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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

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Oklahoma Wins Its 12th NCAA Title
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CHICAGO—Oklahoma hasn't lost a meet since it placed second at the 2014 NCAA Championships. The closest the Sooners came to losing this season was at Ohio State in Columbus, where they won, 413.650-412.700.

In a much closer than expected competition, Oklahoma prevailed over its rivals again, and a fired-up Minnesota squad took advantage of an Illinois group that faltered on high bar late in the competition.

For most of the evening, the atmosphere was electric. The crowd of 4,193 spectators were assembled in groups of team supporters, and the shouts of “We are Penn State!” and “Boomer, Sooner!” energized athletes, officials and fans alike.

Said NCAA representative John Bugner: “This is my third men's championship and it's by far the best one I’ve been to."

"This is the best experience ever," said Yul Moldauer of Oklahoma, who won the all-around title. "We’ve had, and I’ve had, success, but tonight is No. 1 for me."

Now Oklahoma has won four straight NCAA Championships to tie Penn State with the most at 12 titles. Illinois is next with 10.

The Sooners scored 414.858, and there was a close battle for the next two places. Minnesota finished second with 411.923, and Illinois placed third with 411.689.

Said Minnesota coach Mike Burns: "We had it going tonight. This is only the third time in Minnesota history that we finished in second; the first time was when Newt Loken was on the team (1941)."

Stanford scored 408.589 for fourth, Nebraska finished fifth with 403.589 and Penn State placed sixth with 401.991.

Yul Moldauer of Oklahoma grabbed the all-around crown with 87.298, and Minnesota freshman Shane Wiskus placed second with 83.064. Alec Yoder of Ohio State finished third with 82.631.

Nissen-Emery Award winner Sean Melton (Ohio State) and a rough all-around meet. He fell on his tucked double-double rings dismount and fell forward on his handspring-double front vault. He placed eighth with 81.498.

Read complete coverage of the men's and women's NCAA Championships in the May issue of International Gymnast.

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UCLA Wins NCAAs In Dramatic Flair
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ST. LOUIS—UCLA captured its 7th NCAA title in an exciting, dramatic competition that came down to the final balance beam routine of Peng-Peng Lee's illustrious collegiate career. After scoring a perfect 10 on bars in rotation 5, Lee closed the meet with a second 10 on beam to clinch the title over two-time defending champion, Oklahoma by just 0.0375 (198.075 to 198.0375).

The Bruins began their night on floor that was highlighted by Katelyn Ohashi's 9.95 for her Michael Jackson inspired routine. After moving to vault, UCLA recorded its lowest score of the night, with all six gymnasts scoring in the 9.8 range. Most teams would not have been able to bounce back. Then again, UCLA is not like most teams.

The Bruins came back on bars with the highest team score of the night (49.6375) highlighted by Kyla Ross's 9.95 and Lee's  perfect 10. UCLA kept the momentum going into their final event, the beam. Despite a fall early in the lineup from Madison Kocian, the Bruins put on a beam clinic to record the highest event total of the night (49.75) and win their first team title since 2010.

Defending champion Oklahoma finished second with a consistent, if not spectacular competition. After posting a  low (for them) 49.425 beam total, the Sooners posted the highest team totals on floor exercise and vault. Even an outstanding bar rotation (second to UCLA) wasn't enough to secure the hat trick Oklahoma was expected by so many to achieve. Still, it was the closest team final in the history of the Super Six finals.

Florida, like Oklahoma, had a great competition as well with every counting score a 9.80 or higher. One has to wonder what would have happened if the Gators had not lost senior Kennedy Baker to an injury (Achilles) in late February. It was great to see the Gators come together and rally as a team and win third place (197.85), just 0.225 from first.

LSU finished in fourth (197.835), just out of the medals and 0.0125 from third place.  Floor was the highest scoring event for the Tigers (49.5125) with Sarah Finnegan and Myia Hambrick pitching in a pair of 9.95s.

Utah and Nebraska rounded out the field with a 196.90 and a 196.80, respectively. Neither team never really had a chance to challenge the top four teams but showed an incredible display of great gymnastics. Utah's best event was beam (49.35), while Nebraska rocked floor with their highest score of the evening (49.40).

Read complete cover of the men's and women's NCAA Championships in the May issue of International Gymnast.

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Commonwealth Games Wrap-Up
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Ellie Black (pictured) led Canada to the team title and Nile Wilson of England did the same at the multi-sport Commonwealth Games. The games were held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and the gymnastics competition was held from April 5-9, 2018, in the Coomera Indoor Sports Center.

Black and Wilson also clinched the all-around titles.

The event finals included some upsets. On pommel horse Rhys McClenaghan of Northern Ireland and Max Whitlock of England both scored 15.100, but Whitlock’s higher D-score dropped him to silver.

