2017 Worlds Championships News
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Hurd Wins Gold in Historic World Final
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American Morgan Hurd captured the women's all-around title Friday at the world gymnastics championships in Montreal, winning the gold medal over Canadian Ellie Black and Russian Yelena Yeryomina.

American Morgan Hurd captured the women's all-around title Friday at the world gymnastics championships in Montreal, winning the gold medal over Canadian Ellie Black and Russian Yelena Yeryomina.

Hurd edged Black, 55.232-55.132, while Yeryomina nabbed bronze with 54.799, one-tenth ahead of top qualifier Mai Murakami of Japan.

Hurd, who was born in China and adopted as an infant by an American family, is the first full Asian female to ever win a world all-around title. (1979 world champion Nelli Kim of the Soviet Union is of part Korean descent.) Black also made history as the first Canadian gymnast, male or female, to win an all-around medal at a world championships or Olympic Games. Her silver is also the second world medal in history for the Canadian women, following Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs' bronze medal on beam in 2006.

The competition began with the shock withdrawal of U.S. champion Ragan Smith, who came to Montreal as one of the favorites to win the title. Smith, second in qualification, suffered an ankle injury on vault in warm-ups and left the arena on crutches. Smith was the third all-around favorite injured in Montreal: six-time defending champion Kohei Uchimura of Japan suffered a severely sprained ankle on vault Monday in qualification, and Romanian Larisa Iordache tore her Achilles' tendon during warm-up on floor exercise Wednesday in qualification.

Hurd, a first-year senior who turned 16 on July 18, continues the U.S. women's streak of all-around titles going back to 2011. She is also the youngest world champion since Russia's Aliya Mustafina, who took gold in 2010 three weeks after her 16th birthday. Coached by Slava Glazounov at First State Gymnastics in Delaware, Hurd finished only sixth at this year's U.S. championships in August, following elbow surgery this spring. The world championships are only her third international competition.

Hurd balances difficulty with execution and grace, and stayed consistent while others made mistakes. After high scores of 14.533 (vault) and 14.300 (uneven bars), Hurd fought to stay on beam despite several wobbles, and dismounted with the only full-twisting double back in the competition. Her score of 12.666 was still the fourth-best score of the night on balance beam, which is the harshest-scored event in Montreal. Hurd fell on floor in qualification, but she was on her game on Friday, clinching the gold medal on floor exercise with 13.733 for a beautiful routine, where she even points her toes on her tumbling (gorgeous double-double mount).

Black, a two-time Olympian, had the third-best scores on vault (14.600) and balance beam (12.866), and the fifth-best on uneven bars (14.233). Tied for first with Hurd after two events, Black led Hurd by .2 going into the final rotation on floor exercise. Needing 13.534 to beat Hurd, Black earned 13.433, coming up one-tenth short of taking the title but still making history for Canadian gymnastics. The Nova Scotian already owned the previous all-around records for a Canadian gymnast, with her fifth place at the 2016 Olympics and seventh at the 2015 World Championships.

Yeryomina, also a first-year senior, lost the title with a goof on uneven bars in the second rotation. Yeryomina, whose 15.100 on bars was the top score in qualification, broke after her Nabiyeva (toe-on layout Tkatchev)-Pak-Stalder combination, which she was supposed to connect into an immediate Shaposhnikova-half transition back to the high bar. She tucked her legs as she barely made the Stalder all-around before doing an extra kip-cast and improvising with a Van Leeuwen (toe-on, Shaposhnikova-half) back to the high bar. In addition to the break, she lost .2 in D score for the missed connection, resulting in 14.200. She recovered well on balance beam with the second-best score of the day (13.133), one of only two scores on beam above 13, and ended strong with 13.600 on floor exercise.

Murakami was tied with France's Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos at the halfway point of the competition, with her two best events to come. But Murakami fell off balance beam on her double turn in the third rotation for 12.000. The final competitor, she needed 14.767 to top Hurd, a tall order, and 14.334 to take third. Murakami was fantastic on floor and her 14.233 was the top score of the night on the event, but just not enough to take a medal.

De Jesus Dos Santos finished fifth (54.132), achieving her goal of a top-five finish in her first world championships. She also tied the world championships record for a French female gymnast in the all-around, matching the fifth place finishes of Youna Dufournet in 2009 and Émilie Le Pennec in 2005.

