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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 05 March 2017 15:45    PDF Print
Germans Begin Season at National Team Cup
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Tabea Alt and Christopher Jursch led their squads to victory at the 12th National Team Cup, held Saturday in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Pictured: Olympian Pauline Schäfer had the top score on balance beam.

Tabea Alt and Christopher Jursch led their squads to victory at the 12th National Team Cup, held Saturday in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

The competition among members of the national team is Germany's traditional start to the new season each year. This year's event gave Germany's top gymnasts a chance to compete under the new Code of Points before the DTB World Cup and Team Challenge, taking place March 17-19 in Stuttgart, and the European championships, April 19-23 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Alt and fellow Olympian Pauline Schäfer led Turn-Team Germany to victory with 160.500, topping MTV Stuttgart (150.450) and a squad from Deutsche Turnliga (148.150). Alt won the all-around despite a fall on beam on her RO, two-foot layout mount (54.500), followed by Schäfer (53.700). Emelie Petz of MTV Stuttgart, the 2015 and 2016 German junior national champion, finished third (52.450).

Alt had the top score in the women's competition with 14.350 on uneven bars (Stalder, toe-full to Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; double layout). Schäfer, the bronze medalist on balance beam at the 2015 World Championships, outscored the field on beam with 13.750 (switch leap mount; ff layout; switch ring; double turn; side somi-half; side somi; front aerial, split jump; wolf jump; side aerial; gainer layout dismount).

Schäfer's younger sister, first-year senior Helene Schäfer, finished sixth all-around.

Two-time Olympian Elisabeth Seitz competed vault and bars only (fall on Stalder-piked Tkatchev). Seitz, 23, only recently returned to training following foot surgery in October, a training course with the German army and an internship at German television channel SWR. She also had a bad fall off uneven bars on Friday. "It was not clear if I could even compete at all," she said.

Women's head coach Ulla Koch said she was pleased with how the team looked, six weeks before the European championships in Romania. "The girls are on track," Koch said. "I'm feeling positive about the season."

In the men's competition, Jursch and Philipp Herder helped their team place first with 235.200. KTV Straubenhardt took second (230.650) over Deutsche Turnliga (227.250).

Ivan Rittschik (KTV Straubenhardt) was the top all-arounder with 78.450, one tenth ahead of Jursch (78.350) and Herder (77.850).

Two-time Olympian Marcel Nguyen had the two top scores of the men's competition, 14.600 on still rings and 14.500 on parallel bars.

Alt, Pauline Schäfer, Lukas Dauser and Herder will represent Germany at the DTB World Cup, the second of three all-around World Cups in 2017. Dauser competed at Saturday's American Cup in Newark, the first of the season.

Nguyen, Jursch, Nick Klessing, Sebastian Krimmer and Leonard Prügel will be one of Germany's two teams at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart. Rittschik, Nils Dunkel, Alexander Maier, Felix Pohl and Felix Remuta will comprise the second German men's team in Stuttgart.

Four of Germany's Olympians are currently sidelined with injury. Andreas Toba is still recovering from the torn ACL he suffered on floor exercise at the Olympics in Rio. Andreas Bretschneider recently underwent shoulder surgery and is hoping to be back in time for this fall's world championships in Montreal. Olympic high bar champion Fabian Hambüchen, also suffering from a shoulder injury, will reportedly undergo surgery on Monday. Sophie Scheder, the bronze medalist on uneven bars in Rio, will miss the European championships due to a knee injury that will reportedly require surgery.

External Link: German Gymnastics Federation (DTB)

12th National Team Cup
March 4, 2017, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Turn-Team Germany41.55041.10040.80037.050160.500
2.MTV Stuttgart41.00038.25035.20036.000150.450
3.Deutsche Turnliga41.05033.70036.75036.650148.150

1.DTB Team38.85035.80038.30040.25041.15040.850235.200
2.KTV Straubenhardt38.85035.80038.30039.05041.90036.700230.650
3.Deutsche Turnliga37.75033.20036.85042.05038.80038.600227.250

