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Competition Reports

Written by dwight normile    Sunday, 12 February 2017 10:44    PDF Print
Deva-Romania Wins Nadia Comaneci International Invitational
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The final rotation of the ninth annual Nadia Comaneci International Invitational featured a shakeup in the standings, but the camaraderie afterward is what has come to define this particular competition. Held on a podium at the Cox Arena on Feb. 11 in Oklahoma City, Club Équilibrix of Canada held a 1.10 lead over Deva of Romania after three events. Gym-Fly, also from Canada, was almost 3.0 behind Deva. That's when things got interesting.

A quartet of Romanians from Deva won the team title at the 24th Nadia Comaneci International.

Équilibrix struggled on uneven bars while Deva was steady on floor exercise. Gym-Fly, however, posted its highest event total on balance beam (28.10), which also was the top event score among all the teams for any apparatus. Deva climbed to first, Gym-Fly to second, while Équilibrix slipped to third.

"We've been changing their routines a little bit according to the new Code, so it's a little bit unstable at the end," said Équilibrix coach Natalie Turner. "But I was really happy with the way they competed. We don't usually do team competitions, and this was a great opportunity."

The team competition, which combined juniors and seniors and included gymnasts from Australia, Sweden, Romania, Canada and the USA, were determined by the top two scores, with a maximum of three on an event. Romania brought four juniors, which helped erase some mistakes here and there. But the team showed excellent technique and form on every event.

Deva coach Daniela Mărănducă Nicolai, a member of Romania's gold medal-winning team at the 1994 World Championships, was pleased with how her team performed.

"Pretty good," she said. "We have to work on upgrading the difficulty and a lot of work on execution."

It was Nicolai's second trip to this competition.

"I have a lot of fun," she said. "Nadia is great with us every year."

Gym-Fly's runner-up finish was impressive because it brought only two gymnasts, so every score counted. Innovation ran throughout their routines. Both gymnasts vaulted a roundoff onto the board, 3/4 turn to piked Tsukahara. On bars, Victoria Jurca did a Weiler kip, a toe-on Tkatchev and an under swing to front-half dismount. Laurie-Lou Vézina also performed a toe-on Tkatchev, and added a Yezhova, a free hip hecht from low to high, and a free hip to back tuck dismount. Vézina mounted beam with a roundoff back handspring, and on floor, Jurca tumbled piked and tucked full-ins, and piked and tucked double backs.

"Yes, yes, I'm so happy," said Gym-Fly coach Jacynthe Émard, a former Canadian national team member. "I chose the moves for each girl. " Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Vézina's bars dismount was the same as Emard's.

Vézina was pleased to climb from third to the top of senior all-around podium in the final rotation.

"It was great," she said. "This performance was better [than Elite Canada the week before]. It's the third time we've done this competition, and it's fun."

Audrey Rousseau (Équilibrix) and Megan Phillips (Gymnix) placed second and third, respectively.

Laura Iacob of Deva won the junior all-around by 0.6 over teammate Ioana Stanciulescu, while Gym-Fly's Jurca finished third.

"I worked a lot and am very glad to get this trophy tonight," Jacob said.

Many of the Canadian teams had just competed in Elite Canada, but Émard put the Nadia competition in perspective.

It's a relaxed competition," she said. "I came back from Elite Canada [where there is] a lot of pressure. After, it is better to just have fun."

24th Nadia Comaneci International Invitational
February 11, 2017, Oklahoma City, USA

2.Gym Fly27.25024.00028.10025.250104.600
3.Club Équilibrix27.20022.20027.10026.250102.750
8.Stampede City12.05010.30010.60011.60044.550
10.Top Gym12.90013.10026.000

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly13.15012.25014.40012.65052.450
2.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.95010.80013.60013.50051.850
3.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.40012.20013.40012.80051.800
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.95010.05013.50012.45048.950
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets13.2009.00010.90012.25045.350

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Laura IacobDeva14.05012.15014.10012.80053.100
2.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.85011.50013.80013.45052.600
3.Victoria JurcaGym Fly14.10011.75013.70012.60052.150
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.25011.40013.50011.80049.950
5.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.95010.60013.60012.65049.800
6.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix13.0009.15012.80012.75047.700
7.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.9509.70011.40012.40046.450
8.Lea AtanganaStampede City12.05010.30010.60011.60044.550
9.Daniela TricăDeva13.00013.30012.95039.250
10.Kristina UndheimTop Gym12.90013.10026.000
11.Jenna DunnBCGA13.00013.000
12.Cameo StapletonBCGA12.45012.450
13.Ariadna StanciuDeva10.95010.950
14.Bell JohnsonBCGA10.70010.700

Senior VaultScore
1.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.950
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.400
3.Teliah Farren-PriceJets13.200
4.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly13.150
5.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.950

Senior Uneven BarsScore
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly12.250
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix12.200
3.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix10.800
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus10.050
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets9.000

Senior Balance BeamScore
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly14.400
2.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.600
3.Kierstin AndersonPegasus13.500
4.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.400
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets10.900

Senior Floor ExerciseScore
1.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.500
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix12.800
3.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly12.650
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.450
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets12.250

