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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 09 March 2009 14:39    PDF Print
Tula Twosome Lead Russian Championships
(15 votes, average 4.87 out of 5)

Tula training partners Ksenia Afanasyeva and Ksenia Semyonova went 1-2 in the all-around qualifications at the Russian Championships, held Monday in Bryansk.

Ksenia Semyonova (Russia)

Afanasyeva topped her 2008 Olympic teammate by six tenths of a point. Olympic alternate Kristina Goryunova of Novgorod placed third.

Moscow was the top team to qualify to Thursday's team final.

New women's head coach Alexander Alexandrov, who returned to Russia in November after 14 years in the United States, said he was pleased with the results.

"I am happy this afternoon," he said. "Everything I wished to see, I saw. I am thrilled the girls showed high enough consistency — in the top six there were no falls at all. So I will say again, the day was successful. Though, of course, we still have lot of work to do. The main thing we need is to increase the difficulty of the routines."

Alexandrov praised Afanasyeva and Semyonova, both of whom are coached by Marina Nazarova.

"As of today they are the absolute leaders," he said. "Though, of course, their injuries are still affecting them. But I am very happy with their spirit: they do not ache, as it happens with a sick patient, they are very motivated to win."

Alexandrov said he was unsure the other gymnasts from the 2008 Olympic team would be able to recover from their injuries. Two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova suffered a torn ACL in November, while Svetlana Klyukina competed only two events in Bryansk.

"On the other hand, we know all about the young ones — all of them have trained for a long time at Round Lake," Alexandrov said. "And already among the top gymnasts there are girls born in 1994 — Aliya Mustafina and Tanya Nabiyeva. The other question is that this year we cannot enter them into senior international competitions. They do not meet the age requirements. However, before it was impossible for Goryunova and Berger to hit, but they at last have proved themselves. Goryunova it turns out is quite the all-arounder, and Berger is good on two events — vault and floor exercise."

Competition continues Tuesday with the men's all-around final.

Source: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2009 Russian Championships
March 9, Bryansk

Women's Qualification
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva (Tula) 59.600
2. Ksenia Semyonova (Tula) 59.000
3. Kristina Goryunova (Novgorod) 58.350
4. Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) 58.050
5. Tatiana Nabiyeva (Saint Petersburg) 56.650
6. Yulia Berger (Moscow) 55.400

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 08 March 2009 21:09    PDF Print
Larson Takes Two Titles at Gymnix World Cup
(19 votes, average 4.05 out of 5)

First-year senior Mattie Larson (U.S.) won both women's titles Sunday as the Gymnix World Cup concluded in Montreal.

Mattie Larson (U.S.)

The Los Angeles native took gold medals on balance beam and floor exercise at the first World Cup event of the year.

Charlotte Mackie placed third on balance beam and second on floor exercise to claim two more medals for Canada.

"Before I was just trying to get as many big skills in my routine as possible, but now I'm really focusing on doing them well with better technique," said Mackie, who is now training at Surrey Gymnastics with David Kenwright, coach of two-time Olympian Kate Richardson.

Sydney Sawa, a last-minute replacement for the injured Brittany Rogers, won her second bronze medal of the competition with third place on floor exercise.

"It definitely pumps you up a lot, especially on floor," Sawa said of the crowd support at the Claude Robillard Sports Centre. "It gives you energy to hear them cheer after each tumbling line."

Romania's Daniel Popescu won the title on men's vault. Poland's Adam Kierzkowski won parallel bars and Croatia's Marijo Moznik won high bar.

The Japanese men, who had led four of the six events during Friday's qualification round, picked up three silver medals Sunday.

2008 Olympian Nathan Gafuik, second on floor exercise Saturday, won his second medal of the meet by placing third on vault.

“I wasn’t expecting to be in the running for a medal on vault at this stage of the season,” Gafuik said. “I had some troubles in the qualifying round but I went for the landing a little harder in the final."

2009 Gymnix World Cup
March 8, Montreal

Balance Beam
1. Mattie Larson USA 14.650
2. Marine Petit FRA 14.150
3. Charlotte Mackie CAN 14.050
4. Marie-Carmen Rivera PUR 12.450
5. Sydney Sawa CAN 11.750

Women's Floor Exercise
1. Mattie Larson USA 14.950
2. Charlotte Mackie CAN 14.500
3. Sydney Sawa CAN 14.300
4. Marine Petit FRA 14.100

Men's Vault
1. Daniel Popescu ROM 15.900
2. Koji Yamamuro JPN 15.700
3. Nathan Gafuik CAN 15.687
4. Marius Berbecar ROM 15.525
5. Samir Ait Said FRA 15.412
6. Alen Dimic SLO 14.925
7. Marek Lyszczarz POL 14.887
8. Rok Klavora SLO 14.587

