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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 02 July 2016 19:30    PDF Print
Iordache, Muntean Win Romanian Nationals
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Larisa Iordache and Andrei Muntean (both of Dinamo Bucharest) won the all-around titles at the 69th Romanian Gymnastics Championships, held Friday and Saturday in Cluj. PIctured: Iordache with silver medalist Ioana Crișan and bronze medalist Carmen Glăvan

Larisa Iordache and Andrei Muntean (both of Dinamo Bucharest) won the all-around titles at the 69th Romanian Gymnastics Championships, held Friday and Saturday in Cluj.

Iordache made a triumphant comeback to competition, four months after suffering a hand injury that required surgery. She captured her fourth national title with 56.933. She showed easier routines than her usual sets and was scored generously. She earned her two lowest scores on vault (Yurchenko full; 14.133) and uneven bars (Maloney-half; Jaeger; Tkatchev-Pak; Maloney; toe-on full to full-twisting double with spot from coach though no deduction taken; 13.200). She had her best scores on balance beam (ff, two-foot layout; double turn; switch leap, switch half; side somi; RO, ff, 2 1/2; 15.100) and floor exercise (triple twist; double tuck; 2 1/2; double pike; 14.500).

The women's competition featured both juniors and seniors together, as injuries and retirements have decimated the senior squad. Junior Ioana Crișan (CNS Cetate Deva) won the all-around silver (56.699) over Carmen Glăvan of CS Farul Constanta (55.866).

Denisa Golgotă, who won the Junior European championship on floor exercise last month, finished fourth all-around and had the top score on floor with 14.700.

Two-time Olympian Cătălina Ponor (CS Farul Constanta), who along with Iordache is in contention for Romania's sole Olympic spot, competed three events. She shockingly fell from balance beam on her double turn, one of the only times she has ever fallen in 13 years of senior competition. She scored 14.533 on floor exercise after struggling on her landings on floor exercise (double layout; two whips to piked full-in; triple twist; double pike).

Muntean, the 2012 and 2014 champion, won his third all-around title with 85.666. Cristian Bățagă (CSM Bistrita), the 2013 and 2015 champion, won the silver a few tenths behind (85.432). Vlad Cotuna (CSA Steaua Bucharest) won the bronze with 83.699.

Marian Drăgulescu (Steaua Bucharest), who qualified to the Olympic Games thanks to his silver medal on vault at last year's world championships, competed three events. He qualified second to the finals on floor exercise (14.900) and vault (14.775).

Swiss gymnasts David Fürst and Emanuel Schuter, coached by Romanian Nicuşor Pascu, competed as guests.

Competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

External Link: Romanian Gymnastics Federation

69th Romanian Gymnastics Championships
July 1-2, 2016, Cluj

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.CS Farul Constanta42.69938.86643.09942.699167.363
Carmen Glăvan14.03313.40014.13314.30055.866
Maria Holbură13.66613.50014.60013.86655.632
Cătălina Ponor15.00014.36614.53343.899
Ariadna Stanciu11.96611.966
2.CNS Cetate Deva42.96638.23242.33342.866166.397
Carmen Ghiciuc13.90012.96613.90013.96654.732
Denisa Golgotă15.00011.86613.40014.70054.966
Ioana Crișan14.06613.40015.03314.20056.699
3.CSA Steaua Bucharest40.99933.50041.46539.999155.963
Diana Mandrea12.3338.40012.83312.73346.299
Alexia Borascu13.8339.80013.06612.70049.399
Andreea Ciurusniuc13.63313.50014.13313.40054.666
Camelia Anghel13.53310.20014.26613.86651.865
4.CSM Onesti39.69933.79939.50040.399153.397
Teodora Manolache12.4669.86611.80013.20047.332
Coleen Tataru12.6669.63312.70012.76647.765
Silvia Zarzu13.73313.23313.80013.73354.499
Ioana Oprea13.30010.70013.00013.46650.466

1.CS Dinamo Bucharest41.56639.69942.96642.20043.00040.066249.497
Robert Ghiuzan13.06612.40013.25011.93312.50063.149
Andrei Ursache13.90013.16613.70013.85014.00012.60081.216
Andrei Muntean14.60013.10015.06615.10014.30013.50085.666
Andrei Groza13.43314.20014.70013.96656.299
2.CSM Bistrita40.00039.63241.46642.50041.46538.333243.396
Laurențiu Nistor13.00013.70013.13313.80014.03311.00078.666
Bogdan Necsa12.90010.53313.53313.90011.96611.70074.532
Cristian Bățagă14.10013.96614.80014.60014.36613.60085.432
Daniel Rădeanu11.96614.00013.06613.03352.065
3.CSA Steaua Bucharest42.03337.20036.36640.30040.26637.933234.098
Cristian Anghel12.43310.80010.50012.35011.56611.20068.849
Beniamin Cristea11.33312.70011.60011.45013.20012.20072.483
Vlad Cotuna14.70013.70014.26612.90015.50012.63383.699
Marian Drăgulescu14.90015.05013.10043.050
4.CSS Dinamo37.50036.39934.56637.05036.06634.566216.147
Gabriel Petrache11.83312.23310.63311.65012.1338.43366.915
Luca Moroianu12.00011.0669.10010.75010.66610.00063.582
Andrei Gula13.20011.86611.70013.85011.33312.50074.449
Liviua Ionita12.30012.30012.23311.55012.60012.06673.049
5.LPS Bistrita37.93333.13334.59937.20035.26633.900212.031
Razvan Marc12.40010.10011.80012.2009.90011.10067.500
Emilian Neagu13.03310.20011.76612.05011.50010.60069.149
Robert Somesan11.0339.73311.03312.10011.6009.70065.199
Catalin Drunea12.50012.83312.90012.16612.20062.599