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Tabea AltTurn-Team Germany13.90014.35013.55012.70054.500
2.Pauline SchäferTurn-Team Germany14.10013.50013.75012.35053.700
3.Emelie PetzMTV Stuttgart14.00012.85013.30012.30052.450
4.Michelle TimmTurn-Team Germany13.55013.25013.50012.00052.300
5.Carina KröllMTV Stuttgart13.30011.00013.50012.85050.650
6.Helene SchäferDTL13.50011.40012.90012.35050.150
7.Emma HöfeleDTL13.60011.30012.30012.00049.200
8.Amelie FöllingerDTL13.65011.00010.95012.20047.800
9.Kim RuoffMTV Stuttgart13.05012.0008.40010.85044.300
10.Isabelle StinglDTL13.1007.90011.00012.10044.100
11.Elisabeth SeitzMTV Stuttgart13.70012.40026.100
12.Sarah VossTurn-Team Germany12.60011.65024.250
13.Leonie PapkeDTL11.55010.10021.650
14.Pauline TratzDTL13.80013.800
15.Julia PlattenhardtMTV Stuttgart13.00013.000
16.Leah GriesserTurn-Team Germany12.95012.950

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Ivan RittschikKTV Straubenhardt13.30012.55012.50013.05014.00013.05078.450
2.Christopher JurschDTB Team13.00011.85011.55013.65013.95014.35078.350
3.Philipp HerderDTB Team13.65011.90013.45013.50013.40011.95077.850
4.Sebastian KrimmerDTB Team12.20012.05012.55013.10013.80013.55077.250
5.Felix PohlDTL13.55011.30012.25013.75013.10013.30077.250
6.Florian LindnerDTL11.35011.80012.40013.85012.80012.75074.950
7.Felix RemutaDTL12.35010.10012.20014.45011.80012.55073.450
8.Alexander MaierDTB Team11.55010.05012.30013.00013.35012.95073.200
9.Leonard PrügelDTL11.85010.10011.95013.15012.90011.95071.900
10.Nils DunkelKTV Straubenhardt11.90011.95013.40011.85049.100
11.Lucas HerrmannKTV Straubenhardt12.60013.30011.80037.700
12.Marcel NguyenKTV Straubenhardt14.60014.50029.100
13.Nils BuchterKTV Straubenhardt12.20012.70024.900
14.Vinzenz HaugKTV Straubenhardt10.65012.70023.350

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Russian Championships Conclude in Kazan
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A preliminary squad for next month's European championships was named following the Russian national championships in Kazan, which ended Sunday.

All-around champions Natalia Kapitonova and Artur Dalaloyan have secured their places on the team to the European championships in Cluj-Napoca, where senior all-around and events will be contested.2016 Olympians Nikita Nagornyy, David Belyavsky, Angelina Melnikova, Seda Tutkhalyan are also likely, said Russian head coach Valentina Rodionenko. First-year seniors Yelena Yeryomina and Viktoria Trykina are also in contention, Rodionenko said.

David Belyavsky won high bar on Sunday

The Russians were less than impressive on Sunday, with multiple falls during the second day of event finals. On balance beam, Tutkhalyan fell on her layout full twist but still tied Trykina for the gold medal. Melnikova won the bronze despite a fall on her tucked barani.

Lilia Akhaimova won floor exercise with strong tumbling (double layout; piked full-in; Arabian double front; tucked full-in). Yeryomina won the silver (full in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 punch front; triple twist) over Tutkhalyan. Melnikova, performing a new routine to the "Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet" by Mancini, finished last after falling both on her Arabian double front and piked full-in.

Dmitry Lankin won the vault title with a layout Randi and Tsukahara 2.5. Dalaloyan fell on his handspring double front but hit his triple-twisting Yurchenko to tie Mikhail Kudashov (handspring double front; Tsukahara double tuck) for the silver.

Nagornyy, who skipped floor and vault in Kazan to protect a foot injury, won parallel bars with an excellent routine, ending with a stuck barani out (6.4 Difficulty). Belyavsky, who competed five events in Kazan, won the gold on high bar.

Melnikova and Nikita Ignatyev will compete at the DTB World Cup in Stuttgart, March 18-19. Russia is also sending additional gymnasts to compete in the DTB Team Cup the same weekend: Akhaimova, Yeryomina, Elizaveta Kochetkova, Daria Spiridonova and Tutkhalyan for the women and Lankin, Vladislav Polyashov, Kirill Potapov, Maxim Sinichkin and Sergei Yeltsov for the men.

