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Ignatyev Defends Russian Cup All-Around Title
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Top qualifier Nikita Ignatyev topped Nikolai Kuksenkov and David Belyavsky to win the men's all-around title Friday as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza.

Top qualifier Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky) held off his closest competitors to win the men's all-around title Friday as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza.

Ignatyev scored 89.350 to successfully defend his title ahead of Vladimir's Nikolai Kuksenkov (88.450) and Yekaterinburg's David Belyavsky (88.150).

Ignatyev had the top marks of the day on still rings (15.150), parallel bars (15.400) and high bar (14.900). Only six of the gymnasts scored about 14.00 on high bar, the Russian men's weakest event.

Kuksenkov proved his worth with a solid all-around effort, bolstered by a high of 15.300 on pommel horse. Belyavsky, who had falls on pommel horse and vault on the first day, rebounding with 15.000 on horse and 14.500 on vault.

Nikita Nagorny (Moscow) placed fourth all-around and had the second-best score on floor exercise (15.150) and vault (15.200). Nagorny, 18, took three gold medals at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, and won vault at this year's senior European championships.

Specialist Matvei Petrov (Kaliningrad) made his strongest case for the world team with 15.500 on pommel horse — tied for the highest score of the day &mash; and a 15.200 on parallel bars. World floor exercise champion Denis Ablyazin competed floor only, scoring 14.900. Kirill Prokopyev matched Petrov's 15.500 with his routine on floor exercise.

The top three all-arounders are now locks for the world championship squad, Russian coach Valentina Rodionenko said Friday. The 2015 World Championships take place October 23 to November 1 in Glasgow.

"Basically we've decided on the makeup of the team," Rodionenko said. -"Three all-rounders, Kuksenkov, Ignatyev and Belyavsky. They'll also challenge for individual event (medals). Ablyazin for three events: floor, rings and vault. Nikita Nagorny will go for three events. The sixth and seventh places - we shall see what happens. Alexei Rostov, Mikhail Kudashov.... there are guys we are going to look at over the month we have left."

Ablyazin, who has tumbled just about every trick in the book, is working on perfecting his floor routine, Rodionenko said.

"With Ablyazin there are some issues on floor," she said. "After the Russian Cup, he will be looking for the ultimate combination that will define him."

The competition continues Saturday with the first day of apparatus finals.

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2015 Russian Cup Gymnastics
September 18, Penza

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.75014.60015.15014.55015.40014.90089.350
2.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir14.75015.30014.65014.50015.10014.15088.450
3.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg14.40015.00014.90014.50015.05014.30088.150
4.Nikita NagornyMoscow15.15014.20013.75015.20015.05013.90087.250
5.Alexei RostovVladimir14.60014.20014.05014.60013.90013.10084.450
6.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk14.20013.75014.85014.45014.65012.40084.300
6.Artur DalaloyanMoscow14.10013.20014.40014.80015.25012.55084.300
8.Valentin StarikovSyzran14.05012.55014.15014.80014.60014.00084.150
9.Dmitry LankinMoscow14.85012.95013.80014.45015.60012.45084.100
10.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk13.05013.50015.25013.90014.00012.95082.650
11.Andrei CherkasovLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.35012.20013.80013.30015.15013.75082.550
12.Kirill ProkopyevVladimir15.50013.45014.25012.50013.05013.70082.450
13.Grigory ZyryanovLeninsk-Kuznetsky12.70013.85013.55014.10014.35013.70082.250
14.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk14.75012.70013.40014.55013.60012.85081.850
15.Ivan TikhonovSyzran14.35011.20013.85014.75013.60013.40081.150
16.Sergei StepanovPenza12.95013.45013.50013.90013.95013.35081.100
17.Yevgeny VasilyevVladimir14.20012.85012.45014.15013.15012.85079.650
18.Andrei LagutovLeninsk-Kuznetsky13.70010.05013.50013.90014.00013.95079.100
19.Alexei KosyanovMoscow13.70013.10012.75013.45013.00012.40078.400
20.Artyom PleshkinSaransk13.15012.35012.35014.70013.45012.35078.350
21.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk13.90013.70013.25012.30012.60012.50078.250
22.Ilya KibartasVladimir13.20012.25014.40013.10012.65012.25077.850
23.Vadim YegorovLeninsk-Kuznetsky12.70012.70011.80013.10012.75011.50074.550
24.Denis IgnatyevMoscow11.75011.20013.45013.20012.80011.40073.800
25.Matvei PetrovKaliningrad15.50014.15015.20044.850
26.Vladislav PolyashdovCheboksary14.45015.35014.15043.950
27.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk14.55014.70014.55043.800
28.Sergei YeltsovAstrakhan14.30014.50012.10040.900
29.Denis AblyazinPenza14.90014.900
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