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Iordache Leads Romania to Victory Over France
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Veteran Larisa Iordache led her Romanian squad to victory over their French guests in a dual meet held Saturday in Izvorani.

Veteran Larisa Iordache led her Romanian squad to victory over their French guests in a dual meet held Saturday in Izvorani.

Romania easily overcame its 2.35-point deficit on uneven bars to emerge victorious over France, 227.050 to 223.450. The host team had the high event total on vault with 59.450, where five of their six team members competed double-twisting Yurchenkos, and averaged above 14.50 on balance beam.

Iordache easily won the all-around title (58.150) despite a fall on uneven bars on her new toe-on piked Tkatchev release. Her 15.100 on balance beam (clean ff, tucked full; RO two-foot layout; RO ff triple twist) was the high score of the day.

Anamaria Ocolișan, a member of Romania's fourth-place squad at the 2014 Worlds, placed second all-around (56.850). She matched Iordache on vault with 15.000 and had the top score for Romania on uneven bars with 14.050 (Maloney-half; Jaeger; Pak; Maloney; stuck full-twisting double).

Two-time Olympian Catalina Ponor made her comeback to competition. Ponor, who turned 28 on August 20, scored 14.850 on vault, 14.900 on balance beam and 13.950 on floor exercise. On balance beam, the 2004 Olympic champion performed a swing ring; two-foot layout; Kochetkova; Onodi, front aerial, split jump; and clean double pike; and on floor exercise she tumbled a double layout; two whips to full-in; triple twist and double pike.

Led by Louise Vanhille's 14.500, France outscored Romania on uneven bars, but failed to make ground on the other events. Veteran Marine Brevet scored 55.850 to place third all-around behind Ocolișan and just ahead of Vanhille (55.800).

The Romanian world championships squad will be determined after the upcoming national championships, September 25-27 in Bucharest.

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2015 Romania vs. France (Women)
September 12, Izvorani, Romania

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Romania59.45053.45058.35055.800227.050
Larisa Iordache15.00013.70015.10014.350
Catalina Ponor14.85014.90013.950
Anamaria Ocolișan15.00014.05014.10013.700
Laura Jurca14.60013.45014.05013.350
Silvia Zarzu14.45012.25013.800
Diana Bulimar11.85014.250
2. France57.60055.80054.90055.150223.450
Marine Brevet14.30014.25013.25014.050
Camille Bahl14.75013.40013.600
Claire Martin12.35014.65013.900
Grace Charpy13.55013.150
Loan His14.35013.90013.30013.600
Louise Vanhille14.20014.50013.55013.550

1.Larisa Iordache5.815.0006.213.7006.415.1005.914.35058.150
2.Anamaria Ocolișan5.815.0005.614.0505.714.1005.613.70056.850
3.Marine Brevet5.014.3005.914.2505.513.2505.314.05055.850
4.Louise Vanhille5.014.2005.914.5005.313.5505.213.55055.800
5.Laura Jurca5.814.6005.313.4505.614.0505.713.35055.450
6.Loan His5.014.3506.113.9005.013.3005.113.60055.150
7.Camille Bahl5.814.7505.112.9005.413.4005.213.60054.650
8.Diana Bulimar5.014.1504.911.8505.814.2505.713.80054.050
9.Silvia Zarzu5.814.4505.012.2505.413.4005.613.80053.900
10.Catalina Ponor5.814.8504.16.1006.314.9005.513.95049.800
11.Claire Martin5.112.3506.114.6505.413.90040.900
12.Grace Charpy5.013.5505.113.1504.712.95039.650
*Ioana Nicoara5.213.10013.100
* Exhibition competitor
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