Marios Georgiou of Cypress, who grabbed the all-around bronze, won floor exercise and parallel bars. Wilson earned the gold on high bar.

Men’s Team: 1. England 258.950; 2. Canada 248.650; 3. Scotland 240.975; 4. Cyprus 239.975; 5. Australia 238.125; 6. New Zealand 237.400; 7. Wales 235.375; 8. Singapore 206.375; 9. India 174.300.

Women’s Team: 1. Canada 163.075; 2. England 162.650; 3. Australia 157.450; 4. Wales 155.975; 5. Scotland 142.950; 6. Malaysia 137.850; 7. India 128.975; 8. Sri Lanka 108.600.

Men’s AA: 1. Nile Wilson ENG 84.950; 2. James Hall ENG 83.975; 3. Marios Georgia CYP 83.750; 4. Frank Baines SCO 82.550; 5. Michael Mercieca AUS 81.350; 6. Hamish Carter SCO 81.050; 7. Rene Cournoyer CAN 80.800; 8. Michael Tone AUS 78.450; 9. Ilias Georgiou CYP 78.300; 10. Rhys McClenaghan NIR 78.300.

Women’s AA: 1. Ellie Black CAN 54.200; 2. Georgia Godwin AUS 53.800; 3. Alice Kinsella ENG 53.150; 4. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 53.000; 5. Kelly Simm ENG 52.600; 6. Latalia Bevan WAL 52.550; 7. Maisie Methuen WAL 52.550; 8. Isabela Onyshko CAN 51.900; 9. Cara Kennedy SCO 49.150; 10. Shannon Archer SCO 48.850.

Men’s FX: 1. M. Georgiou 13.966; 2. Scott Morgan CAN 13.833; 3. Daniel Purvis SCO 13.733.

PH: 1. McClenaghan 15.100; 2. Max Whitlock ENG 15.100; 3. Zachary Clay CAN 14.300.

SR: 1. Courtney Tulloch 14.833; 2. Wilson 14.400; 3. Morgan 14.000.

VT: 1. Christopher Remkes AUS 14.799; 2. Tulloch 14.666; 3. Dominick Cunningham ENG 14.333.

PB: 1. M. Georgiou 14.533; 2. Wilson 14.533; 3. Baines 14.400.

HB: 1. Wilson 14.533; 2. Cory Paterson CAN 14.000; 3. Hall 14.000.

Women’s VT: 1. Shallon Olsen CAN 14.566; 2. Black 14.233; 3. Emily Whitehead AUS 13.849.

UB: 1. Georgia-Mae Fenton ENG 14.600; 2. Brittany Rogers CAN 14.200; 3. Godwin 13.433.

BB: 1. Kinsella 13.700; 2. Brown 13.066; 3. Simm 13.033.

FX: 1. Alexandra Made AUS 13.333; 2. Bevan 13.300; 3. Olsen 13.266.

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AGF Trophy Begins in Baku
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More than 100 gymnasts from 25 countries took part in qualification at the 2018 AGF Trophy, an FIG World Challenge Cup event held Thursday and Friday at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan.

More than 100 gymnasts from 25 countries took part in qualification at the 2018 AGF Trophy, an FIG World Challenge Cup event held Thursday and Friday at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) was once again on top of the scoreboard for women's vault. Chusovitina, who turns 43 in June, averaged 14.399 to qualify first over Azerbaijan's Marina Nekrasova (13.983) and Slovenia's Teja Belak (13.400).

China's Lyu Jiaqi (14.633) and Luo Huan (14.333) were 1-2 for China on uneven bars, with Ukraine's Yana Fedorova (12.633) in third.

Luo qualified first in the low-scoring beam event (12.666), followed by Turkey's Göksu Üçtaş Şanlı (12.633) and Chusovitina (12.533). Croatia's Ana Đerek topped qualification on women's floor exercise (13.000), ahead of Üçtaş Şanlı (12.700) and Greek veteran Ioanna Xoulogi (12.633).

Olympic still rings champion Eleftherios Petrounias headlined the men's field. He earned the top score of the competition with his 15.400 on his speciality. His teammate Vlasios Maras, a former world champion on high bar, led qualification on his best event.

Slovenia's Rok Klavora led qualfication on floor exercise, while China's Weng Hoa impressed on pommel horse with his 15.266. Konstantin Kuzovkov, one of several Russian gymnasts recruited to join the Georgian team, qualified first on men's vault. World championship finalist Ferhat Arıcan of Turkey was the top gymnast on parallel bars.

