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British, Japanese Dominate RD761 Junior International
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Giarnni Regini-Moran led Great Britain to the team title at the RD761 Junior International Team Cup, held Friday and Saturday in Katy, Texas. Pictured: Joshua Nathan, Hamish Carter, Joe Fraser, Regini-Moran and Tommy Nicolaou.

Great Britain and Japan combined to win seven of the eight titles at the RD761 Junior International Team Cup, held this weekend in Katy, Texas.

International men's teams from Canada, Colombia, Great Britain and Japan traveled to Texas to take part in the competition, one of the first international events of the Olympic year. The competition was held in conjunction with the RD761 Invitational, which featured boys and girls gymnastics through Level 10.

2014 Youth Olympic Games champion Giarnni Regini-Moran, 17, led Great Britain to the team title, edging Japan by just one tenth, 254.350-254.250. Teams from the U.S. finished third (250.850) and fourth (244.850), respectively, followed by Canada and Colombia.

2014 Youth Olympic Games champion Giarnni Regini-Moran

The British men sent one of their strongest squads for the upcoming quadrennium. The team featured Regini-Moran and Joe Fraser, members of the winning British teams at the 2014 Junior European Championships in Sofia; and Hamish Carter, who joined Regini-Moran and Fraser at the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi, where Fraser won the all-around title. Joshua Nathan won the 2013 Under-14 British title, while Tommy Nicolaou won the 2014 Rheintal Cup in Switzerland.

Japan's Kakeru Tanigawa, 16, won the all-around title (85.350), with the top scores on floor and pommel horse in the team competition. Tanigawa is already an experienced international competitor, competing at the 2011 Austrian Future Cup, the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships, and the 2015 Japan Junior International. Teammate Shigeto Suzuki (84.250) finished second ahead of Fraser (83.150), who struggled to 11.500 on high bar.

In apparatus finals, the British dominated with four golds, two silvers and a bronze. Regini-Moran won both floor exercise, where he debuted a clean triple-twisting double-back, and vault; Fraser won still rings and Carter won high bar. Nathan picked up the bronze on floor exercise and the silver on pommel horse, where his 6.0 was the highest D-score of the field.

Kakeru Tanigawa won pommel horse and tied for the gold on still rings, and won the silver medal on floor exercise and bronze on parallel bars.

American Cameron Bock brought the home team its only title with gold on parallel bars. Bock, 17, who was fourth all-around and third on still rings, trains at SCATS Gymnastics under Grigor Chalikyan. Teammates Bennet Huang (bronze on pommel horse), Matthew Wenske (silver on vault) and Vitaliy Guimaraes (silver on high bar) also won medals. Guimaraes, the son of 1980s Soviet national team member Tatiana Kondratova, had the top score on high bar in the team competition. He trains at 5280 Gymnastics under Vladimir Artemev, father and coach of 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Sasha Artemev.

Colombia's Dilan Jiménez, seventh all-around, tied for the silver on high bar, and teammate José David Toro won the bronze on vault.

The competition is the 15th annual Ricky Deci Memorial, held in honor of Deci, a top junior gymnast who died in October 2001 while training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. No. 761 was his competition number at the 2001 U.S. Junior Olympic championships.

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2016 RD761 Junior International Team Cup
Jan. 15-16, Katy, Texas

1. Great Britain41.55042.15041.80043.85042.95042.050254.350
Giarnni Regini-Moran14.00014.85014.30014.200
Joshua Nathan13.80014.20013.600
Joe Fraser13.75014.45014.45014.05014.950
Hamish Carter13.50013.70014.050
Tommy Nicolaou13.75014.95013.800
2. Japan41.30043.35040.75044.20042.65042.000254.250
Kakeru Tanigawa14.05014.50013.80014.75014.85013.400
Shigeto Suzuki13.90014.40013.25014.75013.55014.400
Hiroto Ishizawa13.35014.45013.700
Shuma Iwakawa14.700
Koki Maeda14.25014.200
3. United States 141.50039.85042.15044.05041.75041.550250.850
Shane Wiskus13.90013.70014.80013.90014.100
Bennet Huang13.85013.900
Matthew Wenske13.75013.15014.05014.80013.40013.800
Cameron Bock12.80014.40014.45014.450
Davis Grooms13.650
4. United States 238.30039.70041.10042.55041.05042.150244.850
Tanner Justus13.45013.45013.90013.80014.050
Vitaliy Guimaraes12.55013.00013.45014.550
Alexi Vernyi12.30013.35014.90013.80013.550
Jacob Moore13.25013.850
Addison Chung13.85013.800
5. Canada39.55039.80041.35041.90042.20039.100243.900
Samuel Zakutney13.50013.75013.85013.80014.80013.100
Anthony Tawfik13.20013.60013.30013.85012.800
Jesse Tyndall12.85012.450
William Émard14.20013.900
Chris Kaji14.20013.55013.200
6. Colombia39.30036.50038.95043.05040.40039.800238.000
Dilan Jiménez13.95012.00013.75014.80014.05014.050
Jhon Cardona13.10012.20012.900
José David Toro12.25012.25014.50013.000
Manuel Martínez12.30012.95013.75013.35012.850

