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Germany, Steingruber Win in Chemnitz
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Germany and Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber claimed victories at an international competition held Saturday in Chemnitz, Germany.

Germany and Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber claimed victories at an international competition held Saturday in Chemnitz, Germany.

The final pre-Olympic international competition featured full teams from Germany, France and Switzerland, plus a mixed team of Austria's Lisa Ecker, Venezuela's Jessica López and Romania's Larisa Iordache and Catalina Ponor.

Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland)

Germany handily defeated France, 174.25-167.95. The mixed team, which also included Germany's Leah Griesser, claimed third (166.80) over a four-gymnast squad from Switzerland (165.50).

The Germans had the top score on all events but floor exercise, where the mixed team had the best total. Germany put up its strongest score on uneven bars, led by Elisabeth Seitz with 15.30, Sophie Scheder with 15.25 and Kim Bui with 14.80.

Tabea Alt led the scoring on balance beam with 14.80, followed by teammate Pauline Schäfer with 14.70.

"We have shown a very good performance and are well on our way – I am very satisfied," said German head coach Ulla Koch "We had to fight this week with colds, and Tabea has some knee problems. I think we can do even better gymnastics."

The French women also had their strongest result on uneven bars, with Louise Vanhille scoring 14.90 and Loan His 14.65.

Steingruber, who will compete at the Olympic Games as an individual for Switzerland, won the all-around (58.05) over Schäfer (57.30) and Seitz (57.15). Steingruber had the highest scores of the day on vault (15.35) and floor exercise (14.75).

Ponor competed three events, scoring 14.70 on vault and floor exercise and 14.50 on balance beam. Teammate Iordache finished ninth all-around with her best score of 14.20 coming on balance beam. Ponor is set to compete in her third Olympic Games next month in Rio de Janeiro, where she has been selected to carry Romania's flag at the Opening Ceremonies. Iordache, who missed several months of training with a serious hand injury, will travel to Brazil as the alternate for Romania, which did not qualify a full team this year.

2016 Germany vs. France and Switzerland
July 23, Chemnitz, Germany

1.  Germany43.3045.3543.4042.20174.25
Pauline Schäfer14.4513.8014.7014.35
Elisabeth Seitz14.2015.3013.9013.75
Tabea Alt14.6514.5014.8012.80
Kim Bui13.8514.8013.1014.10
Sophie Scheder14.0015.2513.1013.00
2.  France42.3543.4541.1041.05167.95
Marine Brevet14.1513.9014.0013.95
Louise Vanhille14.1014.9013.3013.65
Anne Kuhm14.1013.8013.4513.45
Oréane Lechenault14.0013.8513.6513.15
Loan His14.6512.70
3.Mixed Team42.9539.4542.0542.35166.80
Larisa Iordache14.0013.0014.2013.95
Leah Griesser13.1014.2513.3513.20
Jessica López14.2512.2012.7513.70
Lisa Ecker13.8510.9013.3513.60
Catalina Ponor14.7014.5014.70
4.  Switzerland43.1040.3541.1040.95165.50
Giulia Steingruber15.3514.0013.9514.75
Ilaria Käslin13.8012.1013.7513.55
Thea Brogli13.9512.8012.9511.80
Caterina Barloggio13.5513.4012.65

1.Giulia Steingruber6.215.355.914.005.613.956.114.7558.05
2.Pauline Schäfer5.414.455.313.806.114.705.814.3557.30
3.Elisabeth Seitz5.014.206.615.305.513.905.413.7557.15
4.Tabea Alt5.814.655.914.506.214.805.312.8056.75
5.Marine Brevet5.014.155.813.905.814.005.413.9556.00
6.Louise Vanhille5.014.106.514.905.413.305.213.6555.95
7.Kim Bui5.013.856.314.805.313.105.614.1055.85
8.Sophie Scheder5.014.006.615.255.513.105.213.0055.35
9.Larisa Iordache5.014.005.813.
10.Anne Kuhm5.014.105.313.805.513.455.113.4554.80
11.Oréane Lechenault5.014.006.313.855.813.655.213.1554.65
12.Leah Griesser4.613.105.814.255.813.355.013.2053.90
13.Michelle Timm5.414.105.313.804.912.755.113.1053.75
14.Ilaria Käslin5.013.805.112.105.613.755.213.5553.20
15.Jessica López5.814.
16.Pauline Tratz5.
17.Lisa Ecker5.013.855.210.905.713.355.613.6051.70
18.Thea Brogli5.013.954.612.805.012.954.711.8051.50
19.Catalina Ponor5.814.706.114.506.014.7043.90
20.Caterina Barloggio5.213.555.213.404.912.6539.60
21.Loan His6.314.654.912.7027.35
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