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Chinese Gymnasts Dominate Doha Cup
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Chinese gymnasts qualified first in five of 10 events Thursday at the FIG Challenger Cup in Doha, Qatar. China's Yao Jinnan qualified first on floor exercise and second on both uneven bars and balance beam.

Chinese gymnasts qualified first in half the events Thursday at the FIG Challenger Cup at the Aspire Arena in Doha, Qatar.

Youth Olympic Games gold medalist Tan Sixin led qualification on both uneven bars and balance beam. Teammate Yao Jinnan, a triple gold medalist at the recent FIG Challenger Cup in Cottbus, was second to Tan on bars and beam but came out on top on women's floor exercise.

Three-time Brazilian Olympian Daniele Hypolito qualified first on women's vault.

In the men's qualification, Chinese gymnasts Huang Yuguo (vault) and Zou Kai (high bar) each led one event.

Kazakh gymnasts also led two events: Stepan Gorbachyov (floor exercise) and Olympian Yernar Yerimbetov (parallel bars).

Jordanian strong man Ali Al-Asi led the qualification on still rings, while regional power Egypt qualified five gymnasts to finals.

Qatari gymnasts Shaden Wohdan and Aljazy Al-Habshi both qualified to the women's vault final, though only eight gymnasts took part.

"I hope I can do well in this competition," Al Habshi said. "We are preparing ourselves for the Pan Arab Games (Dec. 2-23 in Doha)."

The Qatari gymnasts are coached by Romanians Razvan Selariu and his wife, Camelia Mindricel Selariu.

"They have been in training for quite some time now," said Mohammed Al Jaber, secretary-ceneral of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation. "We hope this event will give them a good opportunity to show how well they can do against the world's best."

Competition continues Friday with the first day of apparatus finals.

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4th Doha Challenger Cup
March 30, Doha, Qatar

Women's Vault QualificationDScoreAverage
1.Daniele Hypolito5.014.00013.887
2.Makarena Pinto5.213.72513.550
3.Farida Ahmed Shokry5.013.30013.225
4.Nancy Mohamed Taman4.413.07513.087
5.Dewi Prahara4.613.20012.962
6.Claudia Cummins4.812.87512.525
7.Shaden Wohdan4.412.72512.325
8.Aljazy Al-Habshi4.012.35011.875

Uneven Bars QualificationDScore
1.Tan Sixin6.715.000
2.Yao Jinnan6.414.525
3.Christine Lee5.613.975
4.Moldir Azimbay5.312.650
5.Larrissa Miller6.012.600
6.Nicole Szabo4.811.850
7.Dewi Prahara4.59.825
8.Gaelle Mys5.49.650
9.Nefy Nurbaeti2.09.550
10.Fadwa Mohamed Mahmoud2.38.800
11.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.98.000

Balance Beam QualificationDScore
1.Tan Sixin6.014.850
2.Yao Jinnan6.213.650
3.Ashleigh Brennan5.913.550
4.Jocelyn Hunt5.113.325
5.Gaelle Mys5.513.250
6.Eva Maurin5.012.825
7.Christine Lee5.612.825
8.Meriam Fouad Elhajj4.812.525
9.Nicole Szabo4.411.650
10.Daniele Hypolito4.711.400
11.Moldir Azimbay5.211.350
12.Makarena Pinto4.611.325
13.Nancy Mohamed Taman4.010.925
14.Laurie Antoniazzi4.810.625
15.Claudia Cummins4.310.450
16.Shaden Wohdan4.69.850
17.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.59.675
18.Nefy Nurbaeti3.39.475
19.Dewi Mustika Marni3.46.650

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDScore
1.Yao Jinnan5.713.750
2.Tan Sixin5.413.650
3.Daniele Hypolito5.313.350
4.Jocelyn Hunt5.113.250
5.Ashleigh Brennan5.212.975
6.Christine Lee4.912.775
7.Gaelle Mys4.912.700
8.Larrissa Miller5.312.700
9.Laurie Antoniazzi4.712.600
10.Makarena Pinto4.612.425
11.Eva Maurin4.912.000
12.Meriam Fouad Elhajj4.511.550
13.Shaden Wohdan4.211.250
14.Nicole Szabo4.311.225
15.Dewi Prahara3.810.650
16.Claudia Cummins4.79.625
17.Dewi Mustika Marni3.87.375

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDScore
1.Stepan Gorbachyov5.814.575
2.Juan Pablo Gonzalez5.614.375
3.Mohamed Sayed Srour5.714.375
4.Liao Qiuhua6.214.375
5.Maximilian Fingerhuth5.814.175
6.Sergio Sasaki6.114.150
7.Zou Kai6.314.150
8.Simon Nuetzi5.714.100
9.Kevin Rossi5.814.025
10.Victor Rosa6.313.875
11.Tyrone Morris5.113.775
12.Jad Mazahreh6.013.625
13.Malek Alyahri5.213.200
14.Hamed Ali H. Albaradie4.613.100
15.Jawad Alherz4.912.950
16.Haikel Bannouri5.212.875
17.Jose Quilla4.912.800
18.Layth Hasan4.612.675
19.Mahmood Alsadi4.312.600
20.Ashraf Nashaat Mostafa4.812.500
21.Christopher Jursch4.812.425
22.Mario Berrios Cruz5.512.100
23.Lindokuhle Ngcongo5.310.950

