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France, Simakova Win 8th Elite Gym Massilia
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France and Russian junior Angelina Simakova won the Masters portion of the 8th Elite Gym Massilia, held this weekend at the Palais des Sports de Marseille. Pictured: France topped Russia and Canada in Saturday's team competition.

France and Russia's Angelina Simakova won the Masters portion of the 8th Elite Gym Massilia, held this weekend at the Palais des Sports de Marseille.

Previously known as the Trophée Massilia, the annual event is organized by the Pôle France de Gymnastique de Marseille, and has traditionally attracted top and rising names in women's gymnastics. The event is organized into the Open Massilia on Friday, the Master Massilia on Saturday and the Top Massilia on Sunday, featuring a combined apparatus finals with the top six gymnasts from the Open and Master sessions on each event. Some gymnasts competed in both the Open event on Saturday and the Master competition on Saturday. An age group competition known as the "Massigaliade" was held Saturday, and included young gymnasts who will be age eligible for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Led by European all-around bronze medalist Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France's "A" squad handily topped Russia, 161.700 to 159.000. Canada's top "Open" team, which competed Friday and Saturday, won the bronze (154.750) over Italy (153.450).

France's A team included veterans Juliette Bossu and Lorette Charpy competing alongside junior Carolann Héduit (born 2003). The team owed its victory to superiority on uneven bars, where De Jesus Dos Santos (14.650) and Charpy (14.300) had the top two scores. The team also outscored the field on floor exercise (39.700), with De Jesus Dos Santos (13.550) and Bossu (13.400) again going 1-2 in the team event.

Russia, which sent three juniors and first-year senior Anastasia Ilyankova, surprisingly lost the title with two missed routines on uneven bars. Ksenia Klimenko (14.150) and Simakova (14.100) hit well, but Alexandra Schekoldina (fall on Jaeger and missed Stalder full for 11.650) and Ilyankova (11.550) both bombed. Fourth on bars at the world championships last month, Ilyankova is easily capable of a 15.000 on the event. In Marseille, she began well with a free-hip, piked Tkatchev; Hindorf and Pak salto, but hit her heels hard on the low bar mid-flight on her Maloney. She then missed her Yezhova transition, hitting her feet on the mat, and then fell on her Van Leewuen.

Ana Padurariu (Canada) won Friday's Open competition and was third all-around in the Saturday's Masters event.

Russia outscored the field on vault, thanks to strong vaulting from Simakova (layout Rudi) and Schekoldina (double-twisting Yurchenko). Schekoldina impressed with her tumbling on floor exercise (tucked double-double; tucked full-in; 2 1/2, front full; triple twist) but fell on a botched Memmel turn (12.150/5.5D).

Klimenko, the winner at this year's European Youth Olympic Festival, performed well for the team on uneven bars and balance beam, but appeared to be protecting an injury on floor exercise, opening with a double tuck and then a simple layout full. She then scratched vault.

Simakova, a member of Russia's first-place squad at the 2016 Junior Europeans in Bern, stamped her name as one to watch next year, when she will turn 16 on August 26. She is coached by Irina Kolobova and Tatiana Chistova at the Olympic Reserve No. 15 Yaroslavl.

Simakova took the gold in the all-around competition (combined juniors and seniors), scoring 55.500 to top De Jesus Dos Santos (54.150), who swallowed an 11.400 on balance beam. Canadian junior Ana Padurariu finished third (53.900). Bossu (53.200) finished fourth over Charpy (52.750), whose younger sister Grâce Charpy competed for France's B team.

Canada's Open squad performed even better during Friday's session, scoring 156.883 to win the team title over France B (153.367) and Pôle Marseille (149.917). Padurariu won the all-around (54.267) over Vanhille (53.050) and her France B teammate Célia Serber (52.200).

Padurariu, born in Ontario of Romanian descent, trains at Gemini Gymnastics under coach Yelena Davydova, the 1980 Olympic all-around champion. Like Simakova, she turns 16 next August and has high hopes for her first senior season.

Canada and France split Sunday's senior apparatus finals. Laurie Dénommée from Viagym won the vault title (layout Yurchenko full and piked barani) while 2016 Canadian Olympian Rose-Kaying Woo won balance beam. De Jesus Dos Santos was again the best on bars, covering well when her pirouette to elgrip did not go over the bar (Komova II to uprise, Inside Stalder-reverse hecht to Pak; Van Leeuwen, full-twisting double layout). The stylish Bossu won floor exercise (two whips to triple twist; double-twisting front; double tuck), showing off unique choreography and dance elements (Memmel turn to illusion turn; backspin at the end).

