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Israel Dominates 18th Maccabiah Games
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Israeli gymnasts swept the women's competition and won five men's titles at the 18th Maccabiah Games, held July 14-15 in Tel Aviv.

Alexander Shatilov (Israel)

In the senior women's all-around, Roni Rabinovitz led an Israeli sweep of of the top spots. Defending champion Valeria Maksyuta placed second, and Tali Liak won the bronze medal to complete the sweep. Liak also placed third all-around at the 2005 Games.

Naama Bernstein of Israel finished fourth, followed by Canada's Danielle Goldman. At the 2005 Games, Goldman won the all-around bronze medal in the junior division.

In the senior men's division, 2005 silver medalist Alexander Shatilov won the title over American David Sender. Sender, the 2008 U.S. all-around champion, was the most successful non-Israeli gymnast in the Games. He won five medals, including three gold medals.

2005 Games junior all-around winner Felix Aronovich of Israel placed third. Fourth was Israel's Noam Shaham, the 2005 Games senior all-around bronze medalist.

Israel's Eduard Gholub, the 2005 Games senior all-around champion, tied Sender for the gold medal on still rings.

Because of the limited size of the men's field, no team competition was held, and senior and junior men competed in the same event finals.

More than 7,000 athletes participated in the Games, a multi-sport competition held every four years for Jewish athletes. Sender was one of four U.S. flag-bearers during the opening ceremony, during which Shatilov was a torch-bearer.

1984 Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord of the U.S., who won five gold medals at the 1981 Maccabiah Games, served as anchor for Jewish Life TV's coverage of the Games.

Other gymnasts who earned five or more gold medals in a single Games include Americans Abie Grossfeld (seven gold medals in 1953), Sharon Shapiro (five gold medals in 1977) and rhythmic gymnast Tamara Levinson (five gold medals in 1993).

18th Maccabiah Games
July 14-15, 2009, Tel Aviv, Israel

Senior Women's Team
1. Israel (Naama Bernstein, Hasas Koren, Tali Liak, Valeria Maksyuta, Roni Rabinovitz, Vered Finkel) 205.35
2. U.S. (Hannah Deutsch, Lindsay Bloom, Miranda Der, Lucy Meyer, Arla Rosenzweig, Allison Rubenstein) 182.15
3. Canada (Danielle Goldman, Erin Berenbaun, Dayna Goldman, Marlee Shinoff) 167.55

Senior Women's All-Around
1. Roni Rabinovitz ISR 51.95
2. Valeria Maksyuta ISR 51.20
3. Tali Liak ISR 49.95
4. Naama Bernstein ISR 49.75
5. Danielle Goldman CAN 48.40
6. Hadas Koren ISR 47.45

Senior Women's Vault
1. Valeria Maksyuta ISR 13.875
2. Orsolya Nagy HUN 13.413
3. Tali Liak ISR 13.275

Senior Uneven Bars
1. Tali Liak ISR 13.35
2. Valeria Maksyuta ISR 13.125
3. Orsolya Nagy HUN 11.625

Senior Balance Beam
1. Hadas Koren ISR 13.05
2. Hannah Deutsch USA 12.875
3. Danielle Goldman CAN 11.90

Senior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Roni Rabinovitz ISR 13.875
2. Tali Liak ISR 13.275
3. Hannah Deutsch 12.625

Junior Women's All-Around
1. Nofar Cohen ISR 49.20
2. Sapir Cohen ISR 49.15
3. Sofia Braman RUS 48.05
4. Yuval Samouha ISR 46.50
5. Noam Winograd ISR 46.45
6. Simone Freidman USA 43.00

Junior Women's Vault
1. Nofar Cohen ISR 13.35
2. Ilana Gordon USA 13.075
3. Sofia Braman RUS 13.00

Junior Uneven Bars
1. Nofar Cohen ISR 11.55
2. Simone Freidman USA 10.825
3. Sofia Braman RUS 10.50

Junior Balance Beam
1. Sapir Cohen ISR 12.70
2. Sofia Braman ISR 12.40
3. Sabrina Barsky CAN 11.275

Junior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Yuval Samouha ISR 12.925
2. Simone Freidman USA 12.625
3. Hannah Popper USA 11.90

Junior Women's Team
1. Israel (Nofar Cohen, Sapir Cohen, Samouha, Winograd) 191.30
2. U.S. (Simone Freidman, Ilana Gordon, Hannah Popper, Taylor Chep, Elana Molosky, Kayla Sukert) 177.00
3. Canada (Sabrina Barsky, Amelia Briggs-Morris, Dana Potashner, Lindsay Solmon, Amanda Wolfe) 155.75

Senior Men's All-Around
1. Alexander Shatilov ISR 87.45
2. David Sender USA 84.23
3. Felix Aronovich ISR 81.60
4. Noam Shaham ISR 80.65
5. Ben Rudolph USA 80.25
6. Steffen Beck USA 76.50

Junior Men's All-Around
1. David Frankl USA 76.20
2. Kfir Weiss ISR 73.95
3. Josh Steves USA 73.78
4. Brendan Williams USA 73.70
5. Aaron Meland USA 73.10
6. Joshua Unger USA 72.93

Men's Event Finals (Juniors/Seniors combined)

Men's Floor Exercise
1. Alexander Shatilov ISR 15.45
2. Noam Shaham ISR 14.90
3. Tal Shahar ISR 14.15

Pommel Horse
1. Alexander Shatilov ISR 14.20
2. David Sender USA 13.05
3. David Frankl USA 12.50

Still Rings
1(t). David Sender USA 14.65
1(t). Eduard Gholub ISR 14.65
3. Tal Shahar ISR 13.95

Men's Vault
1. David Sender USA 15.575
2. Kfir Weiss ISR 13.95
3. Josh Steves USA 13.60

Parallel Bars
1. Alexander Shatilov ISR 14.05
2. Matal Bello ISR 12.65
3. David Frankl USA 12.55

High Bar
1. David Sender USA 14.60
2. Alexander Shatilov ISR 13.45
3. Joshua Unger USA 13.10

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