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Tabea Alt Wins DTB World Cup in Stuttgart
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German Olympian Tabea Alt captured the women's all-around title Saturday at the DTB Pokal, an FIG World Cup event held in Stuttgart.

German Olympian Tabea Alt captured the women's all-around title Saturday at the DTB Pokal, an FIG World Cup event held in Stuttgart.

The DTB Cup is the second of three FIG World Cup all-around events this year, following the American Cup two weeks ago. The third event takes place April 8 in London.

Alt scored 54.199 to top Russian Olympian Angelina Melnikova (53.732) and first-year senior Morgan Hurd (53.265).

Hurd (14.366) led Melnikova (14.266) and Alt (14.233) after the first event, where the top three all vaulted double-twisting Yurchenkos. Melnikova scored 14.400 on uneven bars (inside Stalder full to Komova to Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double) to pull ahead of Hurd (inside Stalder full to Tkacthev; Ricna; Pak; Stalder; Van Leeuwen; full-twisting double; 14.200). Alt began beautifully (Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Stalder blind to piked Jaeger) but missed a handstand after her release and then fell on her double dismount for 12.400.

Beam was the saving grace for Alt, who managed 14.066 (RO, two-foot layout mount; side aerial, layout, layout; side somi; RO double pike). Melnikova left out the new barani she had debuted at Russian nationals but then dropped off after her two-foot layout series. Hurd seemed to come undone by her nerves, falling on her first two skills (standing full; ff, layout) but recomposed herself to hit a clean tucked full-in dismount.

Trailing Melnikova by half a point, Alt scored 13.500 for a very clean routine on floor, performed with a smile for the Stuttgart crowd (tucked full-in; front to double tuck; double pike).

Melnikova, needing 13.133 to pass Alt, danced beautifully but had too many errors (large stumble out of bounds on Arabian double front; double layout; piked full-in, out of bounds; double pike) and managed just 12.666 to take silver.

The deceptively powerful Hurd outtricked the field with beautifully clean tumbling (double-double; piked full-in; layout front, double-twisting front; low double pike; 13.466) to take the all-around bronze.

Alt said she was stunned with her victory after her botched routine on bars.

"I would not have expected this," she said. "My bar routine was not good, that it was enough to win is really a dream. It was incredibly important that I was able to leave everything behind after bars, so I could concentrate on beam. I hope this will keep going forward (to London)."

Germany's Pauline Schäfer finished a close fourth (53.231) with the second-best scores on beam (13.566) and floor (double layout; 13.466). Dutch star Eythora Thorsdottir managed fifth (50.632) ahead of China's Zhang Jin and Great Britain's Alice Kinsella (47.099).

The DTB Team Challenge followed the women's World Cup. The lineup featured the top six men's teams from Friday's qualification competing in a two-up, two-count contest. Just fifth in qualification, Russia scored 167.262 to upset Germany (166.730) and top qualifiers Japan (164.763).

"I think it was a good performance from us," said German head coach Andreas Hirsch. "We competed well and performed well before the fans. We were aware that Russia is a strong opponent. We can live very well with the placement."

Great Britain (162.029), Spain (160.296) and Switzerland (154.995) rounded out the men's team final.

The competition continues Sunday afternoon in Stuttgart with the men's World Cup, followed by the women's team final. Olympic star Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine), second at the American Cup, headlines the men's World Cup field.

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2017 DTB Pokal/FIG World Cup
March 18, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Tabea Alt14.23312.40014.06613.50054.199
2.Angelina Melnikova14.26614.40012.40012.66653.732
3.Morgan Hurd14.36614.20011.23313.46653.265
4.Pauline Schäfer13.83312.36613.56613.46653.231
5.Eythora Thorsdottir13.76612.90011.33312.63350.632
6.Zhang Jin13.26610.70013.00013.06650.032
7.Alice Kinsella13.00011.00011.83311.26647.099

Men's Team Challenge FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.  Russia27.70027.63228.23228.50028.43226.766167.262
Dmitry Lankin13.80014.36614.60014.066
Vladislav Polyashov13.86614.36613.433
Kirill Potapov13.90013.86613.900
Sergei Yeltsov13.76613.333
2.  Germany 126.86627.26627.66628.19928.90027.833166.730
Philipp Herder12.96613.26614.100
Christopher Jursch14.13314.200
Marcel Nguyen14.40014.800
Felix Pohl13.43314.06613.633
Ivan Rittschik13.43314.300
3.  Japan27.33328.20027.69927.33326.39927.799164.763
Kenta Chiba14.50014.53313.06614.233
Takahiro Goshima13.63313.633
Fuya Maeno13.70013.566
Kazuya Takahashi13.70014.06612.80013.333
4.  Great Britain27.16627.69928.36625.96626.96625.866162.029
Frank Baines14.23314.300
Dominick Cunningham12.93312.666
Joe Fraser13.96612.66613.466
James Hall13.73313.60012.400
Courtney Tulloch14.76613.300
5.  Spain26.83224.26627.49927.49926.60027.600160.296
Nestor Abad13.96612.53313.76613.70014.000
Rubén López13.73312.900
Joel Plata12.86611.733
Alberto Tallón14.366
Adrià Vera13.13313.600
6.  Switzerland22.26623.96625.66627.63227.33328.132154.995
Sascha Coradi13.63313.766
Marco Rizzo12.73311.66612.83313.166
Taha Serhani12.30014.46613.70014.366
Marco Walter9.53312.833

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