Junior VaultScore
1.Victoria JurcaGym Fly14.100
2.Laura IacobDeva14.050
3.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.850
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.250
5.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix13.000
6.Daniela TricăDeva13.000
7.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.950
8.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.950

Junior Uneven BarsScore
1.Laura IacobDeva12.150
2.Victoria JurcaGym Fly11.750
3.Ioana StănciulescuDeva11.500
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix11.400
5.Ariadna StanciuDeva10.950
6.Bell JohnsonBCGA10.700
7.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym10.600
8.Lea AtanganaStampede City10.300

Junior Balance BeamScore
1.Laura IacobDeva14.100
2.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.800
3.Victoria JurcaGym Fly13.700
4.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym13.600
5.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.500
6.Daniela TricăDeva13.300
7.Kristina UndheimTop Gym13.100
8.Jenna DunnBCGA13.000

Junior Floor ExerciseScore
1.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.450
2.Daniela TricăDeva12.950
3.Laura IacobDeva12.800
4.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix12.750
5.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.650
6.Victoria JurcaGym Fly12.600
7.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.400
8.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix11.800
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Kovács, Radivilov Win Twice in Cottbus
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Olympians Zsófia Kovács (Hungary) and Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) each won two titles at the 41st Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany, an FIG World Cup event that concluded Sunday. Pictured: Kovács with uneven bars medalists Dorina Böczögő (Hungary) and Angelina Kysla (Ukraine)

Olympians Zsófia Kovács (Hungary) and Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) each won two titles at the 41st Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany, an FIG World Cup event that concluded Sunday.

The event is the final FIG competition of 2016, and the second one held in Cottbus following this past spring's World Challenger Cup. In August, during its meeting at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the FIG Executive Committee decided to add a final event to the World Cup calendar, awarding a second World Cup to Cottbus. The 2017-2019 events will also take place in the fall in Cottbus.

Kovács was the most successful gymnast of the competition, capping off a very successful 2016. The 16-year-old Kovács qualified to all four finals, winning titles on uneven bars and balance beam and the bronze medal on vault. Her previous best result was the bronze medal on floor exercise at this year's World Challenge Cup in Doha, and qualifying to finals on vault and uneven bars at the European championships in Bern. Kovács is coached by Gabriella Joó at Dunaferr SE in Dunaújváros.

2012 Olympian Emily Little (Australia) won vault, her first World Cup title. Two-time Hungarian Olympian Dorina Böczögő placed second as she had in qualification, and also won a silver behind Kovács on uneven bars, ahead of Ukrainian Olympian Angelina Kysla.

Germany's Carina Kröll, the youngest gymnast in the meet, won the silver on beam ahead of Böczögő, who picked up her third medal with the bronze. On women's floor exercise, Kröll won the floor title over teammate Leah Griesser, who had been disappointed after falls on bars and beam.

In the men's competition, Japan's Naoto Hayasaka defeated top qualifier Rayderley Zapata (Spain), who landed his new skill, a 1 1/2-twisting double front. Slovenia's Rok Klavora finished third.

Former world and Olympic champion Krisztián Berki (Hungary) was outstanding on pommel horse for 15.766, showing outstanding scissor work. Croatia's Robert Seligman, the top qualifier, finished third.

Two-time Ukrainian Olympian Igor Radivilov, who married Angelina Kysla after the Olympic Games, won both still rings and vault. On rings, he topped Japan's Yuya Kamoto and Germany's Nick Klessing, the Junior European champion on rings.

On vault, Radivilov easily won the title, landed two clean 6.0-Difficulty vaults to take the title over Spain's Adrià Vera and Finland's Tomi Tuuha. Japan's Yusuke Saito appeared to suffer a serious knee injury on his first vault.

Kamoto brought a second title for Japan on parallel bars, topping Slovenia's Alen Dimic and Hayasaka.

Andreas Bretschneider ended things on a high note for Germany with the gold on high bar, playing it safe by not trying his ulta-difficult H-element (double-twisting Kovacs). Kamoto placed second, winning his third medal of the competition, while Dimic took bronze.

The 42nd Tournament of Masters is scheduled for next fall, November 23-26. The DTB-Pokal in Stuttgart, an FIG All-Around World Cup, is scheduled for March. The FIG World Cup season for 2017 kicks off in February in Melbourne.

External Link: Official Website

41st Tournament of Masters/FIG World Cup
November 19-20, Cottbus, Germany

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Emily Little5.88.96614.76614.299
2.Dorina Böczögő5.09.06614.06613.899
3.Zsófia Kovács5.09.23314.23313.866
4.Pauline Tratz5.09.13314.13313.783
5.Angelina Kysla5.08.83313.83313.716
6.Valērija Grišāne4.69.13313.73313.683
7.Irina Sazonova5.08.86613.86613.049
8.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir5.08.5330.313.23312.916

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Zsófia Kovács6.18.03314.133
2.Dorina Böczögő5.08.23313.233
3.Angelina Kysla5.77.26612.966
4.Leah Griesser5.87.06612.866
5.Ivana Kamnikar4.96.73311.633
6.Irina Sazonova5.15.50010.600
7.Agnes Suto3.46.2669.666

