that he was in a good condition in spite of a few mistakes he had made today.

"At the first apparatus, vault, I wanted a good landing because I was feeling well," he said. "The result didn't turn out well, though."

Uchimura also told that the arena was so cold today that it was difficult for him to keep moving his body and caused a failure on the last apparatus, parallel bars,

"If I did the routine at bars as usual, I'd never have made that mistake," he said. "The cold weather made it difficult to move and this is one of the reasons for that failure. I'm satisfied with the other four routines. I want to perform perfectly tomorrow."

Eiichi Sekiguchi, a member of Japan's silver medal-winning team at the 2006 World Championships, ranked second. Kazuhito Tanaka, 23, a member of the 2007 Universiade team, placed third.

Veteran Hisashi Mizutori fell on high bar, although he successfully completed a piked Kovacs, Kolman and Kovacs. He ranked eighth and went to the final, while another veteran, Naoya Tsukahara, ranked 40th and couldn't make the final. He fell from the high bar during the first rotation, and throughout the rest of the competition he seemed in bad condition. However, he expressed his intention to continue.

Following the results, Rie Tanaka, Keiko Mukumoto, Serina Takeuti, Akiko Furukawa and Sakiko Okabe were selected as the team for Belgrade.

63rd Japanese National Championships
April 25, Tokyo

Women's All-Around, Day 1VTUBBBFXAA
1.Koko Tsurumi14.10015.05015.20014.30058.650
2.Miki Uemura14.25014.65014.00014.10057.000
3.Yuko Shintake13.65014.60014.60013.90056.750
3.Kyoko Oshima13.65014.75014.25014.10056.750
5.Rie Tanaka14.20014.10014.45013.95056.700
6.Yu Minobe13.50014.30014.30014.10056.200
7.Keiko Mukumoto14.00014.10014.20013.80056.100
8.Natsumi Sasada15.10014.25013.60012.30055.250
9.Mai Yamagishi14.15012.95014.40013.65055.150
10.Haru Kato14.70013.25013.25013.40054.600

Men's All-Around, Day 1FXPHSRVTPBHBAA
1.Kohei Uchimura16.00015.05014.90016.05014.90015.60092.500
2.Eiichi Sekiguchi15.20014.40014.40016.70014.10016.20091.000
3.Kazuhito Tanaka14.40014.70015.35015.75015.90014.85090.950
4.Takuya Nakase14.55013.65015.20015.40015.40016.20090.400
5.Koji Yamamuro15.40014.80015.50014.90015.00014.50090.100
6.Makoto Okiguchi15.65014.35014.60016.30014.50014.65090.050
7.Koki Sakamoto14.80014.40015.15016.10015.00014.45089.900
8.Hisashi Mizutori15.60014.40014.75015.75014.30014.95089.750
9.Takehito Mori14.65014.85014.05015.75015.25015.05089.600
10.Koji Uematsu14.85014.30014.15015.65014.40016.05089.400
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 19 April 2009 15:14    PDF Print
Goryunova Golden at Maribor World Cup
(8 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Russia's Kristina Goryunova won both women's titles Sunday as the Gymnastics World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia concluded.

Russia's Kristina Goryunova won both women's titles Sunday as the Gymnastics World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia concluded.

The Novgorod native won balance beam and floor exercise. The silver medalists were Brazilian Olympian Ana Claudia Silva (balance beam) and Russia's Anna Myzdrikova (floor exercise).

Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza won bronze on both events. Her husband, Roman Kulesza, was a finalist on parallel bars and high bar in Maribor.

On Saturday, Myzdrikova won vault and teammate Yekaterina Kurbatova won uneven bars, giving the Russian women a sweep in Maribor, a Category B World Cup.

In the men's competition, Slovenia's Mitja Petkovsek won parallel bars over Poland's Adam Kierzkowski and the Netherlands' Epke Zonderland.

Zonderland took the high bar title, edging Slovenian veteran Aljaz Pegan by .2. Austria's Marco Baldauf took third.

Kazakhstan's Stanislav Valiyev won men's vault, ahead of Poland's Marek Lyszczarz and Finland's Tomi Tuuha. Top qualifier Diego Hypolito (Brazil), the floor exercise champion Saturday, fell to seventh with a botched second vault.

Click here to download detailed results.