Parallel Bars
1. Adam Kierzkowski POL 15.225
2. Kenya Kobayashi JPN 15.200
3. Yosuke Hoshi JPN 15.100
4. Tim McNeill USA 14.950
5. Marius Berbecar ROM 14.825
6. Cyril Tommasone FRA 14.275
7. Robert Stanescu ROM 14.000
8. Hamilton Sabot FRA 13.550

High Bar
1. Marijo Moznik CRO 15.475
2. Yosuke Hoshi JPN 15.400
3. Hamilton Sabot FRA 15.225
4. Danell Leyva USA 15.150
5. Ryosuke Baba JPN 14.550
6. Jackson Payne CAN 14.275
7. Roman Kulesza POL 12.850

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 08 March 2009 13:14    PDF Print
Ryazanov Leads Russian Championships
(8 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

2008 Olympian Yuri Ryazanov led the men's qualifications at the Russian Championships, held Sunday in Bryansk.

Yuri Ryazanov (Russia)

The competition, which kicked off Saturday with the opening ceremony, includes team and individual competition for men and women.

Ryazanov (Vladimir) scored 88.000 to come out ahead of Dmitry Gogotov (Moscow) with 87.875 and Sergei Khorokhordin (Moscow Oblast) with 87.125.

The men's all-around final will be Tuesday.

The Central region (429.100) led Moscow (422.745) and Siberia (420.400) in the team qualification. Team finals will be held Thursday.

Men's head coach Yevgeny Nikolko praised what he called a "young, very sharp Moscow team" composed of Gogotov, Dmitry Stolyarov, Dmitry Yakubovsky, Vladimir Aleinikov and Emin Garibov.

"I do not rule out that these guys can become the base of the pre-Olympic training squad," said Nikolko, former personal coach to Olympic champion Alexei Nemov. "And I can proudly announce that we finally have a gymnast with a good program on the pommel horse: Andrei Perevoznikov from the Moscow suburbs. As you remember, earlier there was nobody who could compete with our veteran Nikolai Kryukov [on pommel horse]."

Competition continues Monday in Bryansk with the women's preliminaries. Gymnasts born in 1994 and earlier will compete.

Source: Russian Gymnastics Federation<

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 07 March 2009 23:41    PDF Print
Five Nations Win Gold at Gymnix World Cup
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Gymnasts from five countries took individual honors Saturday at the Gymnix World Cup in Montreal, the first World Cup event of the year.

Krisztian Berki (Hungary)

First-year seniors Charlotte Mackie (Canada) and Samantha Shapiro (U.S.) struck gold in a small women's field. Mackie won a two-gymnast vault final, and Shapiro won uneven bars in a four-woman field.

"I just tried to make my vault the best I could do, and that's what I did," Mackie said. "It was really exciting to be competing in Canada. I loved it."

Competing in her first senior event, Mackie is the younger sister of 2004 Canadian Olympian Gael Mackie.

Sydney Sawa picked up Canada's third medal with the bronze on uneven bars.

The men's competition was more competitive. Romanian veteran Razvan Selariu edged Canada's Nathan Gafuik for the floor exercise title.

"It's early in the season and my routines really aren't where I want them to be yet, but floor tonight was pretty solid and I did as well as could have been expected," Gafuik said.

European champion Krisztian Berki (Hungary) won pommel horse, and French strongman Danny Rodrigues won still rings.

The competition concludes Sunday.

Click here to download detailed results

2009 Gymnix World Cup
March 7, Montreal

Women's Vault
1. Charlotte Mackie CAN 14.150
2. Marie-Carmen Rivera PUR 12.300

Uneven Bars
1. Samantha Shapiro USA 14.725
2. Marine Petit FRA 13.650
3. Sydney Sawa CAN 13.450
4. Laurie-Ève Pépin-Gagné CAN 11.275

Men's Floor Exercise
1. Razvan Selariu ROM 14.800
2. Nathan Gafuik CAN 14.550
3. Marius Berbecar ROM 14.525
3. Rok Klavora SLO 14.525
5. Koji Yamamuro JPN 14.475
6. Rafael Morales PUR 14.450
6. Alexander Rodriguez PUR 14.450
8. Barend Verbeke BEL 14.350

Pommel Horse
1. Krisztian Berki HUN 15.775
2. Cyril Tommasone FRA 15.625
3. Donna-Donny Truyens BEL 15.550
4. Sajo Bertoncelj SLO 14.750
5. Tim McNeill USA 14.225
6. Ziga Britovjek SLO 13.625
7. Hamilton Sabot FRA 12.675
8. Ryosuke Baba JPN 12.450

