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Sidorova Takes Three Titles in Penza
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Junior European gold medalist Anastasia Sidorova won three of four gold medals Sunday as the Russian junior championships concluded in Penza. Pictured: Sidorova and her coach, Olga Sagina

All-around runner up Anastasia Sidorova (Rostov-on-Don) won three apparatus titles Sunday as the Russian junior championships concluded in Penza.

Sidorova, a member of Russia's first-place team at the 2010 Junior Europeans, won gold medals on vault, balance beam and floor exercise in the Master of Sports category. She turns 15 on Sept. 28.

All-around champion Anastasia Grishina won uneven bars, but settled for three silvers behind Sidorova on the other events.

Thirteen-year-old Yevgenia Shelgunova, all-around champion in the Candidate for Master of Sport category, won the gold medal on vault and the silver medal on floor exercise. Other champions were Viktoria Kuzmina (uneven bars), Yekaterina Baturina (balance beam) and Maria Kharenkova (floor exercise).

In the men's competition, Master of Sport all-around champion Maxim Khodykin won still rings and took silver medals on parallel bars and high bar. Other event winners were Alexander Ilyin (floor exercise), Sergei Stepanov (pommel horse), German Andriolli (vault), Alexei Rostov (parallel bars) and Vladislav Kozin (high bar).

Grishina and Sidorova are locks for Russia's team to the July's European Youth Olympic Festival in Trabzon, Turkey. Each nation can enter up to three female and three male gymnasts to the event, the premier junior competition for European athletes in 2011.

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2011 Russian Junior Championships
April 3, Penza

Master of Sport Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Anastasia SidorovaRostovskaya14.275
2.Anastasia GrishinaMoscow14.200
3.Anna RodionovaMari-El13.763
4.Sofia BrammanKrasnoyarsky13.688
5.Marina NekrasovaVoronezhskaya13.350
6.Kristina SidorovaMari-El13.150
7.Anastasia MarchukMoscow12.788
8.Irina VoropayevaBelgorodskaya11.938

Master of Sport Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Anastasia GrishinaMoscow15.250
2.Diana YelkinaVolgogradska13.650
3.Kristina SidorovaMari-El13.550
4.Anastasia SidorovaRostovskaya13.075
5.Anna RodionovaMari-El12.500
6.Polina FedorovaChuvashia12.075
7.Sofia BrammanKrasnoyarsky11.925
8.Ruzana NabokovaRostovskaya11.600

Master of Sport Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Anastasia SidorovaRostovskaya15.075
2.Anastasia GrishinaMoscow14.325
3.Anna RodionovaMari-El13.300
4.Polina FedorovaChuvashia13.200
5.Anastasia MarchukMoscow13.150
6.Sofia BrammanKrasnoyarsky12.800
7.Kristina SidorovaMari-El12.675
8.Marina NekrasovaVoronezhskaya12.500

Master of Sport Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Anastasia SidorovaRostovskaya14.875
2.Anastasia GrishinaMoscow14.600
3.Kristina SidorovaMari-El13.975
4.Anastasia MarchukMoscow12.850
5.Sofia BrammanKrasnoyarsky12.675
6.Anna RodionovaMari-El12.550
7.Yulia VolkovaSt. Petersburg12.275
8.Kristina KiselerSmolenskaya12.075

Master of Sport Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Alexander IlyinSt. Petersburg13.875
2.Shamil GatiatovTatarstan13.625
3.Maxim KhadykinSmolenskaya13.500
4.Vladimir GrigorkinChelyabinskaya13.400
5.Alexander BogdanMoscow13.275
6.German AndriolliChelyabinskaya13.000
7.Sergei KarachkinSamarskaya11.525
8.Alexander RuzhitskyMoscow11.250

Master of Sport Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Sergei StepanovChuvashia13.875
2.Alexander IlyinSt. Petersburg13.275
3.Roman KyachevMoscow13.150
4.Shamil GatiatovTatarstan13.075
5.Ivan GavrovKaluzhskaya12.550
6.Alexander BogdanMoscow12.025
7.Viktor CherepanovKemerovskaya11.225
8.Alexander RuzhitskyMoscow10.650

Master of Sport Still Rings FinalScore
1.Maxim KhadykinSmolenskaya13.975
2.Alexei YefremovVladimirskaya13.825
3.Sergei StepanovChuvashia13.775
4.Shamil GatiatovTatarstan13.650
5.Vladislav KozinSt. Petersburg13.550
6.Alexander RuzhitskyMoscow13.475
7.Mikhail SimakovUdmurtskaya13.300
8.Mikhail AndreevChuvashia13.250

Master of Sport Men's Vault FinalScore
1.German AndriolliChelyabinskaya14.588
2.Sergei KarachkinSamarskaya14.438
3.Shamil GatiatovTatarstan14.200
4.Sergei StepanovChuvashia13.763
5.Yuri MerkulMoscow13.638
6.Alexander IlyinSt. Petersburg13.550
7.Daniil YershovVologodskaya13.175
8.Vitaly MolodykhKaluzhskaya12.588