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Zsófia Kovács5.68.33313.933
2.Carina Kröll5.18.16613.266
3.Dorina Böczögő4.68.46613.066
4.Leah Griesser5.67.20012.800
5.Angelina Kysla5.96.76612.666
6.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir4.46.50010.900
7.Emily Little5.25.56610.766
8.Valērija Grišāne4.36.33310.633

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Carina Kröll5.48.30013.700
2.Leah Griesser5.28.43313.633
3.Emily Little5.58.03313.533
4.Dorina Böczögő5.57.9330.413.033
5.Zsófia Kovács5.47.8660.412.866
6.Angelina Kysla5.37.53312.833
7.Tinna Odinsdottir4.47.5660.311.666
8.Ágnes Sütő3.87.70011.500

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Naoto Hayasaka6.88.63315.433
2.Rayderley Zapata6.68.56615.166
3.Rok Klavora6.18.80014.900
4.Žiga Šilc5.98.53314.433
5.Igor Radivilov6.18.30014.400
6.Botond Kardos5.98.43314.333
7.Łukasz Borkowski5.68.36613.966
7.Andrej Korosteljev6.08.2660.313.966

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Krisztián Berki6.79.06615.766
2.Naoto Hayasaka6.09.00015.000
3.Robert Seligman6.08.83314.833
4.Sašo Bertoncelj6.38.50014.800
5.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.08.43314.433
6.Zoltán Kállai6.18.16614.266
7.Juho Kanerva5.97.86613.766
8.Yusuke Saito6.27.20013.400

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Igor Radivilov6.58.93315.433
2.Yuya Kamoto6.88.26615.066
3.Nick Klessing6.18.43314.533
4.Rokas Guščinas6.18.33314.433
5.Nestor Abad5.88.53314.333
6.Yusuke Saito5.88.30014.100
7.Tomi Tuuha5.77.83313.533
8.Nils Dunkel5.96.40012.300

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Igor Radivilov6.09.36615.36615.266
2.Adrià Vera5.69.23314.83314.633
3.Tomi Tuuha5.69.36614.96614.583
4.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.67.83313.43313.899
5.Rayderley Zapata6.08.8000.114.70013.883
6.Botond Kardos5.29.06614.26613.499
7.Sebastian Gawronski5.67.90013.50013.400
8.Yusuke Saito5.67.5000.113.0006.500

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Yuya Kamoto6.58.86615.366
2.Alen Dimic5.98.73314.633
3.Naoto Hayasaka6.38.26614.566
4.Lukas Dauser6.47.96614.366
5.Ádám Babos5.58.43313.933
6.Andrés Martín6.07.53313.533
7.Joel Plata5.77.63313.333
8.Botond Kardos5.47.83313.233

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Andreas Bretschneider6.68.56615.166
2.Yuya Kamoto6.98.20015.100
3.Alen Dimic6.38.26614.566
4.Dávid Vecsernyés6.67.90014.500
5.Nestor Abad5.98.43314.333
6.Rokas Guščinas5.58.56614.066
7.Christopher Jursch6.36.93313.233
8.Adrià Vera5.27.53312.733
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41st Tournament of Masters Begins
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Qualification was held Thursday and Friday at the 41st Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany, an FIG World Cup event that follows the World Challenge edition held last spring. Pictured: Germany's Leah Griesser led qualification on women's floor exercise.

Qualification was held Thursday and Friday at the 41st Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany, an FIG World Cup event that follows the World Challenge edition held last spring.

In August, during its meeting at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the FIG Executive Committee decided to add a final event to the World Cup calendar, awarding a second World Cup to Cottbus. The 2017-2019 events will also take place in the fall in Cottbus, which has for many years played host to one of the earliest events on the FIG calendar.

Hungarian Olympian Zsófia Kovács was the top gymnast in the women's qualification, and will be in all four finals this weekend. Kovács qualified first on uneven bars and balance beam, and third on vault and floor exercise.

2012 Olympian Emily Little (Australia) topped the qualification on vault over two-time Hungarian Olympian Dorina Böczögő.

The host team shined with the German women qualifying two gymnasts to finals on three of the four events, with Pauline Tratz qualifying as the only German entrant on vault. Leah Griesser and Carina Kröll qualified 1-2 on women's floor exercise.

However, Kim Janas, who qualified second on uneven bars, has been forced to withdraw after suffering a knee injury.

In the men's competition, Spain's Rayderley Zapata wowed on floor exercise, debuting his new skill, a 1 1/2-twisting double front.

Croatia's Robert Seligman tied world and Olympic champion Krisztián Berki (Hungary) on pommel horse with 15.066, though Berki was bumped to second because of a tie-break.

Two-time Ukrainian Olympian Igor Radivilov qualified first on both still rings and vault. On vault, he played it safe with his two 6.0-Difficulty vaults (Dragulescu and Tsukahara double pike). The FIG Men's Technical Committee recently announced that the vault Radivilov attempted in Rio, the extremely difficult handspring triple front, will not be permitted in the next quadrennium.

2010 Youth Olympic Games champion Yuya Kamoto (Japan) qualified first on parallel bars. Andreas Bretschneider ended qualification on top for Germany on high bar, electing not to try his ulta-difficult H-element (double-twisting Kovacs).