"We have six weeks left before the European Championships," Rodionenko noted. "We will prepare and then finally decide on the team composition."

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2017 Russian Gymnastics Championships
March 5, Kazan

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Viktoria Trykina2001Moscow13.533
1.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow13.533
3.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh13.466
4.Lilia Akhaimova1997Saint Petersburg13.233
5.Anastasia Dmitriyeva1999Tolyatti13.166
5.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg13.166
7.Yevgenia Shelgunova1997Zvenigorod/Alatyr12.200
8.Daria Spiridonova1998Moscow12.100

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Lilia Akhaimova1997Saint Petersburg13.800
2.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg13.400
3.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow13.366
4.Natalia Kapitonova2000Penza13.066
5.Daria Yelizarova1991Tula12.733
6.Viktoria Trykina2001Moscow11.933
6.Yelizaveta Kochetkova2001Moscow11.933
8.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh11.233

Men's Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Dmitry Lankin1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don14.43314.23314.333
2.Artur Dalaloyan1996Moscow13.40014.86614.133
2.Mikhail Kudashov1991Chelyabinsk14.23314.03314.133
4.Konstantin Kuzovkov1996Korolyov13.83314.16613.999
5.Artyom Pleshkin1996Saransk13.70013.53313.616
6.Alexei Kozlov1997Moscow13.06613.33313.199
7.Viktor Britan1996Chelyabinsk13.26612.63312.949
8.Dmitry Govorov1998Yefremov12.96612.86612.916

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Nikita Nagornyy1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don15.066
2.Vladislav Polyashov1995Cheboksary14.633
3.Kirill Potapov1996Tomsk14.100
4.Artur Dalaloyan1996Moscow13.133
5.Valentin Starikov1996Syzran12.866
6.Maxim Sinichkin1998Kazan12.800
7.Andrei Cherkasov1991Leninsk-Kuznetsky/Novosibirsk12.700
8.Nikita Ignatyev1992Leninsk-Kuznetsky/Novosibirsk12.433

High Bar FinalScore
1.David Belyavsky1992Yekaterinburg13.800
2.Alexei Rostov1993Vladimir13.500
3.Vladislav Polyashov1995Cheboksary13.433
4.Nikita Nagornyy1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don12.833
5.Ilya Kibartas1996Vladimir12.766
6.Artur Dalaloyan1996Moscow12.366
7.Daniil Kazachkov1993Novosibirsk12.066
8.Ivan Tikhonov1996Syzran11.533
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Moldauer, Smith Clinch American Cup Victories
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NEWARK, N.J.—In her first meet of the year, U.S. Olympic alternate Ragan Smith easily clinched her first American Cup title, which was held at the Prudential Center on March 4. Even a fall from balance beam on a standing tucked full could not stop her, such was the lead she had built up.

Smith defeated Japanese veteran Asuka Teramoto, 56.099-54.899, while Melanie De Jesus dos Santos of France finished third with 53.899.

Americans Yul Moldauer and Ragan Smith captured the American Cup on Saturday in Newark, N.J., the first of three all-around FIG World Cups in 2017.

"It feels amazing," said Smith of her victory, which included event titles on vault (Yurchenko-double twist) and floor exercise (double layout mount; 1.5 twist through to triple twist; Arabian double tuck; double pike). She also has her sights set on the biggest competition of 2017, the Montreal World Championships in October. Asked if she thinks she can win the all-around gold, Smith replied in the affirmative. Confidence is one of her strengths, to be sure.

Teramoto was steady throughout. The 21-year-old vaulted a handspring-layout barani and, on bars, performed a Gienger, piked Jaeger and a clean tucked half-in half-out. Her beam included a double turn, two flip-flops to a layout, an Onodi and a roundoff 2.5 twist dismount.

Olympic alternate De Jesus dos Santos placed first on beam (front pike mount; flip-flop layout; roundoff double tuck dismount, which she stuck). Her bars were also notable: inside Stalder-Shaposhnikova; inside Stalder-Tkatchev; Maloney-half; full-twisting double layout.