Competition continues Saturday in Baku with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2018 AGF Trophy/FIG World Challenger Cup
March 15-16, Baku, Azerbaijan

Women's Vault QualificationEDNDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina8.9335.414.33314.399 Q
2.Marina Nekrasova8.8665.414.26613.983 Q
3.Teja Belak8.7005.414.10013.400 Q
4.Tjaša Kysselef8.6334.813.43313.399 Q
5.Yulia Inshina8.6334.613.23313.183 Q
6.Yana Fedorova8.8004.613.40013.050 Q
7.Naveen Daries8.8334.613.43312.883 Q
8.Göksu Üçtaş Şanlı8.3334.612.93312.566 Q
9.Claudia Cummins7.2004.611.80012.166 R1
10.Anna Subbotina8.7003.512.20011.766 R2

Uneven Bars QualificationEDNDScore
1.Lyu Jiaqi8.5336.114.633 Q
2.Luo Huan8.3336.014.333 Q
3.Yana Fedorova7.9334.712.633 Q
4.Lucija Hribar8.0334.512.533 Q
5.Anna Subbotina7.7334.512.233 Q
6.Marina Nekrasova7.6004.512.100 Q
7.Naveen Daries7.2004.912.100 Q
8.Maria Smirnova7.9004.011.900 Q
9.Angela Maguire6.7334.711.433 R1
10.Demet Mutlu6.5664.611.166 R2
11.Evelina Magia6.6664.310.966
12.Ilayda Sahin6.3004.510.800
13.Helmi Murto6.7662.59.266

Balance Beam QualificationEDNDScore
1.Luo Huan7.6665.012.666 Q
2.Göksu Üçtaş Şanlı7.3335.312.633 Q
3.Oksana Chusovitina7.7334.812.533 Q
4.Angela Maguire7.4004.912.300 Q
5.Ioanna Xoulogi7.1335.112.233 Q
6.Lyu Jiaqi6.8005.412.200 Q
7.Evelina Magia6.6335.111.733 Q
8.Yana Fedorova6.7664.911.666 Q
9.Valeria Osipova7.0334.611.633 R1
10.Yulia Inshina6.6665.00.111.566 R2
11.Teja Belak7.4334.011.433
12.Adela Šajn6.6334.80.111.333
13.Helmi Murto7.1004.211.300
14.Maria Smirnova7.6003.70.111.200
15.Meitar Lavy6.3334.610.933
16.Claudia Cummins5.7665.010.766
17.Ana Đerek5.4005.10.110.400
18.Anna Subbotina4.6004.69.200

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationEDNDScore
1.Ana Đerek8.1004.913.000 Q
2.Göksu Üçtaş Şanlı8.1004.70.112.700 Q
3.Ioanna Xoulogi8.1334.512.633 Q
4.Yulia Inshina7.9334.612.533 Q
5.Tjaša Kysselef8.2004.312.500 Q
6.Demet Mutlu8.0664.412.466 Q
7.Evelina Magia7.7664.80.312.266 Q
8.Yana Fedorova7.6004.612.200 Q
9.Claudia Cummins7.8664.212.066 R1
10.Helmi Murto7.7664.30.111.966 R2
11.Anna Subbotina7.5664.411.966
12.Lucija Hribar7.2004.411.600
13.Naveen Daries7.1664.60.211.566
14.Meitar Lavy7.2004.211.400

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationEDNDScore
1.Rok Klavora8.6665.60.114.166 Q
2.Kazuma Kaya8.2005.914.100 Q
3.Konstantin Kuzovkov8.5335.514.033 Q
4.Mu Jile8.3665.613.966 Q
5.Bram Verhofstad8.2665.90.213.966 Q
6.Kenta Chiba8.0666.00.113.966 Q
7.Volodymyr Hrybuk8.2335.713.933 Q
8.Heikki Saarenketo8.1335.713.833 Q
9.Yerbol Jantykov8.4005.413.800 R1
10.Robert Tvorogal8.6335.113.733 R2
11.Ferhat Arıcan8.0005.80.113.700
12.Matteo Levantesi8.4335.213.633
13.Emil Soravuo8.1335.60.213.533
14.Bart Deurloo8.2665.50.313.466
15.Pavel Bulavsky8.1665.60.313.466
16.Maksym Vasylenko7.7665.713.466
17.Dmitry Govorov8.1005.20.113.200
18.Carlos Edriel Yulo7.8005.70.313.200
19.Antonios Tantalidis8.0335.40.313.133
20.Dariy Morozov8.1005.50.613.000
21.Murad Agharzayev7.4665.90.612.766
22.Lee Chih-Kai7.3665.60.312.666
23.Tseng Wei-Sheng7.3005.30.112.500
24.Stian Skjerahaug7.5334.912.433
25.Tomas Gonzalez6.1005.811.900
26.Abdulaziz Salem Aljohani7.2664.80.411.666
27.Abdulla Azimov7.0335.10.511.633
28.Odin Kalvø6.3005.40.111.600
29.John Matthew Vergara6.3335.211.533