Japan's Aiko Sugihara was sixth (53.965) ahead of Giulia Steingruber (53.666), whose 14.700 on vault was the highest score of the day. European uneven bars champion Nina Derwael finished eighth (53.498) with the top mark on bars (14.966). German veteran Elisabeth Seitz was ninth (53.465) over teammate Tabea Alt (53.399), whose 13.300 on beam was the best of the day.

Smith, who was replaced in the all-around by first alternate Lee Eun Ju of Korea, was taken to the hospital for X-rays. If Smith is forced to withdraw from the floor exercise final on Sunday, Ellie Black, as first alternate, will take her place.

Following the competition, Japan's Kenzo Shirai and Canadian Brooklyn Moors were awarded the prestigious Longines Prize of Elegance.

The competition continues in Montreal on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. with the first day of apparatus finals, featuring men's floor exercise, pommel horse and still rings, and women's vault and uneven bars. Head to IG's Facebook page for live commentary from the Olympic Stadium!

Read complete coverage of the 2017 World Championships in the November issue of International Gymnast magazine. To subscribe at the special world championships rate, click here.

2017 World Gymnastics Championships
October 6, Montreal, Canada

Women's All-Around
1.Morgan Hurd5.414.5335.814.3005.412.6665.513.73355.232
2.Ellie Black5.414.6005.914.2335.812.8665.013.43355.132
3.Yelena Yeryomina5.013.8666.114.2005.413.1335.213.60054.799
4.Mai Murakami5.414.6665.513.8005.612.0005.814.23354.699
5.Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos5.414.4665.414.0005.412.4335.313.23354.132
6.Aiko Sugihara5.014.0335.113.5335.412.5665.613.83353.965
7.Giulia Steingruber5.814.7005.212.9335.312.4005.513.63353.666
8.Nina Derwael4.613.5336.314.9664.711.6335.113.36653.498
9.Elisabeth Seitz4.613.7006.114.5664.812.4334.412.76653.465
10.Tabea Alt5.413.8665.513.6005.713.3004.812.63353.399
11.Rune Hermans4.613.3005.313.9005.212.0334.913.06652.299
12.Lara Mori4.613.4335.213.4665.312.2665.413.00052.165
13.Georgia Godwin4.813.2665.413.5005.512.3665.412.90052.032
14.Diana Varinska4.613.4336.014.5004.611.3665.012.70051.999
15.Brooklyn Moors5.412.9664.713.2005.312.2665.013.53351.965
16.Angelina Melnikova4.613.7335.713.7755.412.4335.411.40051.341
17.Amy Tinkler5.414.4005.211.0005.012.1665.613.33350.899
18.Filipa Martins4.613.1665.313.5335.312.2334.711.93350.865
19.Wang Yan5.614.2335.313.3665.410.2005.212.63350.432
20.Ana Pérez5.412.8335.713.7334.910.1005.012.60049.266
21.Marine Boyer4.613.7664.812.0665.510.5665.212.83349.231
22.Lee Eun Ju4.613.2335.013.2004.811.5004.511.26649.199
23.Ioana Crişan4.613.5664.710.7664.911.6005.013.03348.965
24.Thais Santos4.613.5335.111.0665.510.6005.513.56648.765
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Canada's Brooklyn Moors: 'Learning To Control The Nerves'
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“This is so surreal and I’m so excited, because being at home and competing in front of my family and friends is such an amazing experience,” said Brooklyn Moors, who qualified 15th to Friday’s all-around final and fifth to Saturday’s floor exercise final. “I did some mistakes, but I’m happy I did, because now I can work on those and know what I need to do for the next couple days and the future.”

Moors, the younger sister of 2012 Canadian Olympian Victoria Moors, said she is still adjusting to her high level of risk on balance beam, where she earned her lowest score in qualifications.

“I’m learning to control the nerves,” she said. “It’s all new for me. I went from not a lot of difficulty to a lot of difficulty in a short period of time, so I’m just starting to gain experience in how to handle that.”

Moors said she was thrilled to score well for her passionate routine on floor exercise, her favorite event.