Germany's Kim Bui placed fourth and won uneven bars (piked Jaeger; Bhardwaj), while American Riley McCusker had a rough day to finish fifth. In her first meet as a senior, she missed her Stalder-piked Tkatchev on bars (although she nailed her barani-in back-out dismount from elgrip), and she crashed her double back dismount off beam when one foot slipped off the beam on her second flip-flop. She landed hard on her back but was able to perform on floor exercise, where her expressiveness is similar to that of MG Elite teammate Laurie Hernandez.

"Yeah, a little bit," McCusker said if she was more nervous than usual. "And it was my first international competition."

Xie Yufen (China), Tisha Volleman (Netherlands), Emily Whitehead (Australia) and Amy Tinkler (Great Britain; she withdrew from floor) finished sixth through ninth, respectively. Suffice to say that the season is young, and not every gymnast is in peak form yet.

In the men's competition, the last two American Cup men's champions were pitted against each other, but a couple of Americans made it interesting. Olympic gold medalists Ryohei Kato of Japan, the defending champion, and Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine, who won this meet in 2015, were in the mix until the end. But the star of the day was American Yul Moldauer, who led throughout each rotation and earned the title with six steady routines. Vernyayev, who won three events despite looking a bit rusty (pommels, rings and a tie on p-bars), could not catch Moldauer in the final rotation. Turns out Vernyayev was missing an element group on high bar, which cost him 0.5. He lost to Moldauer, 85.931-85.699.

Still, Vernyayev respected the outcome. "I never discuss scores," he said, later adding the Moldauer had "earned" the win.

Moldauer, who may represent the future of U.S. men's gymnastics, won the first event, floor exercise, with a 14.566 (punch Randi; double Arabian, half-out; double-twisting front, front-full; 2.5 twist-barani; double twist; triple twist). He also said he did not change any of the routines he's been competing for the University of Oklahoma, where he is a sophomore. Afterward, Moldauer was humbled by his win.

"I feel great," he said. "I look up to all the guys here. I watched them in the Olympics, so it's very special to compete with them. Honestly, I thank them for coming to this venue and allowing me to compete with them. I just want to thank everyone who's helped me get here, and helped me in the gym and outside the gym."

Stanford senior Akash Modi grabbed third with 84.398 and tied for first on p-bars (full-out dismount, stuck cold). Asked how it was to compete against Vernyayev, Modi said, "It was not that intimidating, because I've competed against him before, but it was definitely awesome to compete with the Olympic silver medalist."

Coincidentally, Oklahoma competes at Stanford tonight, and both teams will be without their top all-arounders. Modi was hopeful that his team could pull out a win. "I think it should be pretty even," he said. Then, in jest, "Obviously, I know Stanford's going to come out on top." Moldauer declined to make any predictions.

Bart Deurloo of the Netherlands began with falls on floor and pommel horse but rallied the rest of the way to place fourth (80.165), which included an event title on high bar (Cassina; piked Kovacs; Kovacs; Kolman).

Eddy Yusof of Switzerland placed fifth (80.164) and won vault with an excellent piked double Tsukahara.

Kato was in the top four prior to high bar, where he fell hard on a Cassina. He ended up sixth (80.065).

Sun Wei (China), Sam Oldham (Great Britain) and Lukas Dauser (Germany) placed seventh through ninth, respectively, with each struggling on various events.

The American Cup was the first of three all-around competitions of the FIG's World Cup season. The second  is the DTB Cup, to be held March 18-19 in Stuttgart, Germany, followed by the London World Cup, scheduled for April 8 at the O2 Arena, site of the gymnastics competition at the 2012 Olympic Games. Gymnasts earn points based on their finish at each event, ranging from 60 points to first to 25 points for eighth.

External Link: Official Website

2017 AT&T American Cup/FIG World Cup
March 4, Newark, N.J.

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Ragan Smith 5.4 14.433 5.6 14.400 5.8 13.266 5.6 14.000 56.099
2. Asuka Teramoto 5.0 13.766 5.5 13.766 5.5 13.633 4.8 13.066 54.231
3. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos 4.6 13.466 5.6 13.300 5.7 14.233 4.7 12.900 53.899
4. Kim Bui 4.6 13.500 6.0 14.533 4.7 12.466 4.9 13.133 53.632
5. Riley McCusker 5.4 13.766 5.9 13.100 5.5 12.600 5.1 13.500 52.966
6. Xie Yufen 4.6 13.100 6.0 13.833 4.7 12.700 4.7 11.966 51.599
7. Tisha Volleman 4.6 13.600 4.5 11.866 4.3 12.200 4.5 11.600 49.266
8. Emily Whitehead 4.6 13.433 5.0 13.066 4.8 11.300 4.7 10.600 48.399
9. Amy Tinkler 4.6 13.700 5.5 13.300 6.0 12.566 39.566