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Kakeru Tanigawa14.05014.50013.80013.95014.85013.40085.350
2.Shigeto Suzuki13.90014.40013.25014.75013.55014.40084.250
3.Joe Fraser13.75014.45014.45014.05014.95011.50083.150
4.Cameron Bock13.70012.80014.40014.27514.45013.20083.000
5.Matthew Wenske13.75013.15014.05014.80013.40013.80082.950
6.Samuel Zakutney13.50013.75013.85013.80014.80013.10082.800
7.Dilan Jiménez13.95012.00013.75014.40014.05014.05082.600
8.Tanner Justus13.45013.45013.90013.37513.80014.05082.400
9.Hamish Carter13.30013.50013.30013.15013.70014.05081.000
10.Alexi Vernyi12.30012.00013.35014.10013.80013.55079.900
11.Anthony Tawfik13.20013.60013.30012.00013.85012.80078.750
12.Manuel Martínez12.00012.30012.95013.75013.35012.85077.200
13.José David Toro12.25011.65012.25014.22513.00012.60076.250
14.Jhon Cardona13.10012.20012.00013.10011.75012.90075.050

Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran6.09.25015.250
2.Kakeru Tanigawa5.59.30014.800
3.Joshua Nathan5.19.45014.550
4.Shane Wiskus5.69.000-0.314.300
5.Dilan Jiménez5.48.90014.300
6.Shigeto Suzuki5.28.900-0.114.000
7.Bennet Huang5.48.10013.500
8.Samuel Zakutney5.56.500-0.111.900

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Kakeru Tanigawa5.79.15014.850
2.Joshua Nathan6.08.55014.550
3.Bennet Huang5.38.85014.150
4.Joe Fraser5.88.30014.100
5.Tanner Justus5.38.20013.500
6.Samuel Zakutney5.08.30013.300
7.Hiroto Ishizawa5.17.55012.650
8.Anthony Tawfik4.66.90011.500

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Joe Fraser5.09.30014.300
1.Kakeru Tanigawa5.19.20014.300
3.Cameron Bock4.99.30014.200
4.William Émard4.89.25014.050
5.Matthew Wenske4.89.20014.000
6.Tommy Nicolaou5.08.65013.650
7.Samuel Zakutney4.88.70013.500
8.Dilan Jiménez4.88.35013.150

Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran5.69.55015.15014.950
2.Matthew Wenske5.69.200-0.114.70014.275
3.José David Toro5.29.20014.40014.000
4.Dilan Jiménez5.68.65014.25013.825
5.Kakeru Tanigawa5.29.25014.45013.725
6.Cameron Bock5.68.150-0.313.45013.525

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Cameron Bock5.59.05014.550
2.Giarnni Regini-Moran5.19.20014.300
3.Kakeru Tanigawa5.68.60014.200
4.Koki Maeda5.09.10014.100
5.Joe Fraser5.48.20013.600
5.Samuel Zakutney5.48.20013.600
7.Shane Wiskus5.08.55013.550
8.Dilan Jiménez5.57.35012.850

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Hamish Carter5.08.75013.750
2.Dilan Jiménez4.98.55013.450
2.Vitaliy Guimaraes5.08.45013.450
4.Shane Wiskus4.98.50013.400
5.Koki Maeda4.88.45013.250
6.Shigeto Suzuki5.37.85013.150
7.Chris Kaji4.57.20011.700
8.Giarnni Regini-Moran4.46.70011.100

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