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Competition Reports

Written by John Crumlish    Friday, 05 June 2009 20:15    PDF Print
Sawa, Sandy Win Canadian Senior Titles
(17 votes, average 4.71 out of 5)

Sydney Sawa and Casey Sandy won the all-around titles Thursday at the Canadian Championships in Hamilton, Ont.

Sydney Sawa, 2009 Canadian champion
Sawa, who will turn 17 on June 15, outscored preliminaries leader Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette by 0.50 to earn her first Canadian title. Last year, Sawa was fifth all-around at the Canadian Championships and second all-around at the Elite Canada meet.

"I knew I had a chance to win, but in the prelims I was thinking a little too much about the outcome and not enough about each routine I had to do," Sawa said. "I've always been an underdog I guess but this year I really went for it."

Lemieux-Guillemette, who was fifth all-around at the 2008 Elite Canada meet, finished three-tenths ahead of 2008 Canadian junior all-around champion Dominique Pegg.

Fourth was Austrian national all-around champion Barbara Gasser, who trains in Canada.

Among the top Canadian gymnasts who did not compete were 2008 Olympian Nansy Damianova, 2008 Elite Canada champion Brittany Rogers, 2008 Canadian all-around silver medalist Kristina Vaculik and 2008 Canadian all-around bronze medalist Peng-Peng Lee. Charlotte Mackie, the 2008 Elite Canada bronze medalist, performed on vault, balance beam and floor exercise for a total of 37.55.

Anysia Unick won the junior women's all-around title over co-silver medalists Mikaela Gerber and Rochelle Hurt. Unick placed second last year. Gerber is the younger sister of former Canadian national team member Aisha Gerber.

In the senior men's division, 2008 Canadian Olympic team alternates Casey Sandy and Ken Ikeda placed first and second all-around, respectively. Sandy, who turned 25 on May 21, had the highest score of the field on rings (14.55) and was fourth or better on the other five events.

Sandy finished his collegiate career in April after three years with Penn State University.

"It as an awesome experience," Sandy said. "This is a big boost for me, just to get back with the team and start training with everyone again."

Ikeda earned the highest score of the field on pommel horse (15.30), but low scores on floor exercise and rings prevented him from a higher all-around total.

In last year's Canadian Championships, Sandy and Ikeda were third and seventh all-around, respectively.

Jared Walls finished third in Hamilton, earning his best Canadian Championships ranking to date.

Last year's champion, two-time Olympian Adam Wong, competed on only two events. He led the field on floor exercise (14.75) and had the third-highest score on pommel horse (14.15).

2008 Olympian Nathan Gafuik, who placed fifth last year, competed on every event except parallel bars. He earned the night's highest scores on vault (16.10) and high bar (14.95)

Still recovering from an ankle injury he suffered at the 2008 Olympic Games, Brandon O'Neill finished eighth. He had the night's second-highest scores on three events, but counted low scores on pommel horse and high bar.

Competition continues Saturday night with the senior event finals.

2009 Canadian Championships
June 4, Hamilton, Ontario

Senior Women's All-Around
1. Sydney Sawa (Calgary Gymnastics) 54.45
2. Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette (Gym-Richelieu) 53.95
3. Dominique Pegg (Bluewater) 53.65
4. Barbara Gasser (Bluewater) 53.20
5. Gabrielle May (Panthers Gymnastics) 50.25
6. Kristin Klarenbach (Champions Gymnastics) 50.10
7. Emily Bigras (Bluewater) 49.70
8. Catherine Dion (Gymelites) 49.55
9. Ashley Quinton (Stampede City) 47.35
10. Laura Vysohlid (Flicka) 47.05
11. Miranda Meyer (Champions Gymnastics) 40.40 - 3 events
12. Charlotte Mackie (Omega Gymnastics) 37.55 - 3 events

Junior Women's All-Around
1. Anysia Unick (Stampede City) 54.50
2t. Mikaela Gerber (Oakville) 53.60
2t. Rochelle Hurt (Mississauga) 53.60
4. Riley Cholod (Gemini) 53.10
5. Coralie Leblond-Chartrand (Gymnix) 52.10
6. Jimena Lopez (Mississauga) 51.25
7. Bianca Dancose-Giambattiso (Gym-Richeliieu) 50.70
8. Melissa Fontaine (Gymnix) 49.80
9. Paige Blaney (Capital City) 47.80
10. Taylor Ricci (Flicka) 47.75
11. Dayna Weststeyn (Kerrigan Gymnastics) 46.75
12. Ann-Ly Brouillette-Quenneville (Gymnix) 37.60 - 3 events