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa IordacheCS Dinamo Bucharest14.1335.813.2006.115.1005.714.50056.933
2.Ioana CrișanCNS Cetate Deva14.0665.213.4006.115.0335.814.20056.699
3.Carmen GlăvanCS Farul Constanta14.0335.013.4005.414.1335.614.30055.866
4.Maria HolburăCS Farul Constanta13.6665.113.5005.614.6005.713.86655.632
5.Denisa GolgotăCNS Cetate Deva15.0003.911.8665.413.4005.714.70054.966
6.Carmen GhiciucCNS Cetate Deva13.9004.912.9665.113.9005.413.96654.732
7.Andreea CiurusniucCSA Steaua Bucharest13.6335.413.5005.414.1335.313.40054.666
8.Silvia ZarzuCSM Onesti13.7334.913.2335.013.8005.513.73354.499
9.Camelia AnghelCSA Steaua Bucharest13.5333.210.2005.614.2665.413.86651.865
10.Beatrice ButunoiCSS Galati 12.6663.911.5335.213.9335.013.60051.732
11.Ioana OpreaCSM Onesti13.3003.210.7004.513.0005.413.46650.466
12.Ana Maria PuiuCSSG Focsani13.0333.210.4004.912.8005.413.80050.033
13.Alexia BorascuCSA Steaua Bucharest13.8333.09.8005.013.0664.812.70049.399
14.Coleen TataruCSM Onesti12.6662.39.6334.712.7004.412.76647.765
15.Teodora ManolacheCSM Onesti12.4663.29.8664.711.8005.113.20047.332
16.Diana MandreaCSA Steaua Bucharest12.3332.18.4004.612.8334.412.73346.299
17.Cătălina PonorCS Farul Constanta15.0006.214.3666.014.53343.899
18.Anda ButucCS Dinamo 5.212.2335.314.03326.266
19.Ariadna StanciuCS Farul Constanta3.911.96611.966
20.Roberta PlesaCSS Triumf Bucharest4.311.80011.800
21.Laura IacobCSM Onesti4.211.20011.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andrei MunteanDinamo6.614.6005.113.1006.415.06615.10015.1006.714.3005.513.50085.666
2.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita6.314.1006.713.9666.114.80014.60014.6005.914.3665.613.60085.432
3.Vlad CotunaSteaua6.314.7005.613.7005.914.26612.90012.9006.815.5006.312.63383.699
4.Andrei UrsacheDinamo5.913.9006.713.1665.513.70013.85013.8505.714.0005.112.60081.216
5.David FürstCSM Lugoj5.213.5665.112.4336.714.96613.00013.0005.212.7004.612.86679.531
6.Laurențiu NistorCSM Bistrita5.413.0005.713.7005.113.13313.80013.8005.614.0335.911.00078.666
7.Manuel SutterCSM Lugoj5.013.0664.913.1004.211.83313.40013.4004.913.5004.512.60077.499
8.Robert PascaCSM Resita5.812.4005.112.5664.812.60014.10014.1005.512.9665.012.20076.832
9.Bogdan NecsaCSM Bistrita5.512.9004.310.5335.213.53313.90013.9004.811.9664.811.70074.532
10.Andrei GulaCSS Dinamo5.013.2004.511.8664.211.70013.85013.8503.811.3334.612.50074.449
11.Liviua IonitaCSS Dinamo4.512.3004.812.3004.812.23311.55011.5504.412.6004.512.06673.049
12.Beniamin CristeaSteaua4.511.3334.712.7004.011.60011.45011.4504.513.2003.912.20072.483
13.Gabriel BurtaneteCSS Buzau5.013.5004.611.3663.510.90013.30013.3004.012.3332.810.30071.699
14.Ovidiu PrichindelDinamo5.611.3005.513.1005.513.00012.60012.6004.410.8664.610.66671.532
15.Emilian NeaguLPS Bistrita5.113.0333.410.2004.111.76612.05012.0504.311.5002.610.60069.149
16.Cristian AnghelSteaua4.712.4333.310.8003.010.50012.35012.3504.111.5663.811.20068.849
17.Razvan MarcLPS Bistrita4.512.4004.010.1003.611.80012.20012.2003.89.9003.111.10067.500
18.Gabriel PetracheCSS Dinamo4.811.8334.712.2333.510.63311.65011.6504.212.1333.08.43366.915
19.Robert BurtaneteCSS Buzau4.913.6003.99.6663.510.30012.40012.4003.911.6002.28.60066.166
20.Robert SomesanLPS Bistrita3.711.0333.69.7333.311.03312.10012.1003.611.6002.29.70065.199
21.Luca MoroianuCSS Dinamo4.412.0003.711.0662.19.10010.75010.7503.210.6662.010.00063.582
22.Robert GhiuzanDinamo6.013.0665.412.40013.25013.2505.211.9335.412.50063.149
23.Catalin DruneaLPS Bistrita4.612.5004.812.83312.90012.9005.012.1664.012.20062.599
24.Andrei GrozaDinamo5.713.4336.014.2005.914.7005.913.96656.299
25.Daniel RădeanuCSM Bistrita5.211.96614.00014.0005.013.0664.913.03352.065
26.Adelin KotrongCSM Arad6.113.7335.511.23314.60014.6004.911.90051.466
27.Rafael SzaboCSS Lugoj5.113.6004.813.0004.613.0003.210.80050.400
28.Marian DrăgulescuSteaua6.214.90015.05015.0505.513.10043.050
29.Emanuel BadilaCSM Bistrita6.011.6004.111.10022.700

Women's Vault QualificationScore
1.Denisa GolgotăCNS Cetate Deva14.483
2.Ioana CrișanCNS Cetate Deva14.116
3.Carmen GlăvanCS Farul Constanta12.767
4.Alexia BorascuCSA Steaua Bucharest12.650
5.Ioana OpreaCSM Onesti12.617
6.Carmen GhiciucCNS Cetate Deva12.533
7.Andreea CiurusniucCSA Steaua Bucharest12.433
8.Maria HolburăCS Farul Constanta12.333
R1Camelia AnghelCSA Steaua Bucharest12.050

Uneven Bars QualificationScore
1.Andreea CiurusniucCSA Steaua Bucharest13.500
1.Maria HolburăCS Farul Constanta13.500
3.Carmen GlăvanCS Farul Constanta13.400
3.Ioana CrișanCNS Cetate Deva13.400
5.Silvia ZarzuCSM Onesti13.233
6.Larisa IordacheCS Dinamo Bucharest13.200
7.Carmen GhiciucCNS Cetate Deva12.966
8.Anda ButucCS Dinamo12.233
R1Ariadna StanciuCS Farul Constanta11.966
R2Denisa GolgotăCNS Cetate Deva11.866

Balance Beam QualificationScore
1.Larisa IordacheCS Dinamo Bucharest15.100
2.Ioana CrișanCNS Cetate Deva15.033
3.Maria HolburăCS Farul Constanta14.600
4.Cătălina PonorCS Farul Constanta14.366
5.Camelia AnghelCSA Steaua Bucharest14.266
6.Andreea CiurusniucCSA Steaua Bucharest14.133
6.Carmen GlăvanCS Farul Constanta14.133
8.Anda ButucCS Dinamo14.033
R1Beatrice ButunoiCSS Galati13.933
R2Carmen GhiciucCNS Cetate Deva13.900

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationScore
1.Denisa GolgotăCNS Cetate Deva14.700
2.Cătălina PonorCS Farul Constanta14.533
3.Larisa IordacheCS Dinamo Bucharest14.500
4.Carmen GlăvanCS Farul Constanta14.300
5.Ioana CrișanCNS Cetate Deva14.200
6.Carmen GhiciucCNS Cetate Deva13.966
7.Maria HolburăCS Farul Constanta13.866
7.Camelia AnghelCSA Steaua Bucharest13.866
R1Ana Maria PuiuCssg Focsani13.800
R2Silvia ZarzuCSM Onesti13.733

