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Uchimura Takes Two Titles at Toyota Cup
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Japanese superstar Kohei Uchimura won titles on parallel bars and high bar as the 2014 Toyota Cup ended Sunday in Toyota City.

Japanese superstar Kohei Uchimura won two titles as the 2014 Toyota Cup ended Sunday in Toyota City.

The 2012 Olympic all-around champion, who won an unprecedented fourth world all-around title in October, won parallel bars and high bar to close out another successful season.

On parallel bars, Uchimura earned 9.1 Execution to edge teammate Ryohei Kato, 15.550-15.475. German star Marcel Nguyen won the bronze with 15.250.

Uchimura was in a class of his own on high bar, nailing a routine featuring a Cassina and stuck layout double-double for 15.750 (6.9 Difficulty). Germany's Andreas Toba won the silver with 14.925 over Korea's Park Eo Jin (14.225).

Asian gymnasts swept the medals on men's vault, with Korea's Kim Hee Hoon landing his triple-twisting Yurchenko to top Vietnam's Hoang Cuong. Kim's teammate Park Eo Jin won the bronze.

Kenzo Shirai, who like Kim also debuted the triple-twisting Yurchenko at the world championships in Antwerp, missed both his vaults in the final. Shirai, the world champion on floor exercise, was again untouchable on that event on Saturday.

Canadian Olympian Victoria Moors, who won the uneven bars title Saturday, added the floor exercise title and balance beam silver Sunday. She made her layout double-double — now named the Moors — on floor exercise, which even brought applause from male gymnasts watching. Coached by two-time Olympic champion Elvira Saadi, Moors also impressed with outstanding choreography and musical interpretation to win the title by more than a full point.

Japan's Natsumi Sasadi won the beam title, mounting with her outstanding round off, layout full-twist. Moors took second over Japanese Olympian Yu Minobe.

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2014 Toyota Cup
Dec. 15, Toyota City

Balance BeamDENDScore
1.Natsumi Sasada6.28.50014.700
2.Victoria Moors6.28.15014.350
3.Yu Minobe6.08.20014.200
4.Han So Re5.77.40013.100
5.Pia Tolle5.17.90013.000
6.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.76.55012.250
7.Heo Seon Mi5.66.3000.111.800
8.Wong Hiu Ying Angel4.57.3500.111.750
--*Yuki Uchiyama5.95.60011.500
9.Do Thi Thu Huyen4.47.05011.450
10.Choi Nim Yan4.45.2009.600

Women's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Victoria Moors6.18.6000.114.600
2.Pia Tolle5.28.20013.400
--*Yuki Uchiyama5.38.05013.350
3.Natsumi Sasada5.07.6000.112.500
4.Wakana Inoue5.17.15012.250
--*Do Thi Van Anh4.97.4000.112.200
5.Do Thi Thu Huyen4.57.45011.950
6.Han So Re4.67.10011.700
7.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.26.40011.600
--*Yasuha Matsumura4.46.9500.311.050

* Exhibition competitor
Men's VaultDENDScoreAverage
1.Kim Hee Hoon6.09.25015.25015.187
2.Hoang Cuong5.69.1500.114.65014.875
3.Park Eo Jin5.69.05014.65014.562
4.Andreas Toba5.69.20014.80014.512
5.Koji Yamamuro5.69.55015.15014.450
6.Dang Nam5.69.1000.114.60014.137
6.Kristian Thomas6.08.40014.40014.137
8.Jim Man Hin5.68.7500.114.25014.125
9.Ng Chung Kiu5.68.8500.114.35014.000
10.Kenzo Shirai6.08.2750.313.97513.912
11.Zachary Clay5.68.02513.62513.687

Parallel BarsDENDScore
1.Kohei Uchimura6.49.15015.550
2.Ryohei Kato6.58.97515.475
3.Marcel Nguyen6.78.55015.250
4.Pham Phuoc Hung7.08.22515.225
5.Pericles Silva6.18.42514.525
6.Daniel Keatings6.38.07514.375
7.Park Eo Jin5.78.35014.050
8.Hoang Cuong6.17.45013.550
9.Bae Ga Ram5.57.50013.000
10.Robert Watson5.57.20012.700
11.Zachary Clay6.06.65012.650
12.Jim Man Hin5.37.07512.375

High BarDENDScore
1.Kohei Uchimura6.98.85015.750
2.Andreas Toba6.38.62514.925
3.Park Eo Jin5.88.42514.225
4.Bae Ga Ram6.57.53514.025
5.Pericles Silva5.98.05013.950
6.Kenneth Ikeda5.27.07512.275
7.Koji Yamamuro5.56.77512.275
8.Kristian Thomas6.45.55011.950
9.Steven Chaplin4.65.67510.275
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