Pommel Horse QualificationEDNDScore
1.Weng Hao8.8666.415.266 Q
2.Lee Chih-Kai8.8666.014.866 Q
3.Saeedreza Keikha8.3666.414.766 Q
4.Andrei Likhovitsky8.7005.914.600 Q
5.Wang Junwen8.1666.214.366 Q
6.Takaaki Sugino7.9336.414.333 Q
7.Nariman Kurbanov8.7005.614.300 Q
8.Sašo Bertoncelj7.7336.113.833 Q
9.Kazuma Kaya7.3666.313.666 R1
10.Antonios Tantalidis7.8335.813.633 R2
11.Ferhat Arıcan7.6336.013.633
12.Bram Louwije8.0005.613.600
13.Daryi Morozov7.7335.813.533
14.Georgios Christos Chatziefstathiou7.5005.913.400
15.Carlo Macchini7.8335.513.333
16.Robert Seligman7.3336.013.333
17.Filip Ude7.5665.713.266
18.Juho Kanerva7.7335.313.033
19.Robert Tvorogal8.2334.512.733
20.Abdulla Azimov7.0335.612.633
21.Odin Kalvø7.5334.912.433
22.Vasili Mikhalitsyn7.0665.212.266
23.Abdallah Jamei7.0005.50.312.200
24.Andrii Sienichkin7.2004.912.100
25.Roman Shkliarenko7.2334.812.033
26.Casimir Schmidt6.6335.412.033
27.Dmitry Govorov6.8665.011.866
28.Luca Lino Garza7.3334.511.833
29.Rihards Trams5.8005.911.700
30.Ping Chien Hsu5.4665.711.166
31.Saba Abesadze6.4334.110.533
32.Oskar Kirmes6.0334.010.033
33.Murad Agharzayev5.1334.89.933

Still Rings QualificationEDNDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias9.0006.415.400 Q
2.Lan Xingyu8.7666.214.966 Q
3.İbrahim Çolak8.7006.214.900 Q
4.Konstantinos Konstantinidis8.5336.114.633 Q
5.Kazuma Kaya8.3336.114.433 Q
6.Fuya Maeno8.1335.813.933 Q
7.Casimir Schmidt8.5665.313.866 Q
8.Ilya Yakovlev8.1005.713.800 Q
9.Anthony Van Assche8.5335.213.733 R1
10.Oskar Kirmes7.9335.012.933 R2
11.Elias Koski8.2004.612.800
12.Dmitry Govorov7.6664.912.566
13.Rihards Trams8.3004.212.500
14.Reza Farnia6.7665.712.466
15.Saba Abesadze7.4004.812.200
16.Volodymyr Hrybuk7.1665.012.166
17.Odin Kalvø7.3664.712.066
18.Mohammad Moeen Safdari6.6335.311.933
19.Maksym Vasylenko6.1664.010.166

Men's Vault QualificationEDNDScoreAverage
1.Konstantin Kuzovkov9.1664.813.96614.233 Q
2.Carlos Edriel Yulo9.2335.214.43314.183 Q
3.Tseng Wei-Sheng8.8665.614.46614.133 Q
4.Pavel Bulavsky8.9005.614.50014.083 Q
5.Jaffar Saleh Alsayigh8.8004.813.60013.983 Q
6.Reyland Capellan8.8665.214.06613.966 Q
7.Maksym Vasylenko8.9665.20.114.06613.933 Q
8.Luca Lino Garza8.8665.214.06613.866 Q
9.Ferhat Arıcan9.0005.20.114.10013.783 R1
10.Emil Soravuo9.0004.813.80013.716 R2
11.Murad Agharzayev9.2664.80.113.96613.566
12.Volodymyr Hrybuk7.9335.20.312.83313.366
13.Dmitry Govorov8.8665.20.113.96613.333
14.Rihards Trams8.8664.813.66613.233
15.Ilya Yakovlev7.8335.60.113.33313.199
16.Heikki Saarenketo7.9005.20.113.00012.866
17.Seyed Mohammad Shafiei8.4004.80.213.00012.816

