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Purvis Defends Title as British Men Impress
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World medalist Daniel Purvis defended his title against a deep men's field Saturday at the 2012 British Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool.

Daniel Purvis (Southport YMCA)

Purvis scored 91.550 to take the all-around championship over Sam Oldham (90.700) and Daniel Keatings (90.050), both of whom came roaring back into the mix for this summer's Olympic Games in London. Both gymnasts had been left off the squad for the 2012 Europeans in Montpellier, where Great Britain won its first European team title. In Liverpool, Oldham had the top scores on vault (16.000) and high bar (15.600), while Keatings led parallel bars (15.550).

Kristian Thomas took fourth with the high mark on floor (15.850), and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Louis Smith nailed pommel horse for 16.200. Ruslan Panteleymonov and Max Whitlock — the other members of the golden European squad — also hit their key events, making for a difficult selection ahead.

The competition also serves as the final trials for the Olympic squad, which will be announced July 4.

"It's brilliant to win the title again and with it being the final Olympic trial it's even more special," Purvis said. "I felt good out there today and my routines were all clean so it's really encouraging looking ahead to the team selection. The event was really close between a lot of the top lads and with three of us scoring over 90 it again proves the amazing talent we have in the squad. For me now it's all about waiting for that phone call and just hoping I'm confirmed for the team. My form over the year has been good so it's all looking really positive."

Oldham, the high bar gold medalist at the 2010 Youth Olympics, delivered on his best event at the right time. High bar is the weakest event for the British men, who are within reach of a team medal this summer.

"That was incredible - better than I could ever have hoped for," Oldham said. "To go clean on all pieces and take a medal is brilliant. I knew I just had to go for it today, it's the last chance to impress and I nailed it. It shows that hard work really pays off, all the time I've been training away trying to get back from injury I've had in the back of my mind that I've worked all my life for these Olympics and that's a big motivation. It's a massive relief to have gone out and performed today."

Keatings, who also returned from injury, was just as thrilled.

"I'm just so happy!" he said. "The past couple of months have been really tough for me battling through injury but I've tried to stay positive and this was always the focus. I knew today I had to smash it and prove to everyone that I'm still right up there with the best, my aim was to get over 90 points and I did that. There were times when I didn't think it would happen so to be back and produce clean routines under pressure feels great. I just hope I've done enough to get on the team but with the talent in the squad I know it's going to be a close call."

Competition continues Saturday evening with the senior women's all-around.

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2012 British Championships
June 23, Liverpool

Senior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA15.75014.70015.00015.90015.40014.80091.550
2.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic15.25013.95014.70016.00015.20015.60090.700
3.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic14.85015.45014.50015.35015.55014.35090.050
4.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics Club15.85014.85014.80015.75013.75014.55089.550
5.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics14.70015.50014.50015.80015.00013.85089.350
6.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics14.70013.75013.35015.90015.10014.00086.800
7.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics14.80012.90014.25014.85014.15014.50085.450
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics15.35014.35013.05014.60014.70012.70084.750
9.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics14.50014.40013.35014.75013.75012.80083.550
10.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds Gym Club13.45013.80013.40012.70014.30013.65081.300
11.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic13.95011.20012.80015.35013.35013.95080.600
12.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics13.90011.55013.45015.25013.00013.05080.200
13.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA Gym Club14.05012.95012.90014.95011.75012.90079.500
14.Samuel FernCity of Leeds Gym Club13.60013.55013.80013.60012.20012.65079.400
15.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics14.10012.10013.85014.65012.75011.05078.500
16.Robert HunterCity of Leeds Gym Club11.75010.65013.10014.40011.80012.35074.050
17.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic14.55014.20013.75014.30014.5000.00071.300
18.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys Gymnastics11.90011.5008.80013.65012.65010.40068.900
19.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics Club12.4509.10011.40013.35010.85010.50067.650
20.Liam DavieCity of Glasgow13.3500.00013.10014.50013.15013.30067.400
21.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow Gym Club12.5009.2509.85014.0004.25010.95060.800
22.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics Club15.2500.00014.15015.1500.00014.35058.900
23.Alex RotheCity of Swansea Gym13.5508.8500.00013.55011.70011.10058.750
24.Thomas BarnesRushmoor Gymnastics13.70011.7000.00014.15012.4500.00052.000
25.Harry OwenLoughborough Students Gymnastics0.00011.75012.35013.30011.6000.00049.000
26.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic 0.00016.2000.0000.00014.50014.10044.800
27.Yevgen GryshchenkoHinckley Gymnastics14.8500.0000.0000.00013.95014.20043.000
28.James HendersonLoughborough Students Gymnastics13.1500.0009.95013.9500.0000.00037.050
29.Joshua HogarthBury Gymnastics Club10.95010.50013.2000.0000.0000.00034.650
30.Robert BlackmanLoughborough Students Gymnastics0.00012.00010.6000.00011.0500.00033.650
31.Douglas RossCity of Glasgow13.5000.0000.00015.2000.0000.00028.700
32.Thomas ForsterBasingstoke Gym Club11.7500.0000.0000.00011.4500.00023.200

