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Brazil Best at South American Championships
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Francisco Barreto claimed the men's all-around and led Brazil to first place in the team competition as the 2012 South American Championships continued Saturday in Rosario, Argentina.

Francisco Barreto claimed the men's all-around and led Brazil to first place in the team competition as the 2012 South American Championships continued Saturday in Rosario, Argentina.

Most of the continent's top stars skipped the event, giving competitive opportunities to up-and-coming gymnasts. Absent were Olympians Arthur Zanetti, Diego Hypolito and Sergio Sasaki (Brazil) and Tomas González (Chile), as well as 2011 Pan American Games champion Jossimar Calvo (Colombia). Colombia did not send enough gymnasts to enter the team event, while Venezuela declined to participate in the championships.

Brazil won the men's team competition handily by nearly 10 points. 2012 Olympic still rings finalist Federico Molinari led Argentina to the silver medal over Peru.

Barreto, who turned 23 on Oct. 31, led a Brazilian sweep of the top three places in the all-around. Lucas Bitencourt, who won the South American junior championships in October, finished second over teammate Arthur Mariano. The two-per-country rule bumped Mariano out of the bronze medal, in favor of fourth-place Osvaldo Martínez (Argentina).

Brazilians qualified first to the apparatus finals on every event but still rings, where Molinari shone brightest.

Competition concludes Sunday with the men's and women's apparatus finals.

2012 South American Gymnastics Championships
Nov. 10, Rosario, Argentina


Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Francisco Barreto14.1014.2514.8514.1514.7014.6586.70
2.Lucas Bitencourt14.4513.4013.5016.5614.3014.0086.21
3.Arthur Mariano14.9511.5514.2516.0514.3514.0585.20
4.Osvaldo Martínez13.8013.2514.9514.8514.1513.8584.85
5.Javier Sandoval12.9513.8514.6014.2514.6514.2084.50
6.Juan Lompizano13.8513.4513.8515.2013.5012.8082.65
7.Sebastian Melchiori14.5512.5513.3014.7512.7514.2082.10
8.Joel Álvarez13.7511.1013.0014.8612.7614.0079.47
9.Mauritius Gallegos12.3512.2512.7013.8012.8012.9576.85
10.Mario Berrios14.6010.0511.8016.1012.0612.4677.07
11.Andres Arean14.4513.5513.2014.7013.500.0069.40
12.Diego Velasquez12.1510.459.4013.8011.405.9063.10
13.David Figueroa13.000.0012.1514.2512.3510.7062.45
14.Joseph Keel11.5011.2012.9514.4512.250.0062.35
15.Alejandro Chumacero10.958.5510.9013.7512.255.2561.65
16.Walter Antequera8.406.258.2514.1511.6011.5560.20
17.David Iucuy10.759.1010.2512.6511.105.5059.35
18.Caio Souza14.950.000.0015.2514.5013.2557.95
19.Henrique Flores 13.3013.7515.3014.900.000.0057.25
20.Pericles Silva0.0014.2513.950.0014.9513.7556.90
21.Renato Deza0.0010.1012.1514.7511.850.0048.85
22.Cristian Meneses0.0010.3511.450.0011.5511.8545.20
23.Federico Molinari0.000.0015.550.0014.6014.2544.40
24.Arian Leon Prado13.5510.550.000.000.0012.6036.70
25.Juan Pablo González14.300.000.0015.950.000.0030.25
26.Nicolas Cordoba12.600.
27.Samuel Montenegro0.000.000.0014.850.000.0014.85

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationScore
1.Arthur Mariano14.950
2.Caio Souza14.950
3.Mario Berrios14.600
4.Sebastian Melchiori14.550
5.Andres Arean14.450
6.Juan Pablo González14.300
7.Joel Álvarez13.750
8.Arian Leon Prado13.550
RJavier Sandoval12.950
RDiego Velasquez12.150

Pommel Horse QualificationScore
1.Francisco Barreto14.250
2.Pericles Silva14.250
3.Javier Sandoval13.850
4.Andres Arean13.550
5.John Lompizano13.450
6.Mauritius Gallegos12.250
7.Joseph Keel11.200
8.Joel Álvarez11.100
RDiego Velasquez10.450
RCristian Meneses10.350

Still Rings QualificationScore
1.Federico Molinari15.550
2.Henrique Flores15.300
3.Osvaldo Martínez14.950
4.Francisco Barreto14.860
5.Javier Sandoval14.600
6.Joel Álvarez13.000
7.Joseph Keel12.950
8.Mauritius Gallegos12.700
RCristian Meneses11.450
RAlejandro Chumacero10.900

QualificationVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Arthur Mariano16.05015.35015.700
2.Juan Pablo González15.95015.30015.625
3.Caio Souza15.25015.65015.450
4.Mario Berrios15.10014.30014.700
5.Samuel Montenegro14.85014.50014.675
6.Sebastian Melchiori14.75013.05013.900
7.Walter Anteouera14.15013.15013.650
8.Alejandro Chumacero13.75012.00012.875

Parallel Bars QualificationScore
1.Pericles Silva14.950
2.Francisco Barreto14.700
3.Javier Sandoval14.650
4.Federico Molinari14.600
5.Osvaldo Martínez14.150
6.Mauritius Gallegos12.800
7.Joel Álvarez12.750
8.David Figueroa12.350
RAlejandro Chumacero12.250
RWalter Antequera11.600

High Bar QualificationScore
1.Francisco Barreto14.650
2.Nicolas Cordoba14.600
3.Federico Molinari14.250
4.Javier Sandoval14.200
5.Arthur Mariano14.050
6.Joel Álvarez14.000
7.Mauritius Gallegos12.950
8.Arian Eon Prado12.600
RCristian Meneses11.850
RWalter Anteguera11.550
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