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Uchimura Captures 8th Straight NHK Cup
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World and Olympic champion Kohei Uchimura won his eighth consecutive title Thursday at the 55th NHK Trophy in Tokyo, where runner-up Ryohei Kato clinched his second Olympic berth.

World and Olympic champion Kohei Uchimura won his eighth consecutive title Thursday at the 55th NHK Trophy in Tokyo, where runner-up Ryohei Kato clinched his second Olympic berth.

The NHK Cup serves as the second Olympic qualification event for Japan following last month's national championships, and the two scores together determined the NHK Cup winner. Six-time world all-around champion Uchimura was pre-qualified to the Olympic team for Rio de Janeiro; 2012 Olympian Kato qualified to the team based on his second place on Thursday. The remaining three gymnasts will be named to the team following the Japanese national event championships in June.

After a few mistakes last month, Uchimura rebounded to near flawless form on Thursday, scoring a formidable 93.35: 15.90 on floor exercise, 15.30 on pommel horse, 14.80 on still rings, 15.60 on vault and parallel bars and finally a 16.15 on high bar (piked Kovacs; Cassina; Rybalko; Tak half-Kolman; Tak full to Yamawaki; perfectly nailed layout double-double). Uchimura, who has been undefeated in the all-around since finishing second at the 2008 Olympic Games, earned a combined total of 184.65 to win by nearly five points.

In a Konami sweep of the medals, Kato edged out Yusuke Tanaka by just .1, 180.10-180.00.

2010 Youth Olympic champion Yuya Kamoto (Nippon Sport Science University) placed fourth (179.40). The top four gymnasts all scored above 90.00 points on Thursday.

Two-time world floor exercise champion Kenzo Shirai Nippon Sport Science University finished fifth with 177.40. Shirai, who had been second last month at the national championships, began strongly on floor exercise with 16.15, but fell on his dismount on pommel horse in the next rotation (12.95). In the fourth rotation, he scored 15.55 for an incredible drilled triple-twisting Yurchenko.

Kazuma Kaya, the bronze medalist on pommel horse at the 2015 Worlds, placed sixth (176.80).

At last fall's world championships in Glasgow, the Japanese team of Uchimura, Kato, Kaya, Shirai, Tanaka and Naoto Hayasaka (26th all-around) won the team title. It was the first world team title for Japan since 1978.

After silver medals the past two Olympics, the Japanese are aiming to recapture the Olympic team title they last won in 2004. The NHK results show a Japanese team of the top five gymnasts will be tough to beat; calculating the top three scores on each event Thursday results in a team score of 278.45 — nearly than 8 points higher than the winning 270.818 that Japan scored in the Glasgow team final.

Uchimura, a native of Nagasaki Prefecture, competed with a message of support on his back to the victims of last month's devastating earthquakes in neighboring Kumamoto. The 7.0 earthquake and aftershocks killed 50 people and injured more than 3,000. Uchimura and Kato organized a fundraising campaign in conjunction with this week's NHK Cup, raising about 45 million yen ($420,000) for the victims of the quake.

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55th NHK Cup
May 5, 2016, Yoyogi, Tokyo