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationScore
1.Marian DrăgulescuCSA Steaua Bucharest14.900
2.Vlad CotunaCSA Steaua Bucharest14.700
3.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest14.600
4.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita14.100
5.Andrei UrsacheCS Dinamo Bucharest13.900
6.Adelin KotrongCSM Arad13.733
7.Robert BurtaneteCSS Buzau13.600
7.Rafael SzaboCSS Lugoj13.600
R1David FürstCSM Lugoj13.566
R2Gabriel BurtaneteCSS Buzau13.500

Pommel Horse QualificationScore
1.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita13.966
2.Laurențiu NistorCSM Bistrita13.700
3.Vlad CotunaCSA Steaua Bucharest13.700
4.Andrei GrozaCS Dinamo Bucharest13.433
5.Andrei UrsacheCS Dinamo Bucharest13.166
6.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest13.100
6.Manuel SutterCSM Lugoj13.100
6.Ovidiu PrichindelCS Dinamo Bucharest13.100
R1Catalin DruneaLps Bistrita12.833
R2Beniamin CristeaCSA Steaua Bucharest12.700

Still Rings QualificationScore
1.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest15.066
2.David FürstCSM Lugoj14.966
3.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita14.800
4.Vlad CotunaCSA Steaua Bucharest14.266
5.Andrei GrozaCS Dinamo Bucharest14.200
6.Andrei UrsacheCS Dinamo Bucharest13.700
7.Bogdan NecsaCSM Bistrita13.533
8.Laurențiu NistorCSM Bistrita13.133
R1Rafael SzaboCSS Lugoj13.000
R2Ovidiu PrichindelCS Dinamo Bucharest13.000

Men's Vault QualificationScore
1.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest14.900
2.Marian DrăgulescuCSA Steaua Bucharest14.775
3.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita14.250
4.Robert GhiuzanCS Dinamo Bucharest13.600
5.Ovidiu PrichindelCS Dinamo Bucharest13.000
6.Andrei GulaCSS Dinamo12.875
7.Gabriel BurtaneteCSS Buzau12.600
8.Gabriel PetracheCSS Dinamo10.975

Parallel Bars QualificationScore
1.Vlad CotunaCSA Steaua Bucharest15.500
2.Andrei GrozaCS Dinamo Bucharest14.700
3.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita14.366
4.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest14.300
5.Laurențiu NistorCSM Bistrita14.033
6.Andrei UrsacheCS Dinamo Bucharest14.000
7.Manuel SutterCSM Lugoj13.500
8.Beniamin CristeaCSA Steaua Bucharest13.200
R1Daniel RădeanuCSM Bistrita13.066
R2Rafael SzaboCSS Lugoj13.000

High Bar QualificationScore
1.Andrei GrozaCS Dinamo Bucharest13.966
2.Cristian BățagăCSM Bistrita13.600
3.Andrei MunteanCS Dinamo Bucharest13.500
4.Marian DrăgulescuCSA Steaua Bucharest13.100
5.Daniel RădeanuCSM Bistrita13.033
6.David FürstCSM Lugoj12.866
7.Vlad CotunaCSA Steaua Bucharest12.633
8.Andrei UrsacheCS Dinamo Bucharest12.600
R1Manuel SutterCSM Lugoj12.600
R2Andrei GulaCSS Dinamo12.500
Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 02 July 2016 16:59    PDF Print
Whitlock Wins London Men's Open
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

World pommel horse champion Max Whitlock won the all-around title Saturday at the London Men's Open, the final Olympic selection event for the British men.

World pommel horse champion Max Whitlock won the all-around title Saturday at the London Men's Open, the final Olympic selection event for the British men.

The London Men's Open is possibly the longest-running competition in the world, having begun in the early 1900s. The winner's cup for the senior competition, presented by the Duke of Westminster, is one of the oldest trophies in British sports. The competition has increased in prestige in the past several years with the addition of international guests.

Brinn Bevan returned to the all-around after a broken leg, placing fourth.

This year's event served as the final selection event for the British men's team to next month's Olympic Games. All members of Great Britain's bronze medal-winning team from the 2012 Olympic Games — Dan Purvis, Sam Oldham, Louis Smith, Kristian Thomas and Whitlock — were back competing in London, as was the entirety of the 2015 world team (Brinn Bevan, Purvis, Smith, Thomas, Whitlock and Nile Wilson), who placed second to Japan in Glasgow.

Whitlock, who missed May's European championships because of illness, returned to tally 91.200 for first place. He scored 15.600 on floor exercise, 15.850 on pommel horse, 15.250 on still rings, 14.400 on vault, 15.400 on parallel bars and 14.700 on high bar.

Nile Wilson (Leeds) likely stamped his ticket to Rio with a solid silver in the all-around (89.800), winning parallel bars (15.550) and high bar (15.400), and placing second on still rings (15.550). Sam Oldham (Loughborough) placed third all-around (88.300) and won floor exercise with 15.650.

Brinn Bevan (South Essex) made a strong return to the all-around after suffering a double broken leg last November. He placed fourth all-around (88.200) with top scores of 14.700 on pommel horse, 15.000 on still rings, and 15.050 on parallel bars.

Dan Purvis (Southport YMCA) placed just fifth all-around (86.350), with scores ranging from 14.100 on floor exercise to 14.700 on vault. Dominick Cunningham (City of Birmingham) finished sixth (85.050) and won vault (14.750 average).

Specialists Louis Smith (Huntingdon), Kristian Thomas (Earls) and Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus) competed their key events, hoping to impress. Two-time Olympic pommel horse medalist Smith missed his routine (14.450), while Tulloch logged with 15.800 on still rings and 14.900 on parallel bars. Thomas also made his case with 15.300 on floor exercise, 15.400 on vault and 15.100 on high bar.

Junior superstar Giarnni Regini-Moran, the 2014 Youth Olympic champion and 2016 Junior European champion, was forced to withdraw from the Rio race after suffering a torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in late June.

The competition also featured several guest competitors. Mexico's Daniel Corral, preparing for his second Olympic Games, won the silver on pommel horse with 15.400. Hungarian Olympian Vid Hidvégi (13.600) and Australia's Prashanth Sellathurai (12.800) also competed pommel horse.

In addition to the senior competition, known as the Westminster Cup, the London Open included the Loveday Trophy for Under-16 and the Clayton Bolt Shield for Under-14.

Jamie Lewis (Woking), a member of Great Britain's gold medal-winning team at this spring's Junior European championships won the Loveday Trophy (83.650). Joe Cemlyn-Jones (Falcons) scored 79.050 to win the silver over Huntingdon's Tony Duchars and Benjamin Eyre, who tied for the bronze with 78.800.

