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Germany, Japan Top DTB Team Qualifications
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The German women and Japanese men topped qualification Friday at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart, which is being held in conjunction with this weekend's World Cup event.

Kim Bui (Germany)

Friday's competition featured seven women's teams and 16 men's teams, including two German teams in each category. The top six men's teams and the top four women's teams advance to this weekend's team finals.

Stuttgart's own Kim Bui led Germany 1 to the top spot in the women's competition, edging out Russia 160.200-159.800. Spain qualified in third (151.050), a point ahead of Germany 2 (150.050).

Bui, who was second all-around at the American Cup two weeks ago, competed three events, scoring 13.650 on vault, 14.150 on uneven bars and 13.350 on floor exercise. Teammate Michelle Timm had the top score on vault with 13.800, where Germany 1 scored the top team total (41.000) on any event. Two-time Olympian Elisabeth Seitz, Bui's teammate at MTV Stuttgart, earned 13.450 and 13.000 on balance beam. Germany was the only team to put up four scores above 13 on beam for the best team total there of 39.700.

"We have done very well today," said German women's head coach Ulla Koch. "The girls of Team I showed some very good exercises. The younger ones from Team II didn't do quite as well, but we still managed to make the final. In this respect, I am satisfied."

Russian national champion Natalia Kapitonova had the top score of the competition with her 14.250 on uneven bars (Stalder full, Maloney, Pak, Stalder; Van Leeuwen, inside Stalder full to Tkatchev; toe-full to full-twisting double tuck). Co-world champion Daria Spiridonova scored 14.000 (Konova II to Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double) to help Russia outscore Germany on the event. Junior European champion Yelena Yeryomina fell off bars on her Nabiyeva-Pak combination but had the top score of 13.450 on balance beam (Yurchenko mount; ff layout, layout; full turn in Y; front aerial to one foot; switch jump full; side somi; RO 2 1/2). Russia edged Germany by .2 on floor exercise, with top scores of 13.200 from Yeryomina (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 punch front; triple twist) and 13.050 from Kapitonova (piked full-in; Mustafina turn; 2 1/2, punch front; double tuck, double pike).

Amélie Föllinger had the top score on floor exercise (13.400) to help Germany 2 grab the final spot to the women's team finals ahead of Switzerland (146.350), Portugal (134.700) and Singapore (132.150).

Japan led the men's qualification with 247.900, topping Germany 1 (245.800) and Switzerland (245.800). Great Britain (245.400), Russia (245.250) and Spain (245.150) all advanced to the finals.

The young Japanese team – comprised of four gymnasts born in 1996 and one born in 1997 — impressed with the top team totals on floor exercise (42.050) and still rings (42.500). Germany 1 posted its best total, 43.850, on parallel bars, with 14.850s from Marcel Nguyen and Philipp Herder.

Oliver Hegi's 14.300 helped Switzerland take the top score on high bar with 41.950. Great Britain outscored the field on pommel horse (41.250), with a 14.400 from James Hall. Teammate Courtney Tulloch had the best score on still rings (14.750).

On parallel bars, Russia posted the highest score on any event with 44.500, where Dmitry Lankin (15.050) and Vladislav Polyashov (15.000) posted the only scores above 15.000 of the competition.

The Netherlands just missed the men's team finals, finishing seventh. Belgium, which had the best team total on vault (42.450), finished eighth ahead of Germany 2.

The men's team final takes place Saturday afternoon, following the women's World Cup all-around event, which features Tabea Alt (Germany), Morgan Hurd (USA), Alice Kinsella (Great Britain), Angelina Melnikova (Russia), Pauline Schäfer (Germany), Eythora Thorsdottir (Netherlands) and Zhang Jin (China).

The competition concludes on Sunday, with the women's team final following the men's World Cup, featuring Allan Bower (USA), Lukas Dauser (Germany), James Hall (Great Britain), Oliver Hegi (Switzerland), Sebastian Krimmer (Germany), Nikita Ignatyev (Russia), Kazuma Kaya (Japan), Sun Wei (China), and Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine).

