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Hatakeda, Canada Win Gymnix Senior Cup
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Japan's Hitomi Hatakeda and Team Canada won the Senior Cup on Friday as the 26th Annual International Gymnix began in Montreal.

Japan's Hitomi Hatakeda and Team Canada took the first titles on Friday as the 26th Annual International Gymnix began in Montreal.

This year's Gymnix event attracted more than 1,000 gymnasts from 15 nations to compete at Montreal's Claude-Robillard Sports Complex. In addition to age group competition, the international portion of the Gymnix competition is divided into four categories: Team Cups for juniors and seniors, and individual Challenges for juniors and seniors, plus a combined apparatus finals.

Montreal will also play host to the Canadian gymnastics championships at the Claude-Robillard Sports Complex in May, and the world gymnastics championships in October at the Olympic Stadium. 2017 also marks the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal and Canada's 150th anniversary as a confederation.

Friday evening's Senior Cup featured two teams from Canada, a team from Australia and a team from Japan, as well as seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) competing as an individual.

Canada 1 – Brooklyn Moors, Jade Chrobok, Audrey Rousseau and Megan Roberts – scored 158.871 to top Japan (157.439) in the Senior Cup team competition. Canada 2, represented by 2016 Olympians Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo, plus Sophie Marois and Megan Phillips, placed third (157.070) over Australia (150.770).

Hitomi Hatakeda won the Senior Cup all-around title (54.635), topping Olsen (53.401) and Moors (53.001). Hatakeda had the top scores on uneven bars (inside Stalder; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder, blind to piked Jaeger; full-twisting double; 13.667) and floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 to front full; double twist; double tuck; 13.600). She scored 14.234 on vault for a clean Yurchenko 1 1/2, and took her lowest score on beam for a rather hesitant exercise (punch front, side somi; switch half; ff layout; RO double tuck; 13.134). Hatakeda, who turns 17 in September, is the daughter of two-time Olympian Yoshiaki Hatakeda, a member of Japan's bronze medal-winning team from the 1992 Olympics. She trains at the Central Meguro Club alongside her younger sister Chiaki Hatakeda, one of Japan's brightest hopes for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Olsen, a finalist on vault at last summer's Olympic Games, vaulted a double-twisting Yurchenko (14.567) to tie Chusovitina (handspring layout front full) for the high score on vault. She earned the third-best floor score of the night (13.467) with the top difficulty score of 5.5 (tucked double-double; front to double tuck; piked full-in and triple twist).

Brooklyn Moors, younger sister of 2012 Olympian Victoria Moors, impressed with her elegance and polish on balance beam and floor exercise, where she had the second-best scores on both (punch front to sissone; split jump to side somi; front aerial to side aerial; front handspring to Rudi dismount; 13.367) and floor exercise (front double full to full; double front; 2 1/2 twist; 13.500).

Japan's Ayu Koike, fifth all-around, had the top score on balance beam (layout mount; ff layout; switch ring; side aerial; front aerial; side somi; double pike; 13.467).

Dave Brubaker, Canada's national team director, said he was happy with his team's showing.

"We had some great performances today," Brubaker said. "There's always room for improvement, but it's the beginning of the Olympic cycle and we're working towards Tokyo. Tomorrow is the junior competition and we're looking forward to seeing many new athletes in the competition. We've been focusing on process with the junior athletes through the national camp we hosted and are excited to see the results long term. We've great coaches and teams and are making big strides to win medals in 2020."

The competition continues Saturday afternoon with the Gymnix Challenge and Junior Cup.

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26th International Gymnix
March 10, Montreal, Canada

Senior Cup TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Canada 141.90137.36739.63539.968158.871
3.Canada 242.00137.76738.70138.601157.070

Senior Cup All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Hitomi Hatakeda5.014.2345.313.6674.813.1345.213.60054.635
2.Shallon Olsen5.414.5674.612.6675.412.7005.513.46753.401
3.Brooklyn Moors4.813.8344.512.3005.313.3675.013.50053.001
4.Jade Chrobok4.613.5674.712.8675.413.2344.912.96752.635
5.Ayu Koike5.414.1674.712.7345.313.4674.712.03452.402
6.Sophie Marois5.413.6674.312.6005.013.3344.812.56752.168
7.Audrey Rousseau4.613.5674.812.2005.112.8005.213.13451.701
8.Megan Roberts5.414.5004.510.5675.113.0345.013.33451.435
9.Rianna Mizzen4.613.7674.812.5005.112.0344.912.83451.135
10.Emily Whitehead4.613.7345.012.6675.011.8004.912.73450.935
11.Erin Modaro4.613.7004.812.9344.811.7344.312.26750.635
12.Marina Kawasaki4.613.7345.211.4345.412.8675.112.36750.402
13.Jade Vella-Wright3.512.4004.412.6004.611.6004.812.60049.2
14.Megan Phillips4.213.1004.512.5004.810.8344.512.56749.001
15.Oksana Chusovitina5.414.567 4.812.6344.312.63439.835
16.Rose-Kaying Woo4.613.7674.912.4005.412.667 38.834
17.Shannon Neate4.612.2005.311.5005.310.567 34.267
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