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Brennan Leads Australian Championships
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2008 Olympian Ashleigh Brennan (Victoria) took the top spot on day one of the 2012 Australian Gymnastics Championships, held Wednesday in Sydney.

Ashleigh Brennan (Victoria)

Brennan scored an impressive 58.40 to take a solid lead over Western Australia's Emily Little (56.25). Victoria's Mary-Anne Monckton was third with 54.60.

Brennan had her best score on balance beam with 15.35 (front aerial, switch leap, gainer layout; ff layout; switch half to back tuck; side somi; switch ring; double pike)

2010 world floor exercise champion Lauren Mitchell (Western Australia) competed three events only, taking the top marks on balance beam (15.75; two-foot layout; front aerial, switch leap, punch front; ff, ff, double tuck) and floor exercise (14.95).

Monckton had the top score on uneven bars with 14.90 (toe-on full to piked Tkatchev; giant-full, Tkatchev, Pak; Khorkina; double layout).

2008 Olympian Daria Joura (Queensland) — who returned to training on a whim in January — outscored the field on vault with a double-twisting Yurchenko (14.65).

In addition to the domestic championships, guest gymnasts from Japan took part. Mai Yamagishi tallied 56.10, the third-best score of the night behind Brennan and Little. Australia's A squad (Brennan, Little, Mitchell, Monckton and Georgia-Rose Brown) won the team matchup as well.

The Australian championships continue Thursday with the men's competition. The women's competition resumes Friday with day two of the all-around.

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2012 Australian Gymnastics Championships/Australia vs. Japan (Women)
May 23, Sydney

International TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Australia White42.8042.9545.4544.00175.20
3.Australia Green41.6540.1039.6038.80160.15

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ashleigh Brennan5.514.0505.414.1006.115.3505.814.90058.400
2.Emily Little5.814.5505.213.1505.514.4005.314.15056.250
--.Mai Yamagishi5.013.5505.814.0005.914.5505.414.00056.100
--.Wakana Inoue5.314.2505.213.5505.514.1505.314.05056.000
3.Mary-Anne Monckton5.013.6505.914.9005.813.4005.412.65054.600
4.Georgia-Rose Brown5.013.9505.613.9505.211.9505.213.65053.500
5.Amaya King Koi5.014.0005.212.6005.413.4504.912.75052.800
6.Georgia Wheeler4.613.1505.413.4005.413.3005.112.45052.300
7.Zoe Lorenzin5.013.8504.813.0005.312.1005.413.15052.100
8.Angela Donald5.013.8005.312.1505.812.6504.812.90051.500
9.Katie Wurth5.013.6505.412.4004.812.1005.313.25051.400
10.Isis Lowery5.013.4504.211.4504.411.3004.913.25049.450
11.Ulln Sternberg4.012.2504.913.1505.011.5004.812.45049.350
12.Lauren Mitchell5.014.2006.515.7006.314.95044.850
--.Wakiko Ryu5.814.4005.113.2505.113.40041.050
--.Sakura Noda5.013.3505.313.5005.313.05039.900
13.Chloe Sims5.513.2006.214.80028.000
14.Georgia Bonora5.314.1005.913.65027.750
--.Yu Minobe6.013.1005.714.25027.350
15.Daria Joura5.814.6504.511.70026.350
16.Olivia Vivian5.213.8504.912.35026.200
17.Natasha Hammann5.012.05012.050
18.Shar-Lee Clark5.111.65011.650

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Georgia Godwin5.014.1504.912.1256.313.3005.513.15052.725
2.Tamika Jones5.014.0005.312.6755.211.2005.012.10049.975
3.Brittany Robertson5.013.7754.311.3754.712.4005.011.90049.450
3.Kiara Munteanu4.813.9754.511.4004.711.0004.512.97549.350
4.Grace Flood4.413.1503.711.0504.012.4504.512.62549.275
5.Tiahn Pesterey5.013.5504.910.5504.611.6505.013.25049.000
6.Emily Conran4.413.0004.712.0754.610.0005.212.45047.525
7.Eden Tarvit5.013.5004.710.8254.910.3254.812.15046.800
8.Celeste Loo4.412.9753.09.9254.111.1504.611.90045.950
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FlipmeoutOMG said:

Any updates on Georgia Simpson and what her status is? Obviously, she's not competing, but I am curious whether she's going to try for the Olympics.
May 24, 2012
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