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Sui, Teng Win Asian Games All-Around
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The Chinese gymnasts took two more golds and both silver medals Monday at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, where Sui Lu and Teng Haibin won the all-around title. Left to right: Huang Qiushuang and Sui Lu of China and Rie Tanaka of Japan.
China's gymnasts took two more gold medals Monday at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, where Sui Lu and Teng Haibin captured the all-around titles.

The Chinese gymnasts, which won the team titles in Guangzhou with ease, took the gold and silver medals in both all-around events, leaving Japan with two bronzes.

Sui, second to teammate Huang Qiushuang in qualification, hit four events to take the title. Though relatively weak for a Chinese gymnast on vault (Yurchenko full) and uneven bars (Maloney; jam through to piked Jaeger), Sui performed as well as she could before moving onto her strong events. She took the top scores of the day on both balance beam (piked front, Korbut; barani; switch ring; front aerial, ff, back pike; full turn with leg up to full turn; side somi; double pike) and floor exercise (whip, triple twist; 2 1/2, punch front layout; 1 1/2 to layout front full; double pike).

Huang began well with a clean double-twisting Yurchenko on vault. She fell on uneven bars on her Jaeger, however, after smacking her feet on the low bar during her front giant into the release. She rebounded well balance beam with only a few small wobbles on her piked front and front aerial, ff, back pike combination.

Japan's Rie Tanaka won the bronze, with her best scores on vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2) and uneven bars (Shaposhnikova to Pak, Jaeger, stuck double layout). She took her lowest score on balance beam, where she had several near falls.

Russian Daria Yelizarova, competing in her first competition for Uzbekistan, finished .350 behind Tanaka. Coached in Guangzhou by Oksana Chusovitina, Yelizarova showed the excellent form that helped her win the 2006 Junior European Championships. She took her best scores on uneven bars (invert full to piked Jaeger; stuck Arabian double front) and floor exercise. On beam, she had a near fall on her front aerial, ff, layout, but threw her switch leap, front tuck combination. Vault (stuck handspring piked front) was her weakest event, but Yelizarova is a valuable addition to Uzbekistan, which qualified a full team to the 2011 Worlds.

In the men's competition, Teng Haibin proved himself to the coaching staff by hitting two meets back-to-back. Teng, the former world and Olympic champion on pommel horse, outscored teammate Lu Bo by more than a point to win his first major all-around title.

Teng has been notoriously inconsistent in his career, and his costly errors in the team final at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens have not been forgotten. This year he made his return to China's top team after a six-year absence. Though he helped China win the team title at the world championships, he was only 11th in the all-around final.

"It's not easy," Teng said. "It's a new start. That gold gave me much confidence to look to next year's world championship and 2012 Olympics. This may be my last time competing at the Asian Games so I am very excited to win."

Lu competed well, but lost points with poor landings on vault and parallel bars. Japanese veteran Hisashi Mizutori, second at the 2005 Worlds and 2006 Asian Games, won the bronze. The 30-year-old took the highest score of the day on high bar, but still finished .150 behind Lu.

After the all-around ceremony, Teng was forced to explain a hand gesture he and Lu made on the podium, where they appeared to aim a gun at Mizutori. The two Asian powers have a long history of war and animosity.

"I would like to explain that the gesture which looks like I am using a gun is not hostile," Teng said, explaining that the gesture is meant to symbolize the Li Ning logo.

Mizutori made the same gesture back, though he said later he was not sure what it meant.

"I thought maybe I should just go along with it, so I just did it," Mizutori said.

Competition continues in Guangzhou on Tuesday with the first day of apparatus finals.

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XVI Asian Games
Nov. 15, Guangzhou, China

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Sui Lu14.10014.15015.35014.80058.400
2.Huang Qiushuang15.15014.15014.25014.50058.050
3.Rie Tanaka14.55013.70013.10013.50054.850
4.Daria Yelizarova13.80013.55013.35013.80054.500
5.Luiza Galiulina12.85013.20013.65013.20052.900
6.Kyoko Oshima13.60012.90013.40012.45052.350
7.Park Ji Yeon12.70013.35013.05013.05052.150
8.Do Thi Ngan Thuong13.85011.65012.75013.45051.700
9.Kim Ye Eun13.90012.00012.95012.55051.400
10.Tracie Ang13.80012.25012.40012.70051.150
11.Wong Hiu Ying Angel14.05010.80011.15012.70048.700
12.Lim Heem Wei13.25012.3509.50012.35047.450
13.Mananchaya Senklang12.7009.55012.05011.35045.650
14.Aljazy Alhabshi12.5508.90010.20010.25041.900
15.Khoo Oon Hui Krystal11.5509.4009.55010.90041.400

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Teng Haibin14.50015.30014.95015.65015.55015.15091.100
2.Lu Bo14.60014.35015.50015.45015.05014.90089.850
3.Hisashi Mizutori14.70013.90015.00015.65014.80015.65089.700
4.Kim Soo Myun14.70015.10014.00015.85014.10015.00088.750
5.Yoo Won Chul14.35012.95015.35015.55015.45014.75088.400
6.Takuya Nakase13.10013.05015.10016.00015.40015.40088.050
7.Stepan Gorbachyov13.95013.65014.05015.55014.60014.10085.900
8.Shek Wai Hung14.15013.10013.05016.00014.80013.35084.450
9.Chen Chih Yu14.00012.60015.35014.10013.50012.80082.350
10.Mohammad Ramezannpour13.90012.35013.25015.80013.80012.95082.050
11.Truong Minh Sang13.20013.90013.40013.80013.95013.25081.500
12.Mahmood Mohamed Alsadi12.75013.00013.70014.75013.40013.20080.800
13.Tu Yu-Chen13.35012.60012.60015.35012.75013.00079.650
14.Amir Azami12.80011.80014.35014.55013.15012.65079.300
14.Ivan Olushev13.00012.30012.45015.25013.85012.45079.300
16.Ahmed Aldyani13.15013.15012.00013.10013.65013.15078.200
16.Weena Chokpaoumpai14.2008.75013.80015.20013.80012.45078.200
18.Erdenebold Ganbat13.40010.50013.35015.20012.75012.40077.600
19.Kittipong Yudee13.35012.75012.95013.10013.40011.60077.150
20.Ng Kiu Chung13.15011.45014.25014.40011.95010.45075.650
21.Anton Fokin13.80014.45015.2000.00015.05014.35072.850
22.Abdulaziz Aljohani13.1009.20010.50013.65011.70010.05068.200
23.Ashish Kumar14.70010.20013.5500.00014.20012.10064.750
24.Lum Wan Foong0.0000.000
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