Senior Men's All-Around
1. Casey Sandy (Burlington) 87.40
2. Ken Ikeda (Twisters) 83.00
3. Jared Walls (Capital City) 82.60
4. Jackson Payne (Capital City) 81.80
5. Kevin Lytwyn (Burlington) 81.75
6. Pat McElroy (Univ. of Calgary) 81.40
7. Hugh Smith (Halifax Alta) 81.30
8. Brandon O'Neill (Capital City) 81.10
9. Scott Chandler (Island Gymnastics) 79.35
10. Peter Andersen (Surrey Gymnastics) 79.15
11t. Anderson Loran (Taiso) 78.80
11t. Jayd Lukenchuk (Taiso) 78.80

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 03 June 2009 23:35    PDF Print
Hambüchen, Bui Win German Nationals
(18 votes, average 4.50 out of 5)

Olympians Fabian Hambüchen (TSG Niedergirmes) and Kim Bui (TSG Tübingen) won the German Championships, held this week as part of the "Turnfest" in Frankfurt. Hambuchen (center) poses with runner-up Marcel Nguyen (left) and bronze medalist Philipp Boy.

Olympians Fabian Hambüchen (TSG Niedergirmes) and Kim Bui (TSG Tübingen) won the German Championships, held this week as part of the "Turnfest" in Frankfurt.

Hambüchen, who won the first-stage of the international "Champions Trophy" Monday in Frankfurt, added the national title Wednesday. The reigning European champion defended his title by more than four points above silver medalist Marcel Nguyen, who also placed second Monday.

Defending silver medalist Philipp Boy (SC Cottbus Turnen) was in second place following five of six events. He nearly lost his chance for a medal, however, after falling from high bar when his grip broke. A sprint across the arena to retrieve his backup grips let Boy finish his routine in time, and he held on to the bronze with a score of 13.250.

Kim Bui moved up four places from her 2008 finish to claim the women's title. Elisabeth Seitz (TG Mannheim e.V.) won the silver over 2008 Olympian Anja Brinker (TV Herkenrath).

The Turnfest is a public festival featuring competition and exhibitions of all the gymnastics disciplines for all ages, as well as other symposiums, water shows, beach volleyball, yoga and dance.

Click here to download detailed results.

External Link: 2009 Turnfest

Written by John Crumlish    Wednesday, 03 June 2009 22:18    PDF Print
Cyprus Wins Big at Small States of Europe Finals
(9 votes, average 4.78 out of 5)

The host nation won seven gold medals in the event finals at the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, held Wednesday in Nicosia, Cyprus. Irodotos Georgallas (Cyprus) won still rings and parallel bars.

The host nation won seven gold medals in the event finals at the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, held Wednesday in Nicosia, Cyprus.

A day after sweeping the all-around and team titles, gymnasts from Cyprus won all but three titles in event finals. Women's all-champion Antonia Georgiou of Cyprus placed first on balance beam, and teammate Nikoleta Dimitriou placed first on uneven bars after leading the event in qualifications.

Luxembourg's Laurence Risse, 16, placed first on vault, and Iceland's Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir placed first on floor exercise.

Risse and Hermannsdottir were fifth and fourth, respectively, in Tuesday's all-around competition.

Hermannsdottir, who will turn 16 on June 17, finished 51st all-around in qualifications at the 2009 European Championships. In the men's finals, 31-year-old Cypriot Irodotos Georgallas was the only double winner. He placed first on parallel bars, and tied teammate Georgios Georgiou for first place on rings.

Georgallas's World Cup tally on rings includes a gold medal at Maribor, Slovenia (2007); and silver medals at Stuttgart (2007), Doha, Qatar (2008), Szombathely, Hungary (2008) and Maribor (2009).

Competing in his only final, all-around champion Dimitris Krasias of Cyprus won the gold medal on high bar.

Krasias's teammate, all-around silver medalist Constantinos Aristotelous, won the gold medal on vault.

Tenth in Tuesday's all-around, Oliver Waldbillig of Luxembourg won the gold medal on floor exercise. Waldbillig, 18, placed first all-around at the 2008 Luxembourg Junior Championships.

Iceland's Bjarki Asgeirsson, 19, won pommel horse, the only event on which he competed in Nicosia.

Organized since 1985, the Games of the Small States of Europe is a biennial multisport event attended by eight European nations. The next edition will be held in Liechtenstein in 2011.