Parallel Bars QualificationEDNDScore
1.Ferhat Arıcan8.4006.514.900 Q
2.Kenta Chiba8.4336.214.633 Q
3.Andrei Likhovitsky8.8335.514.333 Q
4.Matteo Levantesi8.4005.914.300 Q
5.Carlo Macchini8.9665.214.166 Q
6.Fuya Maeno8.2335.914.133 Q
7.Lan Xingyu8.0006.014.000 Q
8.Lee Chih-Kai8.5335.413.933 Q
9.Verbal Jantykov7.8335.713.533 R1
10.Mohammadreza Khosronezhad9.2004.60.313.500 R2
11.Carlos Edriel Yulo8.1005.413.500
12.Robert Tvorogal8.2665.213.466
13.Bram Louwije7.9335.513.433
14.Georgios Christos Chatziefstathiou8.3005.113.400
15.Nikolaos Iliopoulos7.4665.913.366
16.Maksym Vasylenko8.2665.013.266
17.Saba Abesadze8.2335.013.233
18.Timur Bayramov7.8334.912.733
19.Seyed Mohammad Shafiei8.0004.112.100
20.Dmitry Govorov7.5004.612.100
21.Hsu Ping Chien6.7664.911.666
22.Alen Dimic6.2005.111.300
23.Rihards Trams6.9004.311.200
24.Elias Koski6.5664.410.966
25.Oskar Kirmes5.5335.410.933
26.Casimir Schmidt4.9665.910.866

High Bar QualificationEDNDScore
1.Vlasios Maras8.2665.814.066 Q
2.Bart Deurloo8.2335.713.933 Q
3.Kenta Chiba8.3005.613.900 Q
3.Andrei Likhovitsky8.3005.613.900 Q
5.Anton Kovačević8.2005.713.900 Q
6.Yerbol Jantykov8.4005.313.700 Q
7.Kazuma Kaya7.9335.613.533 Q
8.Danil Baturin8.0005.513.500 Q
9.Robert Tvorogal8.3665.113.466 R1
10.Nikolaos Iliopoulos7.6005.713.300 R2
11.Bram Louwije8.2004.913.100
12.Maksym Vasylenko7.9335.113.033
13.Hsu Ping Chien7.9334.712.633
14.Dmitry Govorov8.3334.212.533
15.Ferhat Arıcan7.1005.412.500
16.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.8665.512.366
17.Carlo Macchini6.4665.912.366
18.Seyed Mohammad Shafiei7.8004.512.300
19.Matteo Levantesi6.8505.312.150
20.Konstantin Kuzovkov8.6663.311.966
21.Timur Bayramov7.3004.511.800
22.Rihards Trams6.8664.511.366
23.Alen Dimic6.1665.211.366
24.Roman Shkliarenko6.0005.311.300
25.Murad Agharzayev6.6004.210.800
26.Oskar Kirmes5.9334.09.933
27.Elias Koski5.3334.29.533
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Onyshko, Allaire-Bourgie Win Gymnix Titles
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Canadians Isabela Onyshko and Zoé Allaire-Bourgie captured the all-around titles at the 27th International Gymnix, which concluded Sunday in Montreal. Pictured: Allaire-Bourgie won the Junior Cup divsion over Italy's Asia D'Amato and Russia's Viktoria Listunova

Canadians Isabela Onyshko and Zoé Allaire-Bourgie captured the all-around titles at the 27th International Gymnix, which concluded Sunday in Montréal.

The annual competition for women brought nearly 100 gymnasts from 13 nations to the city's Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard to compete in two international divisions: the Gymnix Challenge and the Junior Cup. The competition also includes a large age-group event for young gymnasts.

Onyshko, a 2016 Olympian from Manitoba's Brandon Eagles Gymnastics, won the Gymnix Challenge (54.134) over Gym-Richelieu's Victoria-Kayen Woo (53.885). Russian-born Irina Alexeeva, who trains at WOGA in Texas, won the bronze, just a shade behind Woo (53.867).

Alexeeva, a first-year senior, won uneven bars (beautiful full Ono to piked Jaeger) and floor exercise (double layout) in Sunday's event finals.

World and Olympic vault finalist Shallon Olsen (Vancouver's Omega) won vault after placing fifth all-around. American Kayla DiCello of Hill's Gymnastics finished fourth all-around and won balance beam.

Italy returned to Gymnix with its incredible junior arsenal for 2020: twins Alice and Asia D'Amato, Elisa Iorio and Giorgia Villa. The forti foursome, who will be seniors in 2019, captured the Junior Cup team title over Russia and Canada.

Gymnix's own Allaire-Bourgie won the Junior Cup all-around title. Allaire-Bourgie, who turns 14 on September 27, scored 53.935 to edge Asia D'Amato by just .1, with Viktoria Listunova close behind (53.701).

Allaire-Bourgie, a native of Bangkok, added the silver medal on uneven bars and the gold medal on balance beam in Sunday's finals.

Russia's Yelena Gerasimova finished fourth (53.268) ahead of Villa (52.668), who lost the title with just 11.600 on balance beam. In event finals, Gerasimova won uneven bars while Villa missed her sensational routine to finish fourth.

Asia D'Amato performed a double-twisting Yurchenko and very clean layout Podkopayeva to win the vault title over Villa, while Listunova won floor exercise.

