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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by John Crumlish    Saturday, 28 April 2007 22:37    PDF Print
Ferrari, Devyatovsky Win Europeans
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Italy's Vanessa Ferrari and Russia's Maxim Devyatovsky won the women's and men's all-around titles, respectively, at the European Championships in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Ferrari, the 2006 world all-around champion, placed first over Romania's Sandra Izbasa and Ukraine's Alina Kozich. Izbasa finished third all-around at the 2006 World Championships, and Kozich won the 2004 European all-around title.

Ferrari began the all-around final on balance beam, where she had a minor balance check on a flip-flop, full. Her floor exercise was solid, and she clinched the title on uneven bars in the fourth round, waving to the crowd after landing a double layout with a hop.

"If you want to win the all-around, you have to be consistent and concentrate until the end," said Enrico Casella, Ferrari's coach. "This is what Vanessa did today."

Izbasa started on uneven bars, where she scored her lowest mark of the day. She earned her highest two scores in the next two rotations (balance beam and floor exercise).

Kozich won the bronze medal, finishing her competition with the day's highest score on balance beam.

2004 European junior champion Steliana Nistor of Romania dropped to fourth place, after falling on balance beam (flip-fop, full) and floor exercise (2-1/2 twist, layout punch front).

In the men's competition, Devyatovsky overcame a near-miss on high bar in the third rotation to take the title over top qualifier Fabian Hambüchen (Germany). Third was Yuri Ryazanov, Devyatovsky's teammate.

Devyatovsky began well on vault, with a solid double front. After a steady routine on parallel bars in the second rotation, he came up short on a Weiler kip on high bar. Devyatovsky finished his day on rings, and pumped his fist after sticking his dismount on rings in the sixth rotation.

"For me it's a very important success, because I was first in the Russian Championships, and I tried to do my best here to show everybody that I am first in Russia and first in Europe," Devyatovsky said.

Hambüchen, the 2006 world all-around bronze medalist, almost fell during his dismount sequence on pommel horse in the fifth rotation. He landed on his feet, but scored his lowest of all six events. On rings in the final rotation, Hambüchen dismounted with a conservative double front, and took his second-lowest score.

The competition concludes Sunday with individual even finals for women and men.

IG is on hand in Amsterdam, so look for complete coverage in an upcoming issue of IG Magazine.

Full results can be downloaded from the official site,

2007 European Gymnastics Championships
April 28, Amsterdam

Women's All-Around
1. Vanessa Ferrari ITA 61.075
2. Sandra Izbasa ROM 59.900
3. Alina Kozich UKR 59.300
4. Steliana Nistor ROM 58.175
5. Yekaterina Kramarenko RUS 57.825
6. Oksana Chusovitina GER 57.450
7. Kristina Palesova CZE 56.675
7. Kristina Pravdina RUS 56.675
9. Verona Van De Leur NED 56.225
10. Anja Brinker GER 56.025
11. Daria Zgoba UKR 55.825
12. Stefani Bisbikou GRE 55.750
13. Cassy Vericel FRA 55.625
14. Federica Macri ITA 55.600
15. Patricia Moreno ESP 55.475
16. Gaelle Mys BEL 54.900
17. Lichelle Wong NED 54.825
18. Viktoria Karpenko BUL 54.725
19. Veronica Wagner SWE 54.600
20. Hannah Clowes GBR 54.550
21. Nicole Pechancova CZE 53.900
22. Yelena Zanevskaya LTU 53.825
23. Mercedes Alcaide ESP 53.675
24. Anastasia Marachkovskaya BLR 23.650

Men's All-Around
1. Maxim Devyatovski RUS 90.250
2. Fabian Hambüchen GER 89.675
3. Yuri Ryazanov RUS 89.000
4. Rafael Martinez ESP 88.425
5. Flavius Koczi ROM 87.825
6. Epke Zonderland NED 87.675
6. Manuel Campos POR 87.675
6. Razvan Selariu ROM 87.675
9. Jeffrey Wammes NED 87.600
10. Dmitry Savitsky BLR 87.550
11. Ilya Giorgadze GEO 87.350
11. Enrico Pozzo ITA 87.350
13. Daniel Keatings GBR 87.225
14. Robert Juckel GER 87.200
15. Dmitry Karbanenko FRA 87.125
16. Claudio Capelli SUI 86.875
17. Filip Ude CRO 86.675
18. Sami Aalto FIN 86.375
19. Matteo Morandi ITA 86.225
20. Vahag Stepanyan ARM 84.750
21. Nicolas Boschenstein SUI 84.575
22. Alexander Shatilov ISR 84.500
23. Ross Brewer GBR 84.050
24. Marcell Hetrovics HUN 83.200