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Yul Moldauer 5.6 14.566 5.3 14.000 5.7 14.300 5.2 14.466 5.9 14.866 5.3 13.733 85.931
2. Oleg Vernyayev 5.8 13.300 6.5 14.700 6.1 14.633 5.6 14.433 6.7 15.033 5.4 13.600 85.699
3. Akash Modi 5.7 13.833 5.9 13.466 5.8 14.066 5.2 14.200 6.1 15.033 6.0 13.800 84.398
4. Bart Deurloo 5.2 12.500 6.1 11.666 5.3 13.633 5.2 14.433 5.7 13.400 6.4 14.533 80.165
5. Eddy Yusof 5.5 12.466 5.4 13.300 5.5 13.966 5.6 14.700 5.7 13.566 5.0 12.166 80.164
6. Ryohei Kato 5.9 13.600 6.0 14.066 5.6 14.100 5.2 14.500 5.4 12.733 4.9 11.066 80.065
7. Sun Wei 5.4 13.000 5.6 12.900 5.6 13.133 5.6 13.500 5.0 13.633 5.8 13.866 80.032
8. Sam Oldham 5.5 12.633 5.6 13.100 4.9 13.500 5.2 14.133 5.7 14.333 5.4 11.700 79.399
9. Lukas Dauser 5.3 13.000 4.8 11.400 4.6 12.133 5.2 13.100 6.0 13.300 5.2 13.066 75.999
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Kapitonova Golden Again at Russian Championships
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Women's all-around champion Natalia Kapitonova (Penza) took a second gold medal on Saturday at the Russian championships in Kazan, tying co-world champion Daria Spiridonova for the title on uneven bars.

Women's all-around champion Natalia Kapitonova (Penza) took a second gold medal on Saturday at the Russian championships in Kazan.

Kapitonova, 16, tied co-world champion Daria Spiridonova (Moscow) for the gold medal on uneven bars, which remains the Russian women's strongest event. Both gymnasts performed extremely clean routines, with Kapitonova particularly impressive in hitting her handstands (Stalder full, Komova II, Pak to immediate Stalder-Shaposhnikova half; inside Stalder full to Tkacthev; toe-full to full-twisting double). Spiridonova, a finalist on bars at last summer's Olympic Games, hit her best routine of the week in finals (inside Stalder, Komova II; Pak to Van Leeuwen; toe-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double tuck). The lanky Daria Skrypnik of Krasnodar, the top qualifier from Wednesday's team competition, won the bronze medal.

First-year senior Anastasia Ilyankova (Leninsk-Kuznetsky) finished fourth with a brilliant opening sequence (Hindorff to Pak to Maloney, back uprise, pirouette to Yezhova). Ilyankova, who won the uneven bars and balance beam at the 2016 Junior European Championships, competed bars only in Kazan but has a strong chance of making this year's Russian team to the upcoming European championships. Junior European all-around champion Yelena Yeryomina, second all-around to Kapitonova, finished fifth, with a new Nabiyeva release (toe-on, layout Tkatchev) to Pak salto and layout Jaeger.

2016 Olympian Seda Tutkhalyan (Moscow) won the women's vault title, topping Lilia Akhaimova (Saint Petersburg) and Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh).

In the men's competition, Kirill Prokopyev (Vladimir) won floor exercise (Randi; tucked double-double front full to double-twisting front; 2 1/2 to Rudi; triple twist). Top qualifier Dmitry Lankin overrotated his triple back mount to place fourth.

Two-time Olympian David Belyavsky (Yekaterinburg) won a close pommel horse final (14.366). Sergei Yeltsov (Astrakhan) won the silver with 14.333, one tenth ahead of Prokopyev.

Lankin won the gold medal on still rings (14.466) over veteran Nikita Ignatyev of Leninsk-Kuznetsky (14.366) and Daniil Kazachkov of Novosibirsk (14.233).