American Dallas Hale won the Under-14 event with 75.550. Hale trains under coach Sergei Pakanich at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Frisco, Texas. Sam Mostowfi of Pegasus won the silver (73.450) over Woking's Fraser Griffiths (72.150).

External Link: Official Website

2016 Gymnova & Westmeria Men's London Open Championships
July 1-2, Crayford, London

Westminster Cup All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.60015.85015.25014.40015.40014.70091.200
2.Nile WilsonLeeds15.00013.85015.55014.45015.55015.40089.800
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough15.65014.05014.90015.20013.50015.00088.300
4.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.30014.70015.00014.70015.05014.45088.200
5.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.10014.25014.35014.70014.35014.60086.350
6.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham14.75013.60014.05014.70014.60013.35085.050
7.James HallPegasus13.30014.60014.30013.20014.75014.60084.750
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.70013.85014.25013.75014.50012.90083.950
9.Stian SkerahaugNorway13.00012.85013.75014.65014.05013.85082.150
10.Joseph FoxCity of Manchester13.05011.10010.40013.30012.55011.45071.850
11.Elliott CooperCity of Manchester12.3509.20012.65013.00011.55011.60070.350
12.Kristian ThomasEarls15.30013.30015.40015.10059.100
13.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex12.45014.30014.30013.75054.800
14.Josh GallagherSwansea12.30011.20011.70010.70045.900
15.Courtney TullochPegasus15.80013.95014.90044.650
16.Nathan ComberWorcestershire13.45010.90013.80038.150
17.Louis Smith MBEHuntingdon14.45014.35028.800
18.Clinton PurnellLlantrisant12.20014.05026.250
19.Daniel CorralCity of Birmingham15.40015.400
20.Jac DaviesSwansea13.95013.950
21.Vid HidvégiHungary13.60013.600
22.Prashanth SellathuraiMilton Keynes12.80012.800
23.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA12.70012.700
24.Stefan KolimechkovElite Academy12.10012.100
25.Miki ChuWoking11.95011.950

Loveday Trophy (U16) All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jamie LewisWoking14.70014.90013.50013.75013.95012.85083.650
2.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons14.05013.45013.40013.90012.65011.60079.050
3.Tony DucharsHuntingdon13.40013.00012.60012.90013.40013.50078.800
3.Benjamin EyreHuntingdon13.75012.15013.20013.20013.30013.20078.800
5.Tom NicolaouEuropa Centre13.25011.20011.95014.45013.50013.55077.900
6.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto13.40013.00013.20013.10012.80011.20076.700
7.Joshua LincolnBury13.75011.90012.35013.40013.10012.15076.650
8.Adam TobinFalcons14.25011.35012.50013.05012.55012.20075.900
9.Sam BuddenPortsmouth13.90012.40012.30013.10013.05010.75075.500
10.Jake JarmanHuntingdon11.65013.40012.60013.10013.50011.10075.350
11.Euan CoxPegasus13.30010.95012.55012.60013.60012.30075.300
12.David WeirCity of Glasgow14.10011.00011.95014.20011.10012.60074.950
13.Pavel KarnejenkoCity of Glasgow13.45011.10012.90013.95011.40012.05074.850
14.Timothy McCarthyWoking13.00012.25011.85012.65013.15011.55074.450
15.Jack ChamberlainBury14.00012.20011.45011.35012.85012.35074.200
16.Josh CookBarry YMCA12.70011.60011.55013.15013.15012.00074.150
17.Louis SidebottomLeeds13.80011.25012.25013.95011.60011.00073.850
18.Douglas TurnbullSouth Essex13.65012.15011.85011.50011.65012.60073.400
19.Kelvin ChamCity of Glasgow12.2009.35012.25012.95012.75012.95072.450
20.James HodgsonCity of Newcastle12.15011.60011.85012.75012.85011.00072.200
21.Cameron ListerPipers Vale13.65011.75010.20012.65011.70011.75071.700
22.Byron Day RogersFalcons13.10012.1507.40012.50013.40013.05071.600
23.Samuel JackmanBulmershe12.60010.80011.15012.15012.45012.35071.500
24.Owen PrintRugby12.15010.40011.85014.15012.00010.10070.650
25.Emile BarberSwansea12.70011.05011.50013.10010.85011.10070.300
26.Matthew BoardmanNotts13.75011.2507.05013.15013.05011.95070.200
27.Jack HelpsPortsmouth13.3509.70010.90012.45012.60011.00070.000
28.Ali HusseinHuntingdon13.10011.25010.80011.45012.15011.05069.800
29.Harry O'DriscollHuntingdon13.15011.55010.20011.75011.95010.75069.350
30.Liam TannerBarry YMCA12.35011.65011.00011.80011.90010.60069.300
31.James LeaverPortsmouth12.35010.50010.70012.55012.00010.80068.900
32.Adam LoganCity of Glasgow13.1009.7509.40013.35012.30010.45068.350
33.Joshua CooperForest of Dean13.1009.7509.40013.35012.30010.45068.200
34.Isaac VangoGarstang13.20010.65010.30012.25011.7009.65067.750
35.Harri MorganBarry YMCA12.70010.20010.75010.80011.35010.90066.700
36.Robbie WhitePlymouth Swallows12.7509.20010.20012.30011.00010.95066.400
37.Thomas JonesRugby12.1009.1509.40013.25012.4509.90066.250
38.Michael O'NeillHeathrow12.80010.9509.90010.50011.6508.75064.550
39.Caleb StephensonHeathrow13.10011.05011.75012.55010.55059.000
40.Mitchell HenshawHinckley12.5509.80011.30012.4506.75052.850
41.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon13.30013.05012.15013.30051.800
42.Nicholas HarveyEllan Vannin11.80010.60013.85010.70046.950
43.Max RobertsonGarstang11.1504.9006.25010.3009.60042.200
44.Veselin KavaldzhievTolworth13.50011.45013.20038.150
45.Thomas BourkeLeeds11.90013.25025.150