Tokyo hopeful Chiaki Hatakeda (Japan), who will turn 16 in 2020, finished eighth all-around after a missed routine on uneven bars (11.734). She won the silver on floor exercise and bronze medals on vault and balance beam.

External Link: Official Website

27th International Gymnix
March 8-11, 2018, Montréal, Canada

Gymnix Challenge All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Isabela OnyshkoCanada19984.613.7005.814.0005.913.4005.013.03454.134
2.Victoria-Kayen WooCanada19974.613.6505.313.7345.213.4344.913.06753.885
3.Irina AlexeevaWOGA20024.613.8005.914.1674.812.4005.513.50053.867
4.Kayla DiCelloHill's Gymnastics20044.613.8505.313.7345.313.4005.212.86753.851
5.Shallon OlsenCanada20006.014.9004.912.7005.413.2005.513.00053.800
6.Madeleine JohnstonHill's Gymnastics20024.613.7005.113.3675.213.2674.712.83453.168
7.Lilly LippeattCincinnati Gymnastics20044.613.4005.013.0345.413.3675.212.83452.635
8.Megan RobertsCanada20004.613.6504.812.9675.212.9345.012.73452.285
9.Luisa BlancoWOGA20014.613.8005.113.4675.413.0344.711.56751.868
10.Haley de JongCanada20015.413.0005.013.1674.813.0345.112.63451.835
11.Lauren LittleEverest20045.414.6005.313.2005.211.4005.112.46751.667
12.Léa MarquesPôle de Marseille20014.613.5505.213.2344.812.8004.412.03451.618
13.Jessica DowlingDynamo Gymnastics19944.613.4505.113.4004.811.8344.812.86751.551
14.Konnor McClainRevolution20054.613.7004.412.0005.713.0345.112.80051.534
15.Skye BlakelyWOGA20054.613.6504.311.7345.513.4345.112.70051.518
16.Gabrielle GallentineEverest20034.613.5005.313.7674.511.9004.912.06751.234
17.Montana FairbairnStampede City20024.813.6003.912.0675.112.7344.912.53450.935
18.Kaylen MorganEverest20044.613.0005.112.7345.413.2345.011.93450.902
19.Deiah MoodyWOGA20024.613.7005.113.4004.712.6004.510.76750.467
20.Audrey DavisWOGA20024.613.6505.012.4345.411.9344.912.10050.118
21.Jade ChrobokCanada20015.014.2004.913.0004.610.3004.812.33449.834
22.Myrelle MorinGymnix20024.613.6003.912.3005.011.3674.612.46749.734
23.Mia St-PierreGym-Fly20034.613.7004.511.2345.012.1004.812.53449.568
24.Madeline StrakerManjak's20004.612.9504.312.4674.712.7004.611.30049.417
25.Sheyen PetitPôle de Marseille20024.213.0504.010.9675.213.0004.412.30049.317
26.Ilka JukCalgary20034.613.6004.511.4004.412.0674.312.20049.267
27.Andrea MaldonadoPuerto Rico19984.613.5504.412.5004.811.7674.711.26749.084
28.Martina DominiciArgentina20025.413.0505.212.4344.911.9674.811.50048.951
29.Djenna LarouiPôle de Saint-Étienne20053.712.6502.911.0004.912.8344.412.33448.818
30.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym-Fly20004.212.8504.710.3344.712.7674.612.83448.785
31.Élise GarciaPôle de Saint-Étienne20043.712.4003.711.3005.012.6344.512.40048.734
32.Morgan TrevorWOGA20033.512.1504.913.0674.911.7004.611.56748.484
33.Rachel GrenkeCapital City20034.213.4503.510.7004.712.1674.212.06748.384
34.Claudia VillalbaSpain20044.613.6003.49.8344.612.4674.512.40048.301
35.Savannah HolmanCalgary20043.912.8002.911.2675.012.4674.111.63448.168
36.Cassia PrielsGymnos Charleroi20034.012.1504.412.4344.211.1674.212.33448.085
37.Taïs BouraPôle de Marseille20053.512.2002.110.8344.812.3004.412.70048.034
38.Clarisse PasseronPôle de Saint-Étienne20053.712.5002.410.8674.712.4344.512.06747.868
39.Alison FaurePôle de Marseille20044.213.1504.511.8344.711.5004.511.30047.784
40.Elizabeth HolmstromCapital City20024.012.8003.510.7004.712.1344.512.13447.768
41.Maëwenn EugènePôle de Saint-Étienne20044.112.9502.810.0675.012.7004.312.00047.717
42.Paulina GuerraElite Gymnastics20014.613.8004.010.2674.511.3004.612.33447.701
43.Bryn TophamCalgary20033.312.0003.511.0344.612.6004.211.86747.501
44.Emily WalkerSaskatchewan Gymnastics20024.613.4003.210.3675.011.1004.512.43447.301
45.Eloïse MonatÉquilibrix20024.013.1004.212.6344.611.4344.510.06747.235
46.Daniela DoddoliElite Gymnastics20044.213.1503.111.3674.210.1674.412.10046.784
47.Piper JohnsonCalgary20044.012.8002.410.5344.412.3344.511.03446.702
48.Gabriella LazoElite Gymnastics20034.013.0003.99.6344.711.9344.712.10046.668
49.Okeri KatjavariBrandon Eagles20044.612.1503.810.9004.212.1344.411.43446.618
50.Karelys Davila DíazPuerto Rico19994.813.7003.310.8344.911.1674.510.70046.401
51.Jordyn EwingTAISO Gymnastics20034.012.8504.410.7004.911.0674.211.73446.351
52.Kelly JohnstonManjak's20024.613.7003.510.6344.49.8674.312.00046.201
53.Barbara DoddoliElite Gymnastics20034.612.3004.211.5344.610.4674.411.80046.101
54.Hannah ScharfShenderey Gymnastics20014.613.8003.810.8344.99.5344.411.90046.068
55.Emma CozziPôle de Marseille20054.013.1003.810.5344.710.3004.211.96745.901
56.Silane MiellePôle de Saint-Étienne20054.012.4503.810.5344.610.6674.112.10045.751
57.Bianca LeónPuerto Rico20004.012.7503.510.3004.410.5343.911.53445.118
58.Kryxia AliceaPuerto Rico20034.112.8504.211.8004.39.1344.310.93444.718
59.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus Gymnastics20044.613.5003.59.8004.59.5004.211.60044.400
60.Paula MejiasPuerto Rico19944.113.0003.710.2344.79.2344.911.36743.835
61.Lucía EspósitoArgentina20033.512.200 0.0004.310.5674.311.70034.467
62.Stella DíazPuerto Rico20023.312.2503.410.9344.510.767 33.951
63.Valeska LéonardUnigym Gatineau2004 4.211.0674.010.6344.211.86733.568
64.Rose-Kaying WooCanada20005.413.950 5.413.900 27.850
65.Valérie Menesez-ThibaultGymnix2004 4.410.7344.210.36721.101
66.Chantae WilsonBermuda Gymnastics2003 3.610.4343.210.334 20.768
67.Sofia DíazPuerto Rico2002 3.98.5344.210.100 18.634
68.Sandra GarcíaPodium Gymnastics1996 3.911.200 11.200
69.Nicole ÁlvarezPuerto Rico1999 3.310.334 10.334