Competition concludes Sunday afternoon in Kazan with the remaining apparatus finals.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2017 Russian Gymnastics Championships
March 4, Kazan

Women's Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow14.33314.13314.233
2.Lilia Akhaimova1997Saint Petersburg13.96613.73313.849
3.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh14.13313.43313.783
4.Anastasia Dmitriyeva1999Tolyatti13.76613.53313.649
5.Alla Sosnitskaya1997Moscow13.23314.00013.616
6.Eleonora Afanasyeva1996Veliky Novgorod14.33312.50013.416
7.Alyona Arkusha2001Zheleznogorsk13.00013.36613.183
8.Daria Yelizarova1991Tula13.83311.60012.716

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Daria Spiridonova1998Moscow14.700
1.Natalia Kapitonova2000Penza14.700
3.Daria Skrypnik2000Krasnodar14.433
4.Anastasia Ilyankova2001Leninsk-Kuznetsky14.400
5.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg14.333
6.Yelizaveta Kochetkova2001Moscow14.133
7.Daria Yelizarova1991Tula13.400
8.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow11.666

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Kirill Prokopyev1994Vladimir/Smolensk14.533
2.Ilya Kibartas1996Vladimir13.866
3.Vladislav Polyashov1995Cheboksary13.666
4.Dmitry Lankin1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don13.600
5.David Belyavsky1992Yekaterinburg13.500
6.Kirill Potapov1996Tomsk13.433
7.Nikita Ignatyev1992Leninsk-Kuznetsky/Novosibirsk13.066
8.Artur Dalaloyan1996Moscow9.600

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.David Belyavsky1992Yekaterinburg14.366
2.Sergei Yeltsov1996Astrakhan14.333
3.Kirill Prokopyev1994Vladimir/Smolensk14.233
4.Vladislav Polyashov1995Cheboksary14.100
5.Alexander Chicherov1999Kazan13.966
6.Artur Dalaloyan1996Moscow13.233
7.Nikita Nagornyy1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don12.666
8.Sergei Danilenko1992Chelyabinsk12.400

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Dmitry Lankin1997Moscow/Rostov-on-Don14.466
2.Nikita Ignatyev1992Leninsk-Kuznetsky/Novosibirsk14.366
3.Daniil Kazachkov1993Novosibirsk14.233
4.Nikita Simonov1996Syzran/Petrozavodsk14.166
5.Ilya Kibartas1996Vladimir13.666
6.Ildar Yuskayev1998Penza13.600
7.Kirill Prokopyev1994Vladimir/Smolensk13.500
7.Vladislav Polyashov1995Cheboksary13.500
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Rivers, Bauman Win 8th Nastia Liukin Cup
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NEWARK, N.J.—Kai Rivers and Carly Bauman won the senior and junior all-around titles, respectively, at the 8th annual Nastia Liukin Cup, held Friday at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. And their hard-earned victories proved, once again, that women's gymnastics is thriving in the U.S. Judging by the difficulty level and clean technique of this 36-gymnast field, it's easy to forget that this was a Level 10 competition.

Kai Rivers (left) and Carly Bauman (right) won the senior and junior all-around titles Friday at the 8th Nastia Liukin Cup.

The senior competition had a different leader after the first three rotations, but Rivers (Twistars Gymnastics) led after two events (high Yurchenko-double twist; strong bars with a double layout dismount), and closed her meet with solid beam set and an event-winning 9.825 on floor (clean front layout to rudi). Her 38.650 defeated defending senior champ Rachael Lukacs (North Stars), who tallied 38.525 and placed first on vault. Andrea Li, the junior winner at the 2016 Nastia Liukin Cup, grabbed third in the seniors with 38.425. Li, coached here by sister Anna Li, tied for first on bars with Abigail Brenner (Metroplex) and won beam outright.

"The competition was insane," Rivers said. "I honestly didn't think I would win because everybody was so amazing."

The junior division saw Bauman (Chow's), who resembles a young Nastia Liukin, grab the first-round lead with a clean routine on bars (bail-half to low, immediate free hip; stuck double front dismount). She never let go of it, either. She hit a steady beam routine (ff, layout; double tuck dismount) and mounted floor with a front handspring-double-twisting front. She closed her meet with a clean Yurchenko-full to post a 38.425.

