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Wieber, Hambüchen Win American Cup
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2008 U.S. junior champion Jordyn Wieber and two-time German Olympian Fabian Hambüchen won the all-around titles at the Tyson American Cup, held Saturday at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Jordyn Wieber (U.S.)

Wieber, 13, led from the first rotation, vault, where she took a large step on the landing of her 2-1/2 twisting Yurchenko. Wieber dismounted uneven bars with a double-twisting double layout, and her balance beam skills included front aerial, one-arm flip-flop, layout; side somi (balance check); standing full; and two flip flops to double pike dismount. Wieber's tumbling passes on floor exercise included a full-in; 1-1/2 twist, punch front-full; 2-1/2 twist, punch layout front; and double pike.

2008 U.S. Olympic team silver medalist Bridget Sloan finished second, finishing her day with solid tumbling passes on floor exercise including a 1-1/2 twist through to triple twist; piked full-in; 2-1/2 twisting front; and double pike.

Kim Bui, alternate on the 2008 German Olympic team, placed third. She was followed by Great Britain's Becky Downie, who finished 12th all-around at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Several falls marred the competition. 2008 Japanese Olympian Koko Tsurumi fell twice on uneven bars, and 2008 Elite Canada champion Brittany Rogers and 2008 Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez each fell twice on balance beam. France's Youna Dufournet fell three times on balance beam and fell on floor exercise.

In the men's competition, Hambüchen overcame a deficit on the last event to win the title over 2008 U.S. champion David Sender, who led after five events.

Hambüchen's routine on horizontal bar included a layout Kolman, layout Tkatchev and double-twisting double layout dismount.

"We were thinking about doing a different [high bar] routine, more difficult or an easier one," he said. "Then I saw David's routine and saw the score.  I knew if I do a good routine, not that difficult, that's enough [to win]."

Sender suffered a form break after a Kovacs, and later performed a piked Tkatchev and double-twisting double layout dismount.

Third was 2008 U.S. Olympic team bronze medalist Joseph Hagerty, who scored 15.35 on horizontal bar after performing a Kolman and a full-twisting double layout dismount.

Hambüchen, Sender and Hagerty earned their highest scores of the day on vault, while Japan's Koji Uematsu earned his highest score on horizontal bar. Uematsu's score of 15.65 was not enough to overtake Hagerty for third place.

France's Benoit Caranobe, the 2008 Olympic all-around bronze medalist, placed fifth. He put his hands down on the landing of a Tsukahara double pike on vault, his best event.

2009 Tyson American Cup
March 21, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Women's All-Around
1. Jordyn Wieber USA 60.20
2. Bridget Sloan USA 59.60
3. Kim Bui GER 56.00
4. Rebecca Downie GBR 55.60
5. Amelia Racea ROM 55.15
6. Kristina Goryunova RUS 54.60
7. Koko Tsurumi JPN 54.35
8. Youna Dufournet FRA 52.95
9. Brittany Rogers CAN 52.60
10. Jessica Lopez VEN 51.60

Men's All-Around
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 90.65
2. David Sender USA 90.45
3. Joseph Hagerty 89.55
4. Koji Uematsu JPN 89.35
5. Benoit Caranobe FRA 88.65
6. Yuri Ryazanov RUS 86.90
7. Adrian Bucur ROM 84.25
8. Luis Rivera PUR 83.95

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