Pommel Horse QualificationDScore
1.Prashanth Sellathurai6.615.550
2.Liao Qiuhua6.315.050
3.Saso Bertoncelj6.214.925
4.Maxim Petrishko5.614.575
5.Oliver Hegi5.914.025
6.Stepan Gorbachyov5.513.800
7.Philip Sorrer6.013.450
8.Liao Junlin5.613.350
9.Mosiah Rodrigues5.713.350
10.Ahmed Aldayani5.212.875
11.Christopher Jursch5.112.850
12.Felipe Andres Piña4.912.550
13.Amr Essam Mohamed Ahmed5.512.450
14.Tyrone Morris5.012.300
15.Simon Nuetzi4.912.200
16.Christian Bruno Decidet4.212.175
17.Nasser Alhamad4.911.800
18.Arfaoui Sabeur4.711.775
19.Naser Alothman4.511.300
20.Jawad Alherz4.711.050
21.Waad Jaafar4.710.900
22.Abdulrahman Abdullatif A. Almur3.69.825
23.Jose Quilla4.79.075

Still Rings QualificationDScore
1.Ali Al-Asi6.916.000
2.Liao Junlin6.615.700
3.Regulo Carmona6.715.500
4.Davtyan Vahagn6.715.350
5.Liao Qiuhua6.515.275
6.Prashanth Sellathurai6.415.150
7.Mohamed Sayed Srour5.514.400
8.Christian Bruno Decidet5.413.925
9.Felipe Andres Pina Valenzuela5.013.750
10.Alisher Mamadyarov5.313.550
11.Mahmood Alsadi4.913.500
12.Philip Sorrer5.513.475
13.Kevin Rossi5.213.450
14.Simon Nuetzi5.612.825
15.Jose Quilla4.812.425
16.Abdullah Abdulrada4.012.000
17.Mohammad Ali4.011.775
18.Layth Hasan4.211.400

Men's Vault QualificationDScoreAverage
1.Huang Yuguo7.015.75015.625
2.Zou Kai6.815.37515.562
3.Mohamed Sayed Srour7.016.10015.400
4.Sergio Sasaki7.015.52515.350
5.Ali Al-Asi6.615.55015.337
6.Yernar Yerimbetov7.014.97515.225
7.Victor Rosa6.215.47515.150
8.Stanislav Valeyev7.015.55015.025
9.Maximilian Fingerhuth6.214.90014.662
10.Lindokuhle Ngcongo6.614.30014.550
11.Juan Pablo Gonzalez6.214.75014.550
12.Jawad Alherz6.214.15013.850
13.Mario Berrios Cruz6.413.45013.450
14.Malek Alyahri3.812.62513.100
15.Hamed Ali H. Albaradie4.613.15012.762
16.Naser Alothman6.213.7506.875
17.Waad Jaafar4.613.4506.725

Parallel Bars QualificationDScore
1.Yernar Yerimbetov5.914.700
2.Chen Xuezhang6.014.675
3.Victor Rosa5.814.550
4.Philip Sorrer5.614.475
5.Felipe Andres Piña5.514.425
6.Christopher Jursch5.614.325
7.Kevin Rossi5.414.200
8.Simon Nuetzi5.714.025
9.Tyrone Morris4.913.800
10.Liao Qiuhua5.813.625
11.Amr Essam Mohamed Ahmed5.013.575
12.Mohammad Aba Saleh5.413.575
13.Christian Bruno Decidet4.613.375
14.Mahmood Alsadi5.613.375
15.Ahmed Aldayani5.513.350
16.Abdullah Abdulrada4.312.875
17.Abdullah Khalid A. Albossyi4.412.475
18.Mohammad Ali4.212.250
19.Lindokuhle Ngcongo4.612.175
20.Layth Hasan2.610.750

High Bar QualificationDScore
1.Zou Kai7.315.825
2.Chen Xuezhang6.714.900
3.Philip Sorrer6.314.550
4.Ahmed Aldayani5.614.150
5.Oliver Hegi5.714.000
6.Kevin Rossi5.713.975
7.Christopher Jursch5.613.950
8.Felipe Andres Piña5.613.900
9.Stepan Gorbachyov5.613.875
10.Ashraf Nashaat Mostafa4.813.600
11.Amr Essam Mohamed Ahmed5.313.600
12.Mosiah Rodrigues6.213.550
13.Christian Bruno Decidet5.713.500
14.Yernar Yerimbetov4.813.425
15.Jad Mazahreh5.213.400
16.Mohammad Aba Saleh5.513.275
17.Mohammad Ali4.212.850
18.Abdullah Abdulrada4.112.025
19.Jose Quilla4.811.400
20.Waad Jaafar3.611.375
21.Abdulrahman Abdullatif A. Almur3.010.225

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Aussie_fan said:

And Prashanth first on pommels - again! Go you good thing.

March 31, 2011
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Jenny Shiny said:

Yernar Yerimbetov
Yay for Yernar! YY 2011!
March 31, 2011
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stewie said:

China on Vault
China was doing good for a minute but the seem to be going back to not even bothering to compete on vault anymore
March 31, 2011
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ShawnaGym said:

Yao and Tan don't have the power to be vault specialists. They need Cheng Fei back.
April 01, 2011
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