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Barbosa Leads Brazil to Continental Title
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2008 Olympian Jade Barbosa led Brazil to the team title as the South American Games began Saturday in Santiago, Chile. Pictured: The winning Brazilian gymnasts flashes "L" in support of two-time Olympic gymnast Lais Souza, who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in January, when she was training with the hope of representing Brazil at the Winter Olympics.

2008 Olympian Jade Barbosa led Brazil to the team title as the 10th South American Games began Saturday in Santiago, Chile.

Held every four years, this year's continental championships include athletes from 14 nations: — Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela — competing in 33 sports. (Venezuela was ruled ineligible to compete in the gymnastics competition because it did not take part in the 2013 Pan American Gymnastics Championships in December, also held in Santiago.)

Brazil topped the host nation, 213.250-209.950, to take the women's team gold medal, with Colombia winning the bronze with 201.150. Brazil outscored the other teams in event every except uneven bars, where Chile was first.

Barbosa won the all-around title over Chilean Olympian Simona Castro. Brazilian newcomer Julie Kim, 15, won the bronze.

The veteran Barbosa said she was pleased with her performance after missing last year's world championships with a right foot injury. She credited physical therapy for her comeback instead of undergoing surgery.

"I'm very happy because the doctor told me that after six months I could only compete at about 50 percent," said Barbosa, the 2007 world all-around bronze medalist. Consequently I was able to do more than I thought, and the team was ready."

Barbosa dedicated her gold medal to the injured Lais Souza, the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist who was seriously injured in January in a skiing accident. On the medal podium, the team flashed the "L" symbols with their fingers in honor of Souza, who remains hospitalized after undergoing surgery on a dislocated cervical vertebra.

Competition continues Sunday with the men's team and all-around competition.

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10th South American Games
June 9, Santiago, Chile

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jade Barbosa14.75012.65014.25013.60055.250
2.Simona Castro13.80013.05012.70013.00052.550
3.Julie Kim13.75012.40013.60012.55052.300
4.Makarena Pinto14.05012.90012.00013.35052.300
5.Daniele Hypolito14.20011.20012.90013.75052.050
6.Yurany Avendaño13.00012.80012.45013.10051.350
7.Isabelle Cruz13.10012.55012.35012.95050.950
8.Bibiana Velez13.80013.30011.00012.40050.500
9.Merlina Galera13.65010.95012.15013.05049.800
10.Camila Klesa13.45011.80012.50011.95049.700
11.Camila Ambrosio13.7009.80012.85013.05049.400
12.Marcela Sandoval12.65012.35011.45012.80049.250
13.Mariana Chiarella13.5509.55012.60013.50049.200
14.Lizeth Ruiz13.20011.65011.35012.60048.800
15.Franchesca Santis13.85011.00010.10013.15048.100
15.Ginna Escobar13.50012.05010.25012.30048.100
17.Britt Reusche13.00010.75012.40011.55047.700
18.Andrea Camino13.5009.80011.65012.55047.500
19.Valentina Brostella12.8509.15011.00012.70045.700
20.Paola Bautista12.65010.40011.25010.20044.500
21.Britany Peña12.6009.65010.50011.05043.800
22.Debora Reis Puyesky11.1509.50010.45010.15041.250
23.Rebeca Aguilar12.9005.25011.05011.90041.100
24.Martina Castro14.05012.00013.15039.200
25.Diana Vasquez13.3505.4008.15011.80038.700
26.Ailen Valente13.60011.85012.70038.150
27.Natalia Calcagno13.5509.40010.95033.900
28.Barbara Achondo12.65013.35026.000
29.Melany Cabrera12.85013.05025.900
30.Juliana Santos12.45013.10025.550
30.Lorrane Dos Santos12.30013.25025.550
32.Paloma Guerrero13.10012.25025.350

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Jade Barbosa5.88.95014.75014.525 Q
2.Martina Castro5.28.85014.05013.900 Q
3.Makarena Pinto5.28.85014.05013.875 Q
4.Franchesca Santis5.08.85013.85013.600
5.Bibiana Velez5.08.80013.80013.600 Q
6.Camila Ambrosio5.08.70013.70013.550 Q
7.Isabelle Cruz5.37.9000.113.10013.375 Q
8.Ailen Valente5.08.60013.60013.375 Q
9.Andrea Camino5.08.50013.50013.250 Q
10.Diana Vasquez5.08.4500.113.35012.950 R
11.Rebeca Aguilar4.28.70012.90012.825 R
12.Paola Bautista4.28.45012.65012.500