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2017 DTB Team Challenge
March 17, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's Team QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  Germany 141.00040.75039.70038.750160.200
Kim Bui13.65014.15013.350
Carina Kröll13.05013.25012.700
Helene Schäfer13.55011.25013.10012.200
Elisabeth Seitz13.45013.000
Michelle Timm13.80013.15013.35012.700
2.  Russia40.55040.95039.35038.950159.800
Lilia Akhaimova12.60012.550
Natalia Kapitonova13.55014.25013.00013.050
Yevgenia Shelgunova13.50012.70012.900
Daria Spiridonova14.00012.50012.700
Yelena Yeryomina13.50012.70013.45013.200
3.  Spain39.95037.55036.20037.350151.050
Nora Fernández13.50010.60012.10011.850
Ana Pérez13.55013.15011.20012.300
Paula Raya12.90012.10011.15011.750
Cintia Rodríguez12.90012.30012.90013.200
4.  Germany 240.90033.35037.40038.400150.050
Amélie Föllinger13.60010.15012.90013.400
Emma Höfele13.70011.4509.20012.900
Julia Plattenhardt11.75012.100
Isabelle Stingl10.10011.150
Sarah Voss13.60013.350
5.  Switzerland38.30036.70035.45035.900146.350
Caterina Barloggio12.15012.80012.10011.750
Ilaria Käslin13.30011.80011.55012.650
Stefanie Siegenthaler12.10011.80011.400
Fabienne Studer12.85011.75010.50011.500
6.  Portugal37.40028.60035.05033.650134.700
Diana Abrantes12.2509.00012.55010.950
Beatriz Dias12.0008.75010.80011.150
Mariana Marianito12.80010.20011.70011.500
Leonor Silva12.3509.4009.20011.000
7.  Singapore38.25029.15032.60032.150132.150
Colette Chan11.6009.45010.6009.750
Kelsie Muir12.7508.45010.05010.950
Nadine Joy Nathan13.00010.45011.95010.850
Qiyan Zeng12.5009.25010.00010.350

