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Ilyankova Wins Master Elite Gym Massilia
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Russian junior Anastasia Ilyankova won the Master portion of the 2016 Elite Gym Massilia, which ended Sunday in Marseille, France.

Russian junior Anastasia Ilyankova won the Master portion of the 2016 Elite Gym Massilia, which ended Sunday in Marseille, France.

Ilyankova scored 56.550 to top teammate Yelena Yeryomina (55.250) and France's Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (54.450). Ilyankova earned her high mark on uneven bars, 14.950, for an original routine (Hindorff to Pak to Maloney uprise blind to Yezhova; Maloney-half; free hip-full to full-twisting double; 6.4D). She also had the highest score on floor exercise, 13.950, for a routine set to Russian folk music (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch front; double pike; double tuck).

Yeryomina, the 2016 Junior European champion, also had her top mark on uneven bars (Maloney-half; inside-Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; Pak; Maloney uprise to giant; full-twisting double; 14.450, 6.3D). Both Ilyankova and Yeryomina turn senior in 2017.

Russia won the team competition, with Olympians Daria Spiridonova and Seda Tutkhalyan filling out the squad. Spiridonova fell over on a handstand on uneven bars, while Tutkhalyan had a disastrous routine on balance beam, falling twice and dismounting with only a layout.

De Jesus dos Santos, 16, led the French team to second behind Russia and ahead of a second French squad. A native of Martinique, De Jesus dos Santos moved to France in 2012 to train at Pôle de Saint-Etienne. She suffered a torn ACL on vault in August 2015 and was unable to return 100 percent in time to challenge for the French Olympic team in Rio, but is targeting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Sunday's apparatus finals featured the top gymnasts from Friday's Open competition and Saturday's Master's division. Open champion Irina Alexeeva, representing the U.S. club WOGA, won the gold on uneven bars and bronze medals on balance beam and floor exercise. Alexeeva was coached in Marseille by French native Laurent Landi, who guided Madison Kocian to a gold with the team and silver on uneven bars at the recent Olympics.

France's Coline Devillard, 16, won vault. De Jesus dos Santos brought a second gold for France on balance beam (punch front mount; punch front; ff, layout; RO, double tuck).

Ilyankova won floor exercise and picked up silver medals on uneven bars and balance beam.

Great Britain's Taeja James, a senior in 2018, won the silver on floor exercise (double tuck; triple twist; 1 1/2 front layout, 2 1/2). Canada's Victoria Jurca of Gym-Fly in Quebec won the bronze (piked full-in; tucked full-in; double tuck; double pike).

Yeryomina won the silver on vault ahead of Australia's Naomi Lee of Woden Valley Gymnastics Club.

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2016 Elite Gym Massilia
November 12-13, Marseille, France

Master TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
3.France Open41.45040.15036.15039.950157.700
5.Great Britain41.35036.55039.55039.250156.700
7.GymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen40.30035.80036.60037.300150.000

Master All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia14.1006.414.9505.713.5505.513.95056.550
2.Yelena YeryominaRussia13.9005.814.4505.213.3505.213.55055.250
3.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance14.2505.913.9505.313.5505.412.70054.450
4.Lorette CharpyFrance13.9005.812.9505.413.3505.113.40053.600
5.Sophie MaroisQuébec14.0504.512.7504.913.0005.313.50053.300
6.Daria SpiridonovaRussia13.5006.113.9005.613.5005.112.25053.150
7.Alice KinsellaGreat Britain13.8505.112.2005.614.0005.412.90052.950
8.Taeja JamesGreat Britain13.5005.013.0005.412.4005.413.80052.700
9.Mélissa PoitreauFrance Open13.9004.912.4505.512.8004.913.30052.450
10.Laurie DenomméeQuébec14.3504.411.9005.512.3505.413.70052.300
11.Morgane OssysekFrance13.7005.012.7005.312.8005.213.05052.250
12.Alison LepinFrance Open13.7006.614.3005.211.1005.012.90052.000
13.Seda TutkhalyanRussia13.9006.013.8504.810.4005.613.75051.900
14.Victoria JurcaQuébec14.0505.112.2005.611.7005.613.90051.850
15.Assia KhnifassFrance Open13.6505.412.4505.312.2505.013.40051.750
16.Erin ModaroAustralia13.9004.912.4004.812.5504.712.90051.750
17.Emi WattersonAustralia13.9005.612.8004.411.3005.313.05051.050
18.Lucy StanhopeGreat Britain14.0005.111.3505.113.1504.812.55051.050
19.Janna MouffokFrance Open13.8505.313.4005.610.2504.813.25050.750
20.Darcy NormanWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.8005.412.7504.511.9004.912.25050.700
21.Manon MullerGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.0504.612.0005.012.4004.812.50049.950
22.Rinke SantyGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.6505.213.2004.910.7504.611.80049.400
23.Coline DevillardFrance15.1004.89.5505.612.0005.312.65049.300
24.Marjory BastienQuébec13.7505.311.1004.610.4005.112.85048.100
25.Julie VandammeGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen13.6004.110.6004.911.4504.712.20047.850
26.Yasmin CollierWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.9001.710.4004.810.4505.212.60047.350
27.Margaux DavelooseGymnastiekFederatie Vlaanderen12.7503.98.6504.912.7504.912.60046.750
28.Aya MeggsWestern Australian Institute of Sport12.7003.812.2502.98.9005.012.65046.500
29.Georgia GodwinAustralia5.512.2006.011.8005.413.55037.550
30.Sidney StephensWestern Australian Institute of Sport13.1503.712.0005.011.20036.350
31.Naomi LeeAustralia13.9505.413.40027.350
32.Georgia-Mae FentonGreat Britain13.2000.11.00014.200

Vault FinalVault 1Vault 1Average
1.Coline DevillardFrance13.96714.30014.133
2.Yelena YeryominaRussia13.90014.13314.017
3.Naomi LeeAustralia14.10013.93314.017
4.Victoria JurcaQuébec14.13313.70013.917
5.Emi WattersonAustralia14.13313.70013.917
6.Seda TutkhalyanRussia13.03314.43313.733

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Irina AlexeevaWOGA6.38.43314.733
2.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia6.38.10014.400
3.Alison LepinFrance6.57.90014.400
4.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance6.07.50013.500
5.Taeja JamesGreat Britain5.08.20013.200
6.Yelena YeryominaRussia5.87.23313.033
7.Emi WattersonAustralia5.67.00012.600

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Mélanie de Jesus dos SantosFrance5.78.46714.167
2.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia5.78.43314.133
3.Irina AlexeevaWOGA6.47.56713.967
4.Lorette CharpyFrance5.57.90013.400
5.Daria SpiridonovaRussia5.77.1670.112.767
6.Alice KinsellaGreat Britain5.66.93312.533
7.Lucy StanhopeGreat Britain5.16.93312.033

Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Anastasia IlyankovaRussia5.48.43313.833
2.Taeja JamesGreat Britain5.48.36713.767
3.Victoria JurcaQuébec5.67.90013.500
4.Iness Ben RhoumaFrance5.28.2000.213.200
5.Georgia GodwinAustralia5.47.46712.867
6.Laurie DenomméeQuébec4.77.8330.112.433
7.Seda TutkhalyanRussia5.46.16711.567

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