Russia swept the junior apparatus finals, with gold medals on vault for Schekoldina (full and double-twisting Yurchenkos) and on bars for Klimenko (Stalder-full to Van Leeuwen; toe-blind to piked Jaeger to Pak; Maloney, back uprise to Gienger; double front-half). Both gymnasts train at the "Gazprom Transgaz" club in Surgut. Simakova, the top qualifier on vault, fell on both her attempts (layout Rudi and layout-piked full-twisting handspring front), but rebounded on the other events. After a silver on uneven bars, Simakova won the silver medal on uneven bars (inside-Stalder, inside-Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-full to Pak; Maloney uprise full; double front), she took two more gold medals on balance beam and floor exercise (2 1/2 to layout front full; tucked full-in; triple twist, double tuck).

Padurariu competed more routines than any other gymnast in Marseille, competing back-to-back all-around competitions on Friday and Saturday and then in three event finals on Sunday. She took bronze medals on uneven bars and balance beam and the silver on floor exercise. Her Canadian teammate Zoé Allaire-Bourgie won the bronze on vault and finished fourth on bars. Allaire-Bourgie, who was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 27, 2004, trains at Gymnix in Montreal.

In Saturday's Massigaliade event, Taïs Boura of Marseille won the 2005 age group and Canada's Rébéka Groulx of Gym Richelieu won the 2006 age group.

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8th Elite Gym Massilia
November 17-19, Marseille, France

Masters TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  France42.25042.50037.25039.700161.700
2.  Russia43.15039.90038.45037.500159.000
3.  Canada Open 140.75039.80036.60037.600154.750
4.  Italy41.00038.70036.20037.550153.450
5.  France B40.75039.00035.70037.150152.600
6.  Belgium40.30037.70035.60038.050151.650
7.  Canada41.85036.50037.45035.250151.050
8.  Germany40.20033.20033.65037.000144.050

Open TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  Canada Open 140.85040.26737.33338.433156.883
2.  France B41.40038.16736.26737.533153.367
3.  Pôle Marseille39.05037.20037.20036.467149.917
4.  Netherlands39.95034.70035.33337.833147.816
5.  TG Mannheim39.60034.63335.26737.033146.533
6.  Canada Open 240.30034.03334.83336.433145.600
7.  Gymnix40.30036.26731.30036.067143.933
8.  Pôle Meaux40.30033.50034.46735.400143.667
9.  Gym Québec38.30032.23334.40036.800141.733
10.  Dynamo Gymnastics38.80032.66733.00033.433137.900
11.  Equifly Canada (Équilibrix/GymFly)36.85032.43332.26735.067136.617
12.  Saint-Lô Gymnastique39.50033.26728.93334.433136.133
13.   Open Mix 238.95030.50029.90035.133134.483
14.  Hyères Gym37.40031.50030.06730.767129.733
15.  Étoile Gymnique de Colomiers38.10030.03328.80031.533128.467
16.  Dunkerque Gym37.75027.66727.23334.300126.950
17.  Étoile Gymnique Istres Entressen36.00025.76729.26730.767121.800
18.  La Sereine de Montluel36.25021.93322.56729.167109.917
19.  Open Mix 125.35027.26728.40021.367102.383