Senior Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics6.39.55015.850
2.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.59.25015.750
3.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics6.39.05015.350
4.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.38.95015.250
4.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics6.48.85015.250
6.Yevgen GryshchenkoHinckley Gymnastics5.79.15014.850
6.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.98.95014.850
8.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics6.09.0000.214.800
9.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.79.00014.700
9.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics6.58.6000.414.700
11.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.88.75014.550
12.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.49.10014.500
13.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics5.58.9000.314.100
14.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA5.48.65014.050
15.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.98.05013.950
16.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.48.50013.900
17.Thomas BarnesRushmoor Gymnastics Academy5.08.70013.700
18.Samuel FernCity of Leeds4.88.80013.600
19.Alex RotheCity of Swansea Gym Centre5.58.05013.550
20.Douglas RossCity of Glasgow5.28.4000.113.500
21.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds4.19.35013.450
22.Liam DavieCity of Glasgow4.88.8500.313.350
23.James HendersonLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.88.35013.150
24.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow4.38.20012.500
25.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics4.38.15012.450
26.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys GC4.97.1000.111.900
27.Thomas ForsterBasingstoke4.67.4500.311.750
27.Robert HunterCity of Leeds4.96.85011.750
29.Joshua HogarthBury Gymnastics4.96.3500.310.950

Senior Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.99.30016.200
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics6.59.00015.500
3.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.39.15015.450
4.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics5.79.15014.850
5.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.28.50014.700
6.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.68.80014.400
7.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics5.39.05014.350
8.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.29.00014.200
9.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.88.15013.950
10.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds5.28.60013.800
11.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.28.55013.750
12.Samuel FernCity of Leeds5.38.25013.550
13.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA5.17.85012.950
14.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics5.77.20012.900
15.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics4.37.80012.100
16.Robert BlackmanLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.07.00012.000
17.Harry OwenLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.47.35011.750
18.Thomas BarnesRushmoor Gymnastics Academy3.18.60011.700
19.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics3.18.45011.550
20.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys GC2.98.60011.500
21.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics4.86.40011.200
22.Robert HunterCity of Leeds3.67.05010.650
23.Joshua HogarthBury Gymnastics5.05.50010.500
24.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow3.06.2509.250
25.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics2.36.8009.100
26.Alex RotheCity of Swansea Gym Centre4.04.8508.850

Senior Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.18.90015.000
2.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics5.89.00014.800
3.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.98.80014.700
4.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics5.59.00014.500
4.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.78.80014.500
6.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics5.48.85014.250
7.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics6.08.15014.150
8.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics5.88.05013.850
9.Samuel FernCity of Leeds6.17.70013.800
10.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics4.98.85013.750
11.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.38.15013.450
12.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds4.88.60013.400
13.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.38.05013.350
13.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.47.95013.350
15.Joshua HogarthBury Gymnastics4.88.40013.200
16.Robert HunterCity of Leeds4.68.50013.100
16.Liam DavieCity of Glasgow4.68.50013.100
18.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics5.27.85013.050
19.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA5.47.50012.900
20.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.47.40012.800
21.Harry OwenLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.57.85012.350
22.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics3.08.40011.400
23.Robert BlackmanLoughborough Students Gymnastics3.47.20010.600
24.James HendersonLoughborough Students Gymnastics3.56.4509.950
25.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow2.67.2509.850
26.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys Gymnastics2.86.0008.800

Senior Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics7.08.85015.7500.115.925
2.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.69.40016.00015.750
2.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics7.09.00015.9000.115.750
4.Douglas RossCity of Glasgow6.29.10015.2000.115.025
5.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA6.28.75014.95014.950
6.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics7.08.15015.15014.825
7.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.68.00014.3000.314.550
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics6.68.00014.60014.175

Senior Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.59.05015.550
2.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.49.00015.400
3.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.19.10015.200
4.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.89.30015.100
5.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics6.09.00015.000
6.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics5.98.80014.700
7.Luke FolwellHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.88.70014.500
7.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.18.40014.500
9.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds6.08.30014.300
10.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics5.88.35014.150
11.Yevgen GryshchenkoHinckley Gymnastics5.58.45013.950
12.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.18.65013.750
12.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics5.87.95013.750
14.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.07.35013.350
15.Liam DavieCity of Glasgow4.19.05013.150
16.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.78.30013.000
17.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics5.17.65012.750
18.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys Gymnastics3.98.75012.650
19.Thomas BarnesRushmoor Gymnastics Academy3.58.95012.450
20.Samuel FernCity of Leeds4.57.70012.200
21.Robert HunterCity of Leeds4.37.50011.800
22.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA4.96.85011.750
23.Alex RotheCity of Swansea Gym Centre3.58.20011.700
24.Harry OwenLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.57.10011.600
25.Thomas ForsterBasingstoke4.17.35011.450
26.Robert BlackmanLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.26.85011.050
27.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics3.57.35010.850
28.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow2.45.8504.04.250

Senior High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.78.90015.600
2.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.28.60014.800
3.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics6.58.05014.550
4.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics5.88.70014.500
5.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.98.45014.350
5.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics6.08.35014.350
7.Yevgen GryshchenkoHinckley Gymnastics6.28.00014.200
8.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.18.00014.100
9.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.28.80014.000
10.Cameron MackenzieHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.08.95013.950
11.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics5.78.15013.850
12.Ashley WatsonCity of Leeds6.17.55013.650
13.Liam DavieCity of Glasgow4.88.50013.300
14.Mitchell JarvisLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.58.55013.050
15.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA5.07.90012.900
16.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics4.18.70012.800
17.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics5.37.40012.700
18.Samuel FernCity of Leeds4.68.05012.650
19.Robert HunterCity of Leeds3.98.45012.350
20.Alex RotheCity of Swansea Gym Centre3.37.80011.100
21.William TroodHinckley Gymnastics4.96.15011.050
22.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow2.58.45010.950
23.Timothy GatesHawth Gymnastics2.48.10010.500
24.Ross SoutarBeacon Boys Gymnastics1.88.60010.400
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