Competition continues Saturday with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

41st Tournament of Masters/FIG World Cup
November 17-18, 2016, Cottbus, Germany

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Emily Little5.89.06614.86614.433
2.Dorina Böczögő5.08.96613.96613.766
3.Zsófia Kovács5.09.00014.00013.750
4.Pauline Tratz5.08.86613.86613.583
5.Irina Sazonova5.08.70013.70013.516
6.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir5.08.63313.63313.183
7.Valērija Grišāne4.68.93313.53313.166
8.Angelina Kysla5.08.83313.83312.999

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Zsófia Kovács6.18.23314.333
2.Kim Janas5.48.60014.000
3.Leah Griesser5.87.86613.666
4.Dorina Böczögő5.07.76612.766
5.Ivana Kamnikar4.97.73312.633
6.Irina Sazonova5.17.50012.600
7.Agnes Suto4.27.43311.633
8.Angelina Kysla5.75.50011.200

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Zsófia Kovács5.78.50014.200
2.Dorina Böczögő5.28.46613.666
3.Carina Kröll5.18.10013.200
4.Leah Griesser5.57.00012.500
5.Emily Little5.36.50011.800
6.Angelina Kysla5.46.3000.111.600
7.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir4.86.53311.333
8.Valērija Grišāne4.76.43311.133
9.Tinna Odinsdottir4.74.8339.533

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Leah Griesser5.38.30013.600
2.Carina Kröll5.38.13313.433
3.Zsófia Kovács5.57.93313.433
4.Angelina Kysla5.27.86613.066
5.Dorina Böczögő5.57.8330.313.033
6.Emily Little5.57.0660.312.266
7.Tinna Odinsdottir3.77.46611.166
8.Agnes Suto3.87.2660.110.966

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Rayderley Zapata6.68.80015.400
2.Naoto Hayasaka6.88.46615.266
3.Rok Klavora6.18.66614.766
4.Žiga Šilc5.98.76614.666
5.Andrej Korosteljev6.08.53314.533
6.Botond Kardos5.98.2330.114.033
7.Igor Radivilov5.98.3660.313.966
8.Łukasz Borkowski5.68.30013.900
9.Alberto Tallón6.07.53313.533
10.Nick Klessing6.07.26613.266
11.Sebastian Gawronski5.56.4660.111.866
12.Bánk Selmeczi5.56.36611.866
13.Sakari Vekki2.51.6000.14.000

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Robert Seligman5.99.16615.066
2.Krisztián Berki6.68.46615.066
3.Sašo Bertoncelj5.88.83314.633
4.Yusuke Saito6.28.43314.633
5.Naoto Hayasaka6.08.53314.533
6.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.88.36614.166
7.Zoltán Kállai5.98.10014.000
8.Juho Kanerva5.97.96613.866
9.Joel Plata5.57.76613.266
10.Leonardo Kušan5.77.20012.900
11.Nils Dunkel6.06.80012.800
12.Rokas Guščinas5.27.53312.733
13.Andrés Martín5.96.06611.966
14.Patryk Rabstajn5.55.90011.400
15.Piotr Wieczorek4.75.56610.266

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Igor Radivilov6.59.00015.500
2.Nick Klessing6.18.60014.700
3.Yuya Kamoto6.18.56614.666
4.Nestor Abad5.88.80014.600
5.Yusuke Saito5.88.70014.500
6.Rokas Guščinas5.98.40014.300
7.Tomi Tuuha5.78.10013.800
8.Nils Dunkel5.78.00013.700
9.Alberto Tallón5.87.86613.666
10.Ádám Babos5.48.16613.566

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Igor Radivilov6.09.16615.16615.183
2.Yusuke Saito6.09.10015.10014.666
3.Adrià Vera5.69.23314.83314.549
4.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.68.76614.36614.266
5.Rayderley Zapata6.07.9000.113.80014.016
6.Tomi Tuuha5.68.2660.313.56613.799
7.Sebastian Gawronski5.68.06613.66613.783
8.Botond Kardos5.28.90014.10013.133

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Yuya Kamoto6.48.73315.133
2.Lukas Dauser6.38.16614.466
3.Alen Dimic5.98.50014.400
4.Naoto Hayasaka6.18.13314.233
5.Ádám Babos5.48.46613.866
6.Botond Kardos5.48.40013.800
7.Andrés Martín5.68.03313.633
8.Joel Plata5.77.56613.266
9.Patryk Rabstajn5.37.56612.866
10.Piotr Wieczorek5.27.10012.300

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Andreas Bretschneider6.68.40015.000
2.Yusuke Saito6.88.10014.900
3.Christopher Jursch6.48.16614.566
4.Alen Dimic6.38.23314.533
5.Dávid Vecsernyés6.67.93314.533
6.Nestor Abad5.98.33314.233
7.Yuya Kamoto6.27.70013.900
8.Adrià Vera5.78.10013.800
9.Rokas Guščinas5.27.43312.633
10.Bánk Selmeczi4.87.73312.533
11.Sebastian Gawronski5.16.56611.666
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Ilyankova Wins Master Elite Gym Massilia
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Russian junior Anastasia Ilyankova won the Master portion of the 2016 Elite Gym Massilia, which ended Sunday in Marseille, France.

Russian junior Anastasia Ilyankova won the Master portion of the 2016 Elite Gym Massilia, which ended Sunday in Marseille, France.

