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Mustafina Recaptures Russian Cup Title
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World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina recaptured her all-around title at the 2014 Russian Cup, which kicked off Wednesday in Penza. Mustafina topped Maria Kharenkova and Daria Spiridonova.

World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina recaptured her all-around title at the 2014 Russian Cup, which kicked off Wednesday in Penza.

Mustafina scored 59.133 to win the all-around title over first-year seniors Maria Kharenkova(57.834) and Daria Spiridonova (56.799).

Mustafina had the top scores of the day on vault (14.833 for double-twisting Yurchenko) and uneven bars (inside Stalder-full to Maloney half; inside Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; Stalder full to Pak salto; toe-full to stuck full-twisting double; 15.400). She added her standing Arabian back to her balance beam routine, but fell on a side aerial for 14.600 (double turn; standing Arabian; switch half, Onodi; side aerial (fall); front aerial, front aerial; switch ring; RO double tuck with one step back).

Kharenkova, the 2014 European champion on balance beam, scored the highest mark of the day, 16.200, on her best event (punch front. ff, ff, two-foot layout; sissone, wolf jump; Front aerial, sheep; side aerial; switch leap, back pike. full turn with leg held horizontal to full turn. Switch leap, switch ring. FF ff stuck double pike). Veteran Daria Yelizarova had the top score on floor exercise (14.467).

2012 Olympic vault bronze medalist Maria Paseka was the top qualifier to the women's vault final (Amanar; layout Podkopayeva).

World and Olympic medalist Viktoria Komova, still nursing a sore ankle, competed uneven bars only, scoring 14.700 (Komova II to Pak salto; Komova I; inside Stalder blind to layout Jaeger; inside Stalder-full to Tkatchev; full-twisting double with a hop) to qualify third behind Mustafina and Spiridonova. Komova said she hopes to be ready to compete balance beam as well to challenge for a spot on Russia's world championships team in October.

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva sat out the competition with a lingering ankle injury.

Competition continues Wednesday evening with the men's all-around final and individual qualification. The competition will be webcast live on the Russian Gymnastics Federation's official website.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Cup
Aug. 27, Penza

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow14.83315.40014.60014.30059.133
2.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don14.10013.86716.20013.66757.834
3.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow13.83315.03314.23313.70056.799
4.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.53313.83314.03314.03356.432
5.Yekaterina KramarenkoSt. Petersburg13.90014.66713.60013.36755.534
6.Daria YelizarovaTula13.70013.63313.63314.46755.433
7.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg14.26714.53313.36712.66754.834
8.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk13.53313.30013.73313.70054.266
9.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary13.60011.53314.40014.16753.700
10.Liliya AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg14.13312.50013.16713.76753.567
11.Alla SidorenkoSt. Petersburg13.33313.36713.13313.30053.133
12.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg13.80011.03313.66713.53352.033
13.Alexandra YazydzhyanMoscow13.53312.60011.66713.36751.167
14.Kristina KruglikovaVladimir13.70011.26712.90012.80050.667
15.Lina AkhmetshinaUfa13.13310.00011.56711.80046.500
16.Yelena ScherbakovaVolgograd12.70010.33312.53310.40045.966
17.Natalia MedvedevaRostov-on-Don13.0339.46711.06712.36745.934
18.Arina NedovesovaVladivostok11.80010.56711.36712.06745.801
19.Valeria GolenischevaVolgograd10.2679.13311.86712.00043.267
20.Maria PasekaMoscow14.63313.30014.20042.133
21.Anna VanyushkinaVeliky Novgorod12.53311.46712.10036.100
22.Anna RodionovaYoshkar-Ola14.46713.36727.834
23.Viktoria KomovaVoronezh14.70014.700
24.Anastasia OsetrovaVolgograd10.10010.100

Women's Vault QualificationScore
1.Maria PasekaMoscow14.433
2.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.150
3.Lilia AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg14.033
4.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg14.000
5.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg13.700
6.Kristina KruglikovaVladimir13.634
7.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk13.167
8.Anna VanyushkinaVeliky Novgorod12.850
R1.Yelena ScherbakovaVolgograd12.434
R2.Daria YelizarovaTula

Uneven Bars QualificationScore
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow15.400
2.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow15.033
3.Viktoria KomovaVoronezh14.700
4.Yekaterina KramarenkoSt. Petersburg14.667
5.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg14.533
6.Anna RodionovaYoshkar-Ola14.467
7.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don13.867
8.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow13.833
R1.Daria YelizarovaTula13.633
R2.Alla SidorenkoSt. Petersburg13.367

Balance Beam QualificationScore
1.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don16.200
2.Aliya MustafinaMoscow14.600
3.Polina FedorovaCheboksary14.400
4.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow14.233
5.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.033
6.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk13.733
7.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg13.667
8.Daria YelizarovaTula13.633
R1.Yekaterina KramarenkoSt. Petersburg13.600
R2.Anna RodionovaYoshkar-Ola13.367

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationScore
1.Daria YelizarovaTula14.467
2.Aliya MustafinaMoscow14.300
3.Maria PasekaMoscow14.200
4.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary14.167
5.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.033
6.Liliya AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg13.767
7.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow13.700
8.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk13.700
R1.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don13.667
R2.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg13.533
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