External Link: 42nd Salamunov Memorial

5th Maribor World Cup/42nd Salamunov Memorial
April 19, Maribor, Slovenia

Balance Beam FinalSVScore
1.Kristina Goryunova5.614.350
2.Ana Claudia Silva5.013.550
3.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.813.300
4.Adela Sajn5.013.050
5.Miranda Meyer5.912.550
6.Mayra Kroonen5.212.525
7.Tina Erceg5.012.050
7.Kathrin Nussbacher4.712.050

Women's Floor Exercise FinalSVScore
1.Kristina Goryunova5.514.000
2.Anna Myzdrikova5.613.950
3.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.413.600
4.Adela Sajn5.313.575
5.Ethiene Franco5.213.350
6.Sasa Golob5.013.225
7.Tina Erceg4.713.200
8.Tunde Scsillag5.113.075

Men's Vault FinalSVScore
1.Stanislav Valiyev7.0/6.616.000
2.Marek Lyszczarz6.6/6.215.712
3.Tomi Tuuha6.6/6.215.687
4.Oleg Ossipov6.6/7.015.612
5.Cristian Bataga6.6/6.215.450
6.Jeffrey Wammes6.6/6.615.300
7.Diego Hypolito6.6/6.614.875
8.Ali Al Asi6.6/6.614.225

Parallel Bars FinalSVScore
1.Mitja Petkovsek6.215.725
2.Adam Kierzkowski6.015.275
3.Epke Zonderland6.215.175
4.Arkaitz Garcia6.314.850
5.Samuel Piasecky6.014.550
6.Roman Kulesza6.014.450
7.Dmitry Gogotov5.514.000
8.Nikola Dudek5.513.675

High Bar FinalSVScore
1.Epke Zonderland6.915.550
2.Aljaz Pegan6.315.350
3.Marco Baldauf6.014.625
4.Jeffrey Wammes6.214.600
5.Arkaitz Garcia5.814.175
6.Anatoly Vasilyev6.513.400
7.Dmitry Barkalov5.613.350
8.Roman Kulesza5.811.775
Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 18 April 2009 19:14    PDF Print
Kupets Closes Out Career with Three Titles
(15 votes, average 4.20 out of 5)

2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets (Georgia) ended her spectacular career with three event titles at the Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships Saturday night in Lincoln, Neb.

2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets (Georgia) ended her spectacular career with three event titles at the Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships Saturday night in Lincoln, Neb.

The Georgia senior won uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, bringing her career total to a record nine individual NCAA titles. She tied for the bronze medal on vault.

Kupets won her third NCAA all-around title on Thursday, and led Georgia to its fifth consecutive team title Friday.

Prior to her collegiate career, Kupets was a world champion on uneven bars in 2002 and with the U.S. team in 2003. She won U.S. national all-around titles in 2003 and 2004. At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, she helped the U.S team win the silver medal and won the bronze medal on uneven bars.

After winning back-to-back NCAA all-around titles her freshman and sophomore years, Kupets missed the 2008 NCAA Championships after tearing her Achilles' tendon.

On Saturday, Kupets scored 9.950 on uneven bars (Maloney; hop full to Tkatchev, stuck double layout) and floor exercise (Arabian double front; whip-half to Rudi to Shushunova; double pike).

In her final routine, Kupets scored a near-perfect 9.9875 on balance beam (punch front; ff to two layouts; switch leap, gainer layout, gainer-full dismount).

Louisiana State's Ashleigh Clare-Kearney won vault (Yurchenko full and Yurchenko 1 1/2) and tied Kupets on floor exercise (double layout mount).

2009 Women's NCAA Championships
April 18, Lincoln, Neb.

Vault Final
1. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.900
2. Susan Jackson (LSU) 9.8938
3. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.8563
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.8563
5. Michelle Stout (Arkansas) 9.8375
6. Jessica Lopez (Denver) 9.8313
7. Mandi Rodriguez (Oregon State) 9.7875
8. Whitney Bencsko (Penn State) 9.7813
8. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.7813
10. Staci Schwitkis (LSU) 9.6813
11. Sarah Shire (Missouri) 9.500
12. Maranda Smith (Florida) 8.4063

Uneven Bars Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.950
2. Carly Janiga (Stanford) 9.9125
3. Alicia Goodwin (Florida) 9.900
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.900
5. Kathryn Ding (Georgia) 9.8875
5. Ariana Berlin (UCLA) 9.8875
7. Melanie Sinclair (Florida) 9.8625
7. Michelle Stout (Arkansas) 9.8625
9. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.850
10. Nicole Ourada (Stanford) 9.8125
10. Morgan Dennis (Alabama) 9.8125
12. Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.800
13. Alexandra Brockway (Penn State) 9.7875
13. Elise Wheeler (Southern Utah) 9.7875
15. Grace Taylor (Georgia) 9.4625
16. Summer Hubbard (LSU) 9.050

Balance Beam Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.9875
2. Courtney McCool (Georgia) 9.950
3. Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.900
3. Sarah Nagashima (Arkansas) 9.900
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.900
6. Elise Wheeler (Southern Utah) 9.875
7. Megan Ferguson (Oklahoma) 9.8375
7. Melissa Fernandez (Illinois) 9.8375
9. Alex LaChance (Arkansas) 9.825
10. Ricki Lebegern (Alabama) 9.800
11. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.7625

Floor Exercise Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.950
1. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.950
3. Corey Hartung (Florida) 9.900
4. Brandi Personett (Penn State) 9.8875
5. Daria Bijak (Utah) 9.8750
6. Mandi Rodriguez (Oregon State) 9.8625
6. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.8625
8. Brittani McCullough (UCLA) 9.850
9. Kylee Botterman (Michigan) 9.700

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 18 April 2009 18:17    PDF Print
Legendre, Ruggeri Take Two Titles Each in NCAA Finals
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Sophomores Steven Legendre (Oklahoma) and Paul Ruggeri (Illinois) took two titles each Saturday night as the Men's NCAA Championships concluded in Minneapolis.

