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Calvo Claims Three More Golds As Bolivarian Games End
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Men's all-around champion Jossimar Calvo won three more gold medals in apparatus finals as the 17th Bolivarian Games came to a close Friday in Lima, Perú. Pictured: Women's floor exercise champion Ana Sofía Gómez (Guatemala) with runner-up Jessica López (Venezuela) and Sandra Collantes (Perú).

Men's all-around champion Jossimar Calvo won three more gold medals in apparatus finals as the 17th Bolivarian Games came to a close Friday in Lima, Perú.

Women's all-around champion Jessica López (Venezuela) added her third gold medal of the games, while all-around runner-up Ana Sofía Gómez (Guatemala) won two golds and two silvers.

The multi-sport event is held every four years in honor of politician and military leader Simón Bolívar (1783-1830) who was key in establishing South America's indepedence from the Spanish Empire. The Games are open to athletes from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. In 2013, athletes from Chile, Dominican Republica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Paraguay were also invited. In total, more than 4,200 athletes from the 11 nations were involved in 44 sports in and around Trujillo. The gymnastics competition is being held in Lima.

López won the gold medal on uneven bars along with silvers on balance beam and floor exercise. On Wednesday, she defended her all-around title and led Venezuela to the women's team title.

"I'm very proud of my accomplishments!" the two-time Olympian said. "Three golds and two silvers, and four years later again the all-around champion. Thank you everyone that supported me, including my family and my coach, Nilson Medeiros Savage. This is how we finish 2013!"

Gómez, who skipped the 2013 Worlds, competed without a full team but left with two golds and three silver medals. The 2012 Olympian is coached by Romanian natives Adrian and Elena Boboc, who were thrilled with her performances.

"It feels as good as you think!" Boboc told IG after the finals.

Peruvian-American Sandra Collantes hit her double-twisting Yurchenko to win the women's vault title and the bronze medal on floor exercise to go with Wednesday's team bronze. Collantes trains under coach Gustavo Moure at Excalibur Gymnastics in Virginia and recently committed to compete for Boise State University.

Calvo, a rising star for Colombia, added three more gold medals to his haul after winning the team and all-around gold medals on Tuesday. He won floor exercise, pommel horse and parallel bars, and took second on vault and third on still rings. Calvo, a high bar finalist at the 2013 Worlds, fell in the final to miss out on a chance for his sixth gold medal, which went to Venezuela's José Bustamante.

"The fall on high bar cost me the gold, but you must understand that these things sometimes happen in this sport," said Calvo, who is set to compete in next week's Mexican Open in Acapulco. "The important thing here is that the Colombian team is getting stronger and more united, we have many skills and fewer errors."

Chilean Juan Raffo won still rings and Audrys Nin Reyes of the Dominican Republic won the vault title.

The 18th Bolivarian Games will be held in Santa Marta, Colombia, in 2017.

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17th Bolivarian Games
Nov. 21-22, Trujillo, Perú

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Sandra Collantes5.88.7000.114.40014.100
2.Ana Sofía Gómez5.88.50014.30013.834
3.Isabela Amado5.38.40013.70013.650
4.Andrea Camino5.08.83313.83313.617
4.Paola Márquez5.08.80013.80013.617
6.Yarimar Medina5.08.7670.113.66713.483
7.Camila Vilches4.28.66712.86712.400
8.Yamilet Peña0.00.0000.0000.000

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jessica López6.08.46714.467
2.Ana Sofía Gómez5.68.13313.733
3.Ivet Rojas5.28.00013.200
4.Ginna Escobar5.27.96713.167
5.Melany Cabrera5.07.33312.333
6.Rudy Sandoval4.97.33312.233
7.Isabela Amado4.57.70012.200
8.Sandra Collantes4.76.83311.533

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Ana Sofía Gómez6.28.63314.833
2.Jessica López6.08.80014.800
3.Isabela Amado5.57.73313.233
4.Sandra Collantes5.57.60013.100
5.Paola Márquez5.07.76712.767
6.Melany Cabrera4.87.73312.533
7.Mariana Chiarella4.77.20011.900
8.Rudy Sandoval4.77.2670.111.867

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Ana Sofía Gómez5.77.60013.300
2.Jessica López5.27.96713.167
3.Sandra Collantes5.37.9670.213.067
4.Isabela Amado4.97.53312.433
5.Mariana Chiarella4.87.36712.167
6.Gabriela Gómez4.77.20011.900
7.Ginna Escobar4.76.73311.433
8.Ivet Rojas5.06.13311.133

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.38.73315.033
2.Jorge Vega6.38.33314.633
3.Felipe Piña5.88.66714.467
4.Juan González5.68.83314.433
5.Xavier Veloz5.48.26713.667
6.Mario Berrios5.48.2000.313.300
7.Angel Pérez5.47.83313.233
8.Carlos Orozco5.67.06712.667

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.68.63315.233
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.08.70014.700
3.José Bustamante6.07.96713.967
3.Adickxon Trejo5.68.36713.967
5.Juan Raffo5.48.33313.733
6.Audrys Nin Reyes5.28.30013.500
7.Pablo Velázquez5.66.76712.367
8.Arian León4.27.60011.800

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Juan Raffo6.78.93315.633
2.Regulo Carmona6.78.60015.300
3.Jossimar Calvo6.38.63314.933
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.18.53314.633
5.Roberto Fiallos5.58.30013.800
6.Jorge Vega5.28.33313.533
7.Carlos Carbonell5.38.06713.367
8.José Quilla5.17.66712.767

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Audrys Nin Reyes6.08.9670.114.86714.800
2.Jossimar Calvo5.69.50015.10014.733
3.Jorge Vega5.69.0670.114.56714.634
4.Juan González5.69.16714.76714.517
5.Adickxon Trejo5.69.0330.314.33314.367
6.Junior Rojo5.69.20014.80014.300
7.Maximilian Fingerhuth5.29.26714.46714.167
8.Angel Pérez5.29.06714.26714.150

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.98.80015.700
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.49.03315.433
3.Adickxon Trejo5.68.50014.100
4.José Bustamante5.98.10014.000
5.Audrys Nin Reyes5.87.96713.767
6.Jorge Vega5.08.30013.300
7.Juan Raffo4.58.43312.933
8.Felipe Piña5.27.43312.633

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.José Bustamante6.28.70014.900
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.18.50014.600
3.Audrys Nin Reyes6.38.06714.367
4.Adickxon Trejo5.68.66714.267
5.Christian Bruno5.18.33313.433
6.Jossimar Calvo7.26.20013.400
7.Mauricio Gallegos4.88.16712.967
8.Byron López4.57.30011.800
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