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Tutkhalyan Takes Youth Olympic Games Title
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Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan won the women's all-around final Wednesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan won the women's all-around final Wednesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Tutkhalyan built up a hefty lead going into the final event, but a mistake on her final floor exercise pass left her squeaking by Brazil's Flavia Saraiva for the gold medal, 54.900-54.700. Great Britain's Ellie Downie, who also fell on floor exercise, won the bronze with 54.150.

Tutkhalyan competed steadily scores 14.00 or higher on vault (high but messy double-twisting Yurchenko); uneven bars (Maloney to Pak; Maloney-half; Tkatchev; elgrip front giant to double front dismount); and balance beam, where her only major mistake was a step on her dismount (round off two-foot layout; front aerial; sheep jump; switch ring; round off ff 2 1/2 twist). She led by 1.2 points going into the final event, where she was the final competitor. Needing only 12.250 to take the title, Tutkhalyan tumbled three clean passes of whip, whip, ff double pike; 1 1/2 front full; and 2 1/2 punch front before sitting down her double tuck dismount. She scored 12.450 to give Russia its second Youth Olympic all-around title after Viktoria Komova, who won the inaugural event four years ago in Singapore.

Saraiva was the most consistent gymnast of the top group but had the weakest vault with just a simple Yurchenko full. The tiny Saraiva had the best scores of the day on both balance beam (14.050) and floor exercise (13.800).

Downie grabbed the early lead on vault and hit uneven bars, where she had fallen during qualification. She had one of the most difficult routines of the day on balance beam (punch front; standing Arabian; double turn; side somi; ff layout; 2 1/2 twist) but wobbles kept her score to 13.150. She sat down her piked Arabian double front mount on floor exercise, but continued well (1 1/2 to 2 1/2; tucked Arabian double front) to pass China's Wang Yan for the bronze.

Wang began well on vault with a double-twisting Tsukahara, but peeled off uneven bars on her first skill (Weiler kip). She also fell off balance beam on her tucked barani. After falling twice on floor exercise in qualification, Wang rallied to tie Saraiva for the high score of the day (13.800) for floor routine (1 1/2 to triple twist and tucked full-in opening passes).

Japan's Sae Miyakawa rounded out the top five. Miyakawa had a chance to win a medal in the final event, but also fell on floor exercise on her opening pass of layout front, double front. Sae, who dismounted floor exercise with a double layout, also impressed on vault (nearly stuck double-twisting Yurchenko).

Competition continues Saturday in Nanjing with the first day of apparatus finals. The competition will be shown live and on demand at

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2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 20, Nanjing

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Seda Tutkhalyan14.40014.05014.00012.45054.900
2.Flavia Saraiva13.90012.95014.05013.80054.700
3.Ellie Downie14.75013.35013.15012.90054.150
4.Wang Yan14.65011.95013.40013.80053.800
5.Sae Miyakawa14.70012.65013.40012.55053.300
6.Iosra Abdelaziz13.75013.35012.50012.95052.550
7.Laura Jurca14.60012.30013.00012.20052.100
8.Camille Bahl13.65012.10012.30012.70050.750
9.Antonia Alicke13.47512.35012.60012.25050.675
10.Tutya Yilmaz13.75011.55012.05012.95050.300
11.Ava Verdeflor12.90012.45012.85011.60049.800
12.Sydney Townsend13.60012.60011.95011.65049.800
13.Gaia Nesurini13.65012.40011.35012.35049.750
14.Veronika Cenkova12.75011.75012.60012.50049.600
15.Stephanie Hernandez13.35012.15011.40012.55049.450
16.Boglarka Devai13.40011.55010.40012.10047.450
17.Natalia Yakubava12.15012.40011.20011.60047.350
18.Nadine Joy Nathan13.60010.20011.65010.85046.300
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