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Bretschneider Bests Field in Stuttgart
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Germany's Andreas Bretschneider won the men's all-around title at the DTB World Cup on Sunday, giving the host nation a double win after Sophie Scheder's triumph on Saturday.

Germany's Andreas Bretschneider won the men's all-around title at the DTB World Cup on Sunday, giving the host nation a double win after Sophie Scheder's triumph on Saturday.

Bretschneider topped American Danell Leyva and Russia's Nikolai Kuksenkov in a fall-filled competition that saw the lead change hands many times. The packed crowd at the Porsche Arena was firmly behind Bretschneider and Olympic star Marcel Nguyen.

Leyva led after the first rotation with a clean routine on floor exercise (layout double-double; front full to front double full, Arabian double front, whip 2 1/2, barani; double layout; 144.900). Kuksenkov had a rough start, sitting down his whip Arabian double front. Kuksenkov pulled ahead after a strong routine on pommel horse (14.666) while Leyva scored 13.866 and Bretschneider scored 13.400. Nguyen fought throughout his routine but stayed on (12.533), which was still cause for celebration with his coach, Valery Belenky.

Great Britain's James Hall led after two rotations after good scores on floor and pommel horse, but his 13.233 on still rings dropped him in the rankings. Bretschneider (14.633) and Nguyen had the (14.500) had the top scores on still rings, while Leyva scored only 13.666.

Brazilian Caio Souza grabbed the lead after the halfway point after a clean Yurchenko 2 1/2 on vault. China's Cen Yu — whose 11.966 on pommel horse took him out of the running early — had the best score with 15.166 for his Tsukahara triple full.

Souza lost his lead when he slipped on parallel bars on a simple healy (13.466), and former world champion Leyva also fell (14.033). Nguyen hit his routine, complete with a full-twisting double dismount, for the high score of 15.300, while Bretschneider was very clean for 14.766. Kuksenkov had to save a fall but covered very well for 14.400.

Souza still led going into the final event, but had to muscle through his high bar routine (Kolman; Yamawaki to Gienger; Tkatchev to mixed grip; layout double-double; 14.233).

Leyva gave it his all on high bar, throwing a high Yamawaki, layout Kovacs, Kolman, layout Tkatchev to Stalder 1 1/2; and ending with a stuck layout double-double for 15.733, the highest score of the competition.

Bretschneider chose not to risk his own element (double-twisting Kovacs), but performed a beautiful routine with high and clean releases Cassina (layout Kolman) and Kolman, and ending with a layout double-double with a hop. His 15.266 was enough to pass Leyva and Kuksenkov, who had to muscle through his routine (14.400). Nguyen also hit cleanly (15.033) to take fourth place behind Kuksenov.

Bretschneider, who has been known as a high bar specialist thus far, said his all-around win was a surprise. "No one really would have expected it for me — I didn't," he said.

German head coach Andreas Hirsch said he was very proud of the results from the German gymnasts, who are preparing for next month's Olympic Test Event in Brazil.

"For Andreas (Bretschneider), this success is the result of all the work he put in," Hirsch said. "He can be very proud of himself and is stronger now in the preparations going for the Olympic qualifier."

The competition continues in Stuttgart Sunday afternoon with the women's team final in the DTB Cup Team Challenge.

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2016 DTB Team Challenge
March 20, Stuttgart

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andreas Bretschneider14.50013.40014.63314.53314.80015.26687.132
2.Danell Leyva14.90013.86613.66614.43314.03315.73386.631
3.Nikolai Kuksenkov13.73314.66614.43314.80014.40014.40086.432
4.Marcel Nguyen14.46612.53314.50014.30015.30015.03386.132
5.Caio Souza14.76614.33314.30014.66613.46614.23385.764
6.Cen Yu 13.60011.96614.46615.16614.76613.46683.430
7.Oliver Hegi14.10014.63313.83314.80012.66613.23383.265
8.Shin Donghyen14.80012.93313.30014.80013.40012.50081.733
9.James Hall14.73314.53313.23313.43314.40010.83381.165

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