Master of Sport Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Alexei RostovMoscow14.000
2.Maxim KhadykinSmolenskaya13.900
3.Roman KyachevMoscow13.350
4.Alexander BogdanMoscow13.300
5.Mikhail SimakovUdmurtskaya12.975
6.Dmitry TurayevPenzenskaya12.500
7.Alexander RuzhitskyMoscow11.425
8.Sergei StepanovChuvashia10.075

Master of Sport High Bar FinalScore
1.Vladislav KozinSmolenskaya13.900
2.Maxim KhadykinSt. Petersburg13.125
3.Alexei RostovMoscow12.975
4.Roman KyachevMoscow12.725
5.Mikhail PanchenkoChelyabinskaya12.450
6.Alexander RuzhitskyMoscow12.425
7.Sergei StepanovChuvashia12.225
8.Alexander BogdanMoscow10.500

Candidate Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Yevgenia ShelgunovaChuvashia/Moscow Obl.13.925
2.Anastasia BelovaMoscow13.375
3.Irina YashinaChuvashia13.325
4.Yevgenia KorolkovaMoscow13.188
5.Lilia AkhaimovaPrimorsky13.150
6.Olga GogulinaNizhegorodska12.925
7.Yevgenia ZhukovaChuvashia12.538
8.Yekaterina BaturinaVolgogradska6.513

Candidate Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Viktoria KuzminaMoscow13.975
2.Yulia ChemaryovaMoscow Obl./Tulskaya13.850
3.Daria SpiridonovaChuvashia13.575
4.Yevgenia ShelgunovaChuvashia/Moscow Obl.13.075
5.Valeria GolenischevaVolgogradska12.525
5.Maria KharenkovaRostovskaya12.525
7.Alina MartynovaRostovskaya12.075
8.Anastasia BelovaMoscow9.750

Candidate Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Yekaterina BaturinaVolgogradska14.275
2.Yulia OvcharovaPrimorsky13.225
3.Daria SpiridonovaChuvashia13.175
4.Anastasia BelovaMoscow12.925
5.Viktoria KuzminaMoscow12.825
6.Yevgenia ShelgunovaChuvashia/Moscow Obl.12.575
7.Arina MatrosovaVoronezhskaya12.475
8.Alina MartynovaRostovskaya11.275

Candidate Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Maria KharenkovaRostovskaya13.750
2.Yevgenia ShelgunovaChuvashia/Moscow Obl.13.675
3.Irina YashinaChuvashia13.150
4.Alina MartynovaRostovskaya13.100
5.Daria SpiridonovaChuvashia13.050
6.Yevgenia ZhukovaChuvashia12.725
7.Ksenia KolokolnevaChuvashia12.325
8.Yekaterina BaturinaVolgogradska11.900

Candidate Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Kirill ProkopevVladimirskaya13.275
2.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya13.150
3.Nikolai KovinovSyzran/Penza13.000
4.Kirill PotapovTomskaya12.975
5.Viktor BritanChelyabinskaya12.825
6.Andrei MatyushechkinBryanskaya11.975
7.Andrei LagutovKemerovskaya11.950
8.Alexei KosyanovMoscow11.700

Candidate Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya14.125
2.Danila MonakhovSyzran/Penza14.100
3.Sergei YelcovAstrakhanskaya13.650
4.Nikolai ShadurkinTomskaya13.625
5.Alexei KosyanovMoscow13.300
6.Artyom SamsonovMoscow12.475
7.Kirill PotapovTomskaya12.075
8.Andrei YermoshkinChuvashia11.525

Candidate Still Rings FinalScore
1.Andrei LagutovKemerovskaya14.050
2.Dmitry RadionovRostovskaya13.800
3.Nikolai KovinovSyzran/Penza13.700
4.Vladislav PolyashovChuvashia13.600
5.Pavel ZasedatelevMoscow13.525
6.Daniil MonakhovSyzran/Penza13.425
7.Kirill ProkopevVladimirskaya13.000
8.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya12.800

Candidate Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Viktor BritanChelyabinskaya14.825
2.Dmitry RadionovRostovskaya14.075
3.Andrei MatyushechkinBryanskaya14.050
4.Pavel ZasedatelevMoscow13.925
5.Andrei LagutovKemerovskaya13.675
6.Kirill PotapovTomskaya13.438
7.Sergei PavlovMoscow13.400
8.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya6.600

Candidate Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Kirill PotapovTomskaya13.975
2.Andrei LagutovKemerovskaya13.550
3.Sergei YelcovAstrakhanskaya13.500
4.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya13.325
5.Pavel ZasedatelevMoscow13.150
6.Vladislav PolyashovChuvashia12.850
7.Nikolai KovinovSyzran/Penza12.675
8.Andrei MatyushechkinBryanskaya11.725

Candidate High Bar FinalScore
1.Andrei LagutovKemerovskaya13.400
2.Nikolai KovinovSyzran/Penza13.325
3.Viktor BritanChelyabinskaya13.225
4.Vladislav PolyashovChuvashia13.050
5.Kirill ProkopevVladimirskaya13.025
6.Anton SharikovSt. Petersburg12.825
7.Daniil MonakhovSyzran/Penza12.700
8.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovskaya12.650
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