Junior Cup All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie20044.613.9344.913.6005.613.3344.813.06753.935
2.Asia D'Amato20035.414.5345.513.7004.712.1345.113.46753.835
3.Viktoria Listunova20054.613.4675.013.1005.413.2345.313.90053.701
4.Yelena Gerasimova20044.613.4005.313.3005.612.6345.313.93453.268
5.Giorgia Villa20035.414.4345.813.5345.011.6005.013.10052.668
6.Emma Spence20035.013.8345.413.3344.812.0345.113.30052.502
7.Alice D'Amato20035.413.9675.713.6674.912.0344.912.80052.468
8.Chiaki Hatakeda20044.613.6674.611.7345.112.9345.413.83452.169
9.Margaux Daveloose20034.012.6344.412.5004.912.9344.913.26751.335
10.Shoko Miyata20045.014.2004.212.2674.612.9674.611.90051.334
11.Olga Astafyeva20044.613.4345.812.7675.111.8674.612.93451.002
12.Noémie Louon20044.012.7674.512.8344.412.6344.512.43450.669
13.Chiharu Yamada20034.613.4674.711.9344.812.7674.712.36750.535
14.Kyra Cato20044.613.3004.211.8674.912.5344.812.70050.401
15.Stacy Bertrandt20044.012.8674.312.6674.512.4004.412.36750.301
16.Elisa Iorio20034.613.4005.610.6345.012.9675.113.16750.168
17.Quinn Skrupa20034.613.3344.912.4674.611.4004.912.03449.235
18.Imogen Paterson20034.613.5674.812.3674.611.2004.811.43448.568
19.Julie Vandamme20034.613.4343.911.2674.811.4004.612.43448.535
20.Lucia Jakab20034.813.4344.812.0004.210.2674.512.73448.435
21.Rachael Riley20045.013.9003.911.6004.610.1004.712.76748.367
22.Sophia King20044.012.9343.811.4004.111.2344.712.63448.202
23.Noemi Griesser20043.512.1673.611.8004.711.5344.510.86746.368
24.Sidney Hayn20034.613.5342.910.5004.89.6674.612.46746.168
25.Sophia Steurer20043.712.0673.411.3674.611.1344.210.66745.235
26.Sakura Nakaguchi20033.512.0674.211.5674.89.8004.711.53444.968
27.Marielle Billet20054.011.6673.510.8674.611.367 33.901
28.Irina Komnova2004 0.0004.411.8673.611.134 23.001