Clayton Bolt Shield (U14) All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Dallas HaleWOGA (USA)12.55012.75012.35012.70013.40011.80075.550
2.Sam MostowfiPegasus13.00011.65012.65012.90012.70010.55073.450
3.Fraser GriffithsWoking12.70011.75012.20012.20012.70010.60072.150
4.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds13.40010.65011.85013.30012.20010.20071.600
5.Joshua UnderwoodSouth Essex13.05010.20011.10012.65011.85011.40070.250
6.Kai Yin HoEarls12.30010.20011.40012.05012.80010.35069.100
7.Colton DudleyHeathrow13.35011.2008.80012.50012.40010.75069.000
8.William HoodCity of Manchester11.95011.00011.35011.40011.45011.50068.650
9.Jake JohnsonLeeds11.75011.40011.30011.75011.55010.85068.600
10.Tobie WatsonCity of Birmingham13.20011.5009.50013.50011.5509.10068.350
11.Jacob EdwardsOlympus11.30011.20011.35011.95012.10010.30068.200
12.Luke MorrisonSouth Essex11.55010.45011.55012.30011.75010.35067.950
13.Remell Robinson-BaileyEarls12.3508.30010.90012.60012.70010.60067.450
14.Rory SmithLasswade11.20010.50011.25011.35012.30010.80067.400
15.Conor McGrathRobin Hood12.25010.75010.00011.70012.40010.05067.150
16.Isaac FrimstonPegasus12.4507.40011.25012.30012.20011.25066.850
17.Samuel GhinnPegasus9.55010.60012.15012.20010.15010.60065.250
18.William MayHeathrow12.9509.95011.25011.40011.6007.65064.800
19.Euan McLellanWest Lothian9.55010.60012.15012.20010.15010.60064.150
20.Clayton BellRugby11.7009.1507.40012.20011.35010.95062.750
21.Louis GibsonHawth11.9507.75011.30011.40011.7008.40062.500
22.Cameron LynnWest Lothian10.3005.2008.90011.2008.9009.50054.000
23.Eamon MontgomeryCity of Lisburn Salto13.15011.7008.05010.10043.000
24.Max WhyteGarstang10.00010.55010.1009.65040.300
25.Drew LadellSouth Essex12.55011.40023.950

Senior Floor ExerciseScore
1.Sam OldhamLoughborough15.650
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.600
3.Kristian ThomasEarls15.300
4.Nile WilsonLeeds15.000
5.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham14.750
6.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.700
7.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.300
8.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.100

Senior Pommel HorseScore
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.850
2.Daniel CorralCity of Birmingham15.400
3.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.700
4.James HallPegasus14.600
5.Louis Smith MBEHuntingdon14.450
6.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.250
7.Sam OldhamLoughborough14.050
8.Jac DaviesSwansea13.950

Senior Still RingsScore
1.Courtney TullochPegasus15.800
2.Nile WilsonLeeds15.550
3.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.250
4.Brinn BevanSouth Essex15.000
5.Sam OldhamLoughborough14.900
6.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.350
7.James HallPegasus14.300
7.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex14.300

Senior VaultVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham14.70014.80014.750
2.Clinton PurnellLlantrisant14.05014.20014.125
3.Courtney TullochPegasus13.95013.90013.925

Senior Parallel BarsScore
1.Nile WilsonLeeds15.550
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.400
3.Brinn BevanSouth Essex15.050
4.Courtney TullochPegasus14.900
5.James HallPegasus14.750
6.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham14.600
7.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.500
8.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.350

Senior High BarScore
1.Nile WilsonLeeds15.400
2.Kristian ThomasEarls15.100
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough15.000
4.Max WhitlockSouth Essex14.700
5.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA14.600
5.James HallPegasus14.600
7.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.450
8.Stian SkerahaugNorwegian13.850

U16 Floor ExerciseScore
1.Jamie LewisWoking14.700
2.Adam TobinFalcons14.250
3.David WeirCity of Glasgow14.100
4.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons14.050
5.Jack ChamberlainBury14.000
6.Sam BuddenPortsmouth13.900
7.Louis SidebottomLeeds13.800
8.Matthew BoardmanNotts13.750
8.Joshua LincolnBury13.750
8.Benjamin EyreHuntingdon13.750

U16 Pommel HorseScore
1.Jamie LewisWoking14.900
2.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.450
3.Jake JarmanHuntingdon13.400
4.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon13.050
5.Tony DucharsHuntingdon13.000
5.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto13.000
7.Sam BuddenPortsmouth12.400
8.Timothy Mc CarthyWoking12.250

U16 Still RingsScore
1.Jamie LewisWoking13.500
2.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.400
3.Benjamin EyreHuntingdon13.200
3.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto13.200
5.Pavel KarnejenkoCity of Glasgow12.900
6.Jake JarmanHuntingdon12.600
6.Tony DucharsHuntingdon12.600
8.Euan CoxPegasus12.550

U16 VaultScore
1.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto13.700
2.Pavel KarnejenkoCity of Glasgow13.575
3.Owen PrintRugby13.425
4.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.400
5.Kelvin ChamCity of Glasgow13.175
6.Louis SidebottomLeeds13.050
7.David WeirCity of Glasgow12.950
8.Nicholas HarveyEllan Vannin12.900

U16 Parallel BarsScore
1.Jamie LewisWoking13.950
2.Euan CoxPegasus13.600
3.Tom NicolaouEuropa Centre13.500
3.Jake JarmanHuntingdon13.500
5.Byron Day RogersFalcons13.400
5.Tony DucharsHuntingdon13.400
7.Benjamin EyreHuntingdon13.300
7.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon13.300

U16 High BarScore
1.Tom NicolaouEuropa Centre13.550
2.Tony DucharsHuntingdon13.500
3.Benjamin EyreHuntingdon13.200
4.Byron Day RogersFalcons13.050
5.Kelvin ChamCity of Glasgow12.950
6.Jamie LewisWoking12.850
7.Douglas TurnbullSouth Essex12.600
7.David WeirCity of Glasgow12.600

U14 Floor ExerciseScore
1.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds13.400
2.Colton DudleyHeathrow13.350
3.Tobie WatsonCity of Birmingham13.200
4.Eamon MontgomeryCity of Lisburn Salto13.150
5.Joshua UnderwoodSouth Essex13.050
6.Sam MostowfiPegasus13.000
7.William MayHeathrow12.950
8.Fraser GriffithsWoking12.700

U14 Pommel HorseScore
1.Dallas HaleWOGA12.750
2.Fraser GriffithsWoking11.750
3.Sam MostowfiPegasus11.650
4.Tobie WatsonCity of Birmingham11.500
5.Jake JohnsonLeeds11.400
6.Jacob EdwardsOlympus11.200
6.Colton DudleyHeathrow11.200
8.Euan McLellanWest Lothian11.100

U14 Still RingsScore
1.Sam MostowfiPegasus12.650
2.Dallas HaleWOGA12.350
3.Fraser GriffithsWoking12.200
4.Samuel GhinnPegasus12.150
5.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds11.850
6.Luke MorrisonSouth Essex11.550
7.Kai Yin HoEarls11.400
8.William HoodCity Of Manchester11.350
8.Jacob EdwardsOlympus11.350

U14 VaultScore
1.Tobie WatsonCity of Birmingham13.500
2.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds13.300
3.Sam MostowfiPegasus12.900
4.Dallas HaleWOGA12.700
5.Joshua UnderwoodSouth Essex12.650
6.Remell Robinson-BaileyEarls12.600
7.Colton DudleyHeathrow12.500
8.Luke MorrisonSouth Essex12.300
8.Isaac FrimstonPegasus12.300

U14 Parallel BarsScore
1.Dallas HaleWOGA13.400
2.Kai Yin HoEarls12.800
3.Remell Robinson-BaileyEarls12.700
3.Fraser GriffithsWoking12.700
3.Sam MostowfiPegasus12.700
6.Colton DudleyHeathrow12.400
6.Conor McGrathRobin Hood12.400
8.Rory SmithLasswade12.300

U14 High BarScore
1.Dallas HaleWOGA11.800
2.William HoodCity of Manchester11.500
3.Joshua UnderwoodSouth Essex11.400
4.Isaac FrimstonPegasus11.250
5.Clayton BellRugby10.950
6.Jake JohnsonLeeds10.850
7.Rory SmithLasswade10.800
8.Colton DudleyHeathrow10.750
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Turkey Dominates Mersin World Cup
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Turkish gymnasts led qualification on seven of the 10 events at the Mersin World Challenge Cup, held Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean city. Pictured: İbrahim Çolak qualified first on still rings.

