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Germans Begin Season at National Team Cup
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Tabea Alt and Christopher Jursch led their squads to victory at the 12th National Team Cup, held Saturday in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Pictured: Olympian Pauline Schäfer had the top score on balance beam.

Tabea Alt and Christopher Jursch led their squads to victory at the 12th National Team Cup, held Saturday in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

The competition among members of the national team is Germany's traditional start to the new season each year. This year's event gave Germany's top gymnasts a chance to compete under the new Code of Points before the DTB World Cup and Team Challenge, taking place March 17-19 in Stuttgart, and the European championships, April 19-23 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Alt and fellow Olympian Pauline Schäfer led Turn-Team Germany to victory with 160.500, topping MTV Stuttgart (150.450) and a squad from Deutsche Turnliga (148.150). Alt won the all-around despite a fall on beam on her RO, two-foot layout mount (54.500), followed by Schäfer (53.700). Emelie Petz of MTV Stuttgart, the 2015 and 2016 German junior national champion, finished third (52.450).

Alt had the top score in the women's competition with 14.350 on uneven bars (Stalder, toe-full to Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; double layout). Schäfer, the bronze medalist on balance beam at the 2015 World Championships, outscored the field on beam with 13.750 (switch leap mount; ff layout; switch ring; double turn; side somi-half; side somi; front aerial, split jump; wolf jump; side aerial; gainer layout dismount).

Schäfer's younger sister, first-year senior Helene Schäfer, finished sixth all-around.

Two-time Olympian Elisabeth Seitz competed vault and bars only (fall on Stalder-piked Tkatchev). Seitz, 23, only recently returned to training following foot surgery in October, a training course with the German army and an internship at German television channel SWR. She also had a bad fall off uneven bars on Friday. "It was not clear if I could even compete at all," she said.

Women's head coach Ulla Koch said she was pleased with how the team looked, six weeks before the European championships in Romania. "The girls are on track," Koch said. "I'm feeling positive about the season."

In the men's competition, Jursch and Philipp Herder helped their team place first with 235.200. KTV Straubenhardt took second (230.650) over Deutsche Turnliga (227.250).

Ivan Rittschik (KTV Straubenhardt) was the top all-arounder with 78.450, one tenth ahead of Jursch (78.350) and Herder (77.850).

Two-time Olympian Marcel Nguyen had the two top scores of the men's competition, 14.600 on still rings and 14.500 on parallel bars.

Alt, Pauline Schäfer, Lukas Dauser and Herder will represent Germany at the DTB World Cup, the second of three all-around World Cups in 2017. Dauser competed at Saturday's American Cup in Newark, the first of the season.

Nguyen, Jursch, Nick Klessing, Sebastian Krimmer and Leonard Prügel will be one of Germany's two teams at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart. Rittschik, Nils Dunkel, Alexander Maier, Felix Pohl and Felix Remuta will comprise the second German men's team in Stuttgart.

Four of Germany's Olympians are currently sidelined with injury. Andreas Toba is still recovering from the torn ACL he suffered on floor exercise at the Olympics in Rio. Andreas Bretschneider recently underwent shoulder surgery and is hoping to be back in time for this fall's world championships in Montreal. Olympic high bar champion Fabian Hambüchen, also suffering from a shoulder injury, will reportedly undergo surgery on Monday. Sophie Scheder, the bronze medalist on uneven bars in Rio, will miss the European championships due to a knee injury that will reportedly require surgery.

External Link: German Gymnastics Federation (DTB)

12th National Team Cup
March 4, 2017, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Turn-Team Germany41.55041.10040.80037.050160.500
2.MTV Stuttgart41.00038.25035.20036.000150.450
3.Deutsche Turnliga41.05033.70036.75036.650148.150

1.DTB Team38.85035.80038.30040.25041.15040.850235.200
2.KTV Straubenhardt38.85035.80038.30039.05041.90036.700230.650
3.Deutsche Turnliga37.75033.20036.85042.05038.80038.600227.250

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Tabea AltTurn-Team Germany13.90014.35013.55012.70054.500
2.Pauline SchäferTurn-Team Germany14.10013.50013.75012.35053.700
3.Emelie PetzMTV Stuttgart14.00012.85013.30012.30052.450
4.Michelle TimmTurn-Team Germany13.55013.25013.50012.00052.300
5.Carina KröllMTV Stuttgart13.30011.00013.50012.85050.650
6.Helene SchäferDTL13.50011.40012.90012.35050.150
7.Emma HöfeleDTL13.60011.30012.30012.00049.200
8.Amelie FöllingerDTL13.65011.00010.95012.20047.800
9.Kim RuoffMTV Stuttgart13.05012.0008.40010.85044.300
10.Isabelle StinglDTL13.1007.90011.00012.10044.100
11.Elisabeth SeitzMTV Stuttgart13.70012.40026.100
12.Sarah VossTurn-Team Germany12.60011.65024.250
13.Leonie PapkeDTL11.55010.10021.650
14.Pauline TratzDTL13.80013.800
15.Julia PlattenhardtMTV Stuttgart13.00013.000
16.Leah GriesserTurn-Team Germany12.95012.950

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Ivan RittschikKTV Straubenhardt13.30012.55012.50013.05014.00013.05078.450
2.Christopher JurschDTB Team13.00011.85011.55013.65013.95014.35078.350
3.Philipp HerderDTB Team13.65011.90013.45013.50013.40011.95077.850
4.Sebastian KrimmerDTB Team12.20012.05012.55013.10013.80013.55077.250
5.Felix PohlDTL13.55011.30012.25013.75013.10013.30077.250
6.Florian LindnerDTL11.35011.80012.40013.85012.80012.75074.950
7.Felix RemutaDTL12.35010.10012.20014.45011.80012.55073.450
8.Alexander MaierDTB Team11.55010.05012.30013.00013.35012.95073.200
9.Leonard PrügelDTL11.85010.10011.95013.15012.90011.95071.900
10.Nils DunkelKTV Straubenhardt11.90011.95013.40011.85049.100
11.Lucas HerrmannKTV Straubenhardt12.60013.30011.80037.700
12.Marcel NguyenKTV Straubenhardt14.60014.50029.100
13.Nils BuchterKTV Straubenhardt12.20012.70024.900
14.Vinzenz HaugKTV Straubenhardt10.65012.70023.350

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