Masters All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Angelina SimakovaRussia15.0505.614.1005.813.3005.213.05055.500
2.Mélanie De Jesus Dos SantosFrance14.5505.814.6505.311.4005.413.55054.150
3.Ana PadurariuGemini (Canada Open 1)13.5005.313.9005.813.8505.112.65053.900
4.Juliette BossuFrance13.5505.613.1005.013.1505.213.40053.200
5.Lorette CharpyFrance13.4005.414.3505.412.2504.712.75052.750
6.Louise VanhilleFrance B13.4005.013.7505.212.7004.712.60052.450
7.Giada GrisettiItaly13.6505.614.0005.111.8504.912.25051.750
8.Carolann HéduitFrance14.1505.813.5005.911.8505.212.05051.550
9.Zoé Allaire-BourgieGymnix (Canada Open 1)13.7005.013.6005.511.6504.712.55051.500
10.Axelle KlinckaertBelgium13.7005.112.1005.811.9505.313.15050.900
11.Célia SerberFrance B14.0004.912.8505.111.6504.712.20050.700
12.Francesca Noemi LinariItaly13.7505.112.4004.912.0505.112.25050.450
13.Sophie MaroisCanada14.6004.812.0505.112.7004.511.00050.350
14.Rose Kaying WooCanada13.4504.811.7005.413.0505.012.00050.200
15.Senna DeriksBelgium13.3505.313.4505.210.8004.912.30049.900
16.Elisa MeneghiniItaly13.6004.812.0005.310.6004.813.05049.250
17.Alexandra SchekoldinaRussia14.5005.211.6505.510.9505.512.15049.250
18.Victoria Kayen WooCanada13.8004.912.4505.011.7004.511.05049.000
19.Helene SchäferGermany13.6004.812.3504.810.8004.412.25049.000
20.Margaux DavelooseBelgium12.0004.412.1505.111.9004.512.50048.550
21.Julie MeyersBelgium13.2505.110.9505.111.7504.512.40048.350
22.Laurie DenommeeCanada13.4504.912.0005.710.7005.512.20048.350
23.Grâce CharpyFrance B12.4504.812.4004.810.9504.712.35048.150
24.Quinn SkrupaDynamo (Canada Open 1)13.0004.912.3005.011.1004.511.65048.050
25.Aiyu ZhuGermany13.0004.110.5505.212.4004.411.90047.850
26.Emma SpenceDynamo (Canada Open 1)13.5505.010.0505.110.8004.912.40046.800
27.Salsabil TounanFrance B13.3502.910.1004.711.3504.812.00046.800
28.Emma HöfeleGermany13.6003.59.5004.510.4504.512.85046.400
29.Michelle KuntzGermany10.8504.210.3004.39.0004.311.40041.550
30.Ksenia KlimenkoRussia0.0005.814.1505.412.9004.812.30039.350
31.Sara BerardinelliItaly13.3504.712.3004.712.30037.950
32.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia13.6005.411.5504.712.25037.400

