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Vernyayev, Shirai Shine With Two Titles Each in Cottbus
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Superstars Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) and Kenzo Shirai (Japan) each nabbed two gold medals in finals at the 2015 Tournament of Masters, held Saturday and Sunday in Cottbus, Germany. Pictured: Pommel horse champion Vernyayev flanked by runner-up Donna-Donny Truyens (Belgium) and bronze medalist Cyril Tommasone (France).

Superstars Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) and Kenzo Shirai (Japan) each nabbed two gold medals in finals at the 2015 Tournament of Masters, held Saturday and Sunday in Cottbus, Germany.

Shirai, 18, took gold medals on men's floor exercise and vault. On floor exercise, the 2013 world champion performed arguably the most difficult routine of all time, drilling a triple-twisting double as well as his trademark tumbling passes (3 1/2 twist to double-twisting front; quadruple twist dismount). He combined his incredible 7.6-Difficulty score with the highest Execution score of the final for an unbeatable 16.450 — more than a point ahead of runner-up Matthias Fahrig of Germany (15.200). Dutch gymnast Bart Deurloo took the bronze (15.075), while former world champions Eleftherios Kosmidis and Diego Hypólito both erred to finish out of the medals.

Shirai won his second gold medal on vault, upgrading his first vault from qualification to a triple-twisting Yurchenko (the "Kim-Shirai"), performed with just a tiny hop forward. Vernyayev took silver (Dragulescu; Tsukahara 2 1/2), while Japan's Koji Yamamuro won the bronze with a Tsukahara double twist and handspring double twist. World and Olympic medalist Igor Radivilov of Ukraine, the top qualifier, fell on his Tsukahara double pike to finish fifth.

Vernyayev won gold on pommel horse with a clean performance, topping specialists Donna-Donny Truyens (Belgium) and Cyril Tommasone (France). He proved unbeatable in a tough final on parallel bars, sticking his double front-half dismount for 16.250 (7.1 D). Colombian Jossimar Calvo was second, but more than half a point back (15.725/6.9). Dutch star Epke Zonderland took the bronze (15.650/7.0D).

On still rings, Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti (Brazil) regained his top footing over lead qualifier Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece). Turkish gymnast Ibrahim Colak bumped Vernyayev out of the bronze by .025.

The high bar competition saw Zonderland—the heavy favorite and top qualifier—miss his Kolman and fall out of the medals. Switzerland's Pablo Brägger and Turkey's Ümit Şamiloğlu stepped up to tie for the gold title. Nestor Abad took the bronze ahead of

In the women's competition, the top qualifiers from Thursday and Friday all retained their rankings.

Uzbekistan legend Oksana Chusovitina vaulted to another victory. With friend and former teammate Svetlana Boginskaya on hand in Cottbus, Chusovitina cruised to first with a layout handspring front-full and stuck her Tsukahara 1 1/2 to average 14.875. Slovenia's Tjaša Kysselef won the silver with over her teammate Teja Belak.

Sweden's Jonna Adlerteg was the class of the field on uneven bars, showing a Shaposhnikova, uprise-full to Tkatchev; Jaeger; toe-on piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney; and a double layout dismount. Former Russian team member Kristina Pravdina, 24, who grabbed the last spot in qualification for Azerbaijan, impressed with her second place (high Jaeger; toe-on, toe-full, Tkatchev-Pak; double front with a stumble forward).

Romania's Andreea Munteanu took gold on balance beam, her usual precision marred only by a bobble after her opening front aerial. She continued unwavered, hitting her ff, tucked full; a punch front; very tidy leaps; a ff, ff triple twist (short on rotation).

Germany's Kim Janas, second in qualification, repeated her ranking to take the only women's medal for the host nation. Spain's Ana Pérez, sixth in qualification, moved up three places to take the bronze.

On floor exercise, Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza tumbled to the the the title over Munteanu and Portugal's Ana Filipa Martins.

The FIG series continues this week with the 7th Doha World Challenge Cup in Qatar.