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 27 April 2007 22:38    PDF Print
Women's NCAA Championships Conclude
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2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets (Georgia) won four more medals as the Women's NCAA Championships concluded Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Courtney Kupets

Kupets, who won the all-around on Thursday and led Georgia to the team title on Friday, placed first on vault, second (tie) on uneven bars, third (tie) on beam and second on floor exercise.

2004 Olympic silver medalist Terin Humphrey (Alabama) won uneven bars over Kupets and 2000 Olympian Tasha Schwikert (UCLA).

Utah's Ashley Postell, the 2002 world beam champion, won balance beam over Georgia's Grace Taylor. Kupets tied two Florida gymnasts, Amanda Castillo and Corey Hartung, and Stanford's Nicole Ourada for the bronze.

Alabama's Morgan Dennis won floor exercise over Kupets. Postell won the bronze.

2007 Women's NCAA Championships
April 28, Salt Lake City

1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.919
2. Annie DiLuzio (Utah) 9.888
3. Emily Parsons (Nebraska) 9.850
3. Brittney Koncak-Schumann (Oklahoma) 9.850
5. Mandi Rodriguez (Oregon State) 9.838
6. Savannah Evans (Florida) 9.813
7. Tiffany Tolnay (Georgia) 9.794
8. Megan Dowlen (Georgia) 9.788
8. Kiara Redmond (Oklahoma) 9.788
10. Marcia Newby (Georgia) 9.700
11. Tasha Smith (Oregon State) 9.600
12. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 9.588
13. Amanda Castillo (Florida) 9.556
13. Nicki Butler (Louisiana State) 9.556
15. Carly Janiga (Stanford) 9.450

Uneven Bars
1. Terin Humphrey (Alabama) 9.950
2. Tasha Schwikert (UCLA) 9.913
2. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.913
4. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.900
5. Melanie Sinclair (Florida) 9.888
5. Katie Heenan (Georgia) 9.888
7. Ashley Postell (Utah) 9.825
8. Daria Bijak (Utah) 9.800

Balance Beam
1. Ashley Postell (Utah) 9.938
2. Grace Taylor (Georgia) 9.900
3. Amanda Castillo (Florida) 9.850
3. Corey Hartung (Florida) 9.850
3. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.850
3. Nicole Ourada (Stanford) 9.850
7. Tabitha Yim (Stanford) 9.838
8. Terin Humphrey (Alabama) 9.800
9. Anna Li (UCLA) 9.788
10. Kelly Phelan (Louisiana State) 9.775
11. Kelly Fee (Stanford) 9.725
12. Melanie Sinclair (Florida) 9.688
13. Tricia Woo (Nebraska) 9.663
14. Kristi Esposito (Louisiana State) 9.588
15. Jessica Lopez (Denver) 9.550

Floor Exercise
1. Morgan Dennis (Alabama) 9.963
2. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.950
3. Ashley Postell (Utah) 9.925
4. Corey Hartung (Florida) 9.900
4. Savannah Evans (Florida) 9.900
4. Emily Parsons (Nebraska) 9.900
4. Kiara Redmond (Oklahoma) 9.900
8. Carly Janiga (Stanford) 9.888
8. Tabitha Yim (Stanford) 9.888
10. Tiffany Tolnay (Georgia) 9.863
11. Kelly Phelan (Louisiana State) 9.850
12. Beth Rizzo (Utah) 9.838
13. Karin Wurm (Arizona) 9.825
13. Janae Cox (West Virginia) 9.825
15. Susan Jackson (Louisiana State) 9.788
16. Jessica Lopez (Denver) 9.738
17. Ashley Reed (Florida) 9.288
18. Katie Lieberman (Michigan) 9.238

Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 26 April 2007 22:36    PDF Print
Georgia Defends NCAA Team Title
Georgia defended its team title at the NCAA Championships, held Friday evening in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Courtney Kupets, Thursday's all-around champion, led Georgia to victory over the host Utah Utes, 197.850-197.250.