External Link: Official Event Web Site

XIII Games of the Small States of Europe
June 3, 2009, Nicosia, Cyprus

Women's Vault Final
1.Laurence Risse13.675
2.Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi13.375
3.Marilena Georgiou13.150
4.Nicole Pace12.650
5.Kirsty Caruana12.625
6.Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir12.525
7.Harpa Dogg Steindordottir11.650

Uneven Bars Final
1.Nikoleta Dimitriou13.550
2.Fridda Run Einarsdottir11.700
3.Laurence Risse10.900
4.Antonia Georgiou10.800
5.Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir10.350
6.Kirsty Caruana9.700
7.Mathilde Chalaye9.200
8.Adreana Jo Zammit8.950

Balance Beam Final
1.Antonia Georgiou13.200
2.Fridda Run Einarsdottir13.000
3.Rachel Rominger12.450
4.Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi11.600
5.Djody Icard11.300
6.Kirsty Caruana11.150
7.Adreana Jo Zammit11.100
8.Sigrun Dis Tryggvadottir10.850

Women's Floor Exercise Final
1.Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir13.300
2.Fridda Run Einarsdottir12.800
3.Kirsty Caruana12.600
4.Adreana Jo Zammit12.200
5.Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi12.100
6.Marilena Georgiou12.000
7.Laurence Risse11.850
8.Candice Pibarot11.250

Floor Exercise Final
1.Oliver Waldbillig13.450
2.Julien Gobaux13.400
3.Olafur Gardar Gunnarsson13.100
4.Georgios Georgiou13.050
5.Viktor Kristmannsson12.850
6.Frederic Unternaehr12.800
7.Panayiotis Aristotelous12.450
8.Christophe Lazzarin12.300

Pommel Horse Final
1.Bjarki Asgeirsson13.200
2.Georgios Georgiou12.850
3.Dimitris Krasias12.800
4.Julien Gobaux12.150
5.Viktor Kristmannsson11.750
6.Sascha Palgen11.300
7.Romain Gobaux11.000
8.Christophe Lazzarin10.650

Still Rings Final
1.Georgios Georgiou14.100
1.Irodotos Georgallas14.100
3.Frederic Unternaehr13.150
3.Viktor Kristmannsson13.150
5.Olafur Gardar Gunnarsson12.650
6.Oliver Waldbillig12.550
6.Julien Gobaux12.550
8.Christophe Lazzarin10.850

Men's Vault Final
1.Constantinos Aristotelous15.100
2.Georgios Georgiou14.475
3.Sascha Palgen14.400
4.Oliver Waldbillig14.175
5.Philip Caruana Turner14.000
6.Julien Gobaux13.500
7.Frederic Unternaehr13.375
8.Ingvar Agust Jochumsson7.050

Parallel Bars Final
1.Irodotos Georgallas13.800
2.Panayiotis Aristotelous13.700
2.Viktor Kristmannsson13.700
4.Julien Gobaux13.400
5.Oliver Waldbillig12.700
6.Frederic Unternaehr12.500
7.Robert Kristmannsson11.300
8.Christophe Lazzarin11.000

High Bar Final
1.Dimitris Krasias13.950
2.Constantinos Aristotelous13.350
3.Frederic Unternaehr13.100
4.Christophe Lazzarin12.800
4.Viktor Kristmannsson12.800
6.Robert Kristmannsson12.650
7.Oliver Waldbillig12.450
8.Romain Gobaux11.300
Written by John Crumlish    Tuesday, 02 June 2009 23:05    PDF Print
Cyprus Sweeps Small States of Europe
(11 votes, average 4.82 out of 5)

Gymnasts from Cyprus swept the all-around and team titles at the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, held Tuesday in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Dimitris Krasias (Cyprus)

Women's all-around gold medalist Antonia Georgiou led Cyprus to the women's team title over Iceland. Georgiou, who will turn 16 on July 9, outscored Iceland's Frida Rud Einarsdottir by 1.60 points.

Einarsdottir, who turned 17 on May 27, placed 49th all-around in qualifications at the 2009 European Championships.

Cypriots dominated the men's competition, winning gold and silver in the all-around and gold in the team event.

All-around champion Dimitris Krasias, 17, placed fourth on parallel bars at the 2008 European Junior Championships.

Silver medalist Constantinos Aristotelous, 24, earned the highest score of the meet on vault (15.60), but struggled to a score of 10.80 on pommel horse. Born in Athens, Greece, Aristotelous resides in the Games host city of Nicosia.

Bothered by a sore shoulder, 2008 Olympian Sascha Palgen of Luxembourg competed on two events only. He scored 12.30 on pommel horse and 14.80 on vault.

