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Black Takes Challenge Title at Gymnix
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2012 Olympian Ellie Black led a Canadian sweep of the all-around medals at the Gymnix Challenge, held Friday in Montreal.

2012 Olympian Ellie Black led a Canadian sweep of the all-around medals at the Gymnix Challenge, held Friday in Montreal.

Black, of Halifax, had two falls but still topped Ontarians Aleeza Yu (Gemini Gymnastics) and Stefanie Merkle (Gymnastics Revolution) during the first of three days of international competition.

Black had the top score on uneven bars, which included a piked Hindorff; Jaeger to Pak; giant-full to toe-on layout half dismount (named after teammate Victorian Moors). She hit her two-foot layout and punch front on beam, only to fall on a new ff, full twist combination.. On floor, she mounted with a huge double layout, but fell on her last pass of front full to a double tuck.

Yu, who trains under 1980 Olympic champion Yelena Davydova, outscored the field on vault with a double-twisting Yurchenko. Merkle, who has committed to compete for Ohio State University, had the best score on floor exercise.

Russian-born Irina Alexeeva, 12, competed exhibition for scores that would have placed her third. Alexeeva, who trains at the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas, earned the top scores on balance beam and floor exercise (tied with Merkle). Alexeeva moved to the U.S. several years ago, but is still several years away from citizenship, WOGA co-owner Valeri Liukin told IG.

The competition continues on Saturday evening with the Junior Cup, which includes gymnasts from Belgium, Canada, Italy, Romania, Russia and New Zealand.

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2014 International Gymnix
March 7, Montreal

Gymnix ChallengeVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ellie BlackHalifax5.514.5255.413.9006.314.1505.612.82555.400
2.Aleeza YuGemini5.815.3005.313.1755.713.2255.412.85054.550
--Irina Alexeeva*WOGA14.02512.37514.35013.77554.525
3.Stefanie MerkleRevolution5.014.1504.612.1005.413.3005.413.77553.325
4.Isabela OnyshkoBrandon5.014.1006.112.8755.212.9255.513.32553.225
5.Lisa VerschuerenBelgium5.014.0505.613.6255.512.6755.012.77553.125
6.Laura WaemBelgium5.013.8005.112.2255.913.3755.413.15052.550
7.Victoria-Kayen WooGym-Richelieu5.014.1505.413.0504.911.9504.813.07552.225
8.Jordyn PedersenManjaks5.014.0005.012.9255.311.8255.213.12551.875
9.Natalie VaculikGemini5.314.4755.512.0005.512.8255.412.50051.800
10.Gaelle MysBelgium5.013.9755.113.3005.711.8505.212.55051.675
11.Lexy RamlerKidSport5.013.9504.711.8254.912.9505.012.92551.650
12.Madison CopiackCGC5.014.1254.112.5754.511.9504.512.25050.900
12.Vivi BabalisGymnix4.413.3754.012.1005.513.3255.112.10050.900
14.Jade ChrobokGemini4.413.2753.611.0756.012.3255.313.72550.400
15.Hélody CyrenneGym-Richelieu5.013.9755.112.1754.211.7505.012.47550.375
16.Mariana Colussi-PelaezFutures5.013.9254.711.7755.312.5755.111.60049.875
17.Ellen HaavistoEskilstuna Gymnastics4.012.9255.212.3004.512.4004.312.05049.675
18.Kirsten PetermanRevolution5.314.0254.811.3754.612.3755.011.87549.650
19.Latalia BevanWales4.012.6253.611.7755.013.3504.811.87549.625
20.Emmy HaavistoEskilstuna Gymnastics4.413.0755.112.9254.711.8504.911.50049.350
21.Madeline McLellanCGC4.413.3503.311.2005.113.4504.911.27549.275
22.Maisie MethuenWales4.412.8753.711.6254.811.9004.812.67549.075
23.Casey CarvalhoRevolution5.012.9504.112.0005.213.2505.110.35048.550
24.Brittany RobertsonNew Zealand4.413.2004.311.0754.811.9004.712.15048.325
25.Anna TemperoNew Zealand4.613.4753.111.1005.011.1754.912.27548.025
26.Hanna MallochNew Zealand4.413.0753.210.5754.411.3755.011.75046.775
27.Mackenzie SleeNew Zealand5.013.8002.59.8504.19.6755.212.45045.775
28.Holly JonesWales4.212.8252.28.9503.910.7754.612.55045.100
29.Ivy LuGymnix4.212.2005.413.12525.325
30.Elizabeth BeddoeWales4.811.0255.213.42524.450
31.Laurie DenomméeWimgym5.013.2504.89.97523.225
32.Sydney SoloskiCGC4.510.37510.375

* Exhibition competitor

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