"Feels pretty good," said Bauman, who also won vault and bars. "It's a fun meet."

Southeastern teammates Rose Casali and Lali Dekanoidze placed second (38.075) and third (37825), respectively. Dekanoidze, a native of Kutaisi, Georgia, was the junior runner-up last year.

There was plenty of great gymnastics outside the all-around medalists. Tiny Elizabeth Gantner (JPAC), a mini version of Ragan Smith (if there is such a thing), was superb on beam (ff, layout, layout) and performed a toe-on Tkatchev on bars. Lillian Lippeatt (Cincinnati) was another standout, winning beam and tying for first on floor with Colbi Flory (Texas Dreams).

The three-hour meet featured many more hits than misses, and it was also nice to return to the 10.0 scoring system for one night.

The event served as the opening act for tomorrow's American Cup, a World Cup event which will feature some heavy hitters in international gymnastics.

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8th Nastia Liukin Cup
March 3, 2017, Newark, New Jersey

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Kai Rivers Twistars 9.750 9.525 9.550 9.825 38.650
2. Rachael Lukacs North Stars 9.825 9.325 9.600 9.775 38.525
3. Andrea Li Legacy Elite 9.550 9.575 9.675 9.625 38.425
4. Natalie Wojcik Stallone 9.700 9.450 9.550 9.700 38.400
5. Abby Heiskell Southeastern 9.600 9.525 9.600 9.650 38.375
6. Abigail Brenner Metroplex 9.425 9.575 9.575 9.575 38.150
7. Rylie Mundell CGI 9.450 9.500 9.525 9.475 37.950
8. Lynnzee Brown GAGE 9.800 9.025 9.425 9.675 37.925
9. Anastasia Webb IGI 9.575 9.550 9.450 9.325 37.900
10. Rachael Flam Stars 9.825 9.500 8.800 9.750 37.875
11. Cassie Stevens Arizona Sunrays 9.600 9.175 9.425 9.625 37.825
12. Nevaeh DeSouza Dream Xtreme 9.450 9.500 9.425 9.425 37.800
13. Gabryel Wilson MAG 9.775 8.875 9.425 9.700 37.775
14. Cristal Isa Gymcats 9.375 8.950 9.350 9.550 37.225
15. Amoree Lockhart Empire 9.475 8.250 9.500 9.525 36.750
16. Mikayla Magee Pearland Elite 9.450 9.400 8.900 8.825 36.575
17. Jaedyn Rucker Desert Devils 8.350 8.950 8.850 26.150

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Carly Bauman Chow's 9.525 9.700 9.575 9.625 38.425
2. Rose Casali Southeastern 9.425 9.325 9.675 9.650 38.075
3. Lali Dekanoidze Southeastern 9.275 9.400 9.600 9.550 37.825
4. Gabrielle Gallentine Everest 9.425 9.375 9.425 9.375 37.600
5. Abigail Mueller Classic 9.400 9.225 9.425 9.525 37.575
6. Sophia Groth Chow's 9.425 9.050 9.425 9.650 37.550
7. Lillian Lippeatt CGA 9.100 8.900 9.750 9.675 37.425
8. Colbi Flory Texas Dreams 9.475 8.600 9.625 9.675 37.375
9. Emma Pritchard Gym X-Treme 9.400 8.800 9.525 9.525 37.250
10. Nicole Riccardi Infiniti Elite 9.075 9.075 9.475 9.500 37.125
11. Quinn Smith Arizona Sunrays 9.475 8.650 9.325 9.425 36.875
12. Jacey Vore JPAC 9.200 9.025 8.700 9.525 36.450
13. Gillian Rutz Perfection 9.400 8.900 9.425 8.625 36.350
13. Nicola St. Louis North Stars 9.300 9.025 9.425 8.600 36.350
15. Mia Falcone Brandy Johnson's 9.375 8.200 9.075 9.275 35.925
16. Elizabeth Gantner JPAC 8.900 8.450 9.225 8.750 35.325
17. Kennedy Quay SCEGA 8.650 9.375 18.025
17. Teagan Torgerud Orlando Metro 9.325 8.700 18.025

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