“As a lot of people know, I like to perform and I like to dance,” she said. “That feeling of doing it in front of a home crowd is even better. I think I’ve always had that (presentation) since I was little, because, again, I didn’t have a lot of difficulty, so I had to use my execution and engage people.”

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Steingruber Set To Go From 'So-So' To Solid In Friday's Final
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Swiss veteran Giulia Steingruber admitted that her performance in qualifications at this week’s World Championships in Montreal was average, but she aims to improve in Friday’s all-around final.

“I would say so-so,” said Steingruber of her 11th-place all-around finish in qualifications. “I’m happy that I had no big mistake, but it could be better. Especially on beam, which was very shaky. But we will see. I hope in the all-around final I can do better.”

Steingruber said she was pleased with her results on vault, for which she qualified third to Saturday’s event final.

“I’m really happy because it wasn’t sure if I would do the double twist(ing Yurchenko) on the second vault,” said Steingruber, the 2016 Olympic vault bronze medalist. “I didn’t have so much time for the preparation, but I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’ I wanted to try it, and I’m happy that it was quite good.”

For the al-around final, Steingruber plans to perform her usual program.

“It will stay the same,” she said. “I just hope that I can improve my routines.”

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Hurd Aglow After Success In Qualifications
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After finishing sixth all-around and second on balance beam in qualifications, U.S. gymnast Morgan Hurd said she looks forward to an even more inspiring competitive atmosphere in Friday’s all-around final at the World Championships in Montreal.

“The energy out there was great, and I feel like the energy will be even better for finals,” Hurd said. “It was so fun to be out here, like a big glowing orb inside of me, I guess, just like, of excitement.”

Hurd said she was happiest with her performance on balance beam because it was “really solid, minus the little bobble.” She took her lowest score on floor exercise after she stumbled to her right knee on her third tumbling pass (layout front, punch double-twisting front).

“I thought I was going to fly out of it, and I was trying to save it, and I just held back a little too much,” Hurd said.

Hurd’s performances have put her in contention for two medals in Montreal, and have also shown her that she is capable of delivering a steadier program than in the past.

“I really wasn’t too shaky, as I usually am when I’m competing at P&Gs (U.S. Championships) or anything,” she said. “I just felt really excited. My coach (Slava Glazounov) always tells me to be calm, and everyone says to be in the moment, and I feel like I really did that.”

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'I Hoped for the Best,' Says Melnikova
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Hindered by a recent ankle injury, Russia's Angelina Melnikova hopes to rebound from her 10th-place all-around finish in qualifications when she competes in Friday's all-around final at the world championships in Montreal.

Hindered by a recent ankle injury, Russia's Angelina Melnikova hopes to rebound from her 10th-place all-around finish in qualifications when she competes in Friday's all-around final at the world championships in Montreal.

Angelina Melnikova (Russia)

"I hoped for the best, but not everything worked out," said Melnikova of her all-around performance in qualifications, which included a 91st-place ranking on floor exercise after two falls.

Melnikova, 17, placed first on floor exercise at this spring's European championships, but said the ankle injury has left her with less time to train the event.

Competing in her first world championships, the Voronezh native said she was proud of staying on balance beam, her first event in qualification, although she felt she was too harshly judged.

"It's hard to calm yourself down on beam," she said. "You're shaking and can easily fall — beam is the toughest. But, apparently, I missed a special (composition) requirement, for jumps. I did a 5.9-Difficulty routine, but they gave me 5.4. Although, even with that Difficulty score, my Execution score was too low. I watched my routine, and it was not all that horrible, not worth three points of deductions. But this is a matter for judges, so I'd rather not say anything..."

After a clean vault, Melnikova finished with her strongest performance on uneven bars, tying for fourth with 14.966. However, she was bumped from the event final by the two-per-country rule, as teammates Yelena Yeryomina (15.100) and Anastasia Ilyankova (15.066) were the top qualifiers.

Despite the mistakes that cost her a higher position in qualifications, Melnikova said she believes she can pull herself together for a better all-around showing in the final.

"The main thing is to do my whole program, and then everything will be OK," she said.

The women's all-around final begins at 7 p.m. Head to IG's Facebook page for live commentary from the Olympic Stadium!

Read complete coverage of the 2017 World Championships in the November issue of International Gymnast magazine. To subscribe at the special world championships rate, click here.


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