Open All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ana PadurariuGemini (Canada Open 1)4.613.4005.414.0336.013.8335.113.00054.267
2.Louise VanhilleFrance B4.613.6504.913.5005.313.1674.712.73353.050
3.Célia SerberFrance B5.414.4005.012.8675.212.3334.812.60052.200
4.Zoé Allaire-BourgieGymnix (Canada Open 1)4.613.9005.113.5675.911.8005.012.93352.200
5.Vera Van PolNetherlands4.613.5005.013.0674.711.5334.612.40050.500
6.Alison FaurePôle Marseille4.213.1004.412.8004.912.8674.411.66750.433
7.Gabrielle DeslauriersGym Québec4.013.2503.411.8675.112.4674.512.53350.117
8.Sheyen PetitPôle Marseille3.712.4504.611.9335.212.9004.712.80050.083
9.Fien EngelsOpen Mix 24.012.9004.712.4004.511.9334.312.33349.567
10.Amélie FöllingerTG Mannheim4.613.6004.510.7335.312.4005.112.83349.567
11.Quinn SkrupaDynamo (Canada Open 1)4.613.3504.912.6674.911.4334.712.00049.450
12.Naomi VisserNetherlands4.613.0004.711.7005.111.6674.612.83349.200
13.Florine HarderTG Mannheim4.612.9504.412.3674.511.2674.512.56749.150
14.Myrelle MorinGymnix4.613.5004.211.7675.011.3004.512.56749.133
15.Julie VandammeOpen Mix 24.613.6004.511.8334.811.3674.512.33349.133
16.Emma SpenceDynamo (Canada Open 1)4.613.5505.011.2005.011.7004.912.50048.950
17.Imogen PatersonVancouver Phoenix (Canada Open 2)4.613.3504.611.8004.812.2674.711.13348.550
18.Mirtill MakovitsPôle Marseille3.712.4504.412.4673.711.4334.512.00048.350
19.Jessica DowlingDynamo Gymnastics3.512.3005.112.1004.712.4004.711.53348.333
20.Laurie-Lou VézinaEquifly Canada4.212.7004.713.1334.911.4004.311.00048.233
21.Zélie BernardPôle Meaux4.013.1504.511.7004.612.0004.311.33348.183
22.Janna MouffokPôle Meaux4.613.7004.610.9334.611.2674.512.20048.100
23.Kirsten PoldermanNetherlands4.813.4004.89.9334.812.1334.812.60048.067
24.Rachael RileyBluewater (Canada Open 2)4.613.4504.611.0004.311.1004.712.33347.883
25.Rebecca MatzonTG Mannheim4.613.0504.911.5334.811.6004.211.63347.817
26.Mia Saint-PierreGymFly (Canada Open 2)4.013.3004.411.2334.211.2334.512.03347.800
27.Léanne BourgeoisPôle Marseille4.613.5004.311.8674.711.0334.711.13347.533
28.Megan PhillipsGymnix4.613.2504.612.1675.210.3674.811.63347.417
29.Charlene BirinPôle Meaux4.613.4504.310.8675.211.2004.711.86747.383
30.Amy BladonBluewater (Canada Open 2)5.013.5003.010.1334.811.3334.812.06747.033
31.Léa MarquesHyères Gym4.613.5505.111.7674.410.2334.310.93346.483
32.Mélissande SimoninSaint-Lô Gymnastique4.613.5504.011.6334.710.1673.311.03346.383
33.Grâce CharpyFrance B4.013.1004.611.8004.99.5334.211.76746.200
34.Loïcia PorteSaint-Lô Gymnastique4.613.1504.511.8674.79.1334.211.80045.950
35.Chloé LorangeGymnix4.613.5503.110.6674.79.6334.411.86745.717
36.Salsabil TounanFrance B4.613.3503.39.1005.210.7674.812.20045.417
37.Laurie GagnonGym Québec3.712.6502.78.8334.811.2674.512.66745.417
38.Sonita ZlobecGym Québec3.512.1504.110.9334.610.6674.211.60045.350
39.Charlotte ChagnonEquifly Canada3.511.9502.89.3675.011.8674.512.10045.283
40.Megan DipietroDynamo Gymnastics4.613.3504.810.6674.98.6674.612.26744.950
41.Leah TindaleDynamo Gymnastics4.613.1504.49.9005.411.9333.79.63344.617
42.Juliette FerandelGym Concordia (Open Mix 1)4.613.2004.28.8674.810.5334.611.73344.333
43.Adélaïde ChallesSaint-Lô Gymnastique4.612.8003.29.7674.69.6334.311.60043.800
44.Juliette PijnakerNetherlands4.613.0503.19.2004.89.1674.612.03343.450
45.Clémence BehierÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers4.213.2001.49.8334.09.2004.010.90043.133
46.Amanda PedicelliEquifly Canada3.512.2004.39.9334.19.0004.511.96743.100
47.Romane FontaineDunkerque Gym4.012.7502.78.7333.89.2004.511.83342.517
48.Chelsea MurrayGym Québec3.512.4003.69.4333.18.9333.911.46742.233
49.Alexendra LensÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers3.712.3003.39.6673.910.1673.310.03342.167
50.Charline DenysDunkerque Gym4.012.9002.07.8673.79.8334.311.20041.800
51.Muriel KlumppTG Mannheim4.111.6503.28.2004.510.7334.211.13341.717
52.Maëlle BuretÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers3.712.4002.69.5334.19.4333.110.26741.633
53.Mey-Line AntonÉtoile Gymnique de Colomiers3.712.5003.310.5333.57.3673.010.36740.767
54.Alice LesaffreDunkerque Gym3.712.1003.59.5673.97.8334.411.26740.767
55.Inès De FalcoÉtoile Gymnique Istres Entressen3.712.0002.37.6334.210.2004.310.63340.467
56.Lylia MenasriaÉtoile Gymnique Istres Entressen4.011.5001.99.3003.89.4674.010.13340.400
57.Emma ObertoÉtoile Gymnique Istres Entressen3.711.9504.18.7334.39.6004.310.00040.283
58.Clara GhelardiHyères Gym3.712.3002.09.4673.68.2674.19.90039.933
59.Jeanne MerlevedeOpen Mix 13.712.1502.28.4004.09.5334.09.63339.717
60.Margot AlianeSaint-Lô Gymnastique3.511.7502.38.9334.18.1674.210.60039.450
61.Émeline BecuweDunkerque Gym3.711.5002.79.3674.68.2004.29.83338.900
62.Célia PompougnacLa Sereine de Montluel3.712.0500.85.2673.69.3003.410.10036.717
63.Mallaury VieuxLa Sereine de Montluel3.512.2501.16.8672.47.4333.39.73336.283
64.Mareka BessonHyères Gym3.711.5501.48.0333.96.3673.69.93335.883
65.Cloé Blanca-PerretOpen Mix 23.712.4502.86.2674.96.6004.210.46735.783
66.Sofia NairÉtoile Gymnique Istres Entressen3.512.0501.47.7333.85.8333.59.56735.183
67.Chloé BoudetLa Sereine de Montluel3.511.9501.27.6673.35.8333.49.06734.517
68.Lena MorettiLa Sereine de Montluel3.711.2001.17.4003.44.8334.09.33332.767
69.Alessia CanaliHyères Gym0.00.0004.810.2674.611.56721.833
70.Maëlle DelourmelGymnix4.512.3334.79.20021.533
71.Madison HuguesDynamo Gymnastics3.712.3004.16.06718.367
72.Inès MartelOpen Mix 10.00.0002.110.0003.78.33318.333

