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Ontarians Untouchable at Canada Winter Games
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Team Ontario dominated the all-around finals by taking both titles at the Canada Winter Games, being held this week in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Silvia Colussi-Pelaez tied Oakville Gymnastics teammate Sabrina Gill for the women's all-around gold medal in Halifax.

Gymnasts from Ontario's Oakville Gymnastics swept the medals in the women's final on Tuesday. Fifteen-year-olds Silvia Colussi-Pelaez and Sabrina Gill tied for the gold medal, with Mikaela Gerber winning the bronze.

All three gymnasts are coached by Kelly and Sue Manjak and Lorne Bobkin, and helped Ontario win the team title on Sunday.

"I couldn't have asked for a better person to tie with," said Gill, the top qualifier to the all-around final. "We spend most of our lives together and it makes it very special."

Gill, the 2010 Canadian junior champion, took a low score on bars but was again the highest scorer on balance beam (14.60).

Colussi-Pelaez, a first-year senior, impressed with beautiful lines on both uneven bars and balance beam. Gerber, another first-year senior, again took the high score on floor exercise. Gerber is the younger sister of 2006 world team member Aisha Gerber.

Briannah Tsang (British Columbia) took the lead after the first rotation, where she showed the competition's only double-twisting Yurchenko, but sat down her uneven bars dismount. Tsang trains at at Omega Gymnastics with Lyudmila Lobaznyuk, mother and coach to 2000 Olympic medalist Yekaterina Lobaznyuk.

In Wednesday's men's finals, Simon Porter (Toronto Gymnastics International) took the gold medal with a 2.25-point margin of victory. Porter was the 2008 Canadian novice champion.

Kal Nemier won the silver for British Columbia. Nemier is coached by Romanian-born Vali Stan at Flicka Gymnastics.

Mathieu Csukassy, a member of Quebec's gold medal-winning team from Monday, won the bronze. Sister Anne-Sophie Csukassy finished 14th in the women's competition.

All three men's medalists are 17.

"Gymnastics to me is the best thing out there," all-around champion Porter said in his Canada Games official biography. "It has taught me the value of respect and in working hard for your goals and to never get down on your self if you fall short of them. Also chicks dig back flips."

Gymnastics competition concludes Thursday with the apparatus finals.

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2011 Canada Games
Feb. 15-16, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Silvia Colussi-Pelaez13.7513.6013.9013.8555.10
1.Sabrina Gill13.6512.6014.6014.2555.10
3.Mikaela Gerber14.1013.3012.6514.8054.85
4.Jordyn Pedersen13.7012.9013.8514.0054.45
5.Shallon Olsen13.6512.7013.5014.5054.35
6.Vivi Babalis12.8513.3514.3013.7554.25
7.Briannah Tsang14.4012.6513.1013.5553.70
8.Krishna Yemany13.5513.9012.8512.5552.85
9.Taylor Ricci13.6510.7014.3013.2051.85
9.Elise Bolger13.5011.4513.2013.7051.85
11.Mélissa Fontaine13.2512.3012.3013.3551.20
12.Madison Brannen12.9511.8012.7013.2550.70
13.Lory-Jing Robert13.1511.7512.5012.9550.35
14.Anne-Sophie Csukassy13.1511.2012.4013.4050.15
15.Natalie Gervais12.6511.7512.0013.3549.75
16.Emily Lennon13.5510.8511.7013.3049.40
17.Melissa Clark13.3512.2011.1512.3049.00
18.Sydney McEachern13.4012.109.9013.5548.95
19.Marisa Dick13.1510.7512.0512.8048.75
20.Breanna Franklin11.9511.4012.6012.4048.35
21.Charlie Wright12.0511.0511.1513.1047.35
22.Paulina Marie Miller13.7010.0511.2012.3047.25
23.Brielle Wilchuck12.609.1512.3512.6046.70
24.Erica Devereaux12.9510.0510.5512.6546.20
25.Dominique Landry12.509.7511.6011.9045.75
26.Madison Faulkner12.8010.4512.2010.2045.65
27.Abby Murrin12.509.1010.5012.0544.15
28.Chelsea Wilson12.659.409.4011.7043.15
29.Jeannie Weir11.608.5510.2510.4040.80
30.Taylor McNeill13.056.7010.0010.7540.50
31.Katherine Slysz12.007.959.659.8039.40
32.Kayla Hickman11.759.308.459.6039.10
33.Corey Juneau Baxter11.807.758.0010.7538.30
34.Cassie Feehan10.907.257.609.7535.50
35.Perri Wight11.205.359.309.5535.40
36.Kelcie Henney11.403.658.709.0532.80

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Simon Porter13.0012.9513.5015.6011.9512.4579.45
2.Kal Nemier13.6011.8513.0514.5012.0512.1577.20
3.Mathieu Csukassy13.8011.9012.3515.1512.3011.4576.95
4.Curtis Graves12.5512.2012.4514.3512.2512.6576.45
5.Evan Cruz12.8512.8511.9013.7512.7011.8075.85
6.Zach Clay12.0013.1010.8014.9512.7012.2575.80
7.Damien Cachia13.5013.1011.6513.8011.4512.0075.50
8.Bobby Kriangkum12.0513.3511.7014.6012.1511.5075.35
9.Samuel Paquin13.1511.2012.1513.7512.8012.2575.30
10.Nicholas Mallia13.2511.5512.4513.2012.2012.2074.85
10.David Boucher11.8012.8512.6014.0512.4011.1574.85
12.Josh Stuart12.7512.2512.0513.8511.9511.8074.65
13.Devy Dyson12.3511.8012.5514.0011.4512.3574.50
14.Julien Samson12.7511.8011.8013.7512.1510.9073.15
15.Stephen Clouter12.2011.5011.2012.7512.6512.2572.55
16.Daniel Treleaven12.8511.1010.7513.6012.3511.7072.35
17.Padraec Robinson12.4510.4511.3513.7511.7011.9071.60
18.Scott Nabata12.7010.6511.3513.6011.1011.3570.75
19.Christopher Morgan12.5511.4511.0512.9511.9010.6070.50
20.Parker Ramsay12.3511.1511.0012.5511.9511.1570.15
21.Blaise Roberts12.2510.8010.9013.1011.5011.3569.90
22.Matthew Halickman12.459.6512.4013.4010.9010.8569.65
23.Teague King13.0011.6511.4011.809.6011.6069.05
24.Luke Stretch12.0510.5011.4513.109.8011.1068.00
25.Wyatt Tyndall12.5010.1510.2512.9010.0011.8567.65
26.Jason Marks12.0010.7010.6012.9010.0510.8067.05
27.Tyler Gary Bryden12.2010.3511.3013.208.6010.7566.40
28.Campbell Bryden12.2510.0011.0512.859.2510.8566.25
29.Jean Bégin-Rainville11.8510.7011.1013.9010.653.0561.25
30.Tyler Franklin11.9510.059.7013.106.558.3059.65
31.Griffin Brophy11.507.609.2512.708.909.5059.45
32.Taran Barrett11.507.259.0012.409.258.3057.70
33.Michael Thompson9.708.057.3012.955.558.4051.95
34.Zack Sullivan10.55 8.4012.058.95 39.95
35.Joshua Holloway10.00 9.1512.75 31.90
36.Brett Mercer 9.158.55 17.70
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