Legendre, who won the all-around title Saturday night, defended his titles on floor exercise and vault.

"Tonight was definitely fun because everybody did well," Legendre said. "It's great to end the season on a high note, it really gives us a boost into next year."

Ruggeri defended his high bar title from 2008, and added the title on parallel bars.

"It definitely feels great to repeat as high bar champion," Ruggeri said. "I wasn't expecting to win parallel bars tonight, but it's exciting and it's good to know that my training has paid off on the event. I learned some unique skills over the summer that people don't normally do and that's where I think I have the edge."

Ruggeri's teammate Daniel Ribeiro won pommel horse to give Illinois half the event titles.

"I trained hard throughout the year and all of the hard work I've put in makes winning the title incredible," Ribeiro said. "I've been pretty consistent with my routine this year and my goal coming in was to just stay on the horse and hit as clean as I could."

California-Berkeley senior Evan Roth won still rings in his final competition.

"This is inexplicable at the moment," Roth said. "I've been working all year for this. This is a dream come true."

2009 Men's NCAA Championships
April 18, Minneapolis, Minn.

Floor Exercise Final
1. Steven Legendre (Oklahoma) 15.625
2. Paul Ruggeri (Illinois) 15.600
3. Chris Brooks (Oklahoma) 15.575
4. Chris Cameron (Michigan) 15.550
5. Russell Czeschin (Oklahoma) 15.500
6. Roger Pasek (Illinois) 15.425
7. Bobby Shortle (Oklahoma) 15.375
8. Sho Nakamori (Stanford) 15.325
9. Greg Ter-Zakhariants (Sta) 15.100
10. Eddie Hay (Ohio State) 13.775

Pommel Horse Final
1. Daniel Ribeiro (Illinois) 15.575
2. Steven Spencer (Ohio State) 15.475
3. Ty Echard (Ohio State) 15.450
4. Glen Ishino (California) 15.350
5. Kit Beikmann (Minnesota) 15.325
6. Chris Cameron (Michigan) 15.175
7. Adam Hamers (Michigan) 14.525
8. Jacob Messina (Oklahoma) 14.300
9. Kyson Bunthuwong (Calif) 13.925
10. Kyle Bunthuwong (Calif) 11.925

Stills Rings Final
1. Evan Roth (California) 15.600
2. Phillip Goldberg (Michigan) 15.400
3. Nicholas Noone (Stanford) 15.275
4. Jake Bateman (Ohio State) 15.250
4. Tim Gentry (Stanford) 15.250
6. Kyle Brady (California) 15.125
7. Kyle Oi (Stanford) 15.025
8. Bryant Hadden (Stanford) 14.725
9. Shachar Tal (Ohio State) 14.675
10. Chris Cameron (Michigan) 14.550

Vault Final
1. Steven Legendre (Oklahoma) 16.325
2. Geoff Reins (Iowa) 16.300
3. Tim Gentry (Stanford) 16.175
4. Chris Brooks (Oklahoma) 16.025
5. Evan Roth (California) 15.875
6. DJ Repp (Minnesota) 15.850
7. Casey Sandy (Penn State) 15.825
8. Russell Czeschin (Oklahoma) 15.775
9. Paul Ruggeri (Illinois) 15.750
10. Alex Buscaglia (Stanford) 15.625

Parallel Bars Final
1. Paul Ruggeri (Illinois) 15.175
2. Kyle Brady (California) 15.075
3. Thomas Kelley (Michigan) 14.675
4. Sho Nakamori (Stanford) 14.650
5. Ryan Lieberman (Stanford) 14.575
5. Glen Ishino (California) 14.575
7. Nicholas Noone (Stanford) 14.475
8. Jim Kerry (California) 14.400
9. Chris Cameron (Michigan) 14.350
10. Kyle McNamara (Oklahoma) 14.150

High Bar Final
1. Paul Ruggeri (Illinois) 15.750
2. Thomas Kelley (Michigan) 15.275
3. Alex Buscaglia (Stanford) 14.875
4. Sho Nakamori (Stanford) 14.750
5. Joe Catrambone (Michigan) 14.050
6. Bryan del Castillo (Calif) 13.775
7. Kyle McNamara (Oklahoma) 13.475
8. Glen Ishino (California) 13.450
9. Steven Legendre (Oklahoma) 13.250
10. Chris Lung (Illinois) 12.525


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