Gymnix Challenge Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Shallon OlsenCanada5.49.40014.80014.475
2.Martina DominiciArgentina5.49.05014.45014.125
3.Mia St-PierreGym-Fly4.28.90013.10013.400
4.Andrea MaldonadoPuerto Rico4.19.10013.20013.375
5.Barbara DoddoliMexico4.09.1000.113.00013.350
6.Kelly JohnstonManjak's4.68.95013.55013.225
7.Haley de JongCanada4.28.8500.112.95013.150
8.Paula MejiasPuerto Rico4.88.9500.113.65013.025
9.Paulina GuerraMexico3.78.65012.35012.875
10.Gabriella LazoMexico3.78.70012.40012.700
11.Daniela DoddoliMexico4.28.0000.311.90012.225

Gymnix Challenge Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Irina AlexeevaWOGA5.98.35014.250
3.Isabela OnyshkoCanada5.87.95013.750
4.Victoria-Kayen WooCanada5.18.60013.700
5.Deiah MoodyWOGA5.18.30013.400
6.Jessica DowlingDynamo5.18.25013.350
7.Kayla DiCelloHill's Gymnastics5.37.95013.250
8.Lauren LittleEverest5.17.85012.950
9.Léa MarquesMarseille5.16.65011.750
10.Luisa BlancoWOGA4.66.85011.450
11.Haley de JongCanada4.96.10011.000
12.Gabrielle GallentineEverest5.25.65010.850
13.Madeleine JohnstonHill's Gymnastics5.05.70010.700

Challenge Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Kayla DiCelloHill's Gymnastics5.58.05013.550
2.Kaylen MorganEverest5.47.50012.900
3.Lilly LippeattCincinnati Gymnastics5.47.35012.750
4.Konnor McClainRevolution5.87.0000.112.700
5.Skye BlakelyWOGA5.07.60012.600
6.Isabela OnyshkoCanada5.57.00012.500
7.Madeleine JohnstonHill's Gymnastics5.07.45012.450
8.Luisa BlancoWOGA5.56.9500.112.350
9.Shallon OlsenCanada5.76.55012.250
10.Victoria-Kayen WooCanada5.16.7000.111.700

Gymnix Challenge Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Irina AlexeevaWOGA5.48.25013.650
2.Konnor McClainRevolution5.18.25013.350
3.Victoria-Kayen WooCanada4.98.3500.113.150
4.Shallon OlsenCanada5.47.7500.113.050
5.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym-Fly4.68.35012.950
6.Lilly LippeattCincinnati Gymnastics4.97.9000.112.700
7.Madeleine JohnstonHill's Gymnastics4.77.95012.650
7.Kayla DiCelloHill's Gymnastics5.27.6500.212.650
9.Taïs BouraMarseille4.48.00012.400
10.Megan RobertsCanada5.07.30012.300
11.Isabela OnyshkoCanada4.97.35012.250
12.Jessica DowlingDynamo4.67.8500.312.150

Junior Cup Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Asia D'Amato5.49.25014.65014.600
2.Giorgia Villa4.69.15013.75014.075
3.Chiaki Hatakeda4.69.15013.75013.775
4.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie4.09.35013.35013.550
5.Shoko Miyata4.18.80012.90013.525
6.Sidney Hayn4.69.00013.60013.375
7.Emma Spence5.07.5500.112.45013.000
8.Viktoria Listunova4.27.85012.05012.775

Junior Cup Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Yelena Gerasimova5.38.40013.700
2.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie4.98.50013.400
2.Viktoria Listunova5.38.10013.400
4.Giorgia Villa5.67.25012.850
5.Noémie Louon4.37.80012.100
6.Emma Spence4.97.10012.000
7.Stacy Bertrandt4.37.40011.700
8.Asia D'Amato4.37.25011.550

Junior Cup Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie5.68.10013.700
2.Elisa Iorio5.08.05013.050
3.Chiaki Hatakeda5.27.80013.000
4.Margaux Daveloose4.98.00012.900
5.Noémie Louon4.48.10012.500
6.Viktoria Listunova5.16.85011.950
7.Shoko Miyata4.67.15011.750
8.Yelena Gerasimova4.86.80011.600

Junior Cup Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Viktoria Listunova5.38.40013.700
2.Chiaki Hatakeda5.38.3500.313.350
3.Yelena Gerasimova5.18.20013.300
4.Giorgia Villa5.08.25013.250
5.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie4.88.40013.200
6.Asia D'Amato5.07.95012.950
7.Margaux Daveloose4.68.10012.700
8.Emma Spence4.86.90011.700

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