Turkish gymnasts led qualification on seven of the 10 events at the Mersin World Challenge Cup, held Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean city.

The competition is the first World Cup event held in Turkey, and is taking place at Mersin Gymnastics Hall, constructed for the 2013 Mediterranean Games.

The event, the final World Cup competition before the Olympic Games, attracted a small field of gymnasts from Austria, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Hong Kong, Iran, Jordan and Uzbekistan. All gymnasts advanced to Sunday's apparatus finals, as eight or fewer gymnasts competed each event in qualification.

Turkish gymnasts qualified first on three of the four women's events, with Demet Mutlu first on uneven bars and Tutya Yılmaz leading balance beam and floor exercise.

Austrian veteran Lisa Ecker qualified first on vault and second to the other three finals. Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina, headed for a record seventh Olympic Games, scored a 0.000 on her handspring double front but still advanced to the vault final. Chusovitina, who turned 41 on June 19, qualified third on uneven bars and balance beam.

Four Turkish gymnasts topped the men's qualification: Ahmet Önder (floor exercise) İbrahim Çolak (still rings), Ferhat Arıcan (parallel bars) and Ümit Şamiloğlu (high bar). Arıcan earned the highest mark of the qualification with his 15.800 (6.9 Difficulty).

Colombian Olympic qualifier Jossimar Calvo led competition on pommel horse and men's vault and qualified to all six finals. Calvo, who arrived in Turkey after last weekend's World Cup in Anadia, was at the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul at the time of the June 28 terror attack that killed 44 and injured hundreds. Calvo was fortunately uninjured.

Competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2016 FIG World Challenger Cup
July 1-2, Mersin, Turkey

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Lisa Ecker5.08.85013.85013.325
2.Demet Mutlu5.08.350.113.25013.000
3.Catalina Escobar4.48.650.112.95012.475
4.Oksana Chusovitina0.00.0000.0007.400
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan0.00.0000.0006.600

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Demet Mutlu5.28.15013.350
2.Lisa Ecker5.37.50012.800
3.Oksana Chusovitina3.58.35011.850
4.Catalina Escobar5.26.55011.750
5.Tutya Yılmaz4.95.55010.450
6.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan1.17.0008.100

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Tutya Yılmaz6.28.10014.300
2.Lisa Ecker5.58.20013.700
3.Oksana Chusovitina5.38.05013.350
4.Çağla Altundemir4.77.20011.900
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan3.67.15010.750
6.Catalina Escobar4.95.9500.110.750

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Tutya Yılmaz5.28.30013.500
2.Lisa Ecker5.38.20013.500
3.Göksu Üçtaş Şanli5.28.2500.113.350
4.Catalina Escobar5.08.0500.112.950
5.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan4.06.8500.110.750

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Ahmet Önder6.38.40014.700
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.28.20014.400
3.Jossimar Calvo6.37.85014.150
4.Majdi Al­Hmood5.
5.Murad Agharzayev6.17.80013.900

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.58.15014.650
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.87.80014.600
3.Adham Alsqour5.77.85013.550
4.Ahmad Abu Al Soud4.47.45011.850
5.İsa Hamaratcilar4.77.00011.700
6.Murad Agharzayev4.35.6509.950

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.İbrahim Çolak6.78.55015.250
2.Yunus Emre Gündoğdu5.77.90013.600
3.Majdi Al­Hmood4.88.25013.050
4.Jossimar Calvo6.26.85013.050
5.Adham Alsqour5.67.40013.000
6.Reza Farnia6.26.55012.750
7.Murad Agharzayev4.76.85011.550

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Jossimar Calvo5.69.00014.60014.450
2.Man Hin Jim5.68.90014.50014.325
3.Ahmet Önder5.69.20014.80014.050
4.Ferhat Arıcan5.68.50014.10013.775
5.Murad Agharzayev5.28.50013.70013.425
6.Daniel Robert Lucas4.48.20012.60013.250
7.Majdi Al­Hmood4.48.85013.05013.150
8.Yazan Abandeh5.67.5500.113.0506.525

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Ferhat Arıcan6.98.90015.800
2.Jossimar Calvo6.57.45013.950
3.Ahmet Önder6.17.70013.800
4.Adham Alsqour5.97.85013.750
5.Majdi Al­hmood5.48.25013.650
6.Murad Agharzayev4.58.45012.950
7.Man Hin Jim5.07.80012.800
8.Reza Farnia5.57.10012.600

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.58.50015.000
2.Jossimar Calvo6.28.30014.500
3.Ahmet Önder6.08.30014.300
4.Adham Alsqour5.87.45013.250
5.Murad Agharzayev4.77.00011.700
6.Yazan Abandeh3.67.60011.200
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Kuksenkov Wins First Russian Cup Title
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National champion Nikolai Kuksenkov (Vladimir) won his first Russian Cup all-around title on Friday in Penza. Pictured: Kuksenkov with runner-up Vladislav Polyashov (Cheboksary) and bronze medalist Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky)

National champion Nikolai Kuksenkov (Vladimir) won his first Russian Cup all-around title on Friday in Penza.

Kuksenkov amassed a two-day winning total of 174.666, with 86.233 during Wednesday's team competition and improving to 88.433 on Friday. Vladislav Polyashov (Cheboksary) placed second with 173.734 (86.534/87.200), while two-time defending champion Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky) claimed third with 173.033 (86.766/86.267).

Nikita Nagornyy (Rostov-on-Don) was the top gymnast during Wednesday's team competition with 88.733, but chose to compete three events only on Friday. Three-event specialist Denis Ablyazin qualified to finals on his events, with 15.267 on floor exercise, 15.400 on still rings and 14.967 on vault.

2012 Olympian David Belyavsky, the 2013 Russian Cup champion, is sitting out the competition in Penza. Prior to the competition, Russian coaches confirmed that the European championship-winning team of Ablyazin, Belyavsky, Ignatyev, Kuksenkov and Nagornyy would form Russia's preliminary Olympic squad to Rio, with Artur Dalaloyan and Ivan Stretovich likely alternates.

