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Tutkhalyan Tops Qualification in Nanjing
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Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

The 2nd Youth Olympic Games, which officially opened Saturday, includes more than 3,600 athletes from 201 nations competing in 28 sports. The artistic gymnastics competition is for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998.

Tutkhalyan, competing in the third and final session of qualification, edged Great Britain's Ellie Downie, 53.650-53.500. Both gymnasts committed major errors in qualification but had their high marks on vault with double-twisting Yurchenkos. Downie struggled on uneven bars (11.600) while Tutkhalyan had a break on uneven bars (extra swing after Maloney transition) and fell off balance beam (round off, two-foot layout).

Romania's Laura Jurca, also competing the third session, qualified in third place (53.250). China's own Wang Yan qualified fourth just behind Jurca (53.200) and impressed for 14.750 on balance beam (barani; switch ring; ff, ff, two-foot layout; tuck front; triple twist dismount). Wang landed low on her double-twisting Tsukahara and scored just 11.250 on floor exercise after falling on her first two passes (1 1/2 to triple twist; tucked full-in).

Brazil's Flavia Saraiva, sixth all-around, had the high mark on floor exercise (13.650) with her delightful and eflish routine (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to layout front full; double pike; triple twist).

Competition continues Tuesday in Nanjing with the men's all-around final at 7 p.m. local time. The competition will be shown live on the official webcast at

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2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 18, Nanjing

Women's QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Seda Tutkhalyan14.60013.00012.90013.15053.650
2.Ellie Downie14.90011.60013.50013.50053.500
3.Laura Jurca14.40012.80013.35012.70053.250
4.Wang Yan13.95013.25014.75011.25053.200
5.Iosra Abdelaziz14.00013.10013.25012.80053.150
6.Flavia Saraiva13.75012.15013.20013.65052.750
7.Antonia Alicke13.55012.35012.75012.75051.400
8.Stephanie Hernandez13.55012.15012.95012.45051.100
9.Sae Miyakawa14.75012.85012.00011.30050.900
10.Camille Bahl13.85011.90012.30012.45050.500
11.Gaia Nesurini13.60011.97512.65012.20050.425
12.Ava Verdeflor13.10012.45012.70011.95050.200
13.Sydney Townsend13.30012.02511.55012.50049.375
14.Nadine Joy Nathan13.50011.15012.30012.37549.325
15.Tutya Yilmaz14.05010.30011.80012.80048.950
16.Boglarka Devai13.65012.00011.15012.10048.900
17.Natallia Yakubava12.85011.65013.15011.05048.700
18.Veronika Cenkova13.20010.30013.10011.80048.400
19.Millie Williamson13.60011.15012.20011.40048.350
20.Martine Skregelid12.85010.55012.75011.85048.000
21.Veronika Orlova13.70010.15011.85012.20047.900
22.Paola Moreira13.50010.50011.70012.10047.800
23.Rahma Aldulaimi13.70010.90010.85012.15047.600
24.Arailym Khanseiitova12.40010.70012.40011.95047.450
25.Isa Maassen12.50011.00012.05011.55047.100
26.Nada Ayman Ibrahim13.5008.50012.70011.80046.500
27.Sara Raposeiro13.2509.80010.87512.35046.275
28.Agustina Santamaria12.8008.25012.45012.35045.850
29.Evangelia Monokrousou13.3509.95011.40011.15045.850
30.Laura Pardo13.75010.6509.80011.40045.600
31.Ceyda Sirbu13.1508.82511.80011.80045.575
32.Katherine Godinez12.5008.95012.15011.30044.900
33.Mammule Rankoe12.35011.25010.60010.40044.600
34.Park Hana12.1509.75011.00010.82543.725
35.Ana Karina Mendez13.3259.7008.70011.90043.625
36.Maria Sileoni13.3507.45010.75012.05043.600
37.Morgan Lloyd11.7007.90010.35011.30041.250
38.Fatimah Saadi Al-Tameemi12.3507.40010.20010.00039.950
39.Rahma Mastouri12.7008.3008.60010.00039.600
40.Ahlem Mokhtari12.5503.3259.5007.75033.125
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