Still Rings
1. Danny Rodrigues FRA 15.650
2. Robert Stanescu ROM 15.425
3. Kenya Kobayashi JPN 15.125
4. Tommy Ramos PUR 14.925
5. Samir Ait Said FRA 14.325
6. Razvan Selariu ROM 13.225
7. Rafael Morales PUR 13.075
8. Koji Yamamuro JPN 12.575

Charlotte Mackie, First Vault at Gymnix World Cup

Charlotte Mackie, Second Vault at Gymnix World Cup

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 07 March 2009 20:33    PDF Print
Wieber Sweeps Gymnix
(10 votes, average 3.00 out of 5)

Rising star Jordyn Wieber won all four event finals Saturday evening at the International Gymnix Junior Cup in Montreal.

Jordyn Wieber (USA)
Wieber, who won the Junior Cup all-around title on Friday, was untouchable in Saturday's finals.

All-around silver medalist Sabrina Vega won three more silvers in finals on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

The host nation claimed two medals: Dominique Pegg won the silver on vault and Anysia Unick placed third on uneven bars.

Russia picked up two bronze medals from Anna Rodionova on balance beam Yulia Belokobylskaya on floor exercise.

Canada won three of the four titles in the open international division. Miranda Meyer won vault and Cynthia Lemieux won uneven bars and balance beam.

Morgan Steigerwalt tied Parkettes clubmate Elizabeth Price for the gold on floor exercise.

2009 International Gymnix
March 7, Montreal

Junior Cup Vault
1. Jordyn Wieber USA 15.125
2. Dominique Pegg CAN 14.525
3. Kamerin Moore USA 14.450
4. Hallie Mossett USA 14.200
5. Anysia Unick CAN 14.175
6. Eleonora Goryunova RUS 13.650
7. Yulia Belokobylskaya RUS 12.550
8. Marine Brevet FRA 12.175

Junior Cup Uneven Bars
1. Jordyn Wieber USA 14.375
2. Sabrina Vega USA 13.550
3. Anysia Unick CAN 13.350
4. Kristina Sidorova RUS 12.625
5. Dominique Pegg CAN 12.600
6. Eleonora Goryunova RUS 12.550
7. Justine Crosato FRA 11.975
8. Ambre Casanova FRA 11.750

Junior Cup Balance Beam
1. Jordyn Wieber USA 14.725
2. Sabrina Vega USA 13.900
3. Anna Rodionova RUS 13.475
4. Rochelle Hurt CAN 13.450
5. Justine Crosato FRA 12.875
6. Eleonora Goryunova RUS 12.325
7. Marine Brevet FRA 12.300
8. Madeline Gardiner CAN 11.575

Junior Cup Floor Exercise
1. Jordyn Wieber USA 14.700
2. Sabrina Vega USA 14.300
3. Yulia Belokobylskaya RUS 13.975
4. Kristina Sidorova RUS 13.625
5. Madeline Gardiner CAN 13.600
5. Anysia Unick CAN 13.600
7. Marine Brevet FRA 12.975
8. Ambre Casanova FRA 12.000

Gymnix International Vault
1. Miranda Meyer CAN 13.562
2. Dominique Nadeau CAN 13.500
3. Cynthia Lemieux CAN 13.475
4. Kristin Klarenbach CAN 13.075

Gymnix International Uneven Bars
1. Cynthia Lemieux CAN 13.775
2. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto CAN 13.525
3. Elizabeth Price USA 12.625
4. Emily Little AUS 12.400
5. Barbara Gasser CAN 12.125
6. Léa Kemayou FRA 12.100
7. Madeline Hanley USA 11.900
8. Sabrina Gill CAN 8.550

Gymnix International Balance Beam
1. Cynthia Lemieux CAN 13.750
2. Elizabeth Price USA 13.600
3. Mélissa Fontaine CAN 13.125
4. Sky Corbet-Methot CAN 13.000
5. Miranda Meyer CAN 12.950
6. Anna Gamelo CAN 12.550
7. Typhaine Pompilio FRA 11.975
8. Madeline Hanley USA 11.475

Gymnix International Floor Exercise
1. Morgan Steigerwalt USA 13.775
1. Elizabeth Price USA 13.775
3. Mikaela Gerber CAN 13.700
4. Amelia McGrath AUS 13.450
5. Jessica Dowling CAN 13.175
6. Jimena Lopez CAN 12.575
7. Britt Reusche-Lari PER 11.600
8. Anna Gamelo CAN 11.250
9. Kristin Klarenbach CAN 11.225

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