Ilyankova scored 56.550 to top teammate Yelena Yeryomina (55.250) and France's Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (54.450). Ilyankova earned her high mark on uneven bars, 14.950, for an original routine (Hindorff to Pak to Maloney uprise blind to Yezhova; Maloney-half; free hip-full to full-twisting double; 6.4D). She also had the highest score on floor exercise, 13.950, for a routine set to Russian folk music (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch front; double pike; double tuck).

Yeryomina, the 2016 Junior European champion, also had her top mark on uneven bars (Maloney-half; inside-Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; Pak; Maloney uprise to giant; full-twisting double; 14.450, 6.3D). Both Ilyankova and Yeryomina turn senior in 2017.

Russia won the team competition, with Olympians Daria Spiridonova and Seda Tutkhalyan filling out the squad. Spiridonova fell over on a handstand on uneven bars, while Tutkhalyan had a disastrous routine on balance beam, falling twice and dismounting with only a layout.

De Jesus dos Santos, 16, led the French team to second behind Russia and ahead of a second French squad. A native of Martinique, De Jesus dos Santos moved to France in 2012 to train at Pôle de Saint-Etienne. She suffered a torn ACL on vault in August 2015 and was unable to return 100 percent in time to challenge for the French Olympic team in Rio, but is targeting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Sunday's apparatus finals featured the top gymnasts from Friday's Open competition and Saturday's Master's division. Open champion Irina Alexeeva, representing the U.S. club WOGA, won the gold on uneven bars and bronze medals on balance beam and floor exercise. Alexeeva was coached in Marseille by French native Laurent Landi, who guided Madison Kocian to a gold with the team and silver on uneven bars at the recent Olympics.

France's Coline Devillard, 16, won vault. De Jesus dos Santos brought a second gold for France on balance beam (punch front mount; punch front; ff, layout; RO, double tuck).

Ilyankova won floor exercise and picked up silver medals on uneven bars and balance beam.

Great Britain's Taeja James, a senior in 2018, won the silver on floor exercise (double tuck; triple twist; 1 1/2 front layout, 2 1/2). Canada's Victoria Jurca of Gym-Fly in Quebec won the bronze (piked full-in; tucked full-in; double tuck; double pike).

Yeryomina won the silver on vault ahead of Australia's Naomi Lee of Woden Valley Gymnastics Club.

External Link: Official Website

2016 Elite Gym Massilia
November 12-13, Marseille, France

Master TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
3.France Open41.45040.15036.15039.950157.700
5.Great Britain41.35036.55039.55039.250156.700
7.GymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen40.30035.80036.60037.300150.000

Master All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia14.1006.414.9505.713.5505.513.95056.550
2.Yelena YeryominaRussia13.9005.814.4505.213.3505.213.55055.250
3.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance14.2505.913.9505.313.5505.412.70054.450
4.Lorette CharpyFrance13.9005.812.9505.413.3505.113.40053.600
5.Sophie MaroisQuébec14.0504.512.7504.913.0005.313.50053.300
6.Daria SpiridonovaRussia13.5006.113.9005.613.5005.112.25053.150
7.Alice KinsellaGreat Britain13.8505.112.2005.614.0005.412.90052.950
8.Taeja JamesGreat Britain13.5005.013.0005.412.4005.413.80052.700
9.Mélissa PoitreauFrance Open13.9004.912.4505.512.8004.913.30052.450
10.Laurie DenomméeQuébec14.3504.411.9005.512.3505.413.70052.300
11.Morgane OssysekFrance13.7005.012.7005.312.8005.213.05052.250
12.Alison LepinFrance Open13.7006.614.3005.211.1005.012.90052.000
13.Seda TutkhalyanRussia13.9006.013.8504.810.4005.613.75051.900
14.Victoria JurcaQuébec14.0505.112.2005.611.7005.613.90051.850
15.Assia KhnifassFrance Open13.6505.412.4505.312.2505.013.40051.750
16.Erin ModaroAustralia13.9004.912.4004.812.5504.712.90051.750
17.Emi WattersonAustralia13.9005.612.8004.411.3005.313.05051.050
18.Lucy StanhopeGreat Britain14.0005.111.3505.113.1504.812.55051.050
19.Janna MouffokFrance Open13.8505.313.4005.610.2504.813.25050.750
20.Darcy NormanWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.8005.412.7504.511.9004.912.25050.700
21.Manon MullerGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.0504.612.0005.012.4004.812.50049.950
22.Rinke SantyGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.6505.213.2004.910.7504.611.80049.400
23.Coline DevillardFrance15.1004.89.5505.612.0005.312.65049.300
24.Marjory BastienQuébec13.7505.311.1004.610.4005.112.85048.100
25.Julie VandammeGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.6004.110.6004.911.4504.712.20047.850
26.Yasmin CollierWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.9001.710.4004.810.4505.212.60047.350
27.Margaux DavelooseGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen12.7503.98.6504.912.7504.912.60046.750
28.Aya MeggsWestern Australian Institute of Sport12.7003.812.2502.98.9005.012.65046.500
29.Georgia GodwinAustralia5.512.2006.011.8005.413.55037.550
30.Sidney StephensWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.1503.712.0005.011.20036.350
31.Naomi LeeAustralia13.9505.413.40027.350
32.Georgia-Mae FentonGreat Britain13.2000.11.00014.200