Georgia junior Katie Heenan said the team was confident despite recent injuries to Ashley Kupets (torn Achilles) and Kelsey Ericksen (torn ACL).

"Not many teams can lose two seniors right before nationals, but they were our biggest supporters out there," Heenan said. "They were right there to rally with us. We won with team chemistry, and upheld the great Georgia Bulldog tradition."

Utah junior Ashley Postell said the team was happy with second.

"It's disappointing not to win tonight, but it has been a roller coaster season and no one thought that we'd be here," she said. "We're happy to get second. Our team came together really well at the end of the season."

The NCAA championships conclude tonight with the apparatus finals.

2007 Women's NCAA Championships
April 27, Salt Lake City

Super Six
1. Georgia 197.850
2. Utah 197.250
3. Florida 197.225
4. UCLA 196.925
5. Stanford 196.825
6. Nebraska 195.975

Written by John Crumlish    Thursday, 26 April 2007 22:34    PDF Print
Hambüchen Leads Qualifying at Europeans
Germany's Fabian Hambüchen led Friday's qualifying round at the European Championships taking place in Amsterdam.

Competing in the second on three subdivisions, Hambüchen earned his highest score (16.000) on his first event, vault. His only near-miss came on parallel bars in the second rotation, where he struggled in a press to handstand.

The rest of Hambüchen's performances were consistent, and he earned his second-best score of the day (15.475) on high bar in the third round. His high bar routine featured a Kolman; piked Tkatchev to Tkatchev; and layout double-double dismount.

"I knew that if I had a good all-around on an occasion like this, I could be on top," Hambüchen told IG. "I had a little mistake on p-bars, but it doesn't matter and it was OK. After high bar I relaxed a little and said, 'Three more events.' But I know that tomorrow is a new day, and the best gymnast will win."

Spain's Rafael Martinez, the 2005 all-around champion, finished only 0.175 behind Hambüchen. Martinez, who competed in the third subdivision, ended on vault, where he earned his highest score (16.125).

Flavius Koczi of Romania qualified third for Saturday's all-around final (89.650), ahead of Russians Yuri Ryazanov (89.350) and Maxim Devyatovsky (89.050).

Among the strongest performers who did not compete on all six events, Romania's Marian Dragulescu scored 16.725 on vault (double front-half) and 16.075 on floor exercise, where he ended with a solid double-double. Alexander Vorobyov of Ukraine scored 16.075 on rings, and Mitja Petkovsek of Slovenia scored 15.975 on parallel bars.

Dutch star Yuri van Gelder ended 9th on rings, missing the final. He protested his score of 15.300, saying he expected a score close to 16.000, but no change was made.

The competition continues Saturday with the women's and men's all-around finals.

IG is on hand in Amsterdam, so look for complete coverage in an upcoming issue of IG Magazine.

Full results can be downloaded from the official site,

2007 European Gymnastics Championships
April 27, Amsterdam

All-Around Finalists
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 90.175
2. Rafael Martinez ESP 90.100
3. Flavius Koczi ROM 89.650
4. Yuri Ryazanov RUS 89.350
5. Maxim Devyatovsky RUS 89.050
6. Dmitry Savitski BLR 89.025
7. Razvan Selariu ROM 89.000
8. Filip Ude CRO 88.975
9. Matteo Morandi ITA 88.275
10. Dmitry Karbanenko FRA 87.450
11. Robert Juckel GER 87.450
12. Enrico Pozzo ITA 87.300
13. Jeffrey Wammes NED 87.150
14. Epke Zonderland NED 87.075
15. Ilya Giorgadze GEO 86.800
16. Daniel Keatings GBR 86.775
17. Manuel Campos POR 86.675
18. Claudio Capelli SUI 86.475
19. Marcell Hetrovics HUN 86.350
20. Sami Aalto FIN 86.050
21. Vahag Stepanyan ARM 86.025
22. Nicolas Böschenstein SUI 85.575
23. Ross Brewer GBR 85.450
24. Alexander Shatilov ISR 85.050
R1. Roman Kulesza POL 84.275
R2. Kamil Hulboj POL 84.175
R3. Xenofon Kosmidis GRE 84.125