Kuksenkov, who represented his native Ukraine at the 2012 Olympic Games, said he was pleased with his performance on Friday, when he improved his score by 2.2 points from Wednesday.

"Indeed, on the first day I allowed a lot of mistakes, and on my best events," said Kuksenkov, who won the Russian championships in April. "But I found the strength, and the second day was better. The results are still not as high as we would like. We need to work on the quality of performance. More difficulty actually isn't necessary. If you look at some of the Japanese gymnasts, they earn a Difficulty score of 6.5-6.6, but with very high-level performances. Some gymnasts climb into the 7-point range but eventually get low marks. We need to correct the small errors and with these routines go to the Olympic Games."

On Friday, Kuksenkov received a letter from the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) clearing him of any wrongdoing for his positive test for a banned substance this spring. In March, a minute amount of the medication meldonium was found in his system during a routine drug test. Meldonium was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as of January 1, 2016, but more than 300 positive tests among athletes this spring led to questions on how long the drug stayed in the system, with the manufacturer stating it could be detected even months after ingestion.

Kuksenkov was among the numerous athletes who were given reprieves by WADA so long as they had only small traces of the drug in their systems and it was detected early in the year.

"This morning I was approached by head coach Andrei Rodionenko who said that the federation received a letter from the FIG, which speaks of my innocence," Kuksenkov said. "For me this is very good news, because now I can safely concentrate on preparing for the Olympic Games and not wait for any surprises."

Kuksenkov, who was notified in April of his positive test, was briefly suspended from competition pending investigation. Other athletes experienced significant fallout over meldonium, including tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, who received a two-year ban. Professional boxer Alexander Povetkin, who was forced to cancel a fight after a positive test this spring but was recently cleared by WADA, is being sued by promoters for $5 million over the cancellation.

"These three months were not easy," Kuksenkov said. "This is the most important year, the Olympic year, and you have to prove yourself and to show everything you've done these four years. And then there are such unpleasant moments when you are treated unfairly. I took meldonium in the summer of 2015 – a full six months before it was banned, and yet they found it in my body after a long time. But I think it was a deliberate action aimed at other more titled athletes like Maria Sharapova and Alexander Povetkin. Everything happens for a reason. But I don't want to go into this topic because I'm an athlete and my business is to train."

Competition continues Saturday with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2016 Russian Cup
June 28-30, Penza

Kirill Potapov14.16712.83314.26713.53313.26713.233
Andrei Cherkasov13.63311.63310.23314.23314.66712.067
Grigory Zyryanov13.40014.03312.96713.40013.73312.700
Daniil Kazachkov12.40013.46714.63314.76714.03313.733
Ivan Stretovich14.70014.46714.20015.10014.733
Nikita Ignatyev14.76714.10014.73314.73314.23314.200
Denis Ablyazin15.26715.40014.967
Artyom Arnaut12.76711.03311.06713.63312.93311.933
Andrei Makolov13.43313.60013.56715.00014.53312.267
Nikolai Kovinov12.63313.76713.50014.16713.76713.800
Valentin Starikov14.46713.93313.16712.93314.90014.067
Vladislav Polyashov14.26715.20014.06714.16714.83314.000
Emin Garibov13.26714.13313.367
Artur Dalaloyan15.03313.90012.70014.93314.86711.000
Alexei Kosyanov13.60013.66713.33313.80013.73312.700
Dmitry Lankin14.40012.80014.63314.23315.36713.167
Nikita Nagornyy13.93314.53315.00015.30015.76714.200
Stanislav Khegai12.70011.86711.56713.20012.76713.100
Nikolai Kuksenkov15.06713.43314.70014.23315.30013.500
Alexei Rostov14.43313.96713.93314.23313.06714.300
Kirill Prokopyev15.00014.13313.93313.63313.46711.533
Ilya Kibartas13.93312.83314.06713.73314.23312.733
Yevgeny Vasilyev13.86713.43312.06713.36712.46712.900
Sergei Krivunets12.46713.16711.96713.70013.53312.600
Mikhail Kudashov14.46713.76714.433
Sergei Danilenko14.10014.06713.30013.60014.13313.033
Nikita Vasilyev11.23310.50011.83312.46712.50012.167
Viktor Britan14.13313.83313.60014.86713.80012.900
Ivan Cherkashev12.23310.467
6.Southern 39.60024.900 25.43326.634116.567
Boris Lozhkin12.00013.13313.10013.267
Alexei Bykov13.50011.767
Sergei Yeltsov14.10012.33313.367
*Incurred 1.0 Neutral Deduction

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotalCombined
1.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir15.06713.43314.70014.23315.30013.50086.233174.666
2.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary14.26715.20014.06714.16714.83314.00086.534173.734
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.76714.10014.73314.73314.23314.20086.766173.033
4.Dmitry LankinMoscow / Rostov-on-Don14.40012.80014.63314.23315.36713.16784.600169.301
5.Alexei RostovVladimir14.43313.96713.93314.23313.06714.30083.933168.767
6.Artur DalaloyanMoscow15.03313.90012.70014.93314.86711.00082.433167.534
7.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk / Penza12.40013.46714.63314.76714.03313.73383.033166.000
8.Kirill PotapovTomsk14.16712.83314.26713.53313.26713.23381.300165.966
9.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk14.13313.83313.60014.86713.80012.90083.133164.267
10.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk14.10014.06713.30013.60014.13313.03382.233163.600
11.Nikolai KovinovSyzran / Penza12.63313.76713.50014.16713.76713.80081.634163.134
12.Ilya KibartasVladimir13.93312.83314.06713.73314.23312.73381.532162.465
13.Grigory ZyryanovLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk13.40014.03312.96713.40013.73312.70080.233161.066
14.Ivan TikhonovSyzran / Penza13.10013.83311.86713.10013.60013.63379.133159.066
15.Alexei KosyanovMoscow13.60013.66713.33313.80013.73312.70080.833158.566
16.Andrei LagutovLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.40012.13311.80013.66714.26713.60079.867158.234
17.Alexei KozlovMoscow14.30011.10012.33313.60013.46713.00077.800156.700
18.Yevgeny VasilyevVladimir13.86713.43312.06713.36712.46712.90078.101156.067
19.Stanislav KhegaiMoscow12.70011.86711.56713.20012.76713.10075.201154.368
20.Kirill ProkopyevVladimir / Smolensk15.00014.13313.93313.63313.46711.53381.699152.966
21.Artyom ArnautPenza12.76711.03311.06713.63312.93311.93373.366152.734
22.Ivan TsvetkovKostroma13.03312.56711.56713.03312.90012.50075.600150.567
23.Mikhail TsvetkovKostroma12.06710.80012.03312.00012.36711.53370.800139.934
24.Nikita VasilyevChelyabinsk11.23310.50011.83312.46712.50012.16770.700138.567
25.Nikita NagornyyMoscow / Rostov-on-Don13.93314.53315.00015.30015.76714.20088.733131.433
26.Valentin StarikovSizran14.46713.93313.16712.93314.90014.06783.467104.200
27.Kirill KozinTomsk11.06710.80012.26714.00010.70013.10071.93495.968
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Melnikova Wins Russian Cup Title
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Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) won the women's all-around title at the Russian Cup, held Wednesday and Thursday in Penza.

Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) won the women's all-around title at the Russian Cup on Thursday in Penza.

Melnikova, the Russian national champion, captured her first Russian Cup title with a two-day total of 117.150. She scored 57.625 with a missed beam routine on Wednesday (falling on two-foot layout; 13.675), but improved to 59.525 on Thursday with higher scores on every event.

"Before the Olympics I will need to clean up all the events, since I'm an all-arounder," Melnikova said after her win. "First of all, on floor exercise. After all, on floor exercise we all lag behind the world leaders in the difficulty scores. We can compensate with choreography. For example, turns done without executing a somersault. By the way, I didn't do everything I can do for choreography. I'm very glad of my victory in the all-around. And the finals in individual events I made it everywhere except vault."

2014 Youth Olympic champion Seda Tutkhalyan (Moscow) won the silver (116.150). After mistakes on Wednesday (including 11.975 on uneven bars), she added two points to her score to tally 59.075 on Thursday, with a high of 15.100 on balance beam.

World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) won the all-around bronze with 112.800, made her return to the all-around after leg surgery last fall. She uncharacteristically missed uneven bars on both days, scoring just 12.125 on Wednesday (jumped off after toe-on circle on the low bar, remounted and fell on Maloney-half) and 13.975 on Thursday (fall after missed cast handstand pirouette). She debuted new tumbling on floor exercise, mounting with a tucked full-in in place of the Arabian double front she has used for years, and also tumbled a 2 1/2 twist and double tuck.

"Aliya Mustafina was brilliant," said team coach Valentine Rodionenko. "In fact we suggested that she miss the meet as her back hurts, and we are protecting it. But she said, 'No, I will compete.' She is preparing for the all-around very seriously. If all her injuries heal, believe me, Aliya is really ready to fight for an all-around medal at the Olympic Games."

World champions Maria Paseka (vault) and Daria Spiridonova (uneven bars) were the top qualifiers to this weekend's finals on their respective specialities. Paseka, who missed the European championships, returned to score 14.825 and 15.475 on vault, while Spiridonova earned 15.425 on uneven bars (inside Stalder-full, Komova II, Pak, Maloney-half; inside-Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on full to full-twisting double).

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva is absent after a minor surgery on her ankle, while two-time world team member Maria Kharenkova is sidelined with an ankle injury. Also missing is Viktoria Komova, who announced recently her back injury would not allow her to continue training for Rio.

Rodionenko stated that prior to the competition, the expected team for Rio is Afanasyeva, Melnikova, Mustafina, Paseka and Spiridonova, with Tutkhalyan, Yevgenia Shelgunova and Natalia Kapitonova also in the running depending on their performances in Penza.

Competition continues Friday with the men's all-around final.

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2016 Russian Cup
June 28-29, Penza

Women's Team VTUBBBFXTotal
Yevgenia Shelgunova14.60013.87513.92513.650
Angelina Melnikova14.95014.65013.67514.350
Margarita Varnakova13.32512.52510.70012.100
Yekaterina Tsvetkova13.67510.77511.05011.900
Maria Tsvetkova12.775
Yelena Guseva12.07511.70012.42511.575
Polina Fyodorova13.60011.77513.62512.925
Daria Lopatina13.70011.60012.07512.300
Ilsia Aminova13.0009.57510.22510.950
Natalia Kapitonova13.87614.42512.30013.550
Olga Bikmurzina12.42510.52512.27512.925
Anastasia Dmitriyeva13.80012.55013.27513.050
3.Saint Petersburg65.92561.60064.20064.275256.000
Tatiana Nabiyeva14.55013.95013.52512.950
Lilia Akhaimova13.12513.30012.52514.150
Alexandra Sadkova12.52511.95012.95012.000
Varvara Batalova13.30011.12512.95012.825
Yekaterina Boyeva12.4259.65011.82512.350
Anastasia Cheong11.27512.250
Aliya Mustafina14.82512.12514.32513.625
Maria Paseka14.82513.250
Daria Spiridonova15.42512.575
Seda Tutkhalyan14.82511.97514.12514.150
Daria Mikhaylova13.25011.70013.45012.125
Ksenia Artyomova13.20011.70011.37511.175
Viktoria Bykova12.87512.92512.22512.250
Yekaterina Ischenko12.9508.85011.52511.825
Anastasia Sidorova14.30013.22513.300
Daria Skrypnik14.12514.35012.07513.200
Alyona Chernova12.6759.47511.30012.225
Yevgenia Menovschikova13.6258.4259.90011.050
*Incurred 1.0 Neutral Deduction

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotalCombined
1.Angelina MelnikovaVoronezh14.95014.65013.67514.35057.625117.150
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.82513.97514.12514.15057.075116.150
3.Aliya MustafinaMoscow14.82512.12514.32513.62554.900112.800
4.Yevgenia ShelgunovaZvenigorod / Alatyr14.60013.87513.92513.65056.050112.250
5.Natalia KapitonovaPenza13.87514.42512.30013.55054.150110.350
6.Daria SkrypnikKrasnodar14.12514.35012.07513.20053.750110.300
7.Tatyana NabiyevaVoronezh14.55013.95013.52512.95054.975109.375
8.Lilia AkhaimovaVoronezh13.12513.30012.52514.15053.100106.850
9.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary13.60011.77513.62512.92551.925106.000
10.Daria MikhaylovaMoscow13.25011.70013.45012.12550.525100.775
11.Varvara BatalovaSaint Petersburg13.30011.12512.95012.82550.200100.075
12.Alexandra SadkovaSaint Petersburg12.52511.95012.95012.00049.42599.000
13.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk12.42510.52512.27512.92548.15098.475
14.Yulia BiryulyaLeninsk-­Kuznetsky14.32510.85011.75011.12548.05097.950
15.Viktoria BykovaRostov-­on-­Don12.87512.92512.22512.25050.27597.925
16.Daria LopatinaNizhnekamsk13.70011.60012.07512.30049.67597.400
17.Arina NedovesovaVladivostok11.87512.05011.65012.00047.57596.250
18.Yelena GusevaZvenigorod12.07511.70012.42511.57547.77596.150
19.Margarita VarnakovaVoronezh13.32512.52510.70012.10048.65095.200
20.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti13.80012.55013.27513.05052.67592.175


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