Top Massilia Senior Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Laurie DénomméeCanada13.50013.33313.417
2.Sophie MaroisCanada13.03313.63313.333
3.Amy BladonCanada Open 213.63312.23312.933
4.Amélie FöllingerTG Mannheim13.30012.46712.883
5.Clara GhelardiHyères Gym12.10011.63311.867

Top Massilia Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Mélanie De Jesus Dos SantosFrance5.18.40013.500
2.Lorette CharpyFrance5.28.20013.400
3.Giada GrisettiItaly5.57.86713.367
4.Senna DeriksBelgium5.47.83313.233
5.Vera Van PolNetherlands5.18.10013.200
6.Laurie-Lou VézinaEquifly GymFly4.68.10012.700

Top Massilia Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Rose-Kaying WooCanada5.37.50012.800
2.Juliette BossuFrance5.07.63312.633
3.Sophie MaroisCanada5.16.86711.967
4.Sara BerardinelliItaly4.97.00011.900
5.Louise VanhilleFrance B5.26.60011.800
6.Amélie FöllingerTG Mannheim4.96.56711.467

Top Massilia Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Juliette BossuFrance4.98.06712.967
2.Elisa MeneghiniItaly4.87.9330.112.633
3.Emma HöfeleGermany4.58.10012.600
4.Mélanie De Jesus Dos SantosFrance5.46.9670.112.267
5.Naomi VisserNetherlands4.87.4670.112.167
6.Axelle KlinckaertBelgium5.26.7670.111.867

Top Massilia Junior Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Alexandra SchekoldinaRussia13.53314.20013.867
2.Carolann HéduitFrance13.93313.53313.733
3.Zoé Allaire-BourgieGymnix (Canada Open 1)13.56713.10013.333
4.Emma SpenceDynamo (Canada Open 1)13.40013.06713.233
5.Angelina SimakovaRussia13.16712.60012.883
6.Célia SerberFrance B13.46712.26712.867

Top Massilia Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ksenia KlimenkoRussia5.98.50014.400
2.Angelina SimakovaRussia5.48.53313.933
3.Ana PadurariuGemini (Canada Open 1)5.58.23313.733
4.Zoé Allaire-BourgieGymnix (Canada Open 1)5.18.43313.533
5.Fien EngelsOpen Mix 24.77.96712.667
6.Carolann HéduitFrance5.66.83312.433

Top Massilia Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Angelina SimakovaRussia5.87.20013.000
2.Sheyen PetitPôle Marseille5.46.60012.000
3.Ana PadurariuGemini (Canada Open 1)5.45.8330.111.133
4.Gabrielle DeslauriersWimgym (Canada Gym Quebec)4.86.30011.100
5.Alison FaurePôle Marseille4.95.86710.767
6.Ksenia KlimenkoRussia5.14.6330.19.633

Top Massilia Junior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Angelina SimakovaRussia5.28.00013.200
2.Ana PadurariuGemini (Canada Open 1)5.08.10013.100
3.Margaux DavelooseBelgium4.87.8330.112.533
4.Laurie GagnonCanada Gym Quebec4.57.76712.267
5.Sheyen PetitPôle Marseille4.57.70012.200
6.Fien EngelsOpen Mix 24.46.66711.067
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