Floor Exercise Finalists
1. Marian Dragulescu ROM 16.075
2. Flavius Koczi ROM 15.150
3. Matthias Fahrig GER 15.150
4. Thomas Bouhail FRA 15.125
5. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 15.050
6. Eleftherios Kosmidis GRE 14.975
7. Rafael Martinez ESP 14.975
8. Enrico Pozzo ITA 14.925
R1. Fabian Hambuchen GER 14.925
R2. Claudio Capelli SUI 14.900
R3. Manuel Campos POR 14.700

Pommel Horse Finalists
1. Krisztian Berki HUN 16.175
2. Nikolai Kryukov RUS 15.725
3. Louis Smith GBR 15.725
4. Daniel Keatings GBR 15.500
5. Donna-Donny Truyens BEL 15.450
6. Filip Ude CRO 15.375
7. Flavius Koczi ROM 15.300
8. Robert Seligman CRO 15.250
R1. Alberto Busnari ITA 15.100
R2. Rafael Martinez ESP 15.000
R3. Vahag Stepanyan ARM 14.750

Still Rings Finalists
1. Matteo Morandi ITA 16.200
2. Alexander Vorobyov UKR 16.075
3. Andrea Coppolino ITA 16.025
4. Jordan Jovtchev BUL 16.025
5. Konstantin Pluzhnikov RUS 15.850
6. Dmitry Kasperovich BLR 15.450
7. Thomas Andergassen GER 15.400
8. Dmitry Savitsky BLR 15.350
R1. Yuri van Gelder NED 15.300
R2. Yuri Ryazanov RUS 15.175
R3. Irodotos Georgallas CYP 15.125

Vault Finalists
1. Marian Dragulescu ROM 16.750
2. Dmitry Kasperovich BLR 16.337
3. Alexander Yakubovsky UKR 16.300
4. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 16.300
5. Jeffrey Wammes NED 16.175
6. Matthias Fahrig GER 16.125
7. Leszek Blanik POL 16.062
8. Raphael Wignanitz FRA 16.037
R1. Razvan Selariu ROM 16.037
R2. Fabian Hambüchen GER 15.925
R3. Luis Araujo POR 15.912

Parallel Bars Finalists
1. Mitja Petkovsek SLO 15.975
2. Nikolai Kryukov RUS 15.900
3. Dmitry Kasperovich BLR 15.725
4. Yann Cucherat FRA 15.550
5. Dmitry Karbanenko FRA 15.425
6. Rafael Martinez ESP 15.425
7. Epke Zonderland NED 15.400
8. Sergei Khorokhordin RUS 15.400
R1. Nicolas Böschenstein SUI 15.375
R2. Andreu Vivo ESP 15.225
R3. Kamil Hulboj POL 15.100

High Bar Finalists
1. Igor Cassina ITA 15.525
2. Fabian Hambüchen GER 15.475
3. Umit Samiloglu TUR 15.175
4. Christoph Schaerer SUI 15.125
5. Aljaz Pegan SLO 15.125
6. Dmitry Karbanenko FRA 15.075
7. Roman Kulesza POL 15.075
8. Yann Cucherat FRA 15.000
R1. Sergei Khorokhordin RUS 14.950
R2. Nikolai Kryukov RUS 14.925
R3. Nikolai Kuksenkov UKR 14.875

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 25 April 2007 22:33    PDF Print
Kupets Repeats as NCAA Champion
(38 votes, average 3.05 out of 5)

Georgia sophomore Courtney Kupets successfully defended her all-around title Thursday during the preliminaries of the NCAA Championships, held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kupets led Georgia in the first of two sessions, with the GymDogs posting a meet-high 197.700. Top-ranked Florida was second with 197.400, and Nebraska also grabbed a spot in the Super Six berth from the afternoon session with 196.625. Oklahoma (196.250), Alabama (196.125) and Oregon State (195.100) were eliminated.

In the evening session, home team Utah posted a winning 197.325 to edge Stanford (197.200). UCLA earned the final berth to Friday night's Super Six final with 196.475. Completing session two were LSU (196.275), Denver (195.575) and Michigan (195.100).

Following Kupets in the all-around for the second year in a row was Utah junior Ashley Postell (39.600). Florida freshman Amanda Castillo was third with 39.550.

The NCAA team finals will be held tonight, and apparatus finals will be contested Saturday evening.


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