The artistic gymnastics phase of the Games concludes Wednesday, with apparatus finals for women and men.

External Link: Official Event Web Site

XIII Games of the Small States of Europe
June 2, 2009, Nicosia, Cyprus

Women's Team

Men's Team

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAA
1.Antonia Georgiou13.5011.9512.9012.4550.800
2.Fridda Run Einarsdottir13.8511.0512.0012.3049.200
3.Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi13.6011.5511.0512.6048.800
4.Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir13.1510.5011.6513.0548.350
5.Laurence Risse13.6510.309.5512.1545.650
6.Marilena Georgiou13.4011.806.2513.0544.500
7.Adreana Jo Zammit12.159.3010.6511.6543.750
8.Kirsty Caruana11.459.4510.0511.8042.750
9.Nicole Pace12.758.858.8011.2041.600
10.Candice Pibarot12.555.0011.5510.8539.950
11.Sigrun Dis Tryggvadottir12.9012.3511.5036.750
12.Rachel Rominger12.3011.6010.5534.450
13.Dominiqua Belanyi9.9510.5011.7032.150
14.Mathilde Chalaye12.658.659.5530.850
15.Djody Icard8.1012.0010.5030.600
16.Nikoleta Dimitriou13.7010.7524.450
17.Chrysia Dimitriadou12.8011.6024.400
18.Harpa Dogg Steindordottir12.759.9522.700
19.Melodie Maccio11.4010.4521.850
20.Rabasa Anna Usero5.807.155.1518.100
21.Sola Miriam Torra9.401.405.301.3017.400

1.Dimitris Krasias13.0014.0013.5014.9013.3012.8081.500
2.Constantinos Aristotelous13.3010.8013.4015.6011.7014.4079.200
3.Julien Gobaux12.4011.8013.3514.7013.1012.6077.950
4.Frederic Unternaehr12.7011.1013.1014.5013.0013.1077.500
5.Viktor Kristmannsson12.3012.8012.8013.9012.9012.4077.100
6.Olafur Gardar Gunnarsson13.2011.2012.7013.8011.7011.6074.200
7.Robert Kristmannsson11.3012.4011.2013.5012.4012.4073.200
8.Christophe Lazzarin12.7011.7010.9013.7012.6011.2072.800
9.Romain Gobaux11.5011.7012.6012.1012.7012.1072.700
10.Oliver Waldbillig13.506.5011.6014.7012.6012.1071.000
11.Georgios Georgiou13.8013.2013.9014.4012.1067.400
12.Ingvar Agust Jochumsson11.1011.1014.8011.3011.2059.500
13.Panayiotis Aristotelous13.4014.8013.3011.5053.000
14.Kevin Croveto11.8011.3014.7011.9049.700
15.Irodotos Georgallas12.7015.5013.6041.800
16.Sascha Palgen12.3014.8027.100
17.Paul-Alexis Ranc9.4012.1021.500
18.Philip Caruana Turner 14.6014.600
19.Bjarki Asgeirsson12.9012.900


International Gymnast Magazine Related Feature
Palgen profile (July/August 2007)

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Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 01 June 2009 17:00    PDF Print
Hambüchen Captures First 'Champions Trophy'
(17 votes, average 4.24 out of 5)

European champion Fabian Hambüchen (Germany) won the first stage of the 2009 Champions Trophy, held Monday in Frankfurt.

Hambüchen defeated compatriot Marcel Nguyen, 89.300-88.475. 2008 U.S. Olympian Joseph Hagerty won the bronze medal with 88.150.

At the 2008 Champions Trophy, a single event held following the DTB Cup in Stuttgart, a fall on high bar cost Hambüchen the title. In Frankfurt he clinched the title with a 15.800 (6.7 D Score) on high bar.

The Champions Trophy is a series of four competitions in Germany featuring eight male gymnasts. Its total prize purse is 200,000 euro, with each stop offering 50,000 euro.

The next stop for the Trophy will be Sept. 19 in Berlin, followed by Oct. 25 in Hannover and finally Nov. 15 in Stuttgart.

External Link:

2009 Champions Trophy, Stage 1
June 1, Frankfurt
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 89.300
2. Marcel Nguyen GER 88.475
3. Joseph Hagerty USA 88.150
4. Flavius Koczi ROM 86.525
5. Maxim Devyatovsky RUS 86.350
6. Niki Böschenstein SUI 86.125
7. Philipp Boy GER 85.900
8. Benoit Caranobe FRA 84.125


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