Vault FinalVault 1Vault 1Average
1.Coline DevillardFrance13.96714.30014.133
2.Yelena YeryominaRussia13.90014.13314.017
3.Naomi LeeAustralia14.10013.93314.017
4.Victoria JurcaQuébec14.13313.70013.917
5.Emi WattersonAustralia14.13313.70013.917
6.Seda TutkhalyanRussia13.03314.43313.733

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Irina AlexeevaWOGA6.38.43314.733
2.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia6.38.10014.400
3.Alison LepinFrance6.57.90014.400
4.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance6.07.50013.500
5.Taeja JamesGreat Britain5.08.20013.200
6.Yelena YeryominaRussia5.87.23313.033
7.Emi WattersonAustralia5.67.00012.600

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance5.78.46714.167
2.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia5.78.43314.133
3.Irina AlexeevaWOGA6.47.56713.967
4.Lorette CharpyFrance5.57.90013.400
5.Daria SpiridonovaRussia5.77.1670.112.767
6.Alice KinsellaGreat Britain5.66.93312.533
7.Lucy StanhopeGreat Britain5.16.93312.033

Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia5.48.43313.833
2.Taeja JamesGreat Britain5.48.36713.767
3.Victoria JurcaQuébec5.67.90013.500
4.Iness Ben RhoumaFrance5.28.2000.213.200
5.Georgia GodwinAustralia5.47.46712.867
6.Laurie DenomméeQuébec4.77.8330.112.433
7.Seda TutkhalyanRussia5.46.16711.567

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 11 November 2016 21:05    PDF Print
Alexeeva Wins Open Division at Elite Gym Massilia
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Russian-born Irina Alexeeva won the open division at the 2016 Elite Gym Massilia, which began Friday in Marseille, France.

Irina Alexeeva (WOGA) in Marseille

Alexeeva, a Moscow native who has trained at WOGA in Texas for several years, easily captured the all-around title with 57.099, topping French gymnasts Alison Lepin of Avoine Beaumont (53.166) and Mélissa Poitreau of Pôle Dijon (52.916)

Alexeeva had the top score on all but vault, showing off beautiful lines and execution throughout. She took her high score on uneven bars with a toe-full, Maloney-half; toe-blind to full to elgrip to layout Jaeger; Pak; Maloney to Gienger between the bars; double front (14.833/6.2). She impressed on balance beam as well with a risky mount (layout on to second layout), but had a few wobbles on her double wolf turn and ff, ff, two-foot layout, but finished solidly with an Onodi; front aerial to Yang Bo; and ff, ff double pike dismount (14.333/6.3) On floor exercise – performed to Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" – she tumbled a stuck double layout, 2 1/2 to layout front full; double twist; and double pike (13.933/5.9). Alexeeva, who will turn 16 in April 2018, is awaiting U.S. citizenship.

Lepin, a member of France's bronze medal-winning team from the 2016 European Championships, tied Alexeeva for the high mark on uneven bars (inside Stalder full, Komova II, uprise Ricna, inside Stalder-Tkatchev; stalder-full to stuck full-twisting double; 14.833/6.6), but dropped off beam on a full turn. Poitreau, who will be a senior in 2017, had the third-best score on balance beam (ff, ff, two-foot layout; side somi; ff, ff double twist)

Canada's Laurie Denommée (West Island Montreal Gymnastics) had the top score on vault (14.150), followed by fellow Quebec gymnast Victoria Jurca (Gym-Fly) with 14.100.

France Open 3 won the team competition over Québec 2 and France Open 1.

The competition continues Saturday with the international elite division. Russian Olympians Daria Spiridonova and Seda Tutkhalyan headline the field, which also includes teams from Great Britain and Australia.

External Link: Official Website

2016 Elite Gym Massilia
November 11, Marseille, France

Open TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.France Open 341.20041.26738.16737.433158.067
2.Québec 242.10036.43338.33338.400155.267
3.France Open 140.95037.26738.43337.900154.550
4.France Open 240.35036.33338.10039.367154.150
5.GymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen39.95037.10036.90036.600150.550
6.Western Australian Institute of Sport39.35036.60034.53337.667148.150
7.Québec 138.70034.26736.93337.433147.333
9.Dynamo Gymnastics40.55032.26736.40037.433146.650
10.TJ Bohemians Praha / Montauban38.45033.60035.26738.167145.483
11.Mixed 139.45033.10036.20036.300145.050
13.Australia Open39.10032.93333.33336.833142.200
14.Mixed 337.55033.83334.06735.533140.983
15.Federation Francophone de Gymnastique39.80031.36732.06735.867139.100
17.Gym Flip Beaucaire Tarascon38.95027.46735.43334.867136.717
18.ASCM Toulon37.95027.50034.76735.733135.950
19.Waverley/W.A.I.S Australia36.95031.06734.60033.133135.750
20.Futures Gymnastics38.50029.13333.16733.800134.600
21.Elite Gymnastics Mexico39.35025.76731.46734.523131.107
22.Étoile Gymnique de Colomiers38.45027.53332.33332.633130.950
23.Saint Loise Gymnastique39.20026.20030.80033.967130.167
24.Dunkerque Gym37.35027.80029.26733.700128.117
25.Waverley Gymnastics24.90036.46722.10022.733106.200
26.Mixed 225.25020.03320.13321.50086.917