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39th Tournament of Masters/FIG World Challenge Cup
March 21-22, Cottbus, Germany

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina5.89.12514.92514.875
2.Tjaša Kysselef5.08.90013.90014.000
3.Teja Belak5.38.95014.25013.950
4.Paula Plichta5.08.65013.65013.700
5.Pauline Tratz5.09.07514.07513.687
6.Boglárka Devai5.08.87513.87513.637
7.Argyro Afrati4.89.05013.85013.625
7.Ana Pérez5.08.95013.95013.625

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jonna Adlerteg6.38.37514.675
2.Kristina Pravdina5.58.30013.800
3.Ana Filipa Martins5.67.87513.475
4.Dorina Böczögő5.08.45013.450
5.Paula Raya5.38.00013.300
6.Caterina Barloggio5.08.02513.025
7.Evangelia Plyta5.86.80012.600
8.Teja Belak4.27.17511.375

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Andreea Munteanu6.18.30014.400
2.Kim Janas5.88.07513.875
3.Ana Pérez5.47.82513.225
4.Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska5.67.6250.113.125
5.Tzuf Feldon5.37.60012.900
6.Caterina Barloggio5.07.42512.425
6.Ana Filipa Martins5.47.02512.425
8.Ayelen Tarabini5.46.80012.200

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.88.42514.225
2.Andreea Munteanu5.58.32513.825
3.Ana Filipa Martins5.38.17513.475
4.Ayelen Tarabini5.38.1250.113.325
5.Lisa Ecker5.07.95012.950
6.Dorina Böczögő5.27.7500.112.850
7.Tutya Yilmaz5.27.1250.411.925
8.Argyro Afrati4.97.1750.311.775

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Kenzo Shirai7.68.85016.450
2.Matthias Fahrig6.88.7000.315.200
3.Bart Deurloo6.58.57515.075
4.Rayderley Zapata6.78.10014.800
5.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.67.7500.114.250
6.Mathias Philippe6.17.3250.113.325
7.Kevin Antoniotti5.87.17512.975
8.Diego Hypólito6.86.1250.112.825

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.98.65015.550
2.Donna-Donny Truyens6.68.80015.400
3.Cyril Tommasone6.68.60015.200
4.Sašo Bertoncelj6.28.92515.125
5.Kohei Kameyama6.98.05014.950
6.Tomomasa Hasegawa6.78.07514.775
7.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.48.02514.425
8.Matija Baron6.07.67513.675

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.88.82515.625
2.Eleftherios Petrounias6.88.75015.550
3.Ibrahim Colak6.68.80015.400
4.Oleg Vernyayev6.68.77515.375
5.Igor Radivilov6.88.50015.300
6.Yuri Van Gelder6.58.77515.275
7.Koji Yamamuro6.68.57515.175
8.Tommy Ramos6.67.22513.825

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Kenzo Shirai6.09.42515.42515.100
2.Oleg Vernyayev6.09.12515.12515.012
3.Koji Yamamuro6.09.12515.12515.000
4.Matthias Fahrig5.69.47515.07514.800
5.Igor Radivilov6.09.07515.07514.550
6.Jeffrey Wammes5.69.45015.05014.500
7.Vitalijs Kardasovs5.68.77514.37514.337
8.Bart Deurloo5.67.97513.57514.300

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev7.19.15016.250
2.Jossimar Calvo6.98.82515.725
3.Epke Zonderland7.08.65015.650
4.Anton Fokin6.69.00015.600
5.Christian Baumann6.48.87515.275
6.Kenzo Shirai6.38.92515.225
7.Pablo Brägger6.38.55014.850
8.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.47.85014.250

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.58.50015.000
1.Pablo Brägger7.08.00015.000
3.Nestor Abad6.08.77514.775
4.Epke Zonderland7.27.55014.750
5.Kristof Schroe6.58.22514.725
6.Alexander Shatilov6.58.02514.525
7.Kevin Antoniotti6.38.02514.325
8.Fabian Leimlehner5.27.35012.550
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Rachel T said:

Can we praise Chusovitina!
This woman needs more press time. Unbelievable how many olympic and world championships she has been in. Her long term success in my opinion is unmatched. Bravo to her!
March 23, 2015
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