Men's Team QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.  Japan42.05039.70042.50042.05040.70040.900247.900
Kenta Chiba13.55012.60014.25014.20014.95013.950
Takahiro Goshima14.15014.05012.65013.450
Yuto Kato12.40011.30012.05012.250
Fuya Maeno14.15013.30013.90011.80013.500
Kazuya Takahashi13.75013.80014.20013.95013.700
2.  Germany 140.15038.65040.70041.75043.85040.700245.800
Philipp Herder12.55013.30013.50013.70014.85012.450
Christopher Jursch10.85012.35014.00014.15014.450
Marcel Nguyen14.50014.850
Felix Pohl13.90012.65012.70014.05013.800
Ivan Rittschik13.70012.70012.40013.05013.10012.050
3.  Switzerland39.70038.65040.80042.35042.35041.950245.800
Sascha Coradi13.70012.90013.90014.05013.700
Oliver Hegi13.25014.75014.300
Marco Rizzo13.45013.55014.15013.95013.55013.600
Taha Serhani12.55011.85013.15014.30013.10013.950
Marco Walter11.1009.60013.50014.100
4.  Great Britain40.55041.25041.00042.20042.15038.250245.400
Frank Baines14.10013.25013.80011.900
Dominick Cunningham11.20011.80012.20014.25012.15010.900
Joe Fraser13.20013.60012.65013.95014.20012.200
James Hall14.40013.60014.00014.15014.150
Courtney Tulloch13.25014.75013.450
5.  Russia40.05038.50041.95041.40044.50038.850245.250
Dmitry Lankin13.55014.05014.00015.050
Vladislav Polyashov12.95013.85012.85012.65015.00013.050
Kirill Potapov13.55011.40014.25013.90014.45011.850
Maksim Sinichkin11.5009.10013.65013.50013.25013.000
Sergei Yeltsov13.25012.800
6.  Spain41.00039.15041.85042.05041.70039.400245.150
Nestor Abad14.35013.30014.35014.15014.35014.300
Ruben López12.85013.25014.15013.70014.05012.250
Joel Plata12.75010.15012.05013.30012.300
Alberto Tallón14.20013.200
Adrià Vera13.80012.60013.35012.95012.800
7.  Netherlands 141.15039.10041.70042.15039.55040.000243.650
Michel Bletterman4.50012.40012.35012.75010.90012.150
Bart Deurloo14.25012.75013.80014.40013.00014.750
Casimir Schmidt13.40013.50013.70014.15012.70012.500
Anthony Van Assche12.85014.20013.850
Bram Verhofstad13.50013.60012.750
8.  Belgium39.90035.55040.75042.45041.15039.500239.300
Maxime Gentges12.70010.70013.65012.80013.00012.600
Daan Kenis13.95012.40013.35014.50013.80013.400
Luka van den Keybus12.95013.500
Jimmy Verbaeys11.55011.95013.75013.45014.35012.300
Jonathan Vrolix13.25011.20014.500
9.  Germany 239.80038.25041.20041.15041.65037.200239.250
Nils Dunkel12.95013.45013.70013.20013.95012.500
Florian Lindner13.40013.20014.40013.35013.80012.050
Alexander Maier12.05011.15013.10013.70013.90012.650
Felix Remuta13.45011.60012.50014.10013.4509.850
10.  Italy39.65039.45040.55040.30040.75038.500239.200
Tommaso de Vecchis13.45012.90013.10013.200
Lorenzo Galli13.55013.20012.85013.90013.70013.400
Marco Lodadio13.35014.55012.95013.100
Marco Sarruggerio12.75012.80013.10013.45013.95011.900
11.  Hungary39.30040.35038.70038.90040.65037.550235.450
Ádám Babos13.20011.80013.60012.75013.05011.400
Botond Kardos14.15013.15011.15012.35013.65012.950
Dávid Schweigert11.95013.10013.350
Levente Vágner13.60012.00013.40011.750
Dávid Vecsernyés13.60012.80013.60012.850
12.  Ukraine38.30039.90038.40038.40039.30036.900231.200
Yaroslav Handei12.50012.00011.95011.85011.400
Vladyslav Hryko12.35013.60013.05013.40013.65013.150
Andrii Sienichkin13.600
Maksym Vasylenko13.45010.95010.00013.05013.00012.150
Eduard Yermakov12.70013.35012.65011.600
13.  Norway40.80035.70037.60040.65038.75036.950230.450
Pietro Giachino13.70011.05013.30012.75012.45012.350
Sofus Heggemsnes13.70012.70012.45013.80013.10012.350
Odin Kalvø13.40011.35011.85012.250
Fredrik Johnsen11.15013.35011.450
Harald Wibye12.95011.65013.50013.20012.150
14.  Portugal37.00036.25038.10040.00038.10036.350225.800
Bernardo Almeida13.00011.95012.90012.65013.15012.050
Simão Almeida10.75011.60013.35013.55012.55012.200
Tiago Barbosa13.25011.15011.85013.30012.20012.100
Francisco Fragoso12.700
Pedro Guimarães10.25011.70013.15012.400
15.  Sweden39.95034.20037.90039.50037.10034.750223.400
William Broman11.35013.20012.20011.850
Carl Idesjö11.75012.95012.85012.20010.550
Henrik Schröder13.1509.95011.75012.8009.20011.600
Christopher Soos13.50012.05010.55013.60012.70011.300
Kim Wanström13.30010.80013.050
16.  Netherlands 210.65035.65012.400 11.85012.95083.500
Boudewijn de Vries13.30012.950
Alex Klinkenberg10.65012.20012.40011.850
Justen Zuidema10.150
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