Open All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Irina AlexeevaMixed 15.014.0006.214.8336.314.3335.913.93357.099
2.Alison LepinFrance Open 35.013.8006.614.8335.412.2335.212.30053.166
3.Mélissa PoitreauFrance Open 35.013.8504.912.8005.713.8334.812.43352.916
4.Alisson LappFrance Open 15.013.6003.911.6335.713.9335.013.50052.666
5.Victoria JurcaQuébec 25.214.1005.212.0675.712.7675.613.03351.967
6.Laurie DenomméeQuébec 35.014.1504.412.1336.112.6335.112.96751.883
7.Célia SerberFrance Open 25.013.5005.112.5335.213.0005.212.53351.566
8.Manon MullerGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen4.413.1004.712.7005.013.0005.012.33351.133
9.Sophie MaroisQuébec 45.013.5004.512.2334.912.9335.212.40051.066
10.Assia KhnifassFrance Open 35.013.5505.412.7005.812.0335.012.56750.850
11.Grâce CharpySaint-Étienne4.012.8505.312.9335.212.5334.812.53350.849
12.Janna MouffokFrance Open 34.012.6005.313.6335.412.1004.812.43350.766
13.Léanne BourgeoisFrance Open 15.013.6505.312.1335.012.9004.611.73350.416
14.Inès Ben RhoumaFrance Open 25.013.5504.610.7675.212.1335.213.73350.183
15.Clara GandreyFrance Open 25.013.3004.911.2335.712.9334.712.70050.166
16.Alix ScandellaFrance Open 14.613.7005.013.0334.811.3005.112.06750.100
17.Brooklyn MoorsDynamo Gymnastics5.013.5504.811.6005.211.5334.913.20049.883
18.Megan PhillipsGymnix4.613.4004.711.9335.011.1335.013.40049.866
19.Darcy NormanWestern Australian Institute Of S5.013.0505.313.0334.511.0335.312.73349.849
20.Laurie-Lou VézinaQuébec 14.012.2005.212.9335.312.8674.911.80049.800
21.Tzuf FeldonMixed 34.012.6004.712.5005.413.2674.411.13349.500
22.Léa MarquesFrance Open 15.013.4004.912.1004.811.6004.712.33349.433
23.Yasmin CollierWestern Australian Institute Of S5.013.7002.510.8675.112.1005.212.60049.267
24.Aline FriessFrance Open 24.411.5505.212.5675.712.1674.612.93349.217
25.Vendula MěrkováTJ Bohemians Praha / Montauban4.212.8004.912.3335.311.3004.512.76749.200
26.Jessica DowlingDynamo Gymnastics5.013.7505.510.0335.312.9675.012.30049.050
27.Adela MěrkováTJ Bohemians Praha / Montauban4.413.0504.99.9335.213.1674.412.36748.517
28.Rinke SantyGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen5.013.6005.012.3674.79.8334.912.53348.333
29.Myrelle MorinGymnix4.012.8503.110.8004.812.0004.412.53348.183
30.Caitlyn MontgomeryWaverley Gymnastics4.412.2504.611.3675.611.8005.012.60048.017
31.Marjory BastienQuébec 55.013.8505.210.0334.911.7335.012.33347.949
32.Julie VandammeGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen4.413.2504.112.0334.910.8334.711.73347.849
33.Anna GardeASCM Toulon4.012.6504.010.2004.812.7334.612.23347.816
34.Audrey FoucaultQuébec 24.012.6502.010.0335.113.0004.212.13347.816
35.Kristýna BrabcováTJ Bohemians Praha / Montauban4.012.6004.811.3335.010.8004.913.03347.766
36.Ercole CassidyAustralia Open5.013.8003.610.9334.710.9004.612.10047.733
37.Mélissa PariesMixed 14.212.8503.411.2674.910.9004.612.53347.550
38.Violetta Sanchez AlonsoGym Flip Beaucaire Tarascon5.013.6004.510.3334.712.0674.511.53347.533
39.Anaïs GerbronSaint-Étienne4.212.8003.511.0675.011.9334.711.56747.367
40.Aya MeggsWestern Australian Institute Of S4.211.8003.811.7333.211.4005.012.33347.266
41.Annie-Pierre ThériaultQuébec 35.012.9503.510.4334.611.0675.012.70047.150
42.Sophie PrinceWaverley / W.A.I.S Australia4.413.0003.510.9334.011.6674.111.43347.033
43.Ofir KremerMixed 34.613.4003.110.2004.811.3674.611.96746.934
44.Romi BrownAustralia Open3.812.5503.611.4674.111.8334.510.93346.783
45.Hope MoxamFutures Gymnastics4.212.9503.29.2674.713.1004.511.33346.650
46.Mathilde BithorelHaguenau4.012.6004.111.3004.810.4004.912.26746.567
47.Luna CassartFederation Francophone de Gymnastique4.413.1002.810.2004.810.9674.612.10046.367
48.Jade Vella-WrightAustralia Open4.012.7505.610.5335.210.6005.112.43346.316
49.Mia Saint-PierreQuébec 44.413.1003.510.9004.99.7005.012.60046.300
50.Niamh CollinsWaverley / W.A.I.S Australia4.212.7002.610.6674.411.8003.211.10046.267