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBAANat'lTotal
1.Kohei UchimuraKonami Sports Club15.9015.3014.8015.6015.6016.1593.3591.30184.65
2.Ryohei KatoKonami Sports Club15.5015.0014.4515.0015.1515.6090.7089.40180.10
3.Yusuke TanakaKonami Sports Club15.2014.8514.7014.3515.9515.9090.9589.05180.00
4.Yuya KamotoNippon Sport Science University14.8014.1515.3514.9515.5515.3590.1589.25179.40
5.Kenzo ShiraiNippon Sport Science University16.1512.9514.2015.5515.0013.8587.7089.70177.40
6.Kazuma KayaJuntendo University14.7015.4514.6014.9515.2514.3089.2587.55176.80
7.Koji YamamuroKonami Sports Club14.0014.8515.3015.3515.6514.1589.3087.35176.65
8.Yusuke SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.4514.6514.5514.4514.9014.1087.1089.25176.35
9.Shogo NonomuraCentral Sports15.1014.8515.0515.1014.5014.9589.5586.15175.70
10.Ko TanigawaJuntendo University15.2514.5014.2015.1015.2014.2588.5086.90175.40
11.Shoichi YamamotoAsahi Seimei14.7515.1014.5514.9015.2514.2088.7586.60175.35
12.Kazushi TakedaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.6513.2015.3514.8515.3014.7588.1086.40174.50
13.Sho TanigawaIchiritsu Funabashi High School14.7014.6513.6514.2514.9514.5586.7587.10173.85
14.Kaito ImabayashiCentral Sports14.5013.3014.2014.8014.4014.5085.7087.70173.40
15.Fuya MaenoNational Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya14.6014.6014.4514.5013.9514.6586.7586.50173.25
16.Yasuhiro OkamuraAsahi Seimei14.5513.9015.6014.8013.1014.2086.1586.90173.05
17.Seiya TauraNippon Sport Science University14.6014.0514.1514.8014.4514.4086.4586.35172.80
18.Junpei OkaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.8514.9514.3515.0014.5013.4587.1085.60172.70
19.Yoshiaki FuruyaKonami Sports Club13.7514.5514.4013.4515.0014.6585.8086.75172.55
20.Daiki IshikawaCentral Sports14.7014.5014.1014.3514.5013.3085.4586.85172.30
21.Tatsuki IchiseAsahi Seimei14.3511.8015.0514.7014.4014.7585.0587.00172.05
22.Hasegawa ChishoTokushukai Gymnastics Club13.5515.1014.1014.3014.1013.8084.9586.95171.90
23.Shirai Katsutaro Konami Sports Club15.2012.8514.5015.2513.9514.3586.1085.40171.50
24.Masayoshi YamamotoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.6514.2013.6014.5514.5015.5587.0584.25171.30
25.Kenya Yuasaichiritsu Funabashi High School14.5514.5014.0514.3514.4013.5085.3585.55170.90
26.Naoto HayasakaJuntendo University15.1514.6014.0515.4514.2511.7085.2085.55170.75
27.Ryoba KawamotoJuntendo University14.2514.7013.6014.7014.6514.2586.1584.40170.55
28.Chihiro YoshiokaCentral Sports13.0514.1514.4014.8015.3014.3086.0084.15170.15
29.Kenzo KanekoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.7013.8514.0013.9013.8513.4583.7586.25170.00
30.Sei YokoyamaKonami Sports Club14.0512.5514.2514.2015.1515.0585.2584.20169.45
31.Ryuzo SejimaTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.1513.5014.8014.8013.7012.6584.6084.75169.35
32.Takuto Kakitani Central Sports13.9513.2514.5014.3014.1514.2584.4084.10168.50
33.Kohei KameyamaTokushukai Gymnastics Club13.4514.6514.100.0013.4513.3569.0085.50154.50
Takahiro GoshimaSendai15.50
Takumi SatoTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.20
Masahiro UkaiNihon University15.05
Daiki IkedaSendai14.90
Ryotaka DeguchiEhime Prefecture14.60
Kensho SetoNippon Sport Science University13.30
Takuya NaganoAsahi Seimei15.05
Genichiro KozuJuntendo University14.85
Takaya ShimadaNihon University14.70
Keisuke OguraSogo Gymnastics Club15.75
Hirotoshi InoueNippon Sport Science University15.15
Takumi SatoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.60
Kazuhito TanakaTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.45
Mizuki TanakaNippon Sport Science University14.80
Masataka AoyamaKonami Sports Club14.20
Ryosuke OzakiSogo Gymnastics Club14.30
Kazuaki KoizumiSogo Gymnastics Club13.40
Hidetaka Miyachi University of Tsukuba13.25
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