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Whittenburg, Kimble Crowned U.S. Junior Champs
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Donnell Whittenburg (Ultimate) and Marvin Kimble (Swiss Turners) retained their first-day leads to win their respective age groups of the junior men's Visa Championships. Whittenburg won the 16-18 division with 172.40, Kimble the 14-15 division with 169.80.


• The junior men's sessions have it all. Gymnasts of varying heights, maturation and quality. Some are a bit raw still, while others already have some polish. The challenge, of course, is to find a way to hit six-for-six, because that is the best way to push your name up the all-around rankings.

• 39 gymnasts are competing, split into two age groups: 14-5 and 16-18. Top seven in each age group make junior national team.

• 1984 Olympic gold medalist Tim Daggett is doing double duty here. This afternoon he was commentating live for NBC, and now he's coaching Jonathan Deaton. Deaton opened with a clean tucked double-double on floor. He stuck his double twist dismount, which drew applause from Daggett.

• First-day leader (16-18) Donnell Whittenburg opened his meet with a massive p-bar routine (honma-swing hand; Dimitrenko; front 1.25, 14.30). He hit a very log high bar routine. A few knee bends on jams, but overall a strong set. On floor he mounted with a piked Arabian double, half-out, that was in the rafters. He dismounted with a tucked Arabian double front. On the downside, he had to push off into his wide-arm handstand press. He mounted rings with a back uprise to Maltese, press to planche, lower to Maltese. All were perfectly level. He dismounted with a layout full-out that just hung in the air. He sealed the win on vault with a high double front.

Akash Modi started on high bar and is an exciting gymnast to watch. He was on the Pacific Rim team earlier this year, along with juniors Marvin Kimble and Sean Melton. Both Melton (14.60 on FX) and Kimble, 13.40 on HB), the first-day 14-15 leader, began tonight well. Modi ripped through an excellent pommel horse set with good single-pommel work. The U.S. will not be weak on that event in years to come. He also dismounted p-bars with a tucked full-out.

Sean Melton vaulted a high double front but bounced forward to his hands.

Marvin Kimble can tumble. He mounted with punch double front pike to stag leap. His third pass was an Arabian double tuck, sort of down the side. He stuck a high double layout dismount, drawing the loud applause. He fought hard to stay on pommels, but his routine was hard, opening with a scissor-handstand and later a full kehre.

Alex Diab, who is short and strong, did a cross like it was nothing. Very impressive set. He looks like a smaller version of the great Jason Gatson. On vault he did a handspring-rudi, which was impressive considering how high the table must seem to him. On floor he did a very cool roll from a split to a wide-arm handstand press.

Yul Moldauer just did an excellent triple-double off high bar. His tumbling was strong, as was his pommel horse, where he's probably learned a few things from Sasha Artemev. They are from the same gym, 5280. He had trouble on rings with his swing to handstands, but he was a rock in his iron cross.

Chandler Eggleston warmed-up a beautiful Yurchenko-2.5 twist. He almost stuck it in the meet. Gorgeous.

David Jessen is competing here, and his mother, the great Czech Hana Ricna, is on the floor with him.

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2012 Visa (U.S.) Gymnastics Championships
June 9, St. Louis, Mo.

Junior Men's All-Around (16-18)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal2-Day
1.Donnell WhittenburgUltimate6.114.455.413.106.214.706.616.055.914.155.113.7586.20172.40
2.Akash ModiMonmouth5.914.505.413.905.413.756.213.955.314.405.213.8584.35170.25
3.Sean MeltonUSOTC5.614.355.
4.Timothy WangSouth Coast5.614.505.614.204.612.906.215.255.714.104.812.6083.55166.15
5.Jonathan DeatonTim Daggett's5.514.254.311.854.612.706.215.755.214.005.313.0081.55165.35
6.Allan BowerXtreme5.
6.Joseph PetersParkettes5.314.255.013.655.613.456.614.155.813.705.111.3580.55165.00
8.Max MayrUniversal5.213.255.513.356.114.355.814.505.714.205.313.2082.85164.90
9.Alex PowarzynskiSCATS5.213.404.312.354.812.856.214.505.313.404.813.7080.20163.05
10.Jack BoylePremier West5.013.704.811.955.413.905.414.504.913.505.013.3580.90163.00
11.Chandler EgglestonHigh Point5.814.603.210.354.211.956.616.054.813.154.712.9579.05161.20
12.Kyle ZemeirTop Flight5.113.704.711.504.713.256.615.205.012.504.613.3079.45160.60
13.Andrew RicklyHocking Valley5.113.605.010.955.113.155.414.655.413.754.912.0078.10160.35
14.Kevin WoltingAzarian5.414.004.511.754.813.456.214.204.813.354.813.5580.30160.05
15.Kanji OyamaSCATS5.613.954.811.954.912.406.
16.Christopher StephensonDeVeaus5.214.004.312.004.712.455.414.505.112.704.412.9078.55158.60
17.Paul Montague Jr.Swiss Turners4.212.705.112.954.913.205.414.455.213.153.711.7578.20158.10
18.Ryan KerrPremier Athletics5.313.105.012.454.711.906.215.304.613.353.912.2078.30158.05
19.Travis GollottWCOGA5.613.954.713.054.312.005.414.004.512.854.412.4578.30157.10
20.Daniel DiBenedettoTim Daggett's5.012.804.612.754.612.956.

Junior Men's All-Around (14-15)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal2-Day
1.Marvin KimbleSwiss Turners5.414.205.513.205.314.006.615.605.614.354.813.5084.85169.80
2.Yul Moldauer5280 Gym5.213.755.012.955.
3.Marty StrechAzarian5.414.354.713.554.912.256.214.954.914.054.312.9582.10165.85
4.Hunter JustusCypress Academy5.614.005.212.404.813.156.215.605.014.204.813.2582.60162.70
5.Fabian DeLunaWOGA5.614.254.611.955.013.306.214.805.113.854.211.1579.30161.40
6.David JessenRISE5.312.705.413.705.113.055.814.555.813.755.113.2581.00161.20
7.Tristan BurkeWOGA5.313.904.312.104.813.406.214.904.613.504.112.7580.55160.70
8.Bobby BakerAerial4.711.654.812.605.613.906.614.504.412.555.012.7077.90160.35
9.Colin Van WicklenCypress Academy5.814.704.411.654.311.956.215.404.813.204.413.2080.10159.55
10.Robert NeffSwiss Turners5.213.904.911.454.812.355.414.204.613.004.712.8077.70159.40
11.Alex DiabPremier5.312.754.111.904.813.406.214.904.011.803.812.8077.55158.35
12.Kiwan WattsRiver City4.913.904.812.855.211.556.215.054.811.254.912.7577.35157.45
13.Austin HodgesBuffalo Grove4.612.604.912.554.712.804.613.554.013.004.412.4076.90157.25
14.Grant BreckenridgeBuffalo Grove4.713.
15.Tanner WestCypress Academy4.613.254.311.954.312.756.214.604.613.503.911.7577.80154.75
16.Michael BurnsHocking Valley4.712.705.012.354.812.405.413.905.412.255.012.2075.80153.45
17.Jacob BarrusRidgewood5.713.453.89.954.411.605.814.104.713.004.511.7573.85150.60
18.Alex MagsamNorth Valley4.912.003.511.754.411.405.814.704.112.253.811.5073.60149.50
19.Dylan EllsworthUSA Gym World5.513.004.811.354.512.355.414.404.112.604.513.4077.10148.95
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