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Scheder Shines at DTB Cup in Stuttgart
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Germany's Sophie Scheder captured the all-around title at Saturday's DTB World Cup in Stuttgart.

Scheder hit cleanly to take the gold medal over Canada's Isabela Onyshko and American Amelia Hundley, delighting the home crowd at the Porsche Arena.

"It's amazing," Scheder said. "It's so cool — it was a great competition."

Scheder hit four routines, relying on clean execution rather than difficulty. She earned the highest score of the day on uneven bars, 15.033, showing off her beautiful lines and execution (inside-Stalder full, inside Stalder-Shaposhnikova to bail to immediate toe-on full to toe-on hecht to high bar; inside-Stalder blind to Jaeger; stuck full-twisting double). The 19 year old from Chemnitz also stayed clean on beam for a relatively simple routine (ff layout; side somi; layout gainer dismount) that tied for the second-highest score on beam (14.433), and tumbled simple passes as well (double tuck; 2 1/2 twist; double twist).

Onyshko was penalized heavily on her double-twistng Yurchenko, where she took a step to the side (14.033). Her two best scores came on uneven bars (Maloney uprise full to Tkatchev; free-hip Tkatchev; Pak; double front; 14.233) and balance beam (ff, ff, two-foot layout; ff, tucked full; ff, ff, double tuck; 14.433).

Hundly led after the first rotation, where she took the high score on vault for a double twisting-Yurchenko, but missed a toe-on blind pirouette on uneven bars. She tumbled her way to the highest score on floor exercise (double layout to leap; piked full-in, whip to double tuck; double pike).

Russian Seda Tutkhalyan finished fourth after falling on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko). She moved up into third in the rankings after nailing beam for 14.800 (ro, two-foot layout; ro layout full; RO double pike), but flew out of bounds on her second pass on floor exercise (two whips to double pike).

Germany's Pauline Schäfer, the Netherlands' Celine van Gerner, Great Britain's Rebecca Tunney and Italy's Elisa Meneghini rounded out the field.

The men's competition takes place Friday.

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2016 DTB World Cup
March 19, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Sophie Scheder5.014.0666.415.0335.514.4334.913.50057.032
2.Isabela Onyhsko5.814.0336.114.2336.514.4335.813.96656.665
3.Amelia Hundley5.814.9335.413.2665.814.3005.714.00056.499
4.Seda Tutkhalyan5.813.4006.014.4336.314.8005.813.26655.899
5.Pauline Schaefer5.414.5335.313.1666.013.5665.713.43354.698
6.Celine van Gerner5.013.9665.313.5335.813.3665.213.80054.665
7.Rebecca Tunney5.013.9006.414.3665.111.2005.312.56652.032
8.Elisa Meneghini5.313.1665.512.7665.912.2665.613.73351.931
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