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Competition Draw

On May 7, 2016, in Bangkok, the International Gymnastics Federation conducted the draw for the 2016 Olympic Games, determining the order of competition for this summer's competition. The random draw, conducted during the meeting of the FIG Council, determines starting order for qualification and apparatus finals. Team and all-around finals are seeded based on qualification rankings, with the top qualifiers starting in Olympic order.

Men's Qualification - August 6
Subdivision 1Subdivision 2Subdivision 3
Mix 3
Mix 1
Mix 5
Mix 6Mix 4Mix 2

Men's Mixed Groups
Mix 1Mix 2Mix 3Mix 4Mix 5Mix 6

Women's Qualification - August 7
Subdivision 1Subdivision 2Subdivision 3Subdivision 4Subdivision 5
Mix 7Mix 8Mix 4
Mix 5
Mix 2
Mix 1Mix 6Mix 3

Women's Mixed Groups
Mix 1Mix 2Mix 3Mix 4Mix 5Mix 6Mix 7Mix 8