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Bibiana Velez5.57.80013.300 Q
2.Simona Castro4.68.45013.050 Q
3.Makarena Pinto4.88.10012.900 Q
4.Melany Cabrera5.27.65012.850
5.Yurany Avendaño5.07.80012.800 Q
6.Barbara Achondo4.77.95012.650
7.Jade Barbosa5.57.15012.650 Q
8.Isabelle Cruz4.77.85012.550 Q
9.Juliana Santos4.57.95012.450
10.Julie Kim3.88.60012.400
11.Marcela Sandoval5.27.15012.350
12.Ginna Escobar5.07.05012.050
13.Ailen Valente4.96.95011.850 Q
14.Camila Klesa4.67.20011.800 Q
15.Lizeth Ruiz4.76.95011.650
16.Daniele Hypolito5.06.20011.200
17.Franchesca Santis4.26.80011.000
18.Merlina Galera4.56.45010.950
19.Britt Reusche2.87.95010.750 R
20.Paola Bautista2.87.60010.400 R
21.Andrea Camino3.26.6009.800
22.Camila Ambrosio3.56.3009.800
23.Britany Peña3.26.4509.650 R
24.Mariana Chiarella4.15.4509.550
25.Debora Reis Puyesky4.05.5009.500
26.Natalia Calcagno4.64.8009.400
27.Valentina Brostella2.76.4509.150
28.Diana Vasquez2.33.1005.400
29.Rebeca Aguilar0.98.3504.05.250

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Jade Barbosa5.58.75014.250 Q
2.Julie Kim5.08.60013.600 Q
3.Juliana Santos4.98.20013.100
4.Paloma Guerrero5.08.10013.100 Q
5.Melany Cabrera5.08.05013.050 Q
6.Daniele Hypolito5.97.00012.900
7.Camila Ambrosio5.17.75012.850 Q
8.Simona Castro4.97.80012.700 Q
9.Mariana Chiarella4.77.90012.600 Q
10.Camila Klesa4.48.10012.500
11.Yurany Avendaño4.48.05012.450 Q
12.Britt Reusche4.87.60012.400 R
13.Isabelle Cruz4.77.65012.350
14.Merlina Galera4.37.85012.150
15.Makarena Pinto5.07.00012.000
16.Martina Castro5.26.80012.000
17.Andrea Camino4.86.9500.111.650
18.Marcela Sandoval4.76.75011.450 R
19.Lizeth Ruiz5.36.1500.111.350
20.Paola Bautista4.37.0500.111.250
21.Rebeca Aguilar3.87.3500.111.050
22.Valentina Brostella3.87.20011.000 R
23.Bibiana Velez4.66.5000.111.000
24.Natalia Calcagno4.66.35010.950
25.Britany Peña4.06.50010.500
26.Debora Reis Puyesky4.36.15010.450
27.Ginna Escobar4.85.45010.250
28.Franchesca Santis4.65.50010.100
29.Diana Vasquez4.23.9508.150

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Daniele Hypolito5.38.45013.750 Q
2.Jade Barbosa5.48.3000.113.600 Q
3.Mariana Chiarella5.18.40013.500 Q
4.Barbara Achondo5.08.35013.350 Q
5.Makarena Pinto5.38.05013.350 Q
6.Lorrane Dos Santos5.28.1500.113.250
7.Franchesca Santis4.98.25013.150
8.Martina Castro5.67.55013.150
9.Yurany Avendaño5.18.00013.100 Q
10.Camila Ambrosio4.98.15013.050 Q
11.Merlina Galera5.28.0500.213.050 Q
12.Simona Castro4.98.10013.000
13.Isabelle Cruz5.17.9500.112.950
14.Marcela Sandoval4.97.90012.800 R
15.Ailen Valente4.78.1000.112.700
16.Valentina Brostella5.07.8000.112.700 R
17.Lizeth Ruiz5.07.60012.600
18.Julie Kim4.67.95012.550
19.Andrea Camino4.77.85012.550 R
20.Bibiana Velez4.77.8000.112.400
21.Ginna Escobar4.77.60012.300
22.Paloma Guerrero4.87.45012.250
23.Camila Klesa4.87.4500.311.950
24.Rebeca Aguilar4.17.80011.900
25.Diana Vasquez4.47.40011.800
26.Britt Reusche4.57.05011.550
27.Britany Peña3.87.25011.050
28.Paola Bautista3.47.1000.310.200
29.Debora Reis Puyesky3.26.95010.150
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