51.Sidney StephensWestern Australian Institute Of S4.012.6003.711.8334.09.2334.812.30045.966
52.Eva BreneyHaguenau4.012.4004.912.0004.410.1334.411.30045.833
53.Alba PetiscoGym Flip Beaucaire Tarascon4.012.8503.48.3674.412.4674.412.13345.817
54.Chloé LorangeGymnix4.413.2002.78.9004.610.4334.612.83345.366
55.Romane FontaineDunkerque Gym4.412.8503.410.3674.111.0674.311.06745.351
56.Rachel LavalWaverley Gymnastics4.012.6505.412.2004.910.3004.610.13345.283
57.Margo van LindenFederation Francophone de Gymnastique4.012.4504.711.6673.49.8333.311.13345.083
58.Mey-Line AntonÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers3.812.2501.29.7334.312.2004.010.53344.716
59.Vanessa BrykFutures Gymnastics4.212.8503.510.3004.510.5004.710.83344.483
60.Tess CuntzHaguenau5.013.2504.69.4005.09.5674.912.06744.284
61.Bárbara Doddoli LankenauElite Gymnastics Mexico4.212.7002.28.5334.811.1334.611.80044.166
62.Fien VandebergMixed 24.012.2004.311.0333.810.8003.410.13344.166
63.Chloé StoreyFederation Francophone de Gymnastique4.613.4003.29.5004.59.5334.311.66744.100
64.Loecia PorteSaint Loise Gymnastique5.013.3004.29.6674.610.4004.910.70044.067
65.Alizée AicardiASCM Toulon4.412.9003.67.2335.212.0005.211.93344.066
66.Margaux DavelooseGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen4.012.5003.46.7674.913.0674.911.70044.034
67.Avery RosalesMixed 34.011.1003.111.1335.29.4335.112.23343.899
68.Sophia KolaFederation Francophone de Gymnastique4.413.3002.37.0674.911.2674.412.10043.734
69.Madison HuguesDynamo Gymnastics4.613.2504.810.3333.99.5674.810.56743.717
70.Clémence BehierÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers4.613.4501.89.4334.49.6334.411.10043.616
71.Alba AscencioGym Flip Beaucaire Tarascon4.012.5003.58.7674.910.9004.511.20043.367
72.Axelle WolfHaguenau4.012.3502.49.6004.69.2675.012.10043.317
73.Agathe DeshayesSaint Loise Gymnastique4.212.7002.49.2004.310.2674.210.96743.134
74.Ana Paula Chávez LozanoMixed 24.413.0503.89.0004.59.3334.511.36742.750
75.Carly AuFutures Gymnastics4.212.5003.29.5674.19.5674.411.10042.734
76.Elly BayesAustralia Open4.411.8004.18.6334.49.9674.612.30042.700
77.Gabriella Lazo VillarealElite Gymnastics Mexico4.012.6503.810.4334.69.4003.910.03342.516
78.Lily GreseleWaverley / W.A.I.S Australia2.411.2503.59.4672.711.1333.110.60042.450
79.Adélaide ChallesSaint Loise Gymnastique4.413.2003.27.3334.710.1334.511.76742.433
80.Paulina Guerra ValdezElite Gymnastics Mexico5.013.5004.06.8005.010.5004.911.62342.423
81.Charlyne DenisDunkerque Gym4.211.8501.68.6003.510.2003.711.66742.317
82.Alisson TruchardASCM Toulon4.012.4003.110.0674.38.0335.011.56742.067
83.Skylar EllisFutures Gymnastics4.212.7002.08.8673.58.8334.211.36741.767
84.Clara BeugnonSaint-Étienne4.413.3002.27.0335.19.8673.911.50041.700
85.Maëlle BuretÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers4.212.7501.78.3673.99.9673.610.46741.551
86.Alice LesaffreDunkerque Gym4.012.2002.68.8334.58.0004.610.63339.666
87.Emma LenoirDunkerque Gym4.212.3003.58.4673.57.7674.410.96739.501
88.Eugenia Barbosa CantúElite Gymnastics Mexico4.413.1502.74.6005.09.8334.611.10038.683
89.Emeline VançonMixed 14.012.6001.27.0003.07.7003.69.83337.133
90.Marta GilcedoGym Flip Beaucaire Tarascon4.011.2501.96.2003.38.6333.29.46735.550
91.Emma SpenceDynamo Gymnastics5.510.3335.111.9005.111.93334.166
92.Clémentine ToulorgeSaint Loise Gymnastique2.410.1500.94.0674.38.1674.411.23333.617
93.Juliette ChapmanMixed 34.011.5503.39.5005.111.33332.383
94.Louna DozonASCM Toulon4.012.2504.510.0333.810.06732.350
95.Alexandra LensÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers2.58.0003.410.1673.211.00029.167
96.Xuân PatenaudeGymnix4.413.2004.611.23324.433
97.Juliette BossuSaint-Étienne6.214.1004.69.96724.067
98.Kate McDonaldWaverley Gymnastics4.812.90012.900
99.Maëlle DelourmelMixed 13.810.96710.967

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