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International Gymnast magazine's recent coverage of 2017 World Championships competitors includes:

"On the Brink" - Georgia Godwin interview (October 2015)
"Mizzen's New Missions" - Rianna Mizzen profile (April 2017)

"Belgian Beauty" Nina Derwael profile (June 2015)

"Canadian Candor" - Ellie Black and Zachary Clay interviews (July/August 2017)
"Canadian Beacon" - Black interview (September 2015)

Jossimar Calvo on cover (July/August 2015)

Marios Georgiou profile profile (June 2017)

Czech Republic
short Veronica Cenkova profile (June 2017)

short Marine Boyer profile (June 2017)
"French Force" - Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos cover story (July/August 2017)
"Fearless Frenchman" - Zachari Hrimeche interview (September 2017)

short Tabea Alt profile (June 2017)
"Ready to Take On the World" - Alt profile (May 2015)
short Nils Dunkel profile (June 2017)
short Philipp Herder profile (June 2017)
"Schäfer Act" - Pauline and Helene Schäfer profile (July/August 2017)
"A New Twist" - Pauline Schäfer chat (January/February 2015)
short Elisabeth Seitz profile (June 2017)
"New Digs" - visit to German men's training center (July/August 2015)

Great Britain
short Joe Fraser profile profile (June 2017)
short James Hall profile (June 2017)
Coach Scott Hann interview (September 2017)
"British Breakouts" - Alice Kinsella interview (December 2016)
"Britain's Best" - Amy Tinkler interview (June 2015)

Eleftherios Petrounias center poster (June 2017)
short Ioanna Xoulogi profile (June 2017)

short Agnes Suto profile (June 2017)

"The Golden Streak" - Kohei Uchimura profile (March 2017)
Uchimura on cover, Uchimura center poster (January/February 2017)
Uchimura on cover (September 2016)
Uchimura on cover (December 2015)
"The Savior" - Uchimura profile (March 2015)

Eythora Thorsdottir chat (June 2017)
"Dutch Master" - Thorsdottir interview (April 2016)
Sanne Wevers center poster (November 2016)
"Sister Act" - Lieke and Sanne Wevers profile (October 2015)

"Golden Quest" - Marian Dragulescu interview (January/February 2016)
Larisa Iordache chat (June 2017)
Iordache interview (January/February 2015)

"Heaven Sent" - Angelina Melnikova profile (June 2016)
"On Pace for Ro Gold" - short Maria Paseka profile (March 2016)
"A Rising Russian" - Yelena Yeryomina feature (September 2015)

"Swinging for Success" - short Jonna Adlerteg profile (May 2015)

short Eddie Yusof profile (June 2017)
Giulia Steingruber on cover (May 2015)

Oleg Vernyayev center poster (July/August 2017)
Vernyayev on cover (May 2017)
Vernyayev on cover (April 2015)

"Senior Sleeper" - Morgan Hurd cover story (June 2017)
Sam Mikulak chat (October 2017)
Mikulak on cover (July/August 2015)
short Yul Moldauer profile (October 2017)
Moldauer and Ragan Smith on cover (April 2017)
"Humble Beginnings" - Moldauer interview (April 2017)
Smith center poster, short Smith profile (October 2017)
"Prone to Success" - Smith cover story (November 2016)
"Spunky Like Her Coach" - Smith profile (November 2015)
short Donnell Whittenburg profile (October 2017)
Whittenburg center poster (November 2015)

2017 World Championships preview (September 2017)
2017 European Championships report (May 2017)
2016 Olympic Games special issue (September 2016)
2015 World Championships preview (October 2015)
2015 World Championships special issue (December